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Praslin Harbour

With the arrival the newest vessel – Isle of Mahe – we now operate three modern high-speed catamarans between the paradise islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. With greater seating capacity and an extra observation deck, the Isle of Mahe is the pride of our fleet, making up to 3 crossings a day between Mahe and Praslin.

Departing from the jetty in Victoria, it takes less than 60 minutes to whisk up to 475 passengers comfortably and smoothly across the Indian Ocean to the Baie Sainte Anne jetty over on Praslin (dependant on sea conditions). Just present your voucher to the staff at the jetty and they will provide you with your Boarding Pass and assist you in checking-in your luggage.

Just as on its other vessels – Isle of Praslin & Isle of La Digue – we offer passengers a choice of comfort and service with both Economy and Business class cabins. Economy class passengers have the option of travelling inside on the main air-conditioned deck – Coco de Mer Cabin – or outside on the Island Hopper Upper Deck, with stunning views and sea breezes. For those looking for even greater comfort, Business Class passengers can enjoy the All Inclusive service of the Lazio Lounge.

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Become one with nature as only Seychelles can offer it, on this day of discovery and adventure commencing with a visit to the Ste Anne Marine Park, with its spectacular views of the surrounding islands. Our Reef Safari will introduce you to the myriad wonders of Seychelles’ underwater world by glass-bottom boat, your ‘eye in crystal waters’ and to the thrill of fish feeding before transporting you to one of the park’s island jewels: Cerf.

Cerf is the largest island of the Ste. Anne Group, named after the vessel of one of Seychelles’ early explorers and has a long tradition of settlement, first as a coconut plantation and now as a habitation for people escaping the ‘hustle and bustle’ of neighbouring Mahé. Here, we will tempt your palate with a traditional Creole lunch, allowing you time to explore the rare beauty of the island, swim in its crystal waters and relax on its silver-sanded beaches. This is a place where stunning, natural beauty and time-honoured island ways will conspire to provide you with the time of your life…and the memories to match.

Esta es una gran aventura para los corazones jóvenes con la primera parada es en la Isla de St. Pierre , una de las favoritas entre los nadadores y buceadores. A continuación, visitará la reserva de la isla Curieuse , donde se pueden admirar las tortugas terrestres gigantes y disfrutar de un recorrido de una hora de la isla, caminando por las montañas y manglares de los pantanos de Anse Josee. El día continúa con un almuerzo de deliciosa barbacoa, servido a bordo del elegante catamarán Oplezir elegante, antes de cruzar a la impresionante playa de Anse Georgette especial para tomar fotografías y un refrescante baño. El viaje terminará con un crucero panorámico a lo largo de la costa noreste de Isla de Praslin.

Enjoy the very best of both worlds: those of the ocean and one of Seychelles’ twin, UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the mysterious, primeval valley known as the Vallée de Mai. We will introduce you to the experience of a lifetime on a guided tour of this world-famous site where the legendary Coco-de-mer, the double-lobed coconut in the form of a woman’s pelvis, grows in twilight beneath a towering canopy of palms.

Fantastic legends and tales abound about this extraordinary place, once believed to be the original site of the biblical Garden Of Eden, that our guide will be happy to recount before you take to the ocean on ‘Oplezir,’ - destination Anse Lazio, reputedly the world’s most beautiful beach. The experience of swimming and snorkelling in the crystal waters off this divine beach is one not soon forgotten and after an equally unforgettable BBQ in this fairytale setting, we will provide you with ample time to engrave it on your memory before we take you home at day’s end.

Anse Major (Mahe):
This is a wild and scenic coastal walk with the waves breaking on the granite bolders. The first part of the trail is through batches of woodland open areas, small river valleys and over exposed, rocky ridges. Views across the sea over Silhouette and North Island. The trail passes over Glacis slopes, stretching above and below the path. The vegetation is mostly endemic and indigenous species adapted to survive in such harsh conditions. Endemic birds such as Bulbul, Blue Pigeon sunbirds can be seen. To get to the main beach you must cross a small river outlet which emerges from a brackish water marsh. The sandy beach invites relaxation or snorkeling on the reef.

Copolia (Mahe):
The first part of the walk is a descent through sandy secondary forest of cinnamon and rubber trees. As the trail climbs higher, many interesting endemic and indigenous plant species can be seen. It is also the habitat of endemic birds such as: Seychelles Bulbul, Blue Pigeon and Sunbirds. The exposed glacier with lack of soil and harsh condition has a special vegetation of endemic plants including the vacoa (pandanus multispicatus) and pitcher plant (nenpenthes pervillei). From the top the views are magnificent over the east coast of Mahe, the island of St.Anne Marine National Park and beyond to Praslin and La Digue.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 6 personas

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Explore the wonders of Praslin, Seychelles’ second largest island. With a small population, life on Praslin is relaxed and the breath-taking scenery pristine. Let Mason's Travel guide you around the island and visit its two most famous attractions!

Visit the famous Vallée de Mai, a unique biosphere well deserving of its allocation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden, this magical place offers a forest of larger than life palms which play host to an array of rare and endemic species. Discover the Coco der Mer palm and its iconic seed, the largest on earth, as you take a leisurely guided tour through this awe-inspiring primeval forest.

