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A guided tour completely in English, this tour is ideal for getting the feel of the city, and in particular its historical center and major monuments. Participants will enjoy Nevsky Prospect along with its most prestigious buildings: the Anichkov, Stroganov, and Belozersky Palaces; Lutheran, Catholic, and Armenian churches; the orthodox Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, the Eliseev, Singer, and Mertens buildings, and many others. We will cross the Fontanka, the river that, along with the Moika River and Griboedov Canal, formed the border of the city center. The banks of Griboedov Canal are home to the well-known Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, built in the so typically Russian style with its multicolored cupolas and gold onion domes.

The former Winter Palace, once a residence of the tsars and now the Hermitage Museum, dominates the northern bank of the Neva River, while on the opposite bank the silhouette of the Peter and Paul Fortress and its high spire command the skyline. We will stop by the House of Peter the Great - it was from this modest residence that the Tsar personally kept an eye on the construction of "his" city between 1703 and 1708. On Vasilievsky Island we will see the Strelka, the Menchikov palace and a historical building which is part of the State University. We will pass by the Admiralty with its imposing gold broach, a symbol of the Russian navy on which Peter the Great wanted to base his empire. His equestrian statue is erected in front of the Senate building and St. Isaac’s Cathedral with its impressive columns made from Finnish red granite. Then there are the buildings of the Conservatory and Mariinsky Theatre on Theater Square, after which the tour will conclude with a visit to the St. Nicolas Naval Cathedral, surrounded by canals. . This St. Petersburg landmark was designed and constructed by two main architects: the Spanish Agustin de Betancourt and French Auguste de Montferrand. St. Isaac’s Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe, while also one of the richest by the luxury of its materials: gold, malachite, lazuli, 14 varieties of marble, more than 40 minerals and semiprecious stones, granite from Finland, and 600 square meters of mosaics, along with numerous paintings and sculptures. The dome is covered with 100 kilograms of gold.

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Admiral Embankment, Admiralteyskaya emb.2

St Petersburg is the famous Russian port on the Baltic connecting Russia with the rest of Europe for centuries. Let City Sightseeing St Petersburg show you around Russia’s imperial capital and experience panoramic views of this dazzling metropolis from the top of our famous bright red double decker buses, hopping on and off at 19 conveniently located stops around the city over 1 or 2 days.

The gold domed, 19th century St Isaac’s Cathedral is the first stop on our route and is one of St Petersburg’s most famous landmarks offering wonderful views of the city from its gilded viewing platform. The cathedral was used as a museum of atheism in soviet times and remains a museum today boasting a collection of 19th century artwork, a sight not to be missed.

Continue on our tour to the city’s most famous building, the Winter Palace. Not only does it physically dominate Palace Square and the south embankment of the Neva River, but it also plays a central political, cultural role in the history of the city. For art enthusiasts the Hermitage boasts a marvel of masterpieces by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso and Rembrandt. With over 3 million exhibits placed in 350 halls this is definitely a must see on your trip.

Your City Sightseeing tour will show you the many impressive buildings, statues, parks and canals that gives this city its uniqueness. Hop off and rub the toes of the 7 Atlantian Statues for good luck or explore the Nevsky Prospekt, that. as well as having numerous Palaces, Theatres and Museums, is the centre of the city’s social and cultural life with countless bars, restaurants, shops and cafes along its 3 mile stretch.

There are a number of other exciting attractions in the city including Kazan cathedral , summer garden and the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, so make sure you take time to explore all St Petersburg has to offer and let City Sightseeing inform you through our exciting multilingual audio guide.

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Los turistas podrán admirar los lugares más emblemáticos de Moscú. Durante el recorrido por la ciudad con un guía profesional, los turistas verán las avenidas principales: la calle Tverskaya, los terraplenes Sofiyskaya y del Kremlin, la calle Nuevo Arbat; atracciones turísticas famosas: la Catedral de Cristo El Salvador, el convento Novodevichi, la Colina Poklonnaya, la Universidad Estatal de Moscú, la vista panorámica de la ciudad desde las Colinas de Gorrión, admirar las estrellas rojas del Kremlin, la Catedral de San Basilio y el mausoleo de Lenin desde la Plaza Roja. Después de un recorrido por la ciudad, los turistas visitarán el Museo Estatal de Bellas Artes de Pushkin (entrada incluida) para disfrutar de una colección de arte extranjero que data de la antigüedad hasta los días modernos.

