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Enjoy a City Tour to all visiting places in the city, and stop when arrived in the places we are going to visit. Drive through Africa Union headquarter complex. Drive to many more places like shopping mall, handicraft center that offer rich legacy of traditional handicrafts that serve perfect souvenir and whole part of Addis Ababa.

Tour includes:
National Museum: It is one of Sub- Saharan Museums in Africa. It is divided in to chronological sections starting with a Prehistoric room per Axumite, Solomonic and Gondar Rooms.
Ethnological museum: This is the museum you will have the chance to see the traditional artifacts of various types that show the lifestyles of the different Ethiopian ethnic groups.
Trinity cathedral: A beautiful church with a baroque style of European architecture, which is unique to both Ethiopia and Africa.
Merkato (the biggest open market in Africa): It is one of the largest and colorful market in Africa, which is consists of an almost infinity number of sections devoted to different items.
Souvenir Shops: Anywhere else in Addis will either have a smaller range of post cards up to the largest gifts.

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