Next, visit the world famous Anse Lazio. This pristine beach, with its white sands and clear waters, is fringed by lush vegetation and bordered by magnificent granite boulders. Here you can swim, snorkel or relax on the soft sands of one of Seychelles’ finest strands.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 6 personas

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Get the best of both worlds on this not-soon-to-be-forgotten expedition to the island where time stands still: Timeless La Digue. First, take to the ocean on a traditional, inter-island schooner, just like in day’s gone by when they were the only mode of transportation and make landfall at the scenic La Digue jetty where you will be greeted with refreshing coconuts, picked fresh from the palm.

L’Union Estate awaits you with its languid, old plantation ways, charming architecture and ambiance of another time when the scents of coprah, the dried flesh of the coconut, and vanilla, filled the air. Your next port of call will be Anse Source D’Argent, one of the planet’s most famous beaches, with its silver sands, sapphire waters and ancient granite boulders where there will be time to swim and relax.

A scenic tour of the beaches of Anse Severe and Grand Anse follows where you can relax in the afternoon sun before heading home with indelible memories. Alternatively, from the moment of arrival at La Digue you can make your own personal voyage of discovery of the island by bicycle, exploring its winding, shady pathways at your whim and leisure, knowing that the next surprise is only around the next bend in the road.

La Digue Harbour

Introduced in 2011, their second high-speed catamaran - Isle of La Digue - now offers passengers a more direct service between the islands of Mahe and La Digue. Departing in the evening from Mahe's Victoria jetty, the Isle of La Digue follows the same route as its sister vessel - Isle of Praslin & Isle of Mahe - towards the island of Praslin, where after a short stop-over it continues the last leg of its journey, arriving on La Digue just in time for sunset. Early the next morning the same vessel departs the La Passe jetty and travels, via Praslin, back to Mahe.

With the exception of Fridays, passengers should however be aware that the ferry Mahe to La Digue is not a non-stop service. Including the Praslin stopover, total journey times are approximately 90 minutes, dependant on sea conditions, which makes the Isle of La Digue an ideal solution for passengers looking for a hassle-free service from Mahe to La Digue and vice versa. Just present your voucher to the staff at the jetty and they will provide you with your Boarding Pass and assist you in checking-in your luggage.

The Isle of La Digue can carry up to 227 passengers and, just like its big sister, both Economy and Business classes available. Economy class passengers can choose to travel in the fully air-conditioned Coco de Mer Cabin on the main deck or outside on the Island Hopper Upper Deck. Business class passengers have their own dedicated cabin - Lazio Lounge - on the upper deck.

Business Class includes:
Complimentary breakfast will be available on board every morning
A complimentary finger snack will be available on board every afternoon
A Chief steward(ess) will be assigned to all passengers on Business Class.

desde 61,25 €

An enchanting visit to the two island Praslin and La Digue and experience the diversity of the Seychelles Islands.

On Praslin,Seychelles’ second biggest island is sparsely populated and oofers magnificent coastal, mountain and forest scenery. One will be able tol visit the wondrous Vallee de Mai, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the endemic home of the famous love nut, the amazing coco-de-mer, unique to the Seychelles and the rare Seychelles Black Parrot and numerous other species of flora & fauna. Visit this natural wonder and be mesmerized by this prehistoric forest frozen in time – there is no other place like this on Earth before heading to the world-renowned Anse Lazio for a chance to swim at this picturesque beach. The beach is ranked among the finest beaches in the world, before continuing on your journey with a short crossing by the local schooner to the historically and culturally rich La Digue which is an island with true guaranteed experience. Visit the traditional farm of L'Union Estate, passing by the old cemetery, as you reach the Estate, you can find an ancient copra factory, giant land tortoises and horses.

Afterwards one can have a rest on the beautiful beach at Grand Anse, known as Anse Source d’Argent. It is the most photographed beach in the world with its unique granite scenery.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 6 personas

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Esta excursión de día completo ofrece una excelente introducción a los contrastes de Mahé y cuenta con un paisaje impresionante combinado con una espectacular flora y fauna y playas vírgenes. El día comienza con un traslado desde su hotel hasta los Jardines Botánicos donde se encuentran las ruinas históricas del cementerio de Bel Air, se hará una breve parada en el cementerio para visitar la ''Tumba del Gigante''. Se partirá de Victoria hacia Sans Soucis. Se hará una breve parada para hacer fotos antes de llegar a Mission Lodge. En Mission Lodge se visitará lugar la antigua escuela para niños esclavos liberados. A continuación, viajará al pintoresco sur de la isla en ''Pineapple Studio'' para una visita guiada por el taller antes de dirigirse al exquisitamente hermosa Reserva Natural de Cap Lazare. Aquí le darán la bienvenida con un zumo de fruta fresca, seguido de un buffet especial servido en una playa privada. Después del almuerzo, tendrá la oportunidad de explorar la reserva y tendrá tiempo para la relajarse en la playa. Antes de regresar a su hotel, se hará una breve parada en un centro de artesanías donde usted podrá ver cómo se produce la artesanía local.

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