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Isis Corniche Hotel, Corniche el Nile, 5

Get a true taste for life in Aswan by sharing an authentic Nubian meal with a local family. Stroll the Nile River’s Elephantine Island like a true Nubian, chat with locals about their history and traditions, and find out why the people of Aswan are famous for their friendliness and incredible hospitality!

Imagine your entire village was moved from its ancestral lands because a dam was being constructed. This is the story of the Nubians in Southern Egypt, who were relocated to in the 1960s to the area around Aswan city.

On this Aswan tour, you’ll have the opportunity to not only eat delicious home cooked Nubian food, but also have the privilege of learning about the people, culture, history, and traditions of Aswan. We’ll visit a Nubian family in their home and experience some traditional hospitality. As a guest, you’re welcome to ask as many questions as you like! Learn about their lives and culture, and about the different Nubian tribes living around Elephantine Island.

Your Home Cooked Aswan tour will take you on a stroll around Elephantine Island before settling in for a shared meal with a local family. The styles and colours of the homes in this community cannot be found anywhere else in Egypt, so you’ll want to keep your camera ready!

Then, after we’ve walked and explored, it’s time to eat! The types of dishes you’ll be offered are among the most favourite delicacies for Nubians. You might get to sample dishes like Bird’s Tongue Soup (don’t worry, there are no tongues involved), or maybe some rice with vermicelli, oven-cooked chicken, Nile perch, and mixed vegetables. But no matter what’s on the menu, be aware that Nubians like to eat a lot — so be prepared and come hungry!

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Today, you’ll visit the most famous graveyard in the world, with stops at a few more of Luxor’s landmarks. You’ll drive to the Valley of the Kings, where you’ll have some time to enter some of the 60-odd subterranean tombs of well-known ancient pharaohs like Ramesses II, Thutmose I, and the boy king, Tutankhamun. As you descend into the tunnels, you’ll marvel at the perfectly-carved hieroglyphics and friezes that have survived the test of time. You can pay a bit extra to get into King Tut’s tomb, where his mummy now lays in the exact spot it was for thousands of years. Later, you’ll go on to the Valley of the Queens, where you’ll find the tombs of queens, princes and princesses, and noblemen. The magnificent Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is up next. This huge, three-tiered temple is carved right into the cliffside, and features masculine-looking statues of the queen, who actually portrayed herself as a king.

Nuestro representante le recogerá en un moderno vehículo con aire acondicionado para llevarles a la ciudad Santa Catalina, que dura aproximadamente 3 horas en autobús. Subirá la montaña de Moisés, y luego visitará el Monasterio de Santa Catalina, que es considerado uno de los monasterios más famosos del mundo y se dedicó a una de sus gobernantes de Alejandro, Santa Catalina, que fue torturada a muerte por el bien de su nueva fe

The day starts with pick up around 9am then drive towards Dahab city around 90 km away from Sharm El Sheikh to arrive at around 10:30am. First stop will be at the equipment rental centre where you can rent and collect your mask and flippers. Drive down to Dahab marine for 10mins in order to get in the sea scope semi submarine.

The first part of the trip will be one and half hour sailing along Dahab coral coast to watch the spectacular landscape and life marine underwater and coral reef formations through the panoramic view windows.

Arrive back to Dahab marine at around 12:30pm, getting off the sea scope and jump in the snorkeling boat. The second part will be on boat where you will have a half day boat trip including two snorkeling different stops and a full lunch meal including water and soft drinks.

Getting in the bus and drive to Dahab city center for a free time shopping 30 to 45mins! Drive back to Sharm for one and half hours to arrive at around 18:30.

