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Coral World Observation Tower

If you can walk and breathe - you can Sea Trek. Experience the thrill of exploring the ocean and all its wonders, without giving up precious vacation time for specialized training. Sea Trek is the world's premier underwater helmet diving experience. Imagine walking in zero gravity while surrounded by incredible aquatic life - that's Sea Trek.

Following an orientation, a guide will lead you along an underwater trail near Coral World’s Undersea Observatory. The helmet provides the air, weight and stability to walk upright under the water. Your head and hair stay completely dry and you breathe normally inside the helmet. Fish and other sea creatures swim right up to your visor. Tour lasts for approximately half an hour in water.

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Empezaremos la salida en la mañana desde los hoteles de East End / St Thomas para una parada corta, tomaremos el ferry hasta bahia Cruz, el puerto principal de St John. Una vez ahi entraremos a un mundo increible de aguas cristalinas protegido por el parque nacional. El tour hacia el parque abierto incluye conductor y guia por la plantacion de azucar. Para continuar haremos una parada para comer y descansar un momento. La tarde nos llevara a la bahia Trunk famosa por sus coloridos sitios y canales de agua.

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6526 Estate Nadir #2 St Thomas Virgin Island 00802

Nature guides kayak with you through the protected Inner Lagoon Marine Preserve as you pass in between the many beautiful Manglar islands that are made up of red mangroves. Many birds nest in the trees, such as the endangered brown pelican, blue herons, night herons, egrets, yellow warblers, hummingbirds and many more. Juvenile fish hide among the many roots of the red mangrove trees.

Paddlers glide in clear shallow water and often see southern sting rays and spotted eagle rays gliding beneath them with an occasional show of one jumping into the air. Arrive at the southernmost tip of St. Thomas where a fringing coral and shell rubble barrier reef divide the crystal clear waters of the lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Snorkel a coral-fringed mangrove nursery with easy beach entry snorkel in the clear protected waters.
Guides offer snorkeling instruction, point out the marine life and interpret the diverse mangrove ecosystem.

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Coral World Observation Tower

Enter the world of these fascinating, magnificent, and misunderstood creatures through our educational Shark Encounter. Learn the truth and myths about the ocean’s top predators. After your orientation session, a guide will take you to the Shark Shallows where you will have an opportunity to enter the pool with a variety of juvenile sharks that inhabit the waters of the Virgin Islands.

View the sharks up close from above and below the water as they circle around you. Become a shark fan instead of a foe. To promote conservation of sharks, Coral World has recreated a shark nursery offering juvenile sharks every opportunity to grow in a safe environment before being released to the wild. A portion of proceeds go towards shark conservation.

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6526 Estate Nadir 2 St Thomas, Virgin Island 00802

This is your chance to experience a favorite five hour unique, multi-eco trip in St. Thomas' Inner Mangrove Lagoon Sanctuary and the Island of Cas Cay. You begin by kayaking among the many small islands of the Mangrove Lagoon to Long Point and Patricia Cay. Enjoy breathtaking scenic views from the coral rubble barrier reef which divides Long Point, the southernmost tip of St. Thomas from the deserted island of Patricia Cay. Here you will find multitudes of coral and shells, as well as interesting marine life including bristle stars, sea urchins, chitons and perhaps an octopus in very shallow clear waters.

From this tranquil setting, enjoy a ten minute paddle through romantic mangrove alleyways looking out for nesting pelicans and eagle rays swimming in the shallow waters below. Be sure to paddle slowly as you pass over the several shipwrecks in route to Cas Cay. Upon arriving at the wildlife sanctuary of Cas Cay, a deserted tropical island consisting of 15 acres of mangrove forest to the south and volcanic cliffs to the north, enjoy a hermit crab race. You will learn about the importance of the mangrove eco-system, and how to identify the various tropical plants and their edible and medicinal uses. Then, enjoy a fifteen minute leisurely stroll along a scenic coral and shell rubble beach.

