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This trip will take you to the Northern town of The Fishing Village, Gouyave (approx. 45mins drive), where on a Friday night two streets are closed off and stalls open up selling fish and other seafood prepared in many different ways. Savour the fresh catch while enjoying the sounds of the local drummers! Night tour. Come along to the hottest local event in Grenada and party with the locals in a seafood fest like no other! This lively event takes place every Friday in the quaint fishing village of Gouyave, known to many as the town that never sleeps!

Owing its name to the abundant number of Guava trees that grow here, Gouyave is the pride of Grenada as more fish are caught here than anywhere else in the island. On your Friday visit here you will have the chance to sample some of the mouthwatering treats prepared with the freshest of the fish caught for the day. Grilled, fried, steamed or cooked they all result in the most finger-licking good delights.

This place is absolutely delightful in every way, yes it is noisy, it's action-packed, and it's all fun and all dancing with some unique characters offering impromptu comedy to entertain everyone. This is a place where you can really unwind and have a good time as you mingle with the locals. This town with its 9000 inhabitants prides itself on being the ""entertainment capital"" of the sensual Spice Island and you'll witness it through this in this folkloric Caribbean party.

The streets are closed off from traffic and lined with barbecue stalls and small kiosks selling tempting delights that are sure to get your taste buds screaming for more. With all the variety of dishes served here you'll be more than spoiled with choice, you can try the ever-popular fish cakes, the succulent shrimp, the barbecued snapper, the jerked marlin or the fry jacks. You won't be able to find such a wide collection of fresh and tasty Grenada seafood anywhere else and you surely won't be disappointed.

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From your hotel head off to our Grand Etang Rainforest where you will have a chance to bond with nature. First go to the Information Centre in order to familiarise yourself with some of the wonders found in the rainforest, like the different tree types and animals. Then head off to The Grand Etang Lake where you will get a chance to feed the fish, a known favorite of visitors as lots of bright coloured fish come up to the surface.

Afterwards our guide will take you on a short walk into one of the rainforest trails. Whilst going through this he will point out the different trees etc. and hopefully you'll be fortunate enough to see the 'Mona Monkey' which is resident to these parts. End your experience in the rainforest with a refreshing drink at the restaurant on site and also use this opportunity to purchase souvenirs from the gift shop, you'll have about 15 minutes to do this.

Head back towards St. George's with your last stop at The Annandale Waterfall, where you can either just walk around and enjoy the surroundings or have a swim in the perfect nature made swimming pool at the base of the waterfall.

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You are given approximately three hours to do your own thing in town. Saturday is the main market day on the island, when you will see the hustle and bustle of the city and fresh fruits and vegetables on sale. It is, at its very most colorful, on Saturday mornings: full to bursting, bustling, all tables laden with fruit, vegetables and, this being Grenada, and spices. All set out on (usually) rickety tables, shaded (more or less) by colorful umbrellas.

A man who appears to be wearing a basket is selling immature coconuts to drink the water from. Crabs are writhing around, their legs tied. The things like fat yellow caterpillars are turmeric root, known here as 'saffron' (and definitely not the saffron). Most locals come out on a Saturday to do their shopping, so it’s a great way to get a true feel of the culture.

It is not a quiet affair. Set foot near it, and a dozen hands will reach out offering you things. ""Nutmegs, nutmegs"" you will be told, ""Spices, spices"" (nothing is ever said once). Much is familiar. There are bananas in abundance (but when a banana is a banana, and when is it plantain, or green fig, or bluggoe?) Tomatoes and cabbage look reassuringly normal, but what are the inflated light green hedgehogs? (Answer: soursops, from which a wonderful drink can be made.) And the huge assortment of vast hairy potatoes? (They could be yams, or sweet potatoes, or dasheen, or tannia).

Be daring. If they are in season, try French cashews, or sugar apples (looking like light green hand grenades.) The little fat bananas (rock fig) are delicious. Golden apples (not golden, and nothing like apples) are good, but beware the built-in dental floss. Else and you surely won't be disappointed.

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Take a dip in the Concord Waterfall then drive along the western coast to the famous fishing village of Gouyave where you will see the nutmeg station. Continue north to visit the site known as ' The Carib's Leap' before making your way to a restaurant for a delicious local lunch.

After relaxing for a bit, go on to the River Antoine Rum Distillery, the oldest functioning water-propelled one in the Caribbean, for a sample of the 'Rivers' rum. Then pass through the windward town of Grenville as you head to your last stop at the Grand Etang Lake. From there sit back and enjoy the ride back as you observe the landscapes and vegetation of the Grand Etang Rainforest.

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Go to the 'De La Grenade Industries' to witness the making of mouthwatering products from our exotic spices. Take in the fresh air, flora and fauna while walking through the lush vegetation of the ''Gemma's Home Garden" just before visiting a 'Herb & Spice Garden' where you can enjoy nature's colours, scents and sounds. Stop off at the 'La Sagesse Nature Centre' to have refreshing afternoon tea, then sit back and relax as back and relax as you head back into the sunset.

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Visit Fort George and Fort Frederick where you not only get a feel of Grenada's colourful past but also a panoramic view of St. George's. Learn some of the island's history when you get to the Grenada National Museum. Drive past the Parliament House and take in the beautiful architecture of the 18th century churches. Top off the day with a tour of the Westerhall Rum Distillery and grab the opportunity to sample the delicious aged rum.

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From The Carenage in St. George's board the Osprey Shuttle Boat to begin your journey. When you arrive in Carriacou you will be met by a Representative from The Board of Tourism whom will set you off on a tour of the Island, after which you will be served a local lunch at a restaurant. Afterwards your driver will take you to the beautiful Paradise beach for a bit of swim time and relaxation. At the end of a beautiful day in Carriacou you will return to Grenada on The Osprey Shuttle Boat being able to take in the fresh Caribbean air and deep blue sea.

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