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ZIP FIJI’S newest zipline, only 35 minutes from Nadi, is an unprecedented adventure of 5km of ziplines woven into a truly spectacular wildness settings of caves, canyons and mountaintops. Soaring higher, faster and longer than ever before these 16 giant ziplines offer, jaw-dropping speeds, breath taking ocean views with the added adventure of limestone cave exploration. In this tour, you’ll experience three different ecosystems.

The upper part of the mountain is abundant with old growth vesi trees. These are the big hardwood trees are used to make the bowls for the native kava ceremonies. Most of the vesis have been cut down, so this makes the Nadi tour quite unique.

Then you transition to the lower section of the mountain, which is filled with Raintrees and of course the caves are an exotic ecosystem unlike any other.

We designed the course so that the Zip Line platforms have unique and stunning views. At the top of the mountain, you get a 360 degree view, and 270 degrees of that is ocean.

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Una aventura que te lleva por los caminos menos transitados, que brinda la oportunidad de descubrir más de la belleza del interior de Fiyi. Aprende un poco más sobre la historia del canibalismo del sistema de cuevas más grande de Fiyi: las cuevas Naihehe. Nuestros guías y conductores de todoterrenos están entrenados con los más altos estándares para maniobrar los poderosos vehículos que te llevarán de forma segura y cómoda a la cueva Naihehe, también conocida como la cueva del Caníbal, donde vivía la última tribu caníbal conocida.

Combinamos el método moderno de una barcaza con la antigua técnica fiyiana de bilibili o canoa de bambú para que tanto tú como nuestros cuatriciclos crucen el río Sigatoka y llegar, en unos 35 minutos por el camino menos transitado, a la residencia del jefe tribal.

La leyenda dice que nadie puede entrar en la cueva sin antes pedirle permiso o, fiel al significado literal de la palabra naihehe, uno se perderá si intenta entrar por sí mismo. La cueva tiene más de 170 metros de largo y fue usada como fortaleza de una tribu caníbal. Contempla el horno caníbal, una plataforma de rituales, la habitación del sacerdote y otros recordatorios de su historia caníbal.

Tráete ropa de cambio ya que ninguna visita está completa sin un baño en un pozo de aguas dulces cercano acompañado de tus nuevos amigos.


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Get a taste for island life with this drool-worthy Fiji food tour that takes you from traditional cuisine through to modern fusion. Along the way, learn about Fiji folklore as you sample delicious specialties from local eateries. With such a multi-racial make-up, the Fiji Islands are home to dishes from around the globe, including Chinese, Indian, and European — but all served and styled with a South Pacific flair.

Discover Fijian cuisine — as well as Fiji’s take on international dishes —on this locally led food tour. Your Fiji food tour will kick off in the suburb of Martintar, where you’ll sample some dishes and enjoy a cocktail at an Indian-Thai restaurant praised for its curry.

From there, you’ll head to a restaurant that specializes in authentic French dishes — the only one of its kind in Fiji. Try specialties like beef bourguignon, pomme tarte tatin, and rustic homemade terrine, just to name a few mouthwatering starters for what is to be a great food-filled evening.

Next up on your Fiji food tour, dive into the country’s culinary history with a stop at an indigenous-owned and operated restaurant that specializes in Fijian cuisines. Sample local dishes and learn what makes South Pacific cuisine so different from the rest of the world.

For a taste of Fiji’s up-and-coming food scene, you’ll head to a trendy bar and restaurant that serves up an original mix of locally sourced Mediterranean-Fijian fusion. The setting is superbly stylish and the strong wine list will help you to really savour the taste of your food.

Of course, we’ve saved the best for last: finish up your Fiji food tour with dessert. You’ll head to one of Nadi’s bakeries, which sells some of the best cheesecakes, cakes, cupcakes, and other sweets to be found in Fiji. If you’ve got room, dig into your dessert right away or, if you still need some time to digest dinner, bring your sugary treat back to your hotel for a sweet midnight snack later.

Food! We love it. It doesn't matter where in the world you’re from, we all bond over food. In the South Pacific, locals have lived off nature’s provisions for thousands of years and their ways of preparing and cooking food differ greatly from both Western and Eastern cultures, for a totally unique flavour. Learn more about Fijian cuisine (and eat, eat, eat!) with this hands-on cooking experience.