Inglés, alemán, español, francés e italiano

El recorrido por las calles y avenidas de una de las ciudades más bellas del mundo. Se visitará la avenida Nevski con la impresionante catedral de la virgen de Kazan, bajaremos al mirador de la isla de San Basilio para contemplar la Plaza del Palacio donde se encuentra el famoso Ermitage, la fortaleza de San Pedro y San Pablo, Almirantazgo, Plaza de San Isaac con su majestuosa catedral, Plaza del Senado con la figura ecuestre de bronce de Pedro el Grande.

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The biggest collection of Russian art in the city is located in this majestic palace built by the Grand Duke Michael, son of Tsar Paul I, and designed by Carlo Rossi. Inaugurated by Nicholas II in 1895, its 320,000 exhibits beautifully demonstrate the evolution of Russian art from the 11th century onward.

We will admire excellent examples of Russian pictorial art, including Soviet Realism, subjects of decorative art, and traditional crafts, as well as one of the world’s best collections of applied arts and sculptures. However, the most famous treasures of the museum are undoubtedly the splendid icons of Andrei Rublev.

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The ideal way to get in touch with the city, including its historical centre and major monuments.

We will stroll along the broad avenues, making our way through the famous Tverskaya Street to the top of Sparrow Hills, under the imposing stare of Lomonosov University, one of the Stalin-era skyscrapers scattered throughout the city. From there we will admire an impressive panorama of the city, followed by a stop at Victory Park and another in front of Novodevichy Convent and its lake, the inspiration for Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. We will approach the historical centre from the banks of the Moskva River, coming out near the White House, location of the siege of the Russian Government. We will also stop at Arbat Street; a busy pedestrian thoroughfare nicknamed the “Moscow Montmartre” because of the artist that used to live in the area and the painters that nowadays populate the street.

We will pass in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Parliament Building (Duma), Bolshoi Theatre, and the imposing facade of Lubyanka, headquarters of the KGB. We will continue through the alleyways of the ancient merchant district Kitai-Gorod, which contains numerous small churches, finally arriving at Red Square, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world and designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It was named Red, or “Krasnaya” in Russian, which in Old Russian was a synonym of “beautiful.” Now the square is surrounded by the famous buildings of the Russian Historical Museum, the Kremlin, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral with its gorgeous onion domes, built by order of Ivan the Terrible. Red Square is also home to Lenin’s Mausoleum and features Russian Army parades on various holidays throughout the year.

Opened on May 15, 1935, by the Soviet government as a symbol of the technological and industrial prowess of the political system, the Moscow metro was considered to be the "People’s Palace." The most important artists of the period took part in its decoration, and materials were brought from all corners of the country, representing the union of the Soviet people. The metro is still the city’s main transportation artery and even one of the most important in the world, with its 200 kilometers of railway lines and 145 stations. We will visit the most important stations decorated with luxurious materials: more than 20 types of marble, granite, and onyx, as well as paintings, majolica, glass, mural paintings, mosaics, etc.

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This St Petersburg tour of this grand imperial city will start from the Palace Square, which is dominated by the Winter Palace. After crossing the Neva River stop at the Spit of St Basil Island. From the Spit enjoy panoramic views of the Palace Embankment with its renowned Hermitage Museum, and many prominent St Petersburg landmarks including St Isaac’s Cathedral, the Admiralty, and the Chamber of Curiosities.

With your local St Petersburg guide, you will pay a visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress, the oldest structure in the city, and the site where the town of Peter started in 1703. The cathedral located here became the burial place of the Russian emperors, and members of their families, from Peter the Great onwards.(visit to the cathedral is optional) Pass the Summer Gardens and the Field of Mars on the way to the Church of The Savior on Spilled Blood. The church was built on the spot where the Russian emperor Alexander II was assassinated in 1881.

Continue along Nevsky Prospect, the city’s busiest street, and home to restaurants, theatres, museums and splendid palaces of the ex-Russian aristocracy. Learn more about the local perspective and more St Petersburg history along the way. Pass the Stroganoff Palace where the famous beef stroganoff dish was invented. We stop our St Petersburg tour as we break for lunch in a Russian fast food place. Why not try a traditional dish like borsch (soup), blinis (pancakes), or beef stroganoff?

After lunch, we continue our St Petersburg walking tour towards St Isaac’s Square to see its beautiful cathedral. St Isaac’s Cathedral is a great example of late period classical architecture, and is richly decorated with sculptures, high relieves, oil paintings and mosaics. The cathedral used to be the principal place of worship in St Petersburg before the October Revolution of 1917. Your St Petersburg tour ends at the cathedral. Be sure to stay on to take a look inside or perhaps to climb the spiral staircase to the top of St Isaac’s dome to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city.

