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Discover an authentic Berber village with a visit to Takrouna. Combine incredible views over the Gulf of Hammamet with an immersive and informative experience.


* Enjoy far reaching views over the Gulf of Hammamet, Sousse Hergla and the South plain of Kairouan
* Visit an authentic Berber Village
* Experience the weekly Market, or even a trip to the hammam

Marvel at the views from Takrouna, a Berber village built 200 meters above sea level on a high rock that commands spectacular views over the surrounding landscape. It is an original village whose name was probably related to the original tribe that migrated there from Andalusia with the expulsion of the Moors in 1609. The tradition would be for an immigrant family to settle and give the village its name. Learn this and more at your first stop.

Move on from Takrouna to Sidi Jedidi, located high up on a beautiful ridge. This village is famous for its weekly market so spend some time browsing the local handicrafts or, if a little relaxation is needed, take a trip to the thermal hammam.

desde 32,5 €

Step back through the millennia at the ancient ruins of Carthage. Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, this once mighty city was home to Hannibal. But its real heyday came under the Romans, when it was the jewel in the crown of their Empire. And its crumbled monuments will leave you wide-eyed. See the immense Antonine Roman Baths perched above the Med, the amphitheatre and haunting sacrificial site of Tophet, as well as numerous other relics.

Then it’s on to Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful clifftop village. All radiant whites houses, blue shutters and cobbled streets, this picture book place commands heart-stopping views over Tunis bay. After lunch, you’ll visit the Medina of Tunis: Under the Almohads and the Hafsids, from the 12th to the 16th century, Tunis was considered one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in the Islamic world. Some 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains, testify to this remarkable past.

You can channel your inner Lawrence of Arabia on this tour. You’ll discover the striking scenery of the Sahara Desert on the back of a camel – the most traditional mode of transport in this part of the world. After meeting your humped companion at a nearby camel farm, you’ll climb on its back, and clip-clop out in a caravan – a single-file line of travellers – to soak up Mahdia’s scenery.

Tanto las ruinas de Cartago como la Medina de Túnez atestiguan el pasado glorioso del país. Sumérgete de lleno en su historia con un recorrido por estos y otros grandes atractivos.


* Visita las Termas de Antonino, el anfiteatro y el Tofet de Cartago
* Pasea por Sidi Bou Said, uno de los secretos mejor guardados de Túnez
* Recorre las laberínticas calles de la Medina de Túnez y conecta de lleno con la cultura tunecina

Viaja en el tiempo en las antiguas ruinas de Cartago. Fundada por mercaderes fenicios en el año 814 A.C., esta gran ciudad fue hogar de Aníbal. Pero su verdadero apogeo llegó bajo el dominio romano, cuando se convirtió en la joya de la corona de su imperio. Déjate maravillar por los vestigios de sus monumentos y pasea por las Termas de Antonino, el anfiteatro y el Tofet de Cartago, un lugar sagrado.

La siguiente parada es Sidi Bou Said, un pintoresco pueblo costero de hermosas casas blancas y persianas azules. Recorre sus calles empedradas y disfruta de fantásticas vistas de la bahía de Túnez. Después del almuerzo, visitarás la Medina de Túnez, declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 1979. Aprecia el espíritu de otras épocas en sus callejuelas y pasadizos cubiertos al tiempo que captas los olores y colores procedentes de los numerosos puestos y tiendas que abarrotan el centro de la ciudad de Túnez.

If you’re looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, this quad bike safari is ideal. Firstly, you’ll be picked up and taken to the quad base, where expert instructors will show you everything you need to know about driving your machine. Then it’s time to don your safety gear and climb aboard your own big-wheeled quad. Rev your engine and you’re away, kicking up clouds of dust as you follow your guide in a fun convoy. Feel the cool breeze on your face as you zoom along desert tracks, snake through palm groves, and race along beaches. The best bit, though, comes when you hit harder sand and can pick up speed even more. Make sure you bring your camera and some cash along for the ride – there’ll be regular stops for you to catch your breath, buy drinks and snap photos, before whizzing back to base.

desde 50 €

Visite las 3 ciudades más llamativas de Túnez en un día. Visite el anfiteatro romano mejor preservado del norte de África en El Jem. El monumento religioso más antiguo del Islam La Gran Mezquita en Kairouan y el Monastir con el mausoleo del legendario presidente Habib Bourguiba.