Your culinary adventure will start out with a tour of the market, where you’ll shop for some of the local ingredients that will be part of your cooking class later in the day. Supplies ready, you’ll next meet your hosts, a group of local Fijian women who not only love to cook, but also love teaching guests how to cook s Fiji’s most popular local dishes. You’ll chop, marinate, grate, gather, and sort, all under the guidance of your hosts.

While your gourmet dishes are cooking, you’ll have free time to fully explore the local community and culture. Chat with your hosts and learn more about Fijian traditions, help out as the dining area is set for your meal, or take a walk around the neighbourhood and do a bit of hyperlocal sightseeing.

Once it’s time to dine, you’ll get a lesson in local eating etiquette. The Pacific way is without the use of a fork or knife — a style that may seem messy at first, but is the best way to truly experience the tastes of Fijian cuisine.

Stuffed and satisfied from your delicious (and hearty) Fijian meal, you can kick back and relax with your hosts before bidding farewell and heading back to your hotel.

Welcome aboard the Fiji One, Fiji's most prestigious charter vessel and one of the largest sailing catamarans in the Southern Hemisphere, where local chefs will prepare a sumptuous fresh barbeque dinner as you enjoy a complimentary welcome drink and take in the views. For a truly luxurious experience, upgrade your dinner cruise to include a full lobster!
Fijian cultural entertainment and the spectacular scenery of the Mamanuca islands round off your perfect evening on the water.

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For an intimate glimpse into Fijian culture, spend the day at historic Robinson Crusoe Island, a former sacred retreat for Fijian natives and their Chief. Meet the locals, explore the village, snorkel among coral reefs, and feast like Fijian kings—all during this leisurely island adventure.

Greet your guide and head for the jetty—passing friendly villages and sugar cane fields along the way. Board your awaiting boat for a short 35-minute ride to Robinson Crusoe Island. Upon arrival, step into the village dotted with traditional thatched bures, where an island warrior warmly welcomes you, before you set off to choose your day's available activities.

Begin with a village tour or watch a live coconut tree climbing demo. Take advantage of the abundant gardens of coral reefs and tropical Pacific fish that ring the island and head out for an afternoon snorkel. If relaxation if on your mind, simply laze in the sun under a swaying palm along a stretch of soft white sand, or admire the island's tranquil blue lagoon.

For lunch, indulge in a sumptuous ‘’lovo’’ feast, a traditional smorgasbord including barbecued chicken, just-caught fish, fresh salads, and local fruits. Later, a real treat follows with a thrilling live performance of fire and knife dancing—a perfect way to cap off your island day trip.

Cloud 9 is situated in the crystal clear waters of the outer Mamanuca Reef. Cloud 9 is Fiji’s Ibeza style floating platform. The atmosphere is pumped! You can enjoy fabulous swimming, sunbathing on huge day beds and the fully stocked bar. The lunch includes a lovely wood fired pizza, two beers/wines or juices (snorkeling and watersports are charged separately). It´s suitable for all age groups.

Excitor cruises at 30 knots (60kph) through most sea conditions, Excitor thrives in choppy seas giving its passengers a smooth safe ride. The semi-sheltered waters of the Mamanuca group out from Denarau are the ideal conditions for everyone to enjoy this trip. Adverse conditions may create sidespray. Excitor’s style and presence offers a definite point of difference to other vessels operating from Denarau with its superior speed.

Your tour includes complimentary bottled water and sunscreen for everyone on board.

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This wonderful island in the mamanuca’s is one of Fiji’s true gems. Cruise through the Mamanuca islands before meandering through the lagoon that surround mana. Step ashore and take a deep breath: you’re truly in the middle of Fiji’s beautiful islands now!

The island is home to an extensive resort with three separate beach areas, crystal clear waters, lots of shady palm trees, poolside bars and loungers.
Enjoy snorkelling and a range of water sports on the lagoon side or laze on the quieter north beach. Here you can enjoy beautiful views out over uninhabited islands or soak up the sun on sunset beach.
A barbecue lunch with a buffet of salads and fresh fruit is included.

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Board Seaspray, the magnificent sailing schooner exploring Fiji’s spectacular Mamanuca islands. Seaspray cruises gently up past mana island, on the way to an uninhabited island of extreme beauty: Modriki, that’s boasts it magnificent beaches & snorkeling.

Visit a traditional Fijian village where you are welcomed by a special kava ceremony. Enjoy sumptuous morning and afternoon tea, a delicious barbecue lunch and all your drinks.

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