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Discover the three places that best capture the holy, historic and modern sides of Tunisia. You’ll start at the holy city of Kairouan, the fourth most important site in Islam. Peep through the huge cedar doors of its 9th century Grand Mosque. Marvel at the intricate mosaics of the Sidi Sahbi mausoleum. And explore the bustling medina, perhaps buying some of Kairouan’s famous ‘makroudh’ - date-filled pastries.

After lunch, you’ll continue to El Djem, the world’s third biggest Roman amphitheatre. Head inside this stunning, 30,000-seater colosseum and you’re instantly transported to the days of the gladiators. Expect goosebumps as you enter its underground tunnel, where slaves and animals were kept before entering the arena.

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Enjoy the perfect day at sea, with family fun and relaxation, surrounded by the beautiful surroundings of Hammamet!


* Sail away and leave your cares behind!
* Entertainment and fun for all the family!
* Snorkel, swim or snooze – the choice is yours!

All aboard! Join us on this exciting boat trip at sea! Leave the Marina in the morning and let your worries drift away as the waves carry you out to a lovely spot in the crystal-clear waters.

You may choose to swim in the refreshing waters or even snorkel and explore the natural fish and marine life around you! Of course, there is the pleasant option of having a snooze under the warm rays of the sun and relax in the calm and serene environment. With animation and music on board, there is something for everyone on this fun filled trip!

As the trip comes to an end, we sail back into the marina leaving you relaxed and ready to enjoy your afternoon back on dry land!

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This trip takes you to Friguia Animal Park – and you can look forward to some close encounters with them. Set over 36 hectares, the park is home to 62 different species of animals from all over the world. One minute you’ll be looking at lions lazing about in the sun, and the next you’ll be watching wallabies hopping about. There’s nothing zoo-like about this place, either. The park was set up to preserve endangered species, so the animals are kept in environments that are as similar to their natural habitats as possible. You’ll also be able to learn about each creature as you spot them, thanks to the park’s information points. One of the highlights of a day here are the dolphin displays. Taking place in a specially-built dolphinarium, these shows see the bottle-nosed mammals performing tricks and stunts.

There's more to Djerba than sands and sunshine. This trip lets you delve deeper into this beautiful island, dubbed the ‘island of the lotus eaters' by Homer for being where Ulysses and his crew were bewitched by a diet of lotus flowers. Your tour begins with a drive over the ancient causeway. Have your camera ready as you cross this low rock bridge, built by the Romans during the time of Hadrian. Then it's on to Guellala. This whitewashed village is a pottery centre, home to houses and caverns stuffed with earthenware pots, bowls and amphorae. Snap up some souvenirs and visit the Guellala Museum to find out more about traditional Berber life. Next, you'll return to Djerba to see La Ghriba synagogue. All bright blue tiles and pillars, this 4th-century BC enigma is said to contain stone from Solomon's temple. Finally, it's on to Houmt-Souk, Djerba's pretty capital, where you can mooch around the maze-like streets and haggle for bargains in the souks.

Step back through the millennia at the ancient ruins of Carthage. Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, this once mighty city was home to Hannibal. But its real heyday came under the Romans, when it was the jewel in the crown of their Empire. And its crumbled monuments will leave you wide-eyed. See the immense Antonine Roman Baths perched above the Med, the amphitheatre and haunting sacrificial site of Tophet, as well as numerous other relics.

Then it’s on to Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful clifftop village. All radiant whites houses, blue shutters and cobbled streets, this picture book place commands heart-stopping views over Tunis bay. After lunch, you’ll visit the Medina of Tunis: Under the Almohads and the Hafsids, from the 12th to the 16th century, Tunis was considered one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in the Islamic world. Some 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains, testify to this remarkable past.

Disfruta de un completo tour que te sumergirá en las ruinas de Cartago, el hermoso pueblo costero de Sidi Bou Saïd y el Museo del Bardo.

- Conoce el pasado glorioso de Cartago a través de sus restos arqueológicos
- Piérdete por las laberínticas calles de Sidi Bou Saïd, una joya del Mediterráneo
- Admira la impresionante colección de mosaicos romanos que acoge el Museo del Bardo

Déjate impresionar por las ruinas de Cartago. Fundada en el año 814 A.C por mercaderes fenicios, esta ciudad de pasado glorioso fue hogar del célebre Aníbal, si bien su verdadero apogeo llegó de la mano de los romanos, cuando se convirtió en la joya de la corona de su imperio. Pasea entre sus vestigios y viaja a través de la historia.

