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Coral World Observation Tower

Enter the world of these fascinating, magnificent, and misunderstood creatures through our educational Shark Encounter. Learn the truth and myths about the ocean’s top predators. After your orientation session, a guide will take you to the Shark Shallows where you will have an opportunity to enter the pool with a variety of juvenile sharks that inhabit the waters of the Virgin Islands.

View the sharks up close from above and below the water as they circle around you. Become a shark fan instead of a foe. To promote conservation of sharks, Coral World has recreated a shark nursery offering juvenile sharks every opportunity to grow in a safe environment before being released to the wild. A portion of proceeds go towards shark conservation.

desde 49,41 €

Caneel Bay Resort North Shore Road Cruz Bay

Enjoy a full day of fun with a picnic lunch exploring beautiful Caneel Bay on St. John on a Kayak, Hike and Snorkel adventure in the heart of the beautiful Virgin Islands National Park.
Kayak over turquoise waters, explore palm fringed beaches, hike along scenic wooded trails, snorkel over colorful coral reefs and enjoy a picnic lunch. While hiking, you may see wild deer, donkeys, mongoose and hermit crabs. Snorkelers will often swim with sea turtles and sting rays on St. John! The tour will be adapted to your preferences and athletic ability.

You will see many beautiful white sandy beaches shaded by sea grape trees, coconut palms, and tropical forests providing habitat for over 800 species of plants. Our expert guides will show you hundreds of exotic tropical fish. See for yourself why this area is an important UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Explore the trail on turtle point as our nature guides point out unique plant and other native flora and fauna.
Along the way you will enjoy scenic views of Hawksnest Bay, the Durloe Cays and the British Virgin Islands.

desde 119,76 €

6526 Estate Nadir 2 St Thomas, Virgin Island 00802

A unique, multi-eco experience awaits you, as you kayak among the many small islands of the Inner Mangrove lagoon. Stop and learn why the Mangrove Ecosystem plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy offshore coral reefs, reef fish populations, and shoreline stabilization. Hike the pristine, deserted 15 acre island of Cas Cay, in the Virgin Islands Park System. Enjoy many breathtaking views from coral and shell beaches.

Explore the mangrove forest, try your luck with a hermit crab race, and hike to tidal pools, volcanic cliffs at the base of volcanic cliffs and marine tidal pools, complete with a rare geologic blow hole. Snorkel a coral-fringed mangrove nursery with easy beach entry snorkel in the clear protected waters.
Guides offer snorkeling instruction, point out the marine life and interpret the diverse mangrove ecosystem.

desde 66,16 €

Butterfly Garden

Take flight at the Butterfly Garden with the beauty and wonder of nature. Enter a lush tropical botanical garden home to hundreds of butterflies representing over 25 different species from six continents. During your tour, our knowledgeable guides will entertain you with fascinating facts about the extraordinary life cycle of these beautiful creatures as they change from eggs to caterpillars to spectacular butterflies through the miracle of metamorphosis. Wear bright colors and perfumed lotions to attract the butterflies to you!

Visit the Butterfly Garden in the morning if you want to see the most activity. This is when newly emerged butterflies take their first flight. Photographers will want to stop by in the afternoon when the butterflies are less active and therefore easier to photograph. Take a stroll through the outside botanical gardens showcasing a wide variety of local plants and butterfly species. The Butterfly Garden, the first and only butterfly exhibit in St Thomas, has become a leading attraction for locals and visitors in the Virgin Islands.

desde 10,05 €

Honeymoon beach at Caneel Bay St 00831

Henley Cay is a tropical and tranquil uninhabited Cay inside Virgin Islands National Park. Relax on a sandy beach and watch seabirds and scenic views of Caneel Bay and Honeymoon Beach. From the highest point on Henley Cay's trail you can enjoy views of the British Virgin Islands.

Snorkelers will discover an impressive collection of colorful corals including brain, pillar, sheet, star, and the endangered elkhorn and staghorn. From Henley Cay, you will paddle 20 minutes to Soloman Beach and enjoy your picnic lunch on an idyllic tropical beach with more fabulous snorkeling and a palm fringed soft sandy beach. Then a final 10 minute paddle will bring you back to Honeymoon Beach.

desde 119,76 €

Caneel Bay Resort North Shore Road Cruz Bay

Float in the water on a luxuriously thick float. Lie in a hammock under a shady palm tree. Enjoy your own comfortable chair on the beach in the shade anywhere along the length of this tropical palm fringed paradise.
Snorkel with your own mask, snorkel, fins and life jacket exploring two colorful reefs at each ends of the beach. Paddle around the bay on single and double kayaks and try the new rage - standup paddleboards that strengthen your core muscles.
Your valuables will be safe in your own locker at the Honeymoon Hut where you will also have access to flush toilets and a gift shop with a wide variety of necessary items including cold drinks and ice cream.
Bar beverages and food are available through Caneel Bay Resort. Snorkel gear, kayaks, standup paddleboards, floats, life jackets, lockers, beach chairs, hammocks, restroom facilities. Food and beverages available but not included. Picnic lunch can be ordered and purchased in advance. Beach store sells t-shirts, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, cold drinks, ice cream, etc.

The Honeymoon Beach Day Pass includes: locker, beach chair, snorkel gear: mask, snorkel, fins and flotation. Loating matt, standup paddle boar, kayak and hammock is included too. During season, space fills up quickly for the limited equipment.
This ALL DAY relax and play all-inclusive pass includes all day use of: snorkel gear, kayaks, standup paddleboards, floats, life jackets, lockers, beach chairs, hammocks and restroom facilities.

desde 41,04 €

3562 Honduras Charlotte

History buffs enjoy exploring Britain's oldest and most intact Naval Forts on US Soil and the world's most intact historic steam-powered marine railway in the world. Cool off at a beach and enjoy snorkeling with your guide.

This tour leaves from Virgin Islands Ecotours' Frenchtown Marina location in Charlotte Amalie´s Harbor. Kayakers paddle twenty minutes to Fort Willoughby overlooking the entrance of the majestic harbor. Paddle past Danish and British Colonial ruins and Careening Cove. A brief hike brings you to Fort Willoughby and the Garrison House, Britain's most intact Naval Fort on US Soil from the Napoleonic era, which is currently being considered as a UNES.

desde 116,41 €

Coral World Observation Tower

Want a diver’s view of a coral reef, but not ready for scuba? Then try Snuba! Explore the beauty of the undersea world without cumbersome scuba diving gear. A certified Snuba guide will lead you on your adventure.
Upon arrival at Coral World Ocean Park, you will be escorted to the Snuba orientation area where you will receive a briefing on how to use the equipment and what you can expect on your dive.

desde 65,32 €

Coral World Observation Tower

Get up close and personal with a South American Sea Lion in our Meet & Greet program. Learn about these fascinating animals while observing their entertaining antics.
During the encounter you might play a quick game of soccer or get a fishy sea lion kiss! Great for the entire family.

desde 72,02 €

Coral World Observation Tower

If you can walk and breathe - you can Sea Trek. Experience the thrill of exploring the ocean and all its wonders, without giving up precious vacation time for specialized training. Sea Trek is the world's premier underwater helmet diving experience. Imagine walking in zero gravity while surrounded by incredible aquatic life - that's Sea Trek.

Following an orientation, a guide will lead you along an underwater trail near Coral World’s Undersea Observatory. The helmet provides the air, weight and stability to walk upright under the water. Your head and hair stay completely dry and you breathe normally inside the helmet. Fish and other sea creatures swim right up to your visor. Tour lasts for approximately half an hour in water.

desde 66,16 €

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