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Visit the ancient city of Patan, which happened to be a kingdom in itself once and is situated across the Bagmati River to the south of Kathmandu. The tour includes visit of Patan Durbar Square, temples and courtyards of Royal Palace.

The Durbar Square offers the finest display of Newari urban architecture in Nepal. The temples here devoted to Shiva, Krishna, Ganesh and Vishnu are actively visited by residents and visitors. At the northern end of the square the ancient sunken water tap has been restored and is still in use with young girls filling huge jugs from the carved stone waterspouts. The courtyards of the Royal Palace with their ornamented windows, columned arcades, shrines and sunken royal bath are amongst the loveliest in all Kathmandu.

Post completion of the tour, you shall be transferred back to your hotel of stay.

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There’s more to Pokhara than the resplendent beauty of one lake. On this Pokhara bike tour, we ride out to discover the magnificence of another lake. All geared up, we set in motion from our Pokhara base, in close proximity to Fewa Lake, to pedal our way out of the city, meandering uphill on a single track road repetitively switching back and forth between the lush woodlands and distinctive villages.  

Relishing the pristine beauty of hillside landscape and distant views of monolithic hulk of awe-inspiring Himalayas along the way, we take a breather after about 2.5 hours at one of the wayside tea shops at Kalikasthan.   With the tougher part behind us, we our Pokhara bike tour continues down a dirt track at a relaxed pace as the beauty of Begnas Lake unravels itself bit by bit. Reaching Begnas, we go into one of the local eateries to try out the local produce, fish delicacies and replenish ourselves with filling lunch while admiring the beauty of the lake.   The return bike ride to Pokhara will take about an hour and a half, and is via a different, more straightforward route through the countryside and back into the town centre, where our day tour from Pokhara will come to an end.

In the morning you will be picked-up at your hotel by our driver and guide. The starting point of our hike is a 35 kilometre drive east of Kathmandu. Depending on the traffic this will take us between one and half and two hours. The starting point of our hike is the ancient Newar town Panauti. From here we hike to a place called Khoapasi. From Dhapasi we follow the uphill trail in north - east direction. The further we go the narrower the trail gets.

After we cross a suspension bridge we will pass through many small villages and huge rice fields which will give you a chance to see how Nepali people plant and harvest the crop, depending on the season. From here we hike steep uphill for about an hour to reach Namoboudha. After lunch continue walk in easy trails to Dhulikhel. Once we reach Dhulikel your driver will be waiting to drop you of at your hotel. Namoboudha is a sacred Buddhist place where Lord Buddha sacrificed his own body to save a starving tiger. At this typical Buddhist Gompa you can watch the rituals and at the same time have a great view over the mountains and deep down, Panauti. (Hiking Time: 5 - 6 hours).

Meeting/ Pick up point: Hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start or opening time: 9.00am.
End or closing time: 5.00pm.
Languages: English Speaking Guide.
Others: Child Permission: 0-7 years is unsuitable for the trip.

Mansawar Rd

See and feel Pokhara from a different perspective on this Pokhara hiking tour. Head out on a local transport to the outlying hills, Naudanda, literally meaning 'nine hills'. It'll take us about an hour to get there, but you'll be rewarded with the soft relief of the gently rolling chain of hills with their rice fields in terraces, and subtropical forests.

Oh, and the silhouette of the Himalayas! Can't forget those! Imposing on the landscape from a mere 30 kilometres away, this place certainly has an appealing look.   A walk through this charming land transports you to a total contrast, far-removed from where you started your day. From one village to another and one hill to another, we'll hike for about three hours until we reach Sarangkot, a vantage point on top of a hillock north of Fewa Lake, famous for its dawn and dusk views.   We'll descend for two hours towards Sedi, and continue to walk along the circumference of Fewa Lake for about half an hour until we reach Lakeside, where our Pokhara hike will end and we'll be transported back to Pokhara.

Start your tour by visiting the Dakshinkali Temple, dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali, which is the fearful form of Lord Siva’s consort, Parvati. The main deity in the temple is the black stone, six-armed form of Kali, standing on a prostrated figure. Dakshinkali is at the south end of the valley between two hills and at the confluence of two rivers. Sacrifices are made two times a week at this temple. Saturday is the main day of animal sacrifices and a less important day is Tuesday.

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Today you shall be driven to Dhulikhel, situated at an altitude of 5,500 ft above sea level, 30 km. east of Kathmandu on the Kodari Highway. It is 90 minutes’ drive from Kathmandu. The main attraction here is the view of rows of snow-capped peaks as one can have a complete panoramic view of the snow-capped ranges from Karyolung in the east to Himalchuli in the west. It is a magnificent place to spend the night and awaken to the sun rising across the wide Himalayan range.

