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Leave hotel and drive to the old city of Constanta. Here you will see the 1910 Constanta Casino during a short walk on the promenade, the Genoese Lighthouose, Eminescu’s statue and Tomis Marina. You then enjoy a nice coffee/tea break on the balcony of the 1911 Palace Hotel, which has a great view over the sea and local marina. You continue with a longer stop in Ovidiu’s Square where you’ll visit the three main attractions there: the Treasure Rooms of the Archaeological Museum, the Roman Edifice and the 1910 Carol I Mosque.

We drive then to the centre of Constanta for some free time on the pedestrian street next to Tomis Mall and a great art & craft shop (Gerovital cream, Romanian pottery, icons, painted eggs, tapestries; CC accepted, foreign currency accepted too). After your free time we drive to Mamaia, the largest resort on the Romanian Black Sea Coast. If Mamaia is not yet open, you will drive to Maritimo Shopping Center, for free time there.>> Here, several terraces and restaurants will be available, so you can have lunch on your own.

We drive back to Constanta for a quick visit to a local market and an optional visit to St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral. You return then to your hotel. End of tour.

Meeting/ Pick up point: The clients will be picked up from their accommodation.
Duration: 7 hours 35 minutes.
Start or opening time: at 08.45 am.
Languages: Available guide in English, or another language: German, Italian, French, Spanish, if available upon client's request.

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Pistol shooting is a shooting sport where the competitors are trying to unite the three principles of precision, power and speed, by using a firearm of a certain minimum power (caliber) to score as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time (or sometimes within a set maximum time).

Pistol shooting is a modern martial art that focuses on the use of the handgun as a defensive weapon for self defence, or for military and police use. Like most martial arts, combat pistol shooting is practiced both for defence and for sport.

Pistol shooting and handgun shooting were developed as techniques for the police force. The most common types of pistol are the single shot, and semi-automatic. Instinct shooting requires the same eye, hand, and mind events as throwing a baseball or darts.

The shooter must devote full attention on the smallest part of the target whilst drawing the weapon to fire. Once the weapon is at the ready, the shooter must fire immediately, to avoid losing the intense focus and missing the target.

This technique is most often practiced with a moving target, such as clay birds or shooting plates. The practical use of this drill is for life or death situations, in which the gun handler must instinctively and accurately shoot the target.

The shooter must almost simultaneously: see the target, decide to shoot, start moving the gun to position, focus on a small part of the target, pull the trigger the instant the weapon reaches position.

The shooting is either on sunny, rainy or snowy weather.

Depart from the hotel to explore one of the oldest cities in Europe. Before reaching the Archaeological Museum, the bus will pass through the old city, by some of the most important buildings in town, such as: the 1910 Casino, the Navy HQ, the Genoese Lighthouse, the Palace Hotel. Once arrived in front of the Archaeological Museum one will notice the 1887 statue of Ovidius Publius Naso, a famous exiled Roman poet, ”the singer of tender love”. He was the one who described for the first time the places and the population of this region, in his works. The museum displays the most representative and valuable exhibits gathered from all over Dobrogea, proving the early presence of an industrious population. Most of the items displayed are unique and in a perfect state of preservation.

“The Glykon Snake” or “Fortune and Ponthos” statues will surely be the center of attention. The Roman Edifice with the Mosaic is a 4th century AD structure, the largest of its kind in the South-Eastern part of Europe, the former commercial hub of ancient Tomis and home to a 640 sqm mosaic. After your visits you’ll do a panoramic city-tour on the way to the well-known summer resort of Mamaia, where you’ll do a short photo-stop. You return then to the heart of the city for some free time and shopping in the pedestrian area. Return to the hotel.

Meeting/ Pick up point: The clients will be picked up from their accommodation.
Duration: 4 hours.
Start or opening time: at 09:00 am.
Languages: Guide available in English, or another language: German, Italian, French, Spanish, if available upon client's request.

