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Start your tour by visiting the Dakshinkali Temple, dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali, which is the fearful form of Lord Siva’s consort, Parvati. The main deity in the temple is the black stone, six-armed form of Kali, standing on a prostrated figure. Dakshinkali is at the south end of the valley between two hills and at the confluence of two rivers. Sacrifices are made two times a week at this temple. Saturday is the main day of animal sacrifices and a less important day is Tuesday.

Continue your tour and proceed to Chovar gorge, the only outlet for all the water of the valley. Legend has it that Manjushree, an ancient saint from China, cut the mountain with his magical sword to drain out the water from the Kathmandu Valley Lake to make it habitable. There is a small but picturesque temple of Adinath on the top of the hill with a magnificent view of the snowcapped peaks. Just beyond the gorge is a temple of Lord Ganesh. The main image of the shrine is a massive rock, naturally carved.

The tour ends with the visit of Kirtipur town, perched on twin hillocks and clinging to a saddle about 5 km southwest of Kathmandu. A long flight of steps leads up to Kirtipur from the valley floor & a motor able road goes part way up the hill. Steep paths link brick houses built on terraces are the main attraction here. The villagers dressed in traditional costume working on ancient looms are also sighted. The people here are well known for their strength and valor as many historical battles were fought and won by the inhabitants of Kirtipur. Post completion of the tour, you shall be transferred back to your hotel of stay.

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Highground Adv., Opposite Hotel Snowland, Lakeside

Paragliding in Nepal amongst the grandest scenery on earth is an inspiring experience. Float over mystery, shrouded monasteries, and ancient places, beautiful turquoise lakes, ranging Himalayan Rivers, exotic jungle, and village forgotten by time. It involves a pilot flying with a passenger. Both of them have separate harness that is attached to each other and the wing. Paragliding harness are built for comfort and safety, they feel more like an armchair. After take-off, the passenger just sits back, relaxes, and takes in the epic scenery. Even taking picture is not a problem. Para gliders can foot launch and gently foot land again and are very portable. We can take them anywhere and fly from most mountains in Nepal. < br/>< br/> Annapurna Panorama Flights: we take 20 minutes drive from Pokhara uphill to Sarangkot view point 2000 ft above Lakeside. This is where we take off. From here, we can see three highest mountains in the world, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu all are over 8000 meters. < br/> Cloud Buster (Panorama Tandem flight): This midday flight gives you the thrill of high flights as we thermal up above Sarangkot in the company of eagles and vultures, 20-30 minutes. We land by the lake. < br/> Cross Country: This flight is designed to give you the chance to experience flying from one valley to another. Using thermals, clouds and birds to guide us, we take you an unforgettable journey north of Pokhara towards the big mountains. We fly for 1 hour approximately.

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Mansawar Rd

See and feel Pokhara from a different perspective on this Pokhara hiking tour. Head out on a local transport to the outlying hills, Naudanda, literally meaning 'nine hills'. It'll take us about an hour to get there, but you'll be rewarded with the soft relief of the gently rolling chain of hills with their rice fields in terraces, and subtropical forests.

Oh, and the silhouette of the Himalayas! Can't forget those! Imposing on the landscape from a mere 30 kilometres away, this place certainly has an appealing look.   A walk through this charming land transports you to a total contrast, far-removed from where you started your day. From one village to another and one hill to another, we'll hike for about three hours until we reach Sarangkot, a vantage point on top of a hillock north of Fewa Lake, famous for its dawn and dusk views.   We'll descend for two hours towards Sedi, and continue to walk along the circumference of Fewa Lake for about half an hour until we reach Lakeside, where our Pokhara hike will end and we'll be transported back to Pokhara.

Kathmandu Guest House Rd

Rendezvous at the courtyard of Kathmandu Guest House at 7 a.m. Walk to the nearest bus-stand (approximately 15 mins). Jump on local transport and hobnob with the locals to Buddanilkantha (30 mins approx) on our journey to the site of the sleeping Vishnu (Hindu God of preservation). Observe the magnificently carved stone idol of sleeping Vishnu from the outer periphery of the pond (non-Hindus are not allowed inside), on which seems to float the sleeping Vishnu - get your cameras out and lend your ears to an interesting story about the sleeping Vishnu.

Start the hike through the surrounding farmlands into Kathmandu’s nearest forest reserve - Shivapuri National Park (15 mins approx). After registering at the park entry gate, take a pleasant walk through the woods, to a hidden Buddhist monastery - Nangi Gompa (2.5 hrs approx). Set on a pedestal atop the hill offering wide angle view of the Kathmandu valley. Avid bird-watchers will have a field day! Descend down the hill and continue to hike through the woodlands emerging out of the forest reserve at Sundarijal. Enjoy the sights of waterfalls and follow the pipeline to the end point of the hike at the bazaar (1 hr approx). Again, jump on local transport for the journey back to Kathmandu (1 hr approx).

Start your tour by visiting the Dakshinkali Temple, dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali, which is the fearful form of Lord Siva’s consort, Parvati. The main deity in the temple is the black stone, six-armed form of Kali, standing on a prostrated figure. Dakshinkali is at the south end of the valley between two hills and at the confluence of two rivers. Sacrifices are made two times a week at this temple. Saturday is the main day of animal sacrifices and a less important day is Tuesday.

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The World Peace Pagoda, a massive Buddhist stupa, is situated at the top of a hill on the southern shore of Phewa Lake. Besides being an impressive sight in itself, the shrine is a great vantage point which offers spectacular views of the Annapurna range, Phewa Lake, and Pokhara city.