Post completion of the tour, you shall be transferred back to your hotel of stay.

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The tour begins with a drive to the south of Kathmandu in the direction of Lalitpur, Patan. South of Patan we drive for approximately 14 kilometres till we reach Godawari, home to the famous botanical gardens.It is in Godawari where we start our hiking tour. Godawari is a popular picknick place for the Nepali.

Our track leads us gradually uphill through thick forest for about four hours. Depending on how clear the sky is, you may have a magnificent view from eastern part of Annapurna range to Gaurishanker in the east. Also worth the view is looking down on Kathmandu Valley. At this magical spot we will enjoy our packed lunch. After lunch and moving around for some time, we hike down following the same trail to Godawari for about 2 hours and drive back to Kathmandu.

Phulchowki (2782m) is the highest hill situated in the south of Kathmandu valley. This is one of the most beautiful hiking spots in terms of vegetation in Kathmandu valley. (Hiking Time: 6 - 7 hours).

Pick up/Meeting point: Hotel lobby
Duration:8 hours
Start or opening time:9.00am
End or closing time:5pm
Languages: English
Others: Child Permission: 0-7 years is unsuitable for the trip.

Situated beyond the southern belt of Ring Road inside the valley Bungamati is a small Newari village still abiding by its ancient tradition as a significant part of daily life. Very less influenced by the modern city just a few kilometers away, Bungamati exemplifies true heritage of the still living age-old culture and civilization. The journey to Bungamati starts with a vantage point where one can behold the entire village of Bungamati and Khokana. Walking down the lanes of Bungamati, you will pass through local Newari people busy working intricate designs in wood or stone on their way to creating many more beautiful artifacts practicing their crafts for the future generations to enjoy.

Continue to Khokana, which is known to have retained many traditional aspects of Newari life. It is famous for producing mustard oil. There is no central square, as in the Bungamati, but there is plenty of action in the main street and has a temple with two-tiered construction of interest, dedicated to Shekali Mai a mother goddess. Post completion of the tour, you shall be transferred back to your hotel of stay.

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Setting off on a well-oiled mountain bike, pedal way out of downtown Kathmandu reaching the outskirts. Invigorated with an infusion of unpolluted air, head to Cho bar hill. The area is subject to interesting folklore involving the creation of the Kathmandu valley out of a lake. Far behind is the city of Kathmandu.  

The rugged biking trail poses an interesting challenge heading to one of the oldest parts of Kathmandu Valley - the historic town of Kirtipur (1.5 hr approx). The raw originality of the place is sure to amaze and enthrall. Break the day’s sojourn at an authentic local eatery where traditionally clad locals spread out their ethnic cuisine. Enjoy the local delicacies local style - sitting on a straw mat with very traditional and local cutlery - your own fingers! Taste buds satisfied and cultural awareness heightened, slowly bike back to the city (1hr approx).  

Spend the day touring a more peaceful side of Kathmandu, with round-trip transportation from your city center hotel. You will be picked up in the morning by your driver and personal guide. We will start exploring Kathmandu by visiting the spectacular Patan Durbar Square, also known as Lalitpur Durbar Square. Patan Durbar Square is home to the former Patan Royal Family. The most photographed of Kathmandu’s 3 Durbar Squares, it features a remarkable display of Newari architecture and its main attractions include the Krishna Temple, with its 21 golden pinnacles; Rudra Varna Mahavihar; the Buddhist Monastery, which houses the local treasures; and the central courtyard of Mul Chowk.

From Patan, we drive southeast to the countryside village of Lhubu. Translated as “Golden Plate,” Lhubu is a small village that boasts a rich cultural history. Explore the village and meet the local people, renowned for their weaving skills. Walking through the village, you will see some of them at work, before passing the Maha Laxmi Temple, said to house the mother of the Goddess Maha Laxmi. From Lubhu, continue to Godawari.

On the way you will stop at a restaurant to enjoy lunch in a lovely rural setting. Located at the foothills of the 9,154-foot (2,791-meter) Pulchowki Hill, the highest hill of the Kathmandu Valley lies the lush green Botanical Garden. Home to various types of landscapes and plants, visit the Desert House, Tropical House, Rock Garden and many more stunning areas, providing a perfect final break from the bustling streets of Kathmandu. (This tour does not operate on Mondays).

Meeting/ Pick up point: Hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start or opening time: 9.00am.
End or closing time: 5.00pm.
Languages: English Speaking Guide.

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