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Escape the desert for a day of relaxation around the protected white sandy Tiran Island located north east of Sharm el Sheikh in the Gulf of Aqaba. A truly enjoyable snorkeling experience where you can explore lagoons and stunning coral reefs while being surrounded by colorful tropical marine life. Snorkel the reefs filled with coral and colorful fish; swim in the crystal-clear blue waters; or do nothing at all. The hardest part will be deciding what to do first!

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Una apasionante aventura para descubrir lo extraordinario del desierto egipcio. Se hacen paradas en los lugares con vistas panorámicas más hermosas para tomar algunas fotos, se va a una tienda beduina para beber algún te típico de la región.

Una apasionante aventura para descubrir lo extraordinario del desierto egipcio. Se hacen paradas en los lugares con vistas panorámicas más hermosas para tomar algunas fotos, se va a una tienda beduina para beber algún te típico de la región.

Punto de encuentro: Hotel.
Duración: 3 horas en quad.
Hora de irecogida: Depende de la ubicación del hotel.
Hora de inicio o apertura: A las 15:30 horas.
Idiomas: Inglés.

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A stone stele is engraved on a rock at the island Sehel, near Elephantine, north of Aswan. It was discovered in 1889 by C.EWilbour. Pharaoh Zoser, around 2,750 BC, built the first pyramid, the Step Pyramid at Saqqara. This monument is claimed to illustrate the invention of building with stone. Imhotep, scribe and architect of Zoser’s pyramid, who has been honored and deified for having invented the building with stone.

God Khnum, the potter who, as in the Bible, is fashioning the bodies of humans and gods with the Nile silt, with clay, in other words processing minerals. Called The Famine Stele, it was engraved during a recent epoch, under the Ptolemees (200 BC), but certain reliable clues have led Egyptologists to believe that, in an amplified form it had already become an authentic document by the beginning of the Old Kingdom (2,750 BC).

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Viaja a la agradable ciudad de Alejandría, una de las ciudades históricamente más importantes de Egipto y una parada obligada para los amantes de la historia y la cultura. Acompáñanos en una excursión que te dejará impresionado.

- Explora uno de los cementerios romanos más grandes del mundo
- Visita la asombrosa Biblioteca de Alejandría
- Admira ruinas de gran valor histórico en el Museo Nacional

Comienza un impresionante día en la Catacumbas de Kom Ash-Suqqafa después de tres horas de viaje por carretera. Piérdete por la red de pasajes subterráneos, tumbas y antecámaras del que es considerado uno de los cementerios romanos más grandes del mundo. Decenas de cámaras con pilares esculpidos aguardan ser descubiertos por ti, además de una gran sala de banquetes al más estilo romano, donde los familiares de los difuntos organizaban comidas en memoria de estos.

Más tarde visita el antiguo emplazamiento del faro de Alejandría, una de las siete maravillas antiguas del mundo. Aunque esta construcción ya no se encuentra en pie, sobre sus ruinas es posible admirar la ciudadela de Qaitbay, un fortaleza defensiva construida en el s.XV que ofrece impresionantes vistas al Mediterráneo.

La excursión continúa por la Biblioteca de Alejandría. Inspirada en la biblioteca original de la ciudad, fue construida para almacenar más de 8 millones de libros y dispone de 11 niveles en cascada en homenaje al antiguo esplendor de Alejandría. ¡Prepárate para explorar el centro del saber del mundo antiguo!

El Museo Nacional es la última parada. Aquí podrás admirar una valiosa colección de objetos pertenecientes a las cuatro épocas de la historia de Egipto: antigua, grecorromana, copta e islámica.

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You’ll tick off the iconic River Nile, and one of Egypt’s best-preserved ancient sites on this overnight trip. You’ll be picked up after sundown and climb onboard a cruise ship, where you’ll be treated to dinner. Afterwards, it’s time to bed down for the night – your captain will set sail in the small hours, so you’ll wake up as you’re mooring in the city of Qena. After breakfast, you’ll disembark and drive to nearby Dendera. The temple here is considered to be one of the finest examples of Ancient Egyptian architecture that stands today – unlike most, its roof is still intact. You’ll have some time to wander through the chambers, admiring the detailed carvings and brightly-coloured hieroglyphics on the walls and ceilings. At the end of the day, you’ll return to the ship for lunch and sail back down to Luxor. You can upgrade this trip to All Inclusive, too, which gives you local beer, wine, hot and cold drinks on

You’ll be picked up from your hotel, and we’ll take a ride in a private transfer over to St Catherine’s Monastery. On arrival, we’ll take a walk up to the monastery, taking in the scenery of the walled gardens and monks’ accommodation behind the ancient walls. There will be plenty of opportunity to take some stunning photos here, so make sure you have your camera with you! As we continue to tour St Catherine’s, we’ll enter the monastery and watch as the monks go about their daily business. We’ll take a walk below the beautiful collection of silver chandeliers that hang from the ceiling, and browse through the many religious artifacts on display in the chapel. We’ll also stop off at the Burning Bush, where you can even get a private blessing from the priest if you wish.