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Aleksandrinskiy Theatre in Ostrovsky Square

Únete a esta fantástica excursión guiada por algunos de los principales monumentos de San Petersburgo antes de embarcarte en una visita deslumbrante a la catedral de ensueño del Salvador sobre la Sangre Derramada.

Empápate del ambiente de esta alegre ciudad imperial y observa algunos de los monumentos más famosos mientras la recorremos. A medida que llegamos a nuestro destino principal, la catedral del Salvador sobre la Sangre Derramada, observaremos cómo su colorida fachada de estilo medieval contrasta claramente con los otros monumentos neoclásicos típicos de la ciudad. Esta magnífica construcción, que se parece a una casa de jengibre de cuento de hadas con cúpulas de azúcar glaseado, se alza de modo pintoresco a lo largo del canal Griboedov. Fue inicialmente construida por el zar Alejandro III, en memoria de su padre Alejandro II, quien fue asesinado en un ataque terrorista en este punto en 1881.

La construcción de la iglesia, con diferentes cúpulas, fachadas y un interior ricamente decorados duró más de veinte años e implicó el trabajo de algunos de los mejores artistas de Rusia de la época. Mientras observas la fachada, fíjate en los mosaicos increíblemente intrincados y en los motivos decorativos. A continuación accede al interior y prepárate para ser cautivado por el número de mosaicos en sí. Se dice que hay en torno a 7500 metros cuadrados de asombrosos mosaicos que representan principalmente escenas bíblicas. Un elaborado sepulcro hecho de piedras semipreciosas está situado en el punto exacto donde el zar fue atacado y lo rodea la calzada adoquinada original donde yació el cuerpo. Aunque la construcción fue financiada originalmente por la familia imperial y otros benefactores privados, no es de sorprender que la construcción sobrepasase el presupuesto.

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Our tour on foot will begin on Nevsky Prospect, the main thoroughfare of St. Petersburg and the city’s most beautiful and important avenue. It is the commercial and social heart of the city; an animated place full of shops and cafes where the inhabitants of the city love to walk and have fun.

We will admire some of its most important buildings, such as the Anitchkov, Stroganov and Beloselsky-Belozersky palaces; the Gostiny Dvor Department Store, the Eliseev, Mertens, and Singer houses; and the Anichkov Bridge. Nevsky Prospect is also home to some of the most important churches in St. Petersburg: the Lutheran Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Catholic Church of St. Catherine, the Armenian Church of St. Catherine, and the imposing neoclassical colonnade of Our Lady of Kazan Cathedral. We will walk in front of the sumptuous Grand Hotel Europe on our way to discovering the Arts Quartier, and around the majestic Mikhailovsky Palace.

Visit to the Russian Museum, with the biggest collection of Russian art in the city: 320,000 items conveying an excellent narrative of the evolution of Russian art since the 11th century. We will be able to admire the best of Russian paintings and one of the best collections of sculpture, applied arts, decorative art and traditional crafts, not to mention the splendid icons of Andrey Rublev. Located in the same square are Mikhailovsky Theatre, the Theatre of Musical Comedy, the Philharmonic, and the imposing façade of the Ethnographic Museum.

A short distance from Nevsky Prospect we will visit the Church of the Saviour on Blood with its multi-coloured onion domes soaring above Griboyedov canal. The experience, however, will not be complete until we venture inside the magnificent interior where the splendour of the decoration will take our breath away: more than 7500 square metres of mosaic, unlike any other church in the world. It was built in 1882 by order of Alexander III in memory of his father, assassinated in a terrorist attack at the same place. Inside we will see the fragment of pavement on which the tsar fell, fatally wounded.

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St. Petersburg is rightfully called the "Northern Venice", as it was built on the marshy area on the delta of the Neva River. Because of its location the architects had to design a major, complex system of canals for drainage to surmount the environment - more than 100 canals spanning 300 kilometers were built in total, a trademark of the city today.

Cruising along the canals and rivers in St. Petersburg is undoubtedly both the best way to get acquainted with the unique spirit of the former imperial capital and to admire the facades of the city, along with its pink granite embankments and several of its 350 bridges, each with a specific name and history. The most beautiful bridges have decorative wrought-iron railings and ornamental sculptures.

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