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This trip teams snorkelling and swimming with the chance to spot pods of playful dolphins. Your boat will take you out to a coral reef, where you can pull on a mask and snorkel and join the colourful Red Sea residents underwater. After an hour or so it’s time for lunch on board, as we sail to our next snorkelling stop. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins as we glide along – they’ll often jump and flip over the waves. Another hour of snorkelling is up next, before we cruise back towards the marina at Marsa Alam.

You’ll tick off the iconic River Nile, and one of Egypt’s best-preserved ancient sites on this overnight trip. You’ll be picked up after sundown and climb onboard a cruise ship, where you’ll be treated to dinner. Afterwards, it’s time to bed down for the night – your captain will set sail in the small hours, so you’ll wake up as you’re mooring in the city of Qena. After breakfast, you’ll disembark and drive to nearby Dendera. The temple here is considered to be one of the finest examples of Ancient Egyptian architecture that stands today – unlike most, its roof is still intact. You’ll have some time to wander through the chambers, admiring the detailed carvings and brightly-coloured hieroglyphics on the walls and ceilings. At the end of the day, you’ll return to the ship for lunch and sail back down to Luxor. You can upgrade this trip to All Inclusive, too, which gives you local beer, wine, hot and cold drinks on

You get two-for-one with this trip, which takes place over two consecutive mornings. Day one is all about exploring Luxor’s West Bank. You’ll have time to delve into the colourfully-decorated tombs of the great pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings, as well as their wives’ counterparts in the Valley of the Queens. You’ll get to climb the steps of the magnificent Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. And, you’ll have a photo stop under the towering Colossi of Memnon statues. On day two, you’ll visit the huge temples of Luxor’s East Bank. Highlights in the Karnak Temple complex include a guard-like line-up of sphinxes, a sacred lake, plus the Great Hypostyle Hall, where you can snake your way through the shadows of 134 enormous pillars. Later on, you’ll head to Luxor Temple. The two were once connected by an avenue lined with hundreds of sphinxes. Today, Luxor Temple is known for its statues of seated pharaohs, and walls that are covered in friezes an

This 2-hour quad bike tour will give you an overview of Marsa Alam’s mysterious desert landscape, with stop-offs that include an ancient Egyptian temple and a Bedouin village. First off, you’ll partner up with a quad bike, before setting out with a guide who’ll lead you along the dusty paths that wind through the desert and mountains surrounding Marsa Alam. After an hour’s drive, the group will take a break at a Bedouin village. Here, you’ll find out about their nomadic lives and try a cup of traditional hibiscus tea. There will also be time for a quick look at the sandy Karnak temples complex. The return journey is just as head-turning – it shows off dune-heaped desert and rusty mountains on all sides.

El antiguo Cairo es famoso por sus antiguas iglesias. Al Moallaqa (la iglesia en suspensión) se construyó sobre los restos de la fortaleza romana de Babilonia. Fue construida a finales del siglo IV. Una talla de madera representa a Jesucristo entrando en Jerusalén. Alberga alrededor de noventa iconos raros de estilo basilical. La iglesia de Abu Sega data del siglo IV, fue usada como refugio por la sagrada familia cuando huían del Rey Herodes. La iglesia de la Virgen es una de las iglesias modernas y tiene una importancia especial después de difundir la noticia de la aparición de la Virgen María en una de sus tumbas. El Museo Copto incluye la mejor colección de arte copto y antigüedades en el mundo, incluyendo manuscritos, iconos y textiles.

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El Museo de Nubia alberga la historia de Nubia, conocida como la "Tierra de Oro" en jeroglífico, la lengua del antiguo Egipto en la que los símbolos pictóricos se utilizan para representar el significado y los sonidos. El Museo Internacional de Nubia se encuentra en Asuán, en un área de 50.000 metros cuadrados, tres mil piezas de antigüedades representan diferentes edades: geológica, faraónica, romana, copta e islámica.

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Soar through the skies over Luxor and bag yourself one of the most magical sights ever. On this sunrise hot air balloon ride, you’ll glide up from the West Bank in an expertly piloted balloon and float over the some of the areas best sites, giving you a unique angle on the monuments most only see from the ground. Wow at the desert hills and tombs. See the Colossi of Memnon sitting silently below. Soak up the views over Luxor as the morning sun glints over the Nile. They’re all laid out on a plate below and you’ll enjoy them in complete tranquillity far from noisy traffic and tour groups. Just don’t forget your camera or video camera - the views over the land of the Pharaohs are simply stupendous. You’ll need to get up before dawn, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with you forever.

The Aswan High Dam. Philae Temple. And a train journey through the Egyptian countryside. They all line up on this day tour. Catching an early morning train from Luxor, you’ll clickety-clack past ancient villages and farmsteads on your way to Aswan. Once there, you'll visit Philae - a lovely island temple dedicated to the gods Isis and Osiris. You can almost cut the atmosphere with a knife as you wander around its gateways and colonnades. Your guided tour continues at the High Dam. Sweeping across the Nile, this monumental structure was completed in 1971 and created the world’s largest reservoir, Lake Nasser. After lunch at a local hotel, perhaps with time for a swim in its pool, enjoy a motorboat ride around the old cataracts where Agatha Christie wrote “Death On The Nile” - rocky outcrops where the Nile’s waters gush like mini-rapids. Then, if time allows, it’s on to Aswan’s colourful bazaar for some shopping before catching the late afternoo

¿En busca de una experiencia diferente? Embárcate en una emocionante aventura con un paseo en quad por el desierto egipcio.


* Una original forma de explorar el desierto del Sinaí
* No requiere experiencia previa
* Ideal para toda la familia

Deja atrás el bullicio de la ciudad y prepárate para una aventura inolvidable. Disfruta de una emocionante excursión por el desierto del Sinaí a bordo de un poderoso quad. Conduce a través de las dunas y los riscos de Sharm el Sheikh y experimenta un torrente de emociones durante dos horas y media. Sólo debes preocuparte de elegir el amanecer o el atardecer para explorar el fascinante corazón del desierto.

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Marsa Alam has one of the most important dolphin habitats in the Red Sea and the world. Samadai reef, more commonly known as “Dolphin House", is the home to a large family of around sixty spinner dolphins. The boat leaves Marsa Alam marina it takes about 80 minutes to reach the Dolphin House reef. There you have a very good chance of being able to swim and snorkel with wild spinner dolphins - a moment of a lifetime which will be infinitely more memorable than an arranged photo call with a captive dolphin at a sea aquarium.

And even if you are very unlucky and a dolphin doesn't swim near you, the reef and its' sheltered shallow lagoon offer a fantastic range of marine life and sites including turtles, rays, clownfish, underwater reef pinnacles and an awesome swim.

After your snorkel you will be able to have lunch at noon on the boat as well as soft drinks and tea and coffee. Then after lunch more swimming or you can relax on the boat before returning to Marsa Alam marina.