This day trip captures the essence of one of the world’s most treasure-laden cities - Cairo - with a visit to the Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and Cairo Museum. It all starts with a flight to Egypt’s capital, where your experienced guide will lead you around this chaotic, colourful metropolis, pointing out its other landmarks en route. Topping everything is Giza with its famous Pyramids. Feast your eyes on these colossal tombs, the last remaining wonders of the Ancient World, and capture them on camera. You’ll get to go inside one, too, before gazing at the great guardian of the complex, the Sphinx. There’s another showstopper, too - the Egyptian Museum. This atmospheric place houses the world’s biggest collection of Egyptian antiquities. Wander spellbound around its main areas, inspecting everything from the golden treasures of Tutankhamun to eons-old mummies, sculptures and more. Your day in this remarkable city includes lunch and if you wish, you can book an VIP upgrade featuring private transfers and your own chauffeured Cairo car and personal guide.

Giza Pyramids are the only surviving member of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World, the great pyramids of Giza are perhaps the most famous and discussed structures in history. These massive monuments were unsurpassed in height for thousands of years after their construction and continue to amaze and enthrall us with their overwhelming mass and seemingly impossible perfection.

The antiquity of these massive structures – the tombs of pharaohs - is simply mind-boggling. The Egyptian Museum which houses around 250 000 antique pieces in its 107 halls. It comprises the world's greatest collection of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts. Marvel at the many rooms filled with golden treasures specially from the world famous treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun. Then, Visit Khan El-Khalili Bazaar for woodwork, glassware, leather goods, perfumes, fabrics, pharaonic curiosities, etc.…

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If you’re interested in digging deeper into the mysteries of the West Bank this tour will hit the spot. It takes you beyond the most-visited sites, showing you antiquities that many holidaymakers don’t get to see. Your tour begins at Medinet Habu, a grand temple honouring Ramses III. Surrounded by massive walls, this impressive place is famed for its reliefs depicting battles and actually contained the heads of some of ancient Egypt’s enemies when archaeologists first discovered it. Afterwards, carry on to Ramesseum - a mortuary temple built for Ramses II. Admire its courtyards and statues of Ramses wrapped in shrouds in readiness for the afterlife. Finally, you’ll make your way to Deir El Medina, the Valley of the Workers. Once home to the artisans that built the Pharaohs’ tombs, this crumbled village is wow-factor stuff. See the outlines of its houses and visit a villager’s tomb - they built them to replicate those of their royal masters. Absolute

Today, you’ll learn more about Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, before coming face-to-face with some spectacular relics from the ancient era. The morning begins with a drive to a newly-opened tomb that’s an exact replica of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber. The boy king is the country’s most famous, and his real tomb has suffered damage over the years because of the huge numbers of visitors it has drawn in. This lookalike version is made to exact standards, and has an adjoining museum showcasing preservation efforts on the real thing. Later, you’ll stop by the house of the man who found King Tut’s tomb, Howard Carter, before arriving at Luxor Museum. It’s smaller than Cairo’s famous collection of ancient artefacts, but Luxor Museum prides itself on its neat arrangement of high-quality, well-preserved pieces.

See the wonders of the underwater world on board one of the largest glass bottom boats in the world! A panoramic glass window of over 80sqm gives you the best view of the coral reefs without getting wet! Sit back, relax and enjoy the underwater show! And just to make it even more fun, join the crew for an oriental show on deck! The perfect trip for families and kids!

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This action-packed trip takes you into the Hurghada desert on just about every type of transport available – from camel to quad bike. Your guides will start the afternoon with a health and safety briefing and a quick quad bike driving test, before leading you out into the desert. This changeable countryside covers pancake-flat desert, rocky roads and rolling hills. Back at the quad station, you’ll get a drink before climbing into a spider car – a skeletal-looking 4-wheel drive. After 20 minutes or so you’ll switch to double and triple-wheeled tank cars. Horse and camel riding comes next – a traditional mode of travel that’ll get you in the mood for the upcoming buffet dinner and live show. Grilled meats, kofta and rice dominate the food spread, while entertainment comes in the shape of traditional dance troupes. A spot of stargazing rounds the night off.

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