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Tickets en La Rioja

Paraje de Viña Vieja, s/n

Just 22 km from Logroño, in the heart of the Wine Route, Encon-will show this family winery dating back to 1816. With its main French Chateau style house, our friends Maria and Cristina were in 1999 bo-degueras more Spain youth.

There have been many experiences, and many efforts to make the winemaking tradition of his family has moved forward, and with great success. It is just 22 km from Logroño, in the heart of the Wine Route O.D. The Rioja. There they receive us to share with you his passion for viticulture.

Walk through the vineyard, Picnic Journeyman and Winery tour with tasting

With your wicker basket and your wineskin as a day laborer more, after stepping vineyards and learn about the work in the field, we enjoy a tasting of local products. Once you've met the pro-development processes of their wines, we go down to the underground cellars to discover where they rest their family wines.

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