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The tour star with a visit of Utica archeological site . First capital of the Phoenician presence in North Africa, Utica remained independent even after the founding of Carthage in 814 BC. Only after AD 480 BC, when the defeat of the Carthaginians at Himera in Sicily, Carthage, under its new policy of colonization of the hinterland, will submit Utica. Despite this dependence, Utica retained some autonomy.

Crammed full of culture, your next stop is Bizerte. Traditional and laid back, it’s guarded by two forts and is one of the country’s oldest cities, dating back to around 1000 BC. It’s then on to Lake Ichkeul. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this unique national park is beautifully peaceful.

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First step of this tour is Oudhna ; Located thirty miles south of Tunis, the ancient city of Uthina is now the domain of agricultural Oudhna. Installed on a slight hill, it overlooks an agricultural plain that stretches between the Jabel Ressas, Jebel Bou Kornine, and Wadi Meliane.

An inscription discovered in the forum of Dougga, tells us that this city was ''splendid'' The city seems to have reached its golden age in the II and IIIes Rev. J. C, and the development of its planning must lie about that time. At the end of antiquity the city collapsed and became a very small village.

The ruins occupy a surface nearly three miles in circumference, covering a hilly plateau; there are the remains of a fortress, cisterns, an aqueduct, triumphal arch, theatre, amphitheatre, basilica with a circular crypt, bridge, etc. Many mosaics are to be found there.

Then continuation to Zaghouan knowen by It’s Temple of Water ; The Romans once called the town “Ziqua” given its link to Djebel Zaghouan, from which several natural water sources originate. The water sources have been used since Roman times as a reservoir for the city of Carthage.

Zaghouan thrived in Roman times through what is now known as the Temple of Water, which was built during the time of King Hadrian who ruled over the country from 117 until 138 A.D. Water sources still spring from below the temple. Roman aqueducts supplied water to Carthage over a distance of 90 kilometers from the temple.

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Today, you’ll tick off a couple of Tunisia’s most flocked-to places. The historical city of Sousse is up first. You’ll have a couple of hours to wander around the cobbled streets of the city’s UNESCO-recognised medina. Landmarks like the Great Mosque and Sousse Ribat, or fortress, are located here. And, there’s a string of souks, where you can barter with artisans and tradesmen. The second stopping point of the day is Port El Kantaoui. Far from the ancient kasbah in Sousse, this is a purpose-built tourist hub with a yacht-lined marina and a championship golf course. Put your free time to good use by relaxing in a harbour-front café, or pop into a restaurant in front of the main square’s fountain for something to eat.

1st day: Tunis/Hammamet /Sousse /El Djem/ Matmata/ Douz Sahara desert

After breakfast departure from Tunis or Hammamet or Sousse to the adventure and drive to El JEM to visit its ancient Roman Amphitheatre which was built by the Romans under proconsul Gordian, who was acclaimed Emperor at Thysdrus, around 238 and was probably mainly used for gladiator shows and chariot races. Its stones were used for building the nearby village of El Djem and transported to the Great Mosque in Kairouan. The ruins of the amphitheatre were declared a World Heritage Site in 1979 .It is capable of seating 35,000 spectators.

After that we continue to Matmata, Berber villages of Star Wars notoriety, but more importantly, centre of the most extensive number of traditional troglodyte pit homes in the region. The landscape is barren and marked with fissures, crags and small tabletop mountains. Lunch in Matmata at the Typical Hotel. Sidi Driss.

After Lunch,we visit the cave dwelling house and a Berber family in Matmata .Then drive to Douz. It is a town in southern Tunisia, known as the “Gateway to the Sahara.” In previous times it was an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan routes. Douz is a major palm oasis and as such a large producer of “Diglat Noor” dates. On arrival you can make an optional camel ride (13 Euros) to discover the sand dunes. Overnight in Douz in the Hotel Sun Palm Douz 4*, and Dinner.

2ND Day: Tozeur /4*4 Chevika Tamerza /Kairouan

After breakfast we will have an early departure to Tozeur crossing the salt lake of Chott El Jerid. Famous for the phenomenon of mirage. Short stop to make some pictures. Arrival to Tozeur, one of the largest southern settlements, this quarter is famous for the unique decorative architecture in brick. Visit of the medieval old town of Tozeur and departure with 4x4 vehicles into the desert to Chevika and Tamerza and there is a possibility to organize an optional excursion (15 EUROS) to visit Ong Jmel the site where they make the Star Wars and the English patient.

Drive to Gafsa to have lunch in Yugurtha Palace 5*. After lunch we continue to Kairouan to make a panoramic visit of this Holy city .arrive back to your hotel.

You’ll get to know the real history of Tunisia on this two-day walking tour. The first stop is the ancient Roman city of Utica. Established in the 10th century BC, it’s one of the oldest in Northern Africa. The town’s main feature is the House of Cascades. This once belonged to a wealthy Roman citizen and each room is meticulously decorated with intricate, colourful mosaics. In the afternoon the coach will head to Carthage, just outside the vibrant capital of Tunis. This site was home to a warrior and strategic genius called Hannibal. You’ll be able to explore the ruins of an amphitheatre and villas, plus the Antoine Baths, which are considered the best-preserved monument here. You’ll also visit Sidi Bou Saïd, a cliff-top town with fantastic views over the Mediterranean sea. If you have time, drop in to Café des Nattes to try a traditional mint tea with pine kernels. On day two your coach will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and legen

If you're looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, this quad bike safari is ideal. Firstly, you'll be picked up and taken to the quad base, where expert instructors will show you everything you need to know about driving your machine. Then it's time to don your safety gear and climb aboard your own big-wheeled buggy. Rev your engine and you're away, kicking up clouds of dust as you follow your guide in a fun convoy. Feel the cool breeze on your face as you zoom along desert tracks, snake through palm groves, and race along beaches. The best bit, though, comes when you hit harder sand and can pick up speed even more. Make sure you bring your camera and some cash along for the ride :there'll be regular stops for you to catch your breath, buy drinks and snap photos, before whizzing back to base. Just so you know, this excursion is only available to over 16s.