Next up on your Egypt desert tour, we’ll take a trip to the Bedouin handicraft centre, where you can find plenty of locally-made treasures, such as purses, bags, cushions, clothing, and more. All of the items on sale here have been made by the local Bedouin women, intricately beaded and embroidered by them with distinctive Bedouin design. There is also a bookshop here selling all kinds of goodies about the monastery and Egypt, printed in many different languages. If you’re getting peckish by now, have no fear!

It’s time for lunch, and a very special lunch at that. You’ll be invited into the home of a local family, and be served up an authentic Bedouin feast with plenty of traditional tea. This will be your chance to relax and take in your surroundings, and get to know the local cuisine and food culture. Once you’ve recharged your batteries with lunch, we’ll hop back in our vehicle and set off towards the desert plateau, where our Bedouin hosts will be waiting for us with camels. Now we get into the real desert fun! We’ll take a camel trek across the sandy desert, towards the plateau of Nawamis. These Bronze Age tombs are a stunning World Heritage Site, said to date back over 5,000 years. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the area, take photos, and really soak in this fascinating part of Egypt’s history. Once you’ve got your ancient Egypt fix, we’ll head back to Sharm el-Sheikh, and drop you off at your hotel.

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This day trip captures the essence of one of the world’s most treasure-laden cities - Cairo - with a visit to the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and Cairo Museum. It all starts with a flight to Egypt’s capital, where your experienced guide will lead you around this chaotic, colourful metropolis, pointing out its other landmarks en route. Topping everything is Giza with its famous Pyramids. Feast your eyes on these colossal tombs, the last remaining wonders of the Ancient World, and capture them on camera. You’ll get to go inside one, too, before gazing at the great guardian of the complex, the Sphinx. There’s another showstopper, too - the Egyptian Museum. This atmospheric place houses the world’s biggest collection of Egyptian antiquities. Wander spellbound around its main areas, inspecting everything from the golden treasures of Tutankhamun to eons-old mummies, sculptures and more. Your day in this remarkable city includes lunch and if you wish, you can book an VIP upgrade featuring private transfers and your own chauffeured Cairo car and personal guide.

Explora el gran Valle de los Reyes, donde generaciones de faraones y nobles fueron enterrados en criptas excavadas en los acantilados y custodiada por las enormes estatuas de Coloso de Memnón y el Valle de las Reinas, a continuación, se visitará el Templo de la Reina Hatchepsut. Este templo fue construido para la gran reina Hatshepsut, para conmemorar sus logros y para servir como un templo funerario para ella, así como un santuario del Dios Amón Ra.

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The Royal Mosque Al Rifai in Cairo stands opposite the grand Mosque of Sultan Hassan as an exhibit of the Khedival family's ability to measure up to the achievements of the Memluks. Not only did it mark a new era in the history of Egyptian architecture since it was the first major structure designed with the neo-Memluk style, but also, it was a bold statement in rejecting the foreign architectural forms especially those imported from Europe and Turkey.

It is the oldest intact functioning Islamic monument in Cairo. It is considered the 3rd mosque which was constructed for the whole community or the congregation joined together for the Friday noon prayer. It is also rare preserved example of the art and the architecture of the classical period of Islam. It is one of the biggest mosques in Egypt occupies an area of 6.5 acres.

The Museum of Islamic Art, in Cairo, Egypt, is considered one of the greatest in the world, with its exceptional collection of rare woodwork and plaster artefacts, as well as metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, and textile objects of all periods, from all over the Islamic world.

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Alexandria, called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" once was the intellectual and cultural center of Greco-Roman civilization, little remains of its ancient glory.
Where you'll visit the Alexandria Bibliotheca you can see the artifacts Pompeii’s pillar, the roman amphitheater, the catacombs, then do as the Egyptian do, head for one the restaurants, for having fresh fried fish meal.

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