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How good does this sound? You’re sprawled on deck drenched in sunshine. Gentle waves lap around you. And cooling breezes waft through your hair. It’s all yours for a day on this great value cruise over the sparkling Red Sea. Join us on our spacious snorkelling boat and soak up the views over colourful coral reefs and the rugged Sinai mountains. As you sail along, your boat will drop anchor for three snorkelling and relaxation stops. Grab a mask and let your snorkelling guide lead you over rainbow-coloured reefs. Swim through clouds of exotic fish. Or just lounge on deck, topping up that tan. And as the finishing touch, you’ll be treated to soft drinks along the way and a tasty on board lunch before sailing back. With all this, it’s easy to see why the trip has won a Thomson Award of Excellence. A fantastic day out for all the family.

Located in Upper Egypt Luxor has been described as the world’s biggest open air museum It has been estimated that Luxor contains about a third of the most valuable monuments and antiquities in the whole world, which makes it one of this planet’s most important tourism sites.

Monuments such as The Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, Deir El-Bahri (the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut), the workers village at Deir El-Medina, the list goes on .

Most people know that Luxor was once Thebes, but “Thebes” was not what the ancient Egyptians called it. Ancient texts show that it was called t-apt, which means “the shrine”, with the ancient Greeks calling it tea pie. The Arabs had problems with pronunciation and so it became Thebes to them.

The name vanished then as the area submitted to the desert and then by the 10th century Arab travelers thought the ruins were of grand buildings so started to call it Al-Oksour, or “site of the palaces” which slowly became Luxor.

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A visit to Philae Temple at night to attend the Sound and Light Show is a magical experience. The floodlit buildings are silhouetted against the volcanic rocks and water surrounding them, creating a magical environment.Enjoy the spectacular lights of the multimedia presentations which vividly reveals the form and majesty of this ancient site and walk through the dramatically lit temple as its history is narrated.After the show your driver/guide will meet you at the gates of the complex to escort you back to your hotel.

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Es un espectáculo que presenta la historia del templo de Karnak en narración, en la luz y la música. Narra las crónicas de la ciudad eterna de Tebas (hoy conocida como Luxor), cuyos monumentos antiguos son un testimonio vivo de su importancia histórica. Empieza el espectáculo con la historia de la fundación de la ciudad de Tebas y el nacimiento de Karnak, se traslada entonces a las obras encargadas por el faraón de los Grandes, seguido de una descripción poética del edificio más grande montado sobre pilares. Se narran acontecimientos reales del pasado que dan vida a la historia del Templo de Karnak.

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Marsa Alam is a town in south-eastern Egypt, located on the western shore of the Red Sea. It is currently seeing fast increasing popularity as a tourist destination and development following the opening of Marsa Alam International Airport in 2003. Among the most famous beaches around Marsa Alam is the Abu Dabab beach.

In Abu Dabab, turtles are a common sight and it is nearly guaranteed that when diving, one will see at least one turtle. For tourists who seek to see something less typical, there is marine wildlife like, crocodile fish and octopuses. Marsa Alam also has some inland attractions, such as the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 6 personas

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Once you arrive at the Quad Station you´ll be given an introduction and safety briefing before you set off on a thrilling quad journey. Drive through the desert in a quad bike for half an hour before switching to a spider car for another exciting 30 minute drive. Leave only a trail of dust behind you in what is guaranteed to be an exhilarating experience.

It’s then time for a more sedate way to see the dessert with a horse and camel ride. Take in the natural surroundings as these gentle creatures glide along the sandy dunes. After the ride we enjoy a light lunch consisting of bread, egg, cheese, honey, Egyptian pie and beans with soft drinks included.

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Meet your Bedouin cameleers and begin your camel trek across the Sinai Desert towards Mount Matamir. The scenery along the way is pretty breathtaking: the land is virtually silent and the landscape is vast and rugged, with sandstone valley walls in the distance and open views as far as you can see. Meander along with the slow pace of the camels, enjoying the soft sand and tranquil atmosphere of the Sinai Desert.

Upon arrival at Mount Matamir we’ll set up a small camp and you’ll have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area while lunch is prepared, but you very well may want to stick around and see how the Bedouins do it. This style of food preparation is unique to the Bedouin nomads, and their techniques are interesting to watch and participate in. You’ll have the opportunity to learn to prepare and bake traditional Bedouin bread, and watch as the rest of the meal is cooked on the open fire. In true Bedouin style, we’ll eat our lunch around the campfire.

After lunch, take some time to relax before our walk up Mount Matamir to see extraordinary panoramas. Your guide will point out interesting places of reference, and provide information on the wadis, local regions, and other points of interest you’ll see in the view. From here, we’ll head back to camp for some Bedouin tea before reuniting with our camel buddies for a trek to the ancient tombs of Nawamis. These tombs are thought to be about 5,500 years old, and are the oldest intact standing roofed buildings in the world (say that ten times fast!). The tombs all face west, in accordance with the sunset, paralleling the end of the sun with the end of life, an indication of meaning behind ancient Egyptian burial practices. You’ll have time to walk around the tombs before trekking back into the Bedouin desert ‘dwelling village’, where you’ll meet local women and children and share tea with them in their homes. From there, our Egyptian desert adventure will wind to a close, with a camel trek back to the initial meeting point, where your return transportation to Sharm el-Sheikh awaits.

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If you ever fancied trying scuba diving, here’s your chance. It’s a half-day course that lets you dip your toe into diving with experienced instructors from our Sharm El Sheikh dive partners, Ocean College. First, we’ll pick you up from your hotel for an introductory briefing. Then it’s time to practice breathing underwater on a fun training dive in confined, shallow seas very similar to a swimming pool. Once you feel at home with everything, it’s on to a proper shore dive around a shallow reef, so you can view the exotic fish and beautiful corals that make the Red Sea such a diving mecca. There’s no need for nerves either - your instructor will accompany you at all times, talking you through everything and showing you the marine life. And if want more afterwards, why not make the most of your time in Sharm by taking an Ocean College discovery boat dive or a full, four-day PADI diving course?

To get off the beaten track, jump onboard this half-day tour of the Hurghada desert. Everything kicks off in the late afternoon, when the desert goes into cool-down mode. Your guides will give you a health and safety briefing and a quick driving test before leading you into the desert. The changeable landscape covers pancake-flat sands, bone-jangling rocky roads and sharp-toothed hills. A couple of photo stops are thrown in for good measure, so you get the chance to pause and admire this otherworldly landscape.

Recogida desde el hotel acompañado por el guía de habla inglesa y escoltado por el convoy de policía a Dendera. Llegada a Dendera: visita al templo Dendera, uno de los templos grecorromanos de adoración a la diosa Hathor. Fue construido por el rey Ptolemeo II y fue terminada por los Emperadores romanos. La trayectoria de aproximación al templo se encuentra entre dos fuentes romanas que termina en la puerta de entrada multitudinaria. Las paredes del recinto son de adobe y datan de la época romana. Dentro de las paredes está el templo, dos casas de nacimiento, una basílica copta, un sanatorio, un lago sagrado, y un templo a Isis. El templo tiene una larga historia; hay pruebas de que Pepi I (Imperio Antiguo) reconstruyó el templo mientras otros textos se refieren a la restauración realizada por Thutmosis III, Amenhotep III y Ramsés II y III (Imperio Nuevo). Estas restauraciones se efectuaron durante el periodo griego, romano y de Ptolomeo. Existe una decoración astronómica con la representación simbólica del cielo. Llegada a Luxor seguido del convoy de policias alrededor de las 13:00 horas.

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