Once reaching the south side of Cas Cay, explore the incredible boulders flanked with beautiful volcanic cliffs, and home to the famous Red Point Blow Hole. This spot is the chosen place to have a picnic lunch from a local market with your guide. Hike the pristine, deserted 15 acre island of Cas Cay, which is a part of the Virgin Islands Park System. Enjoy the many breathtaking views from the coral and shell laden beaches. Snorkel a coral-fringed mangrove nursery with an easy beach entry in the clear protected waters. After lunch, while snorkeling, you will continue to explore the waters around Cas Cay. Your guides will lead you on a 45 minute tour through a shallow marine habitat. Explore the sea grass and mangrove nursery habitats in calm, warm and shallow waters teeming with colorful and abundant sea life. Complete your day by kayaking through the mangroves back to the marina. Guides offer snorkeling instruction, point out the marine life and interpret the diverse mangrove ecosystem

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Coral World Front Gate

Spend the day at Coral World Ocean Park, voted “Best Tourist Attraction & Eco Tourism Activity” by readers of the V.I. Daily News. Experience the beauty and magic of Caribbean marine life. Stay dry while viewing a natural coral reef teeming with fish and other non-captive marine creatures, 15 feet underwater through the windows of the newly renovated undersea observatory.

During the various presentations you can pet a shark, hand feed stingrays, encounter turtles, wild iguanas and have tropical birds eating right from your hands! Other exhibits include the Caribbean Reef Encounter, Sea Turtle Pool, and Marine Gardens - 21 jewel-like aquariums displaying various marine environments around our islands.

Enjoy Coral World’s unique gift shops and eateries. Coral World is adjacent to Coki Beach, which offers some of the best snorkeling in the Virgin Islands. Admission allows all day re-entry from the beach and access to showers. Certain activities have an additional charge.

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Honeymoon beach at Caneel Bay St 00831

Henley Cay is a tropical and tranquil uninhabited Cay inside Virgin Islands National Park. Relax on a sandy beach and watch seabirds and scenic views of Caneel Bay and Honeymoon Beach. From the highest point on Henley Cay's trail you can enjoy views of the British Virgin Islands.

Snorkelers will discover an impressive collection of colorful corals including brain, pillar, sheet, star, and the endangered elkhorn and staghorn. From Henley Cay, you will paddle 20 minutes to Soloman Beach and enjoy your picnic lunch on an idyllic tropical beach with more fabulous snorkeling and a palm fringed soft sandy beach. Then a final 10 minute paddle will bring you back to Honeymoon Beach.

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6526 Estate Nadir 2 St Thomas, Virgin Island 00802

A unique, multi-eco experience awaits you, as you kayak among the many small islands of the Inner Mangrove lagoon. Stop and learn why the Mangrove Ecosystem plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy offshore coral reefs, reef fish populations, and shoreline stabilization. Hike the pristine, deserted 15 acre island of Cas Cay, in the Virgin Islands Park System. Enjoy many breathtaking views from coral and shell beaches.

Explore the mangrove forest, try your luck with a hermit crab race, and hike to tidal pools, volcanic cliffs at the base of volcanic cliffs and marine tidal pools, complete with a rare geologic blow hole. Snorkel a coral-fringed mangrove nursery with easy beach entry snorkel in the clear protected waters.
Guides offer snorkeling instruction, point out the marine life and interpret the diverse mangrove ecosystem.

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Professionally guided tour

Bring your camera: Nowhere in St. Thomas will you have a better chance to take beautiful, vacation photos than on the tour. These will be a joy to you for many years and treasured souvenirs of your visit.

Complimentary Margarita courtesy
Take a tour of the island of St. Thomas while being driven in the air conditioned comfortable vehicles
We will walk through the streets of St. Thomas peruse through historical sights, visit souvenir shops, browse the local shopping district and eat at one of the local restaurants for lunch (available for purchase).
Travel in comfort aboard air-conditioned vehicules, which feature large vista windows that are perfect for sightseeing!"

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dock at Frenchtown Marina 3562 Honduras

This tour leaves from Virgin Islands Ecotours' Frenchtown Marina location in Charlotte Amalie’s Harbor, and kayakers paddle twenty minutes to Fort Willoughby overlooking the cruise ships and Frenchman’s Reef. Paddle past Danish and British Colonial ruins and Careening Cove. A brief hike brings you to Fort Willoughby, a British Fort from the Napoleonic era and the Garrison House.

Paddle to the historic Creque Marine Railway which is undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation by the Virgin Islands Park Service. The tour concludes with a visit to Garden Beach allowing you to relax in the shade, cool off with a dip in the beach or enjoy a guided snorkel. Depending upon weather conditions or guest preferences, a hike up to explore the British Naval Fort Shipley, 130', may be substituted for the paddle to Fort Willoughby.

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