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Sumérjase bajo el agua sin mojarse. Admire la profundidad del mar de muy cerca en este recorrido de una hora y media.

The site of Edfu contains the most complete and best-preserved temple in Egypt, the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus. This was constructed between 237 BC and 57 BC on top of the remains of earlier temples.

The reliefs that cover the walls, columns, and doorways of the temple constitute an extremely important source of information about ancient Egyptian religious and political thought. Among the most interesting of these reliefs tell the story of Horus exacting his revenge on Seth for the murder of his father, Osiris, an event that was re-enacted annually in the temple. Other reliefs recount the stages of the temple’s construction, and provide dates for the completion of different building elements.

Objects of note in the temple include a colossal statue of Horus as a falcon, which stands at the entrance to the main temple building, and a granite shrine (naos) of Nectanebo II (c. 360-342 BCE); this is the oldest object in the temple and probably belonged to an earlier building. It now stands in the sanctuary. The temple complex also includes the remains of a birth house (mammisi) and the base of a pylon belonging to a temple of Ramesses III.

The Horus temple was once part of a larger settlement area that extended westwards beyond the complex and flourished from the Old Kingdom to the Greco-Roman Period. Several cemeteries were also associated with the settlement.

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This trip teams snorkelling and swimming with the chance to spot pods of playful dolphins. Your boat will take you out to a coral reef, where you can pull on a mask and snorkel and join the colourful Red Sea residents underwater. After an hour or so it’s time for lunch on board, as we sail to our next snorkelling stop. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins as we glide along – they’ll often jump and flip over the waves. Another hour of snorkelling is up next, before we cruise back towards the marina at Marsa Alam.

Marsa Alam is a town in south-eastern Egypt, located on the western shore of the Red Sea. It is currently seeing fast increasing popularity as a tourist destination and development following the opening of Marsa Alam International Airport in 2003. Among the most famous beaches around Marsa Alam is the Abu Dabab beach.

In Abu Dabab, turtles are a common sight and it is nearly guaranteed that when diving, one will see at least one turtle. For tourists who seek to see something less typical, there is marine wildlife like, crocodile fish and octopuses. Marsa Alam also has some inland attractions, such as the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 6 personas

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El antiguo Cairo es famoso por sus antiguas iglesias. Al Moallaqa (la iglesia en suspensión) se construyó sobre los restos de la fortaleza romana de Babilonia. Fue construida a finales del siglo IV. Una talla de madera representa a Jesucristo entrando en Jerusalén. Alberga alrededor de noventa iconos raros de estilo basilical. La iglesia de Abu Sega data del siglo IV, fue usada como refugio por la sagrada familia cuando huían del Rey Herodes. La iglesia de la Virgen es una de las iglesias modernas y tiene una importancia especial después de difundir la noticia de la aparición de la Virgen María en una de sus tumbas. El Museo Copto incluye la mejor colección de arte copto y antigüedades en el mundo, incluyendo manuscritos, iconos y textiles.

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Up for a magical history tour? Then this great value trip takes you by road to Luxor for the most enthralling history lesson ever. The temples, tombs and monuments here date back a whopping 4,000 years or so, when ancient Thebes, Egypt’s Pharaoh capital, was in its prime. You’ll kick off at the spine-tingling Valley of Kings, the last resting place of the Pharaohs. Here, the limestone hills house 62 maze-like tombs, each built to see their revered inhabitants safely into the afterlife. While you’re here, you’ll also see the humungous twin statues of the Colossi of Memnon, built to guard the necropolis, and the stunning Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This three-tiered mortuary sits beneath a 300-foot rock and is fronted by incredible colonnades. Then after a tasty lunch, get your cameras ready for Karnak. Just outside the city, this jaw-dropping temple is crammed full of skyscraping pillars, chapels and statues. After collecting your jaw from the floor, it’s time to reboard your coach for your journey back. Oh, and if you fancy doing things style, how about a VIP package? This includes your own chauffeured car, driver and personal guide in Luxor.

El templo de Kom Ombo se encuentra a 48 km al norte de Asuán y fue construido durante el período greco-romano. El templo es único, ya que es un templo doble dedicado a Sobek el dios cocodrilo y a Horus el dios con cabeza de halcón. El diseño combina los dos templos, cada lado tiene sus propios portales y capillas. El Templo de Edfu fue construido entre el 237 y el 57 ac. en el reinado de Cleopatra VII. De todos templos de Egipto, el Templo de Horus en Edfu es el más conservado en su totalidad.

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This day out gives you a taster of what Sharm El Sheikh, the fishing village turned holiday hotspot, has to offer. Muslims and Christians live side-by-side in Sharm, and your trip starts with a stop-off at each of the religion’s holy places. The striking marble façade and towering minarets of Al Mustafa Mosque are up first. Then it’s on to El Samaeyeen Cathedral. It’s got an impressive Sinai Mountain backdrop and, inside, stories from the Bible are emblazoned in murals all over the walls. Next up, you’ll drive to the bustling Naama Bay area and visit a museum dedicated to the boy king, Tutankhamun. Later, a short cruise along the coastline is on the cards. You’ll float past the long, sandy beaches that attract holidaymakers year on year, before mooring back in Naama Bay. Here, you’ll have some free time to haggle with the locals for handmade gifts and souvenirs.

¿Te has preguntado alguna vez qué se siente al respirar bajo el agua? Si quieres probar el buceo pero no estás preparado para apuntarte a un curso de certificación, este programa de introducción al buceo es ideal para ti.

- Explora las profundidades marinas de Sharm El Sheikh con un instructor profesional
- Aprende los conceptos básicos del buceo
- Un entorno natural de ensueño

Confía en un instructor profesional altamente cualificado para descubrir qué esconde el rico fondo marino de Sharm El Sheikh. Éste te enseñará algunos conceptos básicos y técnicas de buceo, que podrás poner en práctica en las increíbles aguas del Parque Nacional Ras Mohammed. Desciende a una profundidad máxima de 12 metros para explorar los coloridos y brillantes corales así como hermosos peces de todo tipo.

Los sitios de buceo están rodeados por las montañas del desierto del Sinaí. Esta combinación de desierto y mar ofrece un espectáculo increíble que te hará creer por unos momentos que estás en otro planeta.


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Descubra la historia del Antiguo Egipto visitando Luxor, una de las ciudades más famosas e importantes del mundo, conozca las tumbas y los templos de los Faraones. Recorra las dos orillas del río Nilo, donde está el valle de los Reyes y Hatshibsut, además de Karnak el templo más grande del mundo, y sobre todo disfrute de la magia del fascinante templo de Luxor.

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