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En esta excursión por Kairuán, Túnez, que fue declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, descubrirás monumentos fascinantes como la Gran Mezquita de Kairuán, la Mezquita del Barbero, los Estanques Aglabíes y la Medina de Kairuán, y además tendrás la oportunidad de experimentar la exótica cultura y el sabor locales.

Nuestra excursión te presentará la histórica ciudad de Kairuán y sus increíbles monumentos, y te acercará como ninguna a la cultura y la tradición musulmana. Fundada en el año 670, Kairuán goza de un riquísimo patrimonio arquitectónico. Entre los muros de su bulliciosa medina te encontrarás con uno de los edificios islámicos más exquisitos del norte de África, la monumental Gran Mezquita. Este edificio sagrado es una de las mezquitas más importantes de todo Túnez, además de ser una obra maestra de la arquitectura y el arte islámicos. También visitaremos la Mezquita del Barbero (también conocida como Zaouia de Sidi Sahbi), un complejo en el que se encuentra el mausoleo donde descansan los restos de uno de los compañeros del profeta Mohammed, Abu Zama el-Belaoui. Según la leyenda, su nombre se debe a que siempre llevaba consigo tres pelos de la barba del profeta. Durante tu visita a la medina, te guiaremos por un laberinto de antiguos callejones interconectados, famosos por su estilo arquitectónico único.

Fuera de las murallas de la ciudad, esta magnífica excursión nos llevará hasta los Estanques Aglabíes. Construidos en el siglo IX, estos enormes depósitos de agua abastecían a toda la población de agua fresca potable y sus impresionantes instalaciones hidráulicas han sobrevivido hasta nuestros días.

Después dispondrás de tiempo libre para ir de compras... y quizá regalarte una de esas exclusivas alfombras tejidas a mano como recuerdo de tu viaje a Kairuán, o bien descansar en un café y disfrutar de los famosos dulces de miel y tés dulces de la ciudad.

This two-day tour is our most popular excursion, and for good reason – it combines all Tunisia’s must-sees with an unforgettable ride on the Red Lizard train through the Atlas Mountains. To start with, you’ll visit some ‘ghorfas’, the multi-level granaries of ancient Berber villages. Learn how these curious structures were used – it’s a fascinating insight into bygone Tunisia. Your next stop is Matmata’s troglodyte caves.

You might get a feeling of déjà vu at these tiny, underground dwellings – they were cast as Luke Skywalker’s home in the Star Wars trilogy. After having a look around and stopping for lunch, you’ll continue on to Douz, a palm-filled oasis city where you’ll stay overnight. Either relax at your hotel or take an optional camel or quad bike trek over the amber-colored dunes. With the desert stretching before you, it’s easy to see why this place is known as the gateway to the Sahara.

The next morning, see the lunar-like expanses of a giant saltpan on your way to the mining town of Metaloui, where you’ll board the Red Lizard. Travelling on the tracks that were once used to ferry phosphate down from the Atlas ridges, this vintage train makes for an exhilarating journey. Sit back as you trundle through the dramatic Thelja Gorge, passing surreal rock formations, sheer canyons and lush oases that’ll have you clicking your camera non-stop. After that, it’s back to Djerba, with some fantastic memories to take with you.

Step back through the millennia at the ancient ruins of Carthage. Founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC, this once mighty city was home to Hannibal. But its real heyday came under the Romans, when it was the jewel in the crown of their Empire. And its crumbled monuments will leave you wide-eyed. See the immense Antonine Roman Baths perched above the Med, the amphitheatre and haunting sacrificial site of Tophet, as well as numerous other relics.

Then it’s on to Sidi Bou Said, a beautiful clifftop village. All radiant whites houses, blue shutters and cobbled streets, this picture book place commands heart-stopping views over Tunis bay. After lunch, you’ll visit the Medina of Tunis: Under the Almohads and the Hafsids, from the 12th to the 16th century, Tunis was considered one of the greatest and wealthiest cities in the Islamic world. Some 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains, testify to this remarkable past.

