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Tuzla International Airport, Tuzla Resort

Thinking of a spectacular experience? Tuzla International Airport (located 23 km. from Constanta City) offers you a "Diamond trip" with one of our Diamond 20 or Diamond 40 aircraft so that amazing views of Constanta and surroundings be revealed from a different perspective. Romanian seaside with all its resorts from luxurious Mamaia to unconventional Vama Veche resort or astonishing Danube Delta are just few of the interesting places that can be seen from a low altitude flight.

Experienced pilots speaking English or other language (if requested when booking)‚ drive’ you in this wonderful journey either you prefer flying at sunrise, or romantic dawn. Flying schedule may be flexible, according to your preferences.

The 'star flight' is the 30 minutes trip over the Romanian shoreline. When booking, please note that Diamond 20 (DA20) is for 1 passenger while Diamond 40 (DA40) is for 3 passengers, so this kind of entertainment may become the perfect gift for your friends as well.

Flying from a fully-licenced airport you can be assured that your safety and enjoyment are our priorities, So bring your friends, relatives, or a date, because this is definitely an experience worth sharing.

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Pistol shooting is a shooting sport where the competitors are trying to unite the three principles of precision, power and speed, by using a firearm of a certain minimum power (caliber) to score as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time (or sometimes within a set maximum time).

Pistol shooting is a modern martial art that focuses on the use of the handgun as a defensive weapon for self defence, or for military and police use. Like most martial arts, combat pistol shooting is practiced both for defence and for sport.

Pistol shooting and handgun shooting were developed as techniques for the police force. The most common types of pistol are the single shot, and semi-automatic. Instinct shooting requires the same eye, hand, and mind events as throwing a baseball or darts.

The shooter must devote full attention on the smallest part of the target whilst drawing the weapon to fire. Once the weapon is at the ready, the shooter must fire immediately, to avoid losing the intense focus and missing the target.

This technique is most often practiced with a moving target, such as clay birds or shooting plates. The practical use of this drill is for life or death situations, in which the gun handler must instinctively and accurately shoot the target.

The shooter must almost simultaneously: see the target, decide to shoot, start moving the gun to position, focus on a small part of the target, pull the trigger the instant the weapon reaches position.

The shooting is either on sunny, rainy or snowy weather.

Bulevardul General Gheorghe Magheru 28-30

After 50 years of Communism and 20 odd years of transition, Bucharest has never been short of abandoned urban beauty. The renovation of the 19th and 20th century historical buildings was never considered a priority by the governments of the post-communist era.

The tour starts strong as we get to visit an old decaying house built at the turn of the 20th by a famous couple in Bucharest. Afterwards, you'll hear the story of the former German Ambassador's Residence and then we'll check out an old royal palace turned into a cozy hangout place - the Garden of Eden.

Our next stop is an indoor street-art exhibition, located in a 1923, multi-story parking building. Next we'll take the subway from the city center to the outskirts of Bucharest where we'll explore a decaying industrial area - the former Gun Powder Factory. We'll finish grand enjoying the sunset on top of a building in the area and then we'll get back to the city center.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

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One of the most imposing ancient monuments in Romania, “Tropaeum Trajani” dates back to 109 AD and is a pretty unique site, in this part of Europe, located next to Adamclisi village. Just like Trajan’s Column in Rome, it represents a birth-certificate of the Romanian nation, depicting scenes from the armed conflicts between Rome and the Dacian Kingdom – Dacia. Built at the orders of Emperor Trajan by Apolodor of Damascus, to glorify the Romans’ victories against the peoples of Scythia Minor (present-day Dobrogea), the monument was decorated with 54 metopes representing a variety of scenes from the Roman campaigns in the Danube area and was 38m high.

First you will see the 1977 restored version of Adamclisi Monument and you’ll proceed then to the Adamclisi Museum to see the original parts of the monument, most of the metopes, the ornamental statues and some other relics found in the area. Return to Constanta and the hotel. Meeting/ Pick up point: The clients will be picked up from their accommodation.
Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Start or opening time: at 09:00 am.
End or closing time:
Languages: Guide available in English, or another language: German, Italian, French, Spanish, if available upon client's request.

desde 21,9 €

Depart from your hotel and drive north out of Bucharest to Sinaia Resort (~2h drive), a place referred to by many as “the Pearl of the Carpathians”. Founded in the late 17th century, Sinaia is by far the most interesting and architecturally relevant resort in Romania, compared by some to a huge open-air museum. In the late 19th century, Sinaia went through a development boom after the building of the King’s royal residence. Proof of this will be all around you. Here, you will visit the breathtaking Peles Castle, the former residence of the Hohenzollern King Carol I. Recently ranked 6th in the top of “Most Amazing Castles in the World” (, PELES will most likely become one of the highlights of your travel experiences. It will give your insight into the life of the Romanian Royal Family and into the greatest period in Romania’s recent history.

After your inside visit you will enjoy a traditional lunch in a local restaurant, situated within the castle’s premises, in the midst of the astounding forests and peaks of the Carpathians. You will continue then with a short stop at the picturesque Sinaia Monastery and find out some more about the Romanian Royal Family, about religion in Romania and the people's relation with the Church. You return to Bucharest through the scenic Prahova Valley and the beautiful fields of the Romanian south.

desde 46,5 €

Calea Vitan 55 - 59

Explore the Vacaresti swamp, an abandoned lake site in the south-eastern part of Bucharest. The alternative provided by the landscape, with its panoramic view from the top of the dam, distinguishes itself from the flat appearance of the capital’s terrain. We will provide you with binoculars for maximum accuracy in bird and fauna watching.