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Revolution Square

Bucharest is Romania’s vibrant capital city filled with a mishmash of grand historic buildings, brutal Communist apartment blocks and emerging 21st century designs.

Your tour will begin in the political center of the city, Revolution Square. Formerly known as Palace Square it has witnessed many of the most important events in Romanian history. It was from here in 1989 that dictator Ceaucescu made his ill-advised rallying speech to a crowd that quickly turned on him, instigating the Romanian revolution. Surrounding the square are several other notable landmarks, including the former Royal Palace, Atheneum Concert hall and Athenee Palace Hilton, the heart of espionage and intrigue in the years between the wars. Leaving the square you will then head south along 'Victory Street' named after the spectacular victory of the new Romanian nation in the 1871 War of Independence, and one of the two main thoroughfares of the city. Here lies many spectacular landmarks of the inter-war period, including the 'Telephone Palace', Military Circle and former National Theatre, as well as the beautiful church of Kretulescu, one of the most famous in Bucharest.

After this you will head into an older part of Bucharest, exploring it's numerous streets, paths and passageways of The Old Town. This is the heart of medieval Bucharest, the literal crossroads between East and West, where Ottoman Pashas rubbed shoulders with Transylvanian Princes, and the city was a mosaic of different cultures and buildings: churches and mosques, princely courts and merchant's houses, marketplaces and ottoman seraglios. Among the many sights and stories of The Old Town are lavish dining, princely courts and opulent interiors, the exquisite calm of an orthodox monastery, and the great wooden inn of 'Hanul Lui Manuc', offering captivating glimpses into an earlier time.

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You will meet with your guide and enjoy a day trip in Bucovina, home to one of the world’s greatest art treasures: the Painted Monasteries, known in the UNESCO patrimony as the Churches of Moldavia, included since 1993.

We will start our tour with a visit to Romania’s most renowned monastery: Voronet, a jewel of the UNESCO northern heritage whose frescoes -featuring an intense shade of blue- have become famous throughout the world. Not far from here is Humor Monastery, a small, cross-shaped church, built in 1530 which will delight your sight.

Our next stop will be at Moldovita monastery, an architectural masterpiece in the Byzantine style included among the UNESCO world heritage sites. The last visit for the day will be at Marginea, a famous folk art center, best known for black ceramics which is made here. You will witness the craft of moulding clay, according to a technique unique in the world. Afterwards, you will be transferred back to Iasi.

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This excursion enables you to experience Romanian folk culture in two distinct ways. First you will visit to the Folk Art Museum, where you will be introduced to the peasant life and customs of Romanian rural inhabitants. The museum is one of the best in the country, and one of the very few places in Constanta, where one can admire authentic handcrafted items and also buy them. The impressive collection of the museum consists of a variety of clothing items, full original costumes, glass pieces, religious artifacts and icons, farming objects and ritual masks from different parts of Romania.

After your insightful visit you will proceed down the coast to a typical Romanian house for a traditional barbeque and folk music. After this relaxing and tasty experience, you will return to Constanta.

Meeting/ Pick up point: The clients will be picked up from their accommodation.
Duration: 4hours 30minutes.
Start or opening time: at 12.30 pm.
Languages: Guide available in English, or another language: German, Italian, French, Spanish, if available upon client's request.

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If you are in Bucharest just for a city break or new in town and you want to party and to make new friends, you are welcome to join our partying. Our guides will show you premium bars and clubs as well the very unique and hidden ones that would be almost impossible to find without someone who has some local knowledge.

Our Pub Crawl benefits:

Hassle free organizing your night out.
Presenting Old Town area - when wanted.
Customized and flexible- best places of your interest.
Personal meet and greet and pick up from your accommodation within city limits.
Guidance and tips.
Free shots each bar.
Making new friends and meeting locals.
The guide will stay with you as long as needed/all night.