There's more to Djerba than sands and sunshine. This trip lets you delve deeper into this beautiful island, dubbed the ‘island of the lotus eaters' by Homer for being where Ulysses and his crew were bewitched by a diet of lotus flowers. Your tour begins with a drive over the ancient causeway. Have your camera ready as you cross this low rock bridge, built by the Romans during the time of Hadrian. Then it's on to Guellala. This whitewashed village is a pottery centre, home to houses and caverns stuffed with earthenware pots, bowls and amphorae. Snap up some souvenirs and visit the Guellala Museum to find out more about traditional Berber life. Next, you'll return to Djerba to see La Ghriba synagogue. All bright blue tiles and pillars, this 4th-century BC enigma is said to contain stone from Solomon's temple. Finally, it's on to Houmt-Souk, Djerba's pretty capital, where you can mooch around the maze-like streets and haggle for bargains in the souks.

You’ll get to know the real history of Tunisia on this two-day walking tour. The first stop is the ancient Roman city of Utica. Established in the 10th century BC, it’s one of the oldest in Northern Africa. The town’s main feature is the House of Cascades. This once belonged to a wealthy Roman citizen and each room is meticulously decorated with intricate, colourful mosaics. In the afternoon the coach will head to Carthage, just outside the vibrant capital of Tunis. This site was home to a warrior and strategic genius called Hannibal. You’ll be able to explore the ruins of an amphitheatre and villas, plus the Antoine Baths, which are considered the best-preserved monument here. You’ll also visit Sidi Bou Saïd, a cliff-top town with fantastic views over the Mediterranean sea. If you have time, drop in to Café des Nattes to try a traditional mint tea with pine kernels. On day two your coach will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and legen

Nabeul Market is North Africa’s largest street market where you can buy everything from chocolate to cous cous and silk to saucepans. Although mainly geared towards tourists these days, you can still see locals buying vegetables, meat and household wares.

Next stop is the Médina of Hammamet. Set on a rocky promontory, the town's ancient medina contains a warren of narrow streets. Its old fort, with waves crashing against it, offers splendid views of the coast and the gardens of orange trees and jasmine plants.

The tour starts with a visit of the Medina of Tunis. We suggest a guided visit through the winding streets of Tunis' old town, an opportunity to see the rich cultural heritage of old walled city and to discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Tunisia's artisans.

'Souk' is the Arabic name for market; 'medina' is the Arabic name for town. In Tunis today, the souk is also called medina. And there is a good reason: most of what once was Tunis is today like one enormous shopping centre and handicrafts factory.

Continuation to the Moorish village of Sidi Bou Said with its immaculate white and blue houses. The village has managed to preserve its charm and its peacefulness.The most adventurous will have the opportunity to try the famous chicha (Waterpipe) Free time in Sidi Bou Saïd to sip a mint tea at Café Sidi Chabaane or stroll along the narrow streets to see the magnificent view from the cliff.

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If you’re looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, this quad bike safari is ideal. Firstly, you’ll be picked up and taken to the quad base, where expert instructors will show you everything you need to know about driving your machine. Then it’s time to don your safety gear and climb aboard your own big-wheeled quad. Rev your engine and you’re away, kicking up clouds of dust as you follow your guide in a fun convoy. Feel the cool breeze on your face as you zoom along desert tracks, snake through palm groves, and race along beaches. The best bit, though, comes when you hit harder sand and can pick up speed even more. Make sure you bring your camera and some cash along for the ride – there’ll be regular stops for you to catch your breath, buy drinks and snap photos, before whizzing back to base.

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¡Todos a bordo para un gran día combinando el sol, el mar y mucha diversión! Admirará algunos de los paisajes costeros más espectaculares de Túnez.

Wildlife-watching. A Zulu-themed show. And a slice of traditional Tunisian entertainment on top. This afternoon and evening trip serves up a taste of the different faces of Africa. Your destination is Friguia Animal Park, near Hammamet. Tunisia's first ever safari-style park, its beautiful grounds host 53 species of animals in big, natural-style enclosures. Roam the walkways to get close up to tigers, elephants, giraffes, crocs, sealions and all manner of other animals. Then it's time for a delicious Tunisian dinner in the Park's circular Shaka restaurant. As you tuck in, you'll be treated to an exuberant Zulu show featuring infectious drumming, tribal dances and melodic songs - you'll be on your feet in seconds. And as you pose for photos with the dancers, the spotlight switches to North Africa. Settle back as high-energy Berber drummers, sequinned belly dancers and pot-balancing acts take the stage. Free-flowing red wine and soft drinks are included, too.