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Fewer buildings, nature untouched by men, rock formations, the most beautiful beaches of the island, plantation farm homes and very rich history. This tour will take you to see plantation farm homes along the way. Next, visit the Shete Boca area (seven coves) to see the underwater cave named, Boca Tabla and the dramatic rock formation of Boca Pistol. Head to two of the most beautiful beaches of the island to swim, driving back by the salt-flats of Jan Kok, where you can see our pink Flamingo birds. Price includes all entrance fees and guide on the bus.

The most beautiful beaches of the island, visit the Shete Boca area (seven coves), the salt-flats of Jan Kok, where you can see our pink Flamingo bird.

Hop on our Chiva style Parada Bus and take a tour at night to the downtown area visiting many nightlife spots on the island. This is a nice way guests can experience the local nightlife on Friday. You will be visiting some local pubs for the famous green rum at Netto Bar in Otrobanda.

Have a night walk in Riffort village and enjoy a piano entertainment band. Visit the De Heeren, Omundo, Miles Jazz café and Mundo Bizarro. We will have a stop at St Tropez night club for some island jamming. During the whole tour we will have an entertainer, dj-music and an open bar onboard.

Let’s enjoy a night out!

desde 46,06 €

Enjoy at your leisure four parks at a reduced price. But one ticket and visit four parks :

Aloe Plantation - cultivates over 100,000 specimens of aloe vera The aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaves, filtered, stabilized and processed to concentrate in their production plant. The plantation specializes in the production of natural skincare products that contain a high level of aloe vera extracted from their crop.
Ostrich Farm - The Ostrich Farm offers guaranteed fun for the whole family! Experience the feel of South Africa for a day! Learn all about our ostriches.
Sea Aquarium - In this semi-submarine you can see the sharks, turtles, stingrays and many more fish in their underwater environment and you can do all this without getting wet.
Amazonia Rainforest Mystery - is the newest attraction on the island that will astonish you with dozens of Mayan, Aztec and Inca sculptures, carvings and murals. You will also smell and feel the presence of our Caribbean, South and Central American ancestors from the moment you step inside.

Welcome to Curacao in our native language - Papiamento. Get a feel for the island in just three hours and receive great background information and helpful tips that will help you to go about on your own. Drive through the unique and colorful city of Willemstad and its surrounding areas and let your guide tell you about all the things you need to know to later discover the island on your own.

Highlights of this trip include: Drive through Punda and Otrobanda, including a photo stop at the harbor entrance. Cross over the tallest bridge in the Caribbean and find out all about our industrial harbor. Drive through the old Jewish residential area of Scharloo and visit the Chobolobo Estate in Saliña; home of the famous Blue Curacao liqueur, for some free sample tasting.

Drive around residential areas and find out how the locals live and drive around the east side of the island to see the famous Table Mountain, Spanish Waters Bay and shop at Caribbean Handcrafts, the main supplier to most souvenir shops on the island.

Savonet, Landhuis Savonet, Weg Naar Westpunt z/n

This trip takes you to the northernmost tip of Curacao, offering some amazing sights. The waves splashing against the cliffs and the beautiful nature will leave your breathless. From a lookout point, you may even be able to spot turtles. The whole trip takes about 2.5 hours, during which you will have ample opportunity to take pictures and videos. Enjoy and experience the outside life of Curaçao and discover the beautiful nature and beaches. Book your Early Bird Off-Road Adventure and discover the remote places of the West Side of Curaçao.

The great thing about Curacao is that the coast is lined with natural beaches perfect for snorkeling. Take this snorkel tour with us and discover the amazing marine life on the east coast . Explore a sunking sailboat and our 4 coloured reef were plenty marine life inhabits. Spot a lionfish on the reef or the caribbean parrotfish. Plenty of coral formation,waterplants can be seen during this guided half day snorkel safary. Pickup and drop of from the lobby of your hotel is included.

desde 24,29 €

Savonet, Landhuis Savonet, Weg Naar Westpunt z/n

We depart from Savonet over the paved road towards the plains of Hato. At San Pedro we go off-road up to the airport landing strip. On the first leg of the trip, you will be driving on the hilly side, stopping at a few spots to take a look at the caves, with excellent photo opportunities. Next, we get back on the road, all the way to the ending point. Once there, you might get to take photos of an airplane flying extremely low overhead. Then, we follow the seaside road back. On the way back, we stop regularly to take great nature pictures and some action shots of you. As San Pedro we leave behind the off-road segment of the trip and follow the paved road back to Savonet, where you can have a drink or order take-out at the restaurant.

This tour will take you to visit one of the tourist attractions of Curacao – the Sea Aquarium. During the tour you will enjoy the dolphin show, in which you can see dolphins and their trainers demonstrating their behaviours. At the end of the show, have your picture taken while getting a dolphin kiss (not included in the price).

Sea lion Show: Come and see this fun and exciting show, where professional marine mammal trainers teach you lot about these beautiful and interesting animals. After the show you can even get a kiss from one of the sea lions (not included in the price).

Nurse shark action show: feed and pet the nurse sharks under the supervision of one of our tour guides.

Aquarium tour: the tour guides will tell you all about the flora and fauna in the aquaria.

Watch and learn Flamingos and friends: Feed and pet our flamingos and pelican “Pela” at specific times during the day.

Stingray encounter: feed and pet our stingrays under the supervision of our tour guides.

desde 46,53 €

This tour is highly recommended for people who visit us for the first time, since it journeys through the most important and touristic sites of the island such as the colorful city of Willemstad, Chobolobo which is the location where the famous blue Curacao liqueur is made. You will have a guide to explain step by step the manufacture of the liqueur, including the chance to taste it.

You will visit the ancient Jewish residential area, Otrabanda, Juliana bridge which is the highest in the Caribbean, Emma bridge which is the floating bridge that connects Punda and Otrobanda, floating market, Governor's house, eastern part of the island with a stop at the Papagayo complex to take pictures, a handcraft shop where you can buy some souvenirs – these located at Jan Thiel, a residential area of Curacao.

desde 36,64 €

Let your senses go wild as you soak up the atmosphere of our city at night! Admire the famous city lights by the harbor entrance, while watching the ships go by, and having a delicious snack and 2 drinks at De Gouverneur. Explore the evening vibes at BLVD, while enjoying an exquisite 3 course dinner and 2 drinks at Fuoco Italian Chophouse. Finally, hop on the crazy Loko Bus and let your local host show you how we party hardy on the Curaçao roads, while practicing your local dance moves!

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