Contempla las Termas de Antonino, de un tamaño colosal y orientadas hacia el mar; el anfiteatro y Tofet, una zona sagrada donde se ofrecían sacrificios a los dioses, entre otras reliquias. A continuación, visita Sidi Bou Saïd, una ventana al Mediterráneo. Situado sobre unos acantilados, este pintoresco pueblo destaca por sus radiantes casas blancas, con persianas azules y sus calles empedradas. Disfruta de vistas de infarto sobre la bahía de Túnez antes de hacer una parada para el almuerzo.

Ya con las pilas recargadas, es hora de adentrarse en el Museo del Bardo, residencia de auténticas joyas. Aquí tú guía te conducirá a través de una asombrosa colección de mosaicos romanos de todo tipo procedentes de excavaciones arqueológicas realizadas en Cartago. Terminada la visita guiada, dispondrás de tiempo libre para admirar otras exposiciones.

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Two days in a 4x4, with 1 overnight on Full board under tents in the desert. This expedition is the most authentic way to experience the beauty of the Sahara... Experience a fantastic night in the great Tunisian South: Escape area, country of mirages, kingdom of dreams and legends.

The first day: You will explore Tataouine , where the famous Bat Af ' were sent in punishment to break stones , you will then visit the picturesque Berber villages of Duiret and Chenini as well as the authentic Ksar Hadada to reach finally Zaafrane for an overnight in the desert camp. You will have free time to enjoy the beautiful colors of a sunset in the Sahara.

The second day: Possibility to enjoy a sunrise over the dunes. Breakfast at the camp and departure for the visit of Douz , the gateway to the desert. 2nd step is Matmata where you will visit the undergrounded troglodyte houses. In the afternoon, departure to Toujane. Photo stop, then continue to the last visit of the tour: the magnificent site of Umm Tameur. Away from the crowds, explore its Ghorfas perfectly preserved, and then return back to Djerba.

Departure from Sousse/ Port of Kantaoui o Hammamet to Nabeul. Famous for its pottery, Nabeul perpetuating a millennium crafts, probably inherited from the Punic era. Its large factories producing traditional pottery, raw or glazed earthenware, ceramics with geometric or floral patterns. Visit potteries workshops. Then we continue to Dar Châabane to visit stone sculptors, continue to the port of Kelibia free time .

Departure for Kerkuane, Punic site visit and we continue to El Haouaria. Visit of his famous cave and Lunch, After that we continue to Korbous, picturesque spa town, the source of hot water which flows into the sea provides an attraction that entertains all overnight guests in this wild and steep area.Visit of the Roman quarries. And Back to the Hotel.

First step of this tour is Oudhna ; Located thirty miles south of Tunis, the ancient city of Uthina is now the domain of agricultural Oudhna. Installed on a slight hill, it overlooks an agricultural plain that stretches between the Jabel Ressas, Jebel Bou Kornine, and Wadi Meliane.

An inscription discovered in the forum of Dougga, tells us that this city was ''splendid'' The city seems to have reached its golden age in the II and IIIes Rev. J. C, and the development of its planning must lie about that time. At the end of antiquity the city collapsed and became a very small village.

The ruins occupy a surface nearly three miles in circumference, covering a hilly plateau; there are the remains of a fortress, cisterns, an aqueduct, triumphal arch, theatre, amphitheatre, basilica with a circular crypt, bridge, etc. Many mosaics are to be found there.

Then continuation to Zaghouan knowen by It’s Temple of Water ; The Romans once called the town “Ziqua” given its link to Djebel Zaghouan, from which several natural water sources originate. The water sources have been used since Roman times as a reservoir for the city of Carthage.

Zaghouan thrived in Roman times through what is now known as the Temple of Water, which was built during the time of King Hadrian who ruled over the country from 117 until 138 A.D. Water sources still spring from below the temple. Roman aqueducts supplied water to Carthage over a distance of 90 kilometers from the temple.

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Start your day at Friguia Park, the largest animal park in North Africa. Stroll along the elevated wooden walkways, admire the panoramic views over the park and see right into the animal enclosures. The park is open to the public since November 11th, 2000; the purpose of the park is to preserve the species by looking after the development of the most threatened ones.

In cooperation with the General direction of Forests and the zoo of Paris our task is to reconstitute the decimated species and to reintroduce them in their natural environment. Nearly 412 animals and over 61 species live in semi freedom in large enclosures. The park has rest areas, restaurants / pizzerias, kiosks, retail outlets, and souvenir shops.

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