Vacaresti Delta was the reason why, hundreds of families lost their homes in the 1980’s, evicted by the communist regime in an attempt to create in this area a flooding prevention system meant to serve the city .In 1989 the project was not yet finished and after the revolution of December 1989, was abandoned.

In the following years, nature has reclaimed that land in an astonishing way, so that today, we can admire almost 90 species of birds and other creatures living harmoniously in this micro environment.

Today we have a true Delta that has astonished the specialists and bird lovers with its beauty and diversity. On these 190 hectares of abandoned reservoir, an ecosystem of wetlands has developed. Admire about 90 species of birds, many of which are protected by current legislation, together with mammals and invertebrates, live together in a vast area that is about 5 subway stops from downtown Bucharest.

For this reason, Vacare?ti Lake has been named Bucharest’s delta. Watch how nature has flourished in the last 20 years in the absence of any human interference. And more importantly, as we speak, the Romanian government is working on turning this area into a protected nature park.

On site, we will serve a picnic lunch (based on traditional Romanian cheese and salami sandwiches, juice, water and coffee).

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Un recorrido que ofrece algunos de los mejores sitios que Rumania tiene para ofrecer. Descubra el Castillo de Peles, antigua residencia de la familia real rumana; el Castillo de Bran, la supuesta inspiración de Bram Stoker ''Drácula'', y mucho más. Este día le revelará algunos de los hechos más interesantes sobre Rumania, con respecto a la historia del país. ¡Conozca dos de los castillos más impresionantes del mundo!

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

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Revolution Square

A full-day guided tour that takes you to some of Romania's most famous sights. Enjoy a morning panoramic tour of "the Paris of the Balkans", Bucharest, a bustling city of many contrasts, before starting your 3 hour journey to Bran Castle, the place made famous by Bram Stoker and his novel DRACULA (comfort-stop on the way). Once in Bran you will have 2 1/2 hours on your own, during which you can visit the castle, have lunch, and enjoy the local souvenir market at the foot of the castle, on own.

You proceed then to Brasov, one of Transylvania's most interesting cities for some free time in the main medieval square. Here, one can see the famous 1377 Black Church, the Council Tower, and other well-preserved architectural beauties of this once thriving Saxon city. The pedestrian area with its many terraces, restaurants and stores will be at your disposal for about 3 hours.

After your insightful Transylvanian experience you return to Bucharest with one comfort stop on the way. Your guide will be with you for presentations and explanations throughout your journey.

La visita panorámica es una de las más extensas disponibles y tiene un mayor número de paradas de fotos incluidas, en los sitios más representativos. Tendrá bastante tiempo libre en el centro histórico de Bucarest y podrá almorzar en el restaurante de su elección. Un guía autorizado le acompañará durante todo su recorrido. Incluye una visita al Museo del Pueblo.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

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Revolution Square

Get to know this pretty capital city and see the sites that have shaped Bucharest. As the sixth biggest city in Europe, it’s safe to say you’ll find lots to get up to here!


* Take your taste buds on a history tour and get to know how Romania’s past has influenced its cuisine today
* Hear the stories of Old Town, from Ottoman rule to French aristocracy, from Communist ruin to a new capitalist (night) life
* Enjoy a three-course traditional Romanian meal in a most charming restaurant

Start off in Revolution Square, which plays an important role in Romanian history. Notably, Ceausescu made his ill-advised rallying speech to a crowd that quickly turned on him back in 1989 which then led to the Romanian revolution. Close by, there are lots of landmarks, such as the former Royal Palace, the Athenaeum concert hall and Athenee Palace which was the place on everyone’s lips back in the day. In such a historical spot, it only seems right to have a traditional treat. We’ll enjoy a covrig - a daily salty snack for most Romanians. The snack was likely brought to Romania by Hapsburg or German merchants back in medieval times.

Next up, Victory Street: named after the 1871 War of Independence. Although it took until 1918 for Romania to be fully united, hence each region has its own distinct character. This stretch is also home to a bunch of other iconic inter-war monuments, including the Kretzulescu Church, Telephone Palace, Military Circle and former National Theatre.

We head in to the old town - this is the heart of medieval Bucharest. Here you can witness the many diverse influences on Romanian food — the Balkan mici (skinless sausages), the Ottoman sarmale (stuffed cabbage leaves), Russian borscht and ciorba (sour soups) and Austro-Hungarian schnitzel. Cast your eyes over the lavishly lush interiors and princely courts, the never-seen-before tranquillity of an orthodox monastery and the great wooden inn of Hanul Lui Manuc.

En route to our final destination, we’ll get a look at People's Palace, the centre of Ceausescu’s megalomaniac attempts to re-shape the city and the second largest building in the world (only pipped to the post by the Pentagon!). Try some culinary specialties at a traditional hanu or inn. During the time of the ancient Romanians (the Dacians) so much wine was drunk by the people that their leader: Burebista completely banned its production. The inventive Dacians began brewing beer right away! Pick either fine Romanian wines and/or locally brewed beer, just like the Dacians would have wanted!

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