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Coral World Observation Tower

Want a diver’s view of a coral reef, but not ready for scuba? Then try Snuba! Explore the beauty of the undersea world without cumbersome scuba diving gear. A certified Snuba guide will lead you on your adventure.
Upon arrival at Coral World Ocean Park, you will be escorted to the Snuba orientation area where you will receive a briefing on how to use the equipment and what you can expect on your dive.

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dock at Frenchtown Marina 3562 Honduras

This tour leaves from Virgin Islands Ecotours' Frenchtown Marina location in Charlotte Amalie’s Harbor, and kayakers paddle twenty minutes to Fort Willoughby overlooking the cruise ships and Frenchman’s Reef. Paddle past Danish and British Colonial ruins and Careening Cove. A brief hike brings you to Fort Willoughby, a British Fort from the Napoleonic era and the Garrison House.

Paddle to the historic Creque Marine Railway which is undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation by the Virgin Islands Park Service. The tour concludes with a visit to Garden Beach allowing you to relax in the shade, cool off with a dip in the beach or enjoy a guided snorkel. Depending upon weather conditions or guest preferences, a hike up to explore the British Naval Fort Shipley, 130', may be substituted for the paddle to Fort Willoughby.

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Coral World Observation Tower

Join two of our rescued Green Sea Turtles for an awesome experience in their home by the sea. Get closer than you ever could in the wild. During your orientation, you will learn about the biology and history of these beautiful creatures and the threats they face in the wild.

Your guide will then take you into the Turtle Pool where you will get a close up look at every part of these 150-pound plus turtles. You will even have a chance to scrub their shells or carapaces. Your experience is sure to make you an ambassador for the protection of threatened and endangered sea turtles worldwide.
Get ready for a very special experience! A portion of proceeds go towards Turtle Conservation.

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Coral World Observation Tower

Get up close and personal with a South American Sea Lion in our Meet & Greet program. Learn about these fascinating animals while observing their entertaining antics.
During the encounter you might play a quick game of soccer or get a fishy sea lion kiss! Great for the entire family.

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National Park Service St John 00830

Explore the best of Virgin Island National Park above and below the water in a small or private tour. A Depart from the Virgin Islands National Park Visitor Center and hike along the Lind Point Trail. A professional Nature Guide will introduce you to the tropical wonders of Virgin Islands National Park, explaining flora, fauna, cultural and historical trivia along the way.

Upon arriving at Honeymoon Beach your guide will teach you to snorkel and explore an adjacent coral reef with you identifying the colorful sea life. Afterwards, the final portion of your hike takes you through a grove of wild cinnamon, the botanical gardens of Caneel Bay Resort and on to the former Sugar Mill Plantation of Caneel Bay. A taxi will deliver you from the Caneel Taxi Stand back to the original departure point at the VI National Park's Visitor Center in Cruz Bay.
This is a limited availability tour, be sure to make your reservation early so you don't miss the date(s) you want.

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6526 Estate Nadir #2 St Thomas Virgin Island 00802

Nature guides kayak with you through the protected Inner Lagoon Marine Preserve as you pass in between the many beautiful Manglar islands that are made up of red mangroves. Many birds nest in the trees, such as the endangered brown pelican, blue herons, night herons, egrets, yellow warblers, hummingbirds and many more. Juvenile fish hide among the many roots of the red mangrove trees.

Paddlers glide in clear shallow water and often see southern sting rays and spotted eagle rays gliding beneath them with an occasional show of one jumping into the air. Arrive at the southernmost tip of St. Thomas where a fringing coral and shell rubble barrier reef divide the crystal clear waters of the lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Snorkel a coral-fringed mangrove nursery with easy beach entry snorkel in the clear protected waters.
Guides offer snorkeling instruction, point out the marine life and interpret the diverse mangrove ecosystem.

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6526 Estate Nadir 2 St Thomas, Virgin Island 00802

This is your chance to experience a favorite five hour unique, multi-eco trip in St. Thomas' Inner Mangrove Lagoon Sanctuary and the Island of Cas Cay. You begin by kayaking among the many small islands of the Mangrove Lagoon to Long Point and Patricia Cay. Enjoy breathtaking scenic views from the coral rubble barrier reef which divides Long Point, the southernmost tip of St. Thomas from the deserted island of Patricia Cay. Here you will find multitudes of coral and shells, as well as interesting marine life including bristle stars, sea urchins, chitons and perhaps an octopus in very shallow clear waters.

