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This is a great adventure for those young hearts with the first stop being at St. Pierre Island, a favourite with swimmers and snorkelers. You will then visit Curieuse island reserve, where you can admire the giant land tortoises and enjoy a one hour tour of the island, walking through the mountains and mangroves swamp to Anse Josee. The day continues with a mouth-watering BBQ lunch, served aboard the elegant Oplezir catamaran, before cruising to the stunning Anse Georgette beach for a photo stop and a refreshing swim. The trip will end with a scenic cruise along the North East coast of Praslin Island.

Disfruta de una experiencia suprema en la naturaleza de Seychelles en su máxima expresión en nuestra odisea oceánica de día completo que comienza desde el embarcadero de la bahía Ste Anne de Praslin, con una sesión de fotos en el pintoresco St. Pierre como primera parada, antes de tocar tierra en la bahía Laraie de Curieuse Island . Aquí el tour continuará con una visita a la población de tortugas de la isla, junto con una visita guiada a la isla. El viaje no estará completo sin una visita a la famosa casa del doctor, ahora un museo, y luego un poco de tiempo para un suntuoso almuerzo criollo con barbacoa a bordo del Oplezir mientras que se dirige a la impresionante isla Aride, ciudadela de aves marinas del Océano Índico. Ahí, habrá tiempo para la observación de aves y una sesión de fotos de vistas espectaculares de la isla antes de volver a casa.

Para los clientes que prefieren Snorkeling y Crucero en lugar de caminar. Salida del muelle de La Digue a Coco y / o Islas Felicite (dependiendo de las condiciones del mar). Llegada a la Isla del Coco y Felicite. Tiempo previsto para nadar y bucear en cualquiera de las Islas Coco o Felicite o simplemente relajarse en la playa. Zarpe de retorno a la Isla La Digue.

Enjoy the very best of both worlds: those of the ocean and one of Seychelles’ twin, UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the mysterious, primeval valley known as the Vallée de Mai. We will introduce you to the experience of a lifetime on a guided tour of this world-famous site where the legendary Coco-de-mer, the double-lobed coconut in the form of a woman’s pelvis, grows in twilight beneath a towering canopy of palms.

Fantastic legends and tales abound about this extraordinary place, once believed to be the original site of the biblical Garden Of Eden, that our guide will be happy to recount before you take to the ocean on ‘Oplezir,’ - destination Anse Lazio, reputedly the world’s most beautiful beach. The experience of swimming and snorkelling in the crystal waters off this divine beach is one not soon forgotten and after an equally unforgettable BBQ in this fairytale setting, we will provide you with ample time to engrave it on your memory before we take you home at day’s end.

Flamboyant Ave - Cat Cocos Berth

Introduced in 2011, the second high-speed catamaran - Isle of La Digue - now offers passengers a more direct service between the islands of Mahe and La Digue. Departing in the evening from Mahe's Victoria jetty, the Isle of La Digue follows the same route as its sister vessel - Isle of Praslin & Isle of Mahe - towards the island of Praslin, where after a short stop-over it continues the last leg of its journey, arriving on La Digue just in time for sunset. Early the next morning the same vessel departs the La Passe jetty and travels, via Praslin, back to Mahe.

With the exception of Fridays, passengers should however be aware that the ferry Mahe to La Digue is not a non-stop service. Including the Praslin stopover, total journey times are approximately 90 minutes, dependent on sea conditions, which makes the Isle of La Digue an ideal solution for passengers looking for a hassle-free service from Mahe to La Digue and vice versa. Just present your voucher to staff at the jetty and they will provide you with your Boarding Pass and assist you in checking-in your luggage.

The Isle of La Digue can carry up to 227 passengers and, just like its big sister, both Economy and Business classes available. Economy class passengers can choose to travel in the fully air-conditioned Coco de Mer Cabin on the main deck or outside on the Island Hopper Upper Deck. Business class passengers have their own dedicated cabin - Lazio Lounge - on the upper deck.