Points of itinerary

Old Town Area
The most entertaining bars in the Old Town of Bucharest: Nomad Sky Bar, Entourage, Bicileta Bar, Laboratorul de Cocktailuri, Beraria Hanul Ancutei, Bordello Bar.

Kiseleff Avenue 32C - Herastrau Park

Herastrau Park, Bucharest's central park and one of the largest city parks in Europe, is where you'll find the Hard Rock Cafe. A favorite of locals and tourists, the restaurant makes its home on the shores of the lake, just a few short steps from the landmark Triumph Arch where the main avenues of Bucharest's trendy entertainment district begin.

The largest Hard Rock Cafe in Europe, built on over 1500 sqm, HRC Bucharest has inside seating for 300 guests plus an outside terrace with a view of the lake and additional seating for 150. A menu consisting of Hard Rock's classic American fare interspersed with local favorites and our signature cocktails waits to tempt and satisfy your wildest cravings. But that's not all! You'll find the latest in technology while getting up close and personal with rock star memorabilia from around the globe: John Lennon, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Metallica, etc. And more if you catch up with our events and live acts. It’s all about the music, it’s all about emotions. Rock on!

One of the most imposing ancient monuments in Romania, “Tropaeum Trajani” dates back to 109 AD and is a pretty unique site, in this part of Europe, located next to Adamclisi village. Just like Trajan’s Column in Rome, it represents a birth-certificate of the Romanian nation, depicting scenes from the armed conflicts between Rome and the Dacian Kingdom – Dacia. Built at the orders of Emperor Trajan by Apolodor of Damascus, to glorify the Romans’ victories against the peoples of Scythia Minor (present-day Dobrogea), the monument was decorated with 54 metopes representing a variety of scenes from the Roman campaigns in the Danube area and was 38m high.

First you will see the 1977 restored version of Adamclisi Monument and you’ll proceed then to the Adamclisi Museum to see the original parts of the monument, most of the metopes, the ornamental statues and some other relics found in the area. Return to Constanta and the hotel. Meeting/ Pick up point: The clients will be picked up from their accommodation.
Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Start or opening time: at 09:00 am.
End or closing time:
Languages: Guide available in English, or another language: German, Italian, French, Spanish, if available upon client's request.

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Piata Romana, Blvd. General Gheorghe Magheru 28-30

We’ll explore the depths reached by human beings in hurting one another. Cheap thrills are best left to Hollywood professionals. We’re interested in giving you a bit of a context, a broader sense of events unfolding through history in Bucharest. Start your adventure in the city center and visit The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, a reminder of the cruel events that unfolded between 1950-1977. Learn about the Communist tourture methods that were used in the hundreds of deportation camps and prison across the country.

Next, leave the Golden Age behind and travel back in time in the begining of the 20th century to find out all about the sexy times that Bucharest had before the Communist Regime took power. In 1927, around 12.000 prostitutes and escorts were working in Romania. Hear the stories and legends of Mita Biciclista (the biker) and the beautiful gypsy dancer, Zaraza, that stole the hearts of many men.

Inside a former brothel you'll hear the story of ""The Vampire of Bucharest"", who would use a hammer to attack waitresses who were alone and returning from work. He struck after midnight during unusual weather conditions such as snowstorms, driving rain, high winds, freezing cold or fog. It was Romania's most notorious serial killer that terrorized Bucharest between 1970-1971.

After a short stop to rest,if rest is needed , we'll walk even further back in time, during the Dark Ages. We'll stop by the Saint George's Church, one of the oldest churches in Bucharest, where you'll hear all about the bloody feuds between the Muslim world and the Christian rulers of Romania. Beheadings, ambushes, treachery, martyrs and false gods, our Dark Ages have seen them all.

Finish grand inside the Bellu Cemetery (Bucharest's answer to Pere Lachaise), the first modern graveyard in the city and a place filled with love stories, unique architecture and sometimes even mysteries waiting to be resolved. We will only travel by public transport.

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