If you're into movies or just want to see hidden Tunisia, this two-day trip is spot on. It begins at El Djem, the gigantic Roman amphitheatre that was digitally remastered for the film ‘Gladiator'. Explore this awe-inspiring monument and its underground tunnel, where slaves and animals were held before fighting in the arena. Next is Matmata, whose rock-hewn caves starred in the first Star Wars film. After lunch, peer inside one of these dugout homes before travelling to Douz, on the fringes of the Sahara desert, for your hotel stay. Before dinner, take an optional camel or caleche ride over the sands - it's an unforgettable experience. Leaving early the next morning, you'll cross Chott El Djerid - a colossal salt lake known for its shimmering mirages and colours. Then jump into a 4x4 landcruiser to Onk Jemal, where you'll find the film-set city built for ‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace'. After exploring its surreal buildings, you'll continue to Chebika. Nestled at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, this palm-swathed oasis town featured in many scenes in ‘The English Patient'.

Wildlife-watching. A Zulu-themed show. And a slice of traditional Tunisian entertainment on top. This afternoon and evening trip serves up a taste of the different faces of Africa. Your destination is Friguia Animal Park, near Hammamet. Tunisia's first ever safari-style park, its beautiful grounds host 53 species of animals in big, natural-style enclosures. Roam the walkways to get close up to tigers, elephants, giraffes, crocs, sealions and all manner of other animals. Then it's time for a delicious Tunisian dinner in the Park's circular Shaka restaurant. As you tuck in, you'll be treated to an exuberant Zulu show featuring infectious drumming, tribal dances and melodic songs - you'll be on your feet in seconds. And as you pose for photos with the dancers, the spotlight switches to North Africa. Settle back as high-energy Berber drummers, sequinned belly dancers and pot-balancing acts take the stage. Free-flowing red wine and soft drinks are included, too.

Con esta excursión a la isla de Djerba disfrutarás de un panorama cálido y acogedor en este pequeño paraíso tunecino, a la vez que te empapas de la cultura y la rica historia de su pasado. En esta excursión disfrutarás especialmente del viaje a través de la antigua calzada, la cautivadora localidad de Guellala y la vibrante capital de Djerba, Houmt Souk.

De acuerdo con la mitología griega, Ulises y su tripulación fueron los primeros descubridores de este mágico lugar. Segú

Con esta excursión a la isla de Djerba disfrutarás de un panorama cálido y acogedor en este pequeño paraíso tunecino, a la vez que te empapas de la cultura y la rica historia de su pasado. En esta excursión disfrutarás especialmente del viaje a través de la antigua calzada, la cautivadora localidad de Guellala y la vibrante capital de Djerba, Houmt Souk.

De acuerdo con la mitología griega, Ulises y su tripulación fueron los primeros descubridores de este mágico lugar. Según cuenta la leyenda, Homero se refirió a ella como ''la isla de los comedores de loto'', ya que todos ellos fueron hechizados por comer flores de loto. En la actualidad es la belleza natural de Djerba la que deja hechizados a todos los que la visitan. Esta memorable excursión comienza subido en un vehículo que nos llevará allí desde el continente a través de la antigua calzada romana. Ten tu cámara a punto para no perderte ni un detalle en la parada que haremos en el puente de piedra, construido por los romanos en tiempos del emperador Adriano. A continuación nos dirigiremos a la encantadora localidad de Guellala y más tarde a la capital de Djerba, famosa por sus cerámicas. Estas obras de artesanía se caracterizan por su distintivo fondo amarillo, sus motivos geométricos y sus diseños figurativos. Tendrás tiempo de visitar algunas de las numerosas tiendas y cuevas repletas de objetos de cerámica: ollas, boles y otras piezas, el lugar perfecto para hacerte con un estupendo souvenir. También tienes la opción de visitar el museo de Guellala, que te presentará las particularidades del estilo de vida bereber.

Después viajaremos a Djerba para conocer la antigua sinagoga de la Ghriba (también sinagoga de Djerba). Este enigma del siglo cuarto antes de Cristo e importante lugar de peregrinación es la sinagoga más antigua de África. Sus pilares cubiertos de azulejos blancos y azules se dice que esconden piedras del templo de Salomón. Por último nos acercaremos hasta Houmt Souk, la hermosa capital de Djerba, donde podrás perderte en sus laberintos de callejones y regatear en los zocos.

Punto de encuentro: Recogida en los hoteles.
Duración: Aprox. 5 horas.
Hora de inicio o apertura: A las 8:00 horas.
Hora final o cierre: A las 12.30 horas.
Idiomas: Inglés e italiano sólo en verano, alemán todo el año.

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Leave dry land behind for the day on this pirate-filled cruise. First up, you’ll board a replica galleon in Sousse’s modern harbour. With the Jolly Roger raised, you’ll set sail out to sea for the morning. You can soak up the sun on deck, while a costumed crew keep the kids entertained. Once the anchor’s been dropped, you’ll have time to swim or snorkel in the clear waters. And after you’ve dried off, you’ll be treated to a tasty lunch of fish, grilled chicken and salad – all washed down with some free-flowing soft drinks. There’ll be more time to catch some rays before sailing back to Sousse in the afternoon.

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