You’ll travel back in time to the days of gladiators and pirates on this full day trip. First, you can take in the grandeur of the Roman Empire with a visit to the world’s third largest amphitheatre, in El Djem. Modelled on its famous Italian counterpart – the Colosseum in Rome – it’s here that Russell Crowe’s Maximus famously fought to his death in Oscar-winning film, Gladiator. You can wander the well-preserved ruins, once packed with eager spectators for gladiator shows and chariot races. After a morning spent under Roman rule, you’ll set sail for a swashbuckling afternoon at sea. As you cruise along the coast, keep an eye out for dolphins. Plus, you can dive into the warm waters for a swim. Later, you’ll tuck into a barbecued lunch, before watching a belly dancing and acrobatic show on deck.

The tour starts with a visit of the Medina of Tunis. We suggest a guided visit through the winding streets of Tunis' old town, an opportunity to see the rich cultural heritage of old walled city and to discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Tunisia's artisans.

'Souk' is the Arabic name for market; 'medina' is the Arabic name for town. In Tunis today, the souk is also called medina. And there is a good reason: most of what once was Tunis is today like one enormous shopping centre and handicrafts factory.

Continuation to Carthage and remainders of the splendours of Tunisia's past. There will be visits to the gigantic Punic Ports, the Antonin Baths, the Tophet as well as the Theatre.

Declared a national monument the town of Carthage and nearby Salammbo abound in vestiges of the Punic and Roman empires, baths, dwellings, temples, shrines and the fabulous naval port of the Carthaginians.

For a thousand years, Phoenicians were masters of the Mediterranean and over 200 war ships and innumerable merchant vessels were sheltered in the nearby port of Salammbo. At its center the Admirals Island still exists and archeologists are reconstituting the pavilion with its shrine and docks. Next to the ports the ancient sanctuary of the goddess Tanit (Tophet) a quiet, shady square of hundreds of funeral steles.

desde 33,75 €

On this trip, you’ll hop into the back of an off-road vehicle for a tour into the heart of the Atlas Mountains. First, you’ll visit the Berber village of Takrouna. This ancient settlement is perched high up on a rock that pokes into the sky, 200 metres above sea level. There’s another slow-paced, cliffside village nearby called Zriba El Alia, which is your next stopping point. The locals here live an old-fashioned lifestyle, far from the hustle and bustle of the modern cities. The town of Zaghouan is up next. You’ll get to see the remains of a Roman temple, which was once the source of an aqueduct that carried water over 100 kilometres away. You’ll also stop by a rustic countryside cottage, where you’ll be served up an authentic Tunisian lunch.

Relive the grandeur of the Roman Empire on this trip to El Djem. The world’s third biggest Roman amphitheatre, it’s only slighter smaller than Rome’s Colosseum and in better nick, so it’s awesome. Built around 230 BC and seating 30,000 bloodthirsty spectators, it’s hard to believe it was constructed by hand. Wow at the views over the arena from its highest tier and walk the underground passageway, imagining the slaves and wild animals that waited here to do battle. After your guided tour, you’ll have lunch in Sousse before heading to the pretty marina at Port El Kantaoui. You’ll have time here to shop at its craft stalls or relax over drinks watching the yachts. Later, it’s on to Monastir, the birthplace of Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia’s revered first president. Tick through the sights on your own, admiring the gold domes of the Bourguiba Mausoleum and the medieval Ribat fortress. If it seems familiar, it’s probably because it starred in the film ‘The Life of Brian´.

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