From this tranquil setting, enjoy a ten minute paddle through romantic mangrove alleyways looking out for nesting pelicans and eagle rays swimming in the shallow waters below. Be sure to paddle slowly as you pass over the several shipwrecks in route to Cas Cay. Upon arriving at the wildlife sanctuary of Cas Cay, a deserted tropical island consisting of 15 acres of mangrove forest to the south and volcanic cliffs to the north, enjoy a hermit crab race. You will learn about the importance of the mangrove eco-system, and how to identify the various tropical plants and their edible and medicinal uses. Then, enjoy a fifteen minute leisurely stroll along a scenic coral and shell rubble beach.

Once reaching the south side of Cas Cay, explore the incredible boulders flanked with beautiful volcanic cliffs, and home to the famous Red Point Blow Hole. This spot is the chosen place to have a picnic lunch from a local market with your guide. Hike the pristine, deserted 15 acre island of Cas Cay, which is a part of the Virgin Islands Park System. Enjoy the many breathtaking views from the coral and shell laden beaches. Snorkel a coral-fringed mangrove nursery with an easy beach entry in the clear protected waters. After lunch, while snorkeling, you will continue to explore the waters around Cas Cay. Your guides will lead you on a 45 minute tour through a shallow marine habitat. Explore the sea grass and mangrove nursery habitats in calm, warm and shallow waters teeming with colorful and abundant sea life. Complete your day by kayaking through the mangroves back to the marina. Guides offer snorkeling instruction, point out the marine life and interpret the diverse mangrove ecosystem

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Take a tour of the island of St. Thomas while being driven in air conditioned comfortable vehicles.

The Virgin Islands' astounding beauty has long overshadowed their unique history - at least in the eyes of most visitors. But for people interested in learning about the islands' most fascinating past, there is plenty to see and do!

Travel in comfort aboard our air-conditioned luxury buses, which feature large vista windows that are perfect for sightseeing!

Highlights include:

Fort Christian, a U.S. National Landmark, is the oldest standing structure in the Virgin Islands and home to the Virgin Islands Museum. You can find early island memorabilia and olds maps trace the islands’ history.
Market Square, a bustling produce marketplace, was once one of the West Indies' busiest 18th-century slave markets.
Blackbeard Castle, known during colonial times as Skytsborg, this 17th-century fortified tower also serves as a popular restaurant and hotel. Government Hill, looming over Charlotte Amalie, stands Blackbeard's Castle.
Government House has been the center of government in St. Thomas since the mid-1860s. Located in the hills not far from the heart of Charlotte Amalie, visitors interested in seeing St. Thomas's political life may tour the building's first two floors.
The 99 Steps, made by bricks that were once used as ballast on Danish and British ships, were built into the hillside to keep the orderly grid of the city intact These steps were built by the Danes in the mid-1700s who found “step-streets” to be the easiest way to climb up and down the steep hills of Charlotte Amalie. The bricks used to construct the steps were originally brought from Denmark as ballast in the holds of trading ships. There are actually 103 steps.
Mountain Top, located on the highest point of St. Thomas, Mountain Top affords visitors stunning panoramic views of Magens Bay, St. John and the British Virgin Islands from its expansive observation deck. One of the first attractions on the island, Mountain Top is best known for its world famous banana daiquiri and wide array of duty-free shopping.

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Take a tour of the island of St. Thomas while being driven in our air conditioned comfortable vehicles.

We will walk through the streets of St. Thomas peruse through historical sights, visit souvenir shops, browse the local shopping district and eat at one of the local restaurants for lunch.

Travel in comfort aboard our air-conditioned luxury buses, which feature large vista windows that are perfect for sightseeing!

desde 36,64 €

Honeymoon beach at Caneel Bay St 00831

Henley Cay is a tropical and tranquil uninhabited Cay inside Virgin Islands National Park. Relax on a sandy beach and watch seabirds and scenic views of Caneel Bay and Honeymoon Beach. From the highest point on Henley Cay's trail you can enjoy views of the British Virgin Islands. Snorkelers will discover an impressive collection of colorful corals including brain, pillar, sheet, star, and the endangered elkhorn and staghorn.

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