We climb the Raniban forest and cross a suspension bridge. After a two-hour hike, we reach the stupa and enjoy the peaceful, scenic beauty. Walking down from the pagoda you have views of Phewa Lake and the mountains. When we reach the lake, a 20-minute boat ride will bring us to the island temple of Barahi. And all its values and mysteries are showcased in the one and only Mountain Museum in the world - the International Mountain Museum, right at the footsteps of the Himalayan range, in Pokhara, Nepal.

With an objective of maintaining systematic records of the successful eight thousanders (the world’s 14 mountains above 8,000 metres), geographic flora and fauna and human activities in the range, the International mountain Museum has been established at the foot step of fishtail peak and gate way to the mountain region. The shape of the museum roof itself resembles mountain skyline to any visitor before entering the museum main gate. Lunch by the lakeside.

Meeting point: Kathmandu hotel pick-up.
Start times: Pick-ups at 9am.
Drop-off times: Tours end at 4.30pm.
Other information: International Museum admission not included.

Royalty and religion take centre stage during this intriguing full day tour of Kathmandu’s palaces and temples. Worlds of pomp and glory, of colour and beauty will come alive before your eyes. See priceless treasures, venerable prayer flags and ancient rituals as you immerse yourself in traditional Nepalese life. Lunch in a typical local restaurant is included.

Your first stop is Patan Durbar Square, the centrepiece of which is the palace where the Malla monarchs who ruled Nepal for six centuries resided. Explore this stunning complex, which boasts a series of beautiful courtyards, temples and shrines, all noted for their exquisite carvings. See the Krishna Temple and Rudra Varna Mahavihar, the Buddhist monastery housing many treasures. Head to the Swayambhu Stupa, which is reached via 365 steps, where on a clear day you can enjoy panoramic views of Kathmandu and far beyond.

At the Baudhannath Stupa, meet the local Tibetan community. See traditional prayer rolls and Tibetan prayer flags. Lunch will be served at this relaxing and quiet location. The last stop is the impressive Pashupati Temple of Lord Shiva. You are free to explore the temple grounds and admire the architecture. Colourful priests known as ‘babas’ wander about while cremation ceremonies take place on the banks of the Bagmati River.

Panauti is quaint and interesting destination of Nepal. It feels as if it has been left exactly the way the founders had built the town. A nostalgic atmosphere covers the narrow town streets and ancient structures. It is known as a Newari town that is located near Roshi khola & Punyamata Khola.

Panauti can be easily reach from Kathmandu, which is at a distance of 32 km south-east. 30 kms east of Kathmandu lies the small resort town of Dhulikhel set on a hill top, enveloped in copper soiled terraces with magnificent views of the central Himalayan peaks. Dhulikhel is well known for its sunrise views and a number of trails along the north ridge of the town. A good way to get a glimpse of Nepalese village life.

Lunch at Dhulikhel Lodge.

Pick up/Meeting point:Hotel at 9.00am
Duration:7 hrs.
Start or opening time:9.30am
End or closing time:4.30pm
Languages: English
Others: Entrance Fees not included.

Begnas Lake, the second largest lake of Pokhara Valley is situated at an altitude of 650m. It is located in the Siswa village on the eastern part of Pokhara and is 13 km away from the Pokhara city. It covers an area of 3 sq. km. Average water depth of the lake is 9.37 and the maximum water depth is 13.84m. The capacity of the lake is 29.05 million cubic meter. It is comparatively deeper in the northern and western part in the comparison to eastern and southern part. The lake water is drained out by Khudi Khola from the western part.

Geologically the area is composed of slate and phyllite zone with beds of calcareous conglomerate and gravel deposits. The vegetation here is quite different than in other parts of Pokhara because here the major species on the southern aspect of the hills on the northern part of the lake is Shorea Robusta whereas the major species of the forest on the northern aspect of the hill lying on the southern part of the lake is Schima-Castonopsis. The forest is very dense on the northern and southern part of the lake whereas there is cultivation on the eastern part and fishery project on the western part.

Lunch at Begnas Lake Resort. Pick up/Meeting point: Hotel at 9.00am
Duration: 7 hrs.
Start or opening time:9.30am
End or closing time:4.30pm
Others: Entrance Fees not included.

Kathmandu Guest House Rd

Meet up with your guide and walk to the nearest bus-stand (20 mins approx). Jump on local transport to one of the holiest temples for Hindus all around the world- Pashupatinath (20 mins approx). Join your guide through the spiritual journey as they provide an insight into the Hindu religion, the cycle of birth and death and the story behind the Sadhus - Hindu Holy Men, who renounce their hedonistic social life to devote their life to Shiva (Hindu God of Destruction) to whom the temple is dedicated. Witness one of many cremations along the banks of Bagmati river and on the sanctimonious grounds of temple. Interact with soot-smeared, saffron-clad, dreadlocked Sadhus.

Spiritually high, travel by local transport to reach the largest Buddhist Stupa in Nepal (possibly, in the world). Follow the pilgrims circumventing the Stupa spinning the prayer wheels. Offer prayers to Lord Buddha lighting a traditional butter lamp at the main entry way to the Stupa. Converse with one of the resident monks and learn more about the Buddhist philosophy.

Food for thought, time to fill the stomach! Lunch at a roof-top restaurant commanding an enticing view of the Stupa. Following lunch walk in to the abode of one of the most sought after astrologers in Nepal. Be amazed by how he deconstructs the mystery that is you and your future. Return a transformed person!

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