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Praslin Harbour

With the arrival the newest vessel – Isle of Mahe – we now operate three modern high-speed catamarans between the paradise islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. With greater seating capacity and an extra observation deck, the Isle of Mahe is the pride of our fleet, making up to 3 crossings a day between Mahe and Praslin.

Departing from the jetty in Victoria, it takes less than 60 minutes to whisk up to 475 passengers comfortably and smoothly across the Indian Ocean to the Baie Sainte Anne jetty over on Praslin (dependant on sea conditions). Just present your voucher to the staff at the jetty and they will provide you with your Boarding Pass and assist you in checking-in your luggage.

Just as on its other vessels – Isle of Praslin & Isle of La Digue – we offer passengers a choice of comfort and service with both Economy and Business class cabins. Economy class passengers have the option of travelling inside on the main air-conditioned deck – Coco de Mer Cabin – or outside on the Island Hopper Upper Deck, with stunning views and sea breezes. For those looking for even greater comfort, Business Class passengers can enjoy the All Inclusive service of the Lazio Lounge.

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Explore the Sainte Anne Marine Park on this exciting full-day excursion, jam-packed with fun-filled activities.

Set-Sail aboard Anahita as you head off to discover Mahé’s inner islands. Next, hop aboard a semi-submersible vessel as you dip below the waves to explore the depths of the Marine Park. Enjoy feeding the tropical fish surrounding the boat and then get up close and personal with the creatures that inhabit the park’s colorful coral gardens for a refreshing snorkel or swim.

Be treated to a BBQ lunch and musical entertainment before heading ashore Moyenne Island. Visit the island on-foot as you get to meet the Giant Tortoises that freely roam here, as well as visit old ruins and pirate graves – or simply relax on the island’s private beach. The day ends with a tropical cocktail and a leisurely cruise around the Marine Park before returning to Mahé.

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Discover the natural splendour of this world famous attraction. Visit Praslin’s Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage site and untouched biosphere like none other on Earth. Here giant palms rustle overhead as you meander through this ancient forest filled with many endemic species of palm and rare fauna, such as the Seychelles Black Parrot, the tiger chameleon and the diminutive Seychelles tree frog.

Vallée de Mai is also home to the Coco de Mer palm; the see is the largest nut in the world and has been treasured as a collectable and mystical aphrodisiac for centuries. Let our Guides unravel the secrets of this magical forest to you.

It was once believed - in the distant lands where these giant seeds would wash ashore - that the Coco de Mer originated from a sacred forest under the sea. Today, we know better, and Vallée de Mai – believed by some to be the original site of the Garden of Eden - is where these magnificent palms grow.

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An enchanting visit to the two island Praslin and La Digue and experience the diversity of the Seychelles Islands.

On Praslin,Seychelles’ second biggest island is sparsely populated and oofers magnificent coastal, mountain and forest scenery. One will be able tol visit the wondrous Vallee de Mai, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the endemic home of the famous love nut, the amazing coco-de-mer, unique to the Seychelles and the rare Seychelles Black Parrot and numerous other species of flora & fauna. Visit this natural wonder and be mesmerized by this prehistoric forest frozen in time – there is no other place like this on Earth before heading to the world-renowned Anse Lazio for a chance to swim at this picturesque beach. The beach is ranked among the finest beaches in the world, before continuing on your journey with a short crossing by the local schooner to the historically and culturally rich La Digue which is an island with true guaranteed experience. Visit the traditional farm of L'Union Estate, passing by the old cemetery, as you reach the Estate, you can find an ancient copra factory, giant land tortoises and horses.

Afterwards one can have a rest on the beautiful beach at Grand Anse, known as Anse Source d’Argent. It is the most photographed beach in the world with its unique granite scenery.

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A trip to three of the most visited island reserves in the Inner Island group. Starting off the day with a stop on Cousin Island; home to some of Seychelles' rarest birdlife, then to Curieuse Island; ancient leper colony, famous for its museum and enthralling biodiversity which includes specimens of the coco-de-mer and at lunch time you can enjoy a typical creole cuisine. Finally, your boat will call at beautiful St. Pierre Island, famous for its amazing snorkeling raw natural beauty.

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