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If you have not dived within the last twelve months then you will be required to complete a Scuba Review conducted from the shore.

Ancient Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, the boy king Tutankhamun, is the focus of this day out. It starts with a trip to a replica of his final resting place. The lookalike tomb, made using high-tech laser scanning, only opened at the start of summer 2014, and occupies an authentic underground spot not far from the real McCoy in the Valley of the Kings. It comes with an accompanying exhibition explaining why it’s necessary to preserve the real thing, which has been damaged because of the number of tourists it attracts. Afterwards, you’ll visit the house once occupied by Howard Carter, the English archaeologist who uncovered King Tut’s tomb. Today, it’s filled with memorabilia from the time of Carter’s work in Luxor, and you’ll even spot some original furnishings from the Twenties.

This trip combines a Nile cruise with a visit to the stunning temple of Denderah north of Luxor. Everything starts with a relaxing ride on Le Lotus, a comfortable modern cruise boat. Leaving Luxor, you’ll drift by traditional villages, giving you a fascinating peek into everyday Egyptian life. After mooring up, you’ll then visit the temple itself. Built in the 1st millennia BC and dedicated to the goddess Hathor, this breathtaking edifice is considered one of Egypt’s best preserved and is unique for still having an intact roof. Gaze at its pedestals covered in hieroglyphic inscriptions. Stare at the bloodthirsty sacrificial scenes on its walls. After your guided tour, you’ll also have a chance to wander round and take photos. Then it’s time for your leisurely cruise back, with the sunset casting the riversides in a magical glow. Lunch is also included on the tour.

Early morning you will see one of the biggest highlights of Egypt. We will proceed to the west bank of Luxor. In the Valley of the Kings, the last resting place of the Pharaohs, you will discover tombs more than three thousand years old still with their original colors. Out of a lot of tombs, you will visit three tombs with beautiful murals, which give you an insight into the Pharaohs funeral rites.

Then we will proceed to the Hatschepsut temple which was built by the powerful queen Hatschepsut, the famous female ruler of Egypt who posed as a male to gain the throne. The Temple consists of three layered terraces reaching 97 feet tall. On the way back stop at the Colossi of Memnon, which mark the site of the funerary temple of Amenhotep III.

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Expect a night to remember. You’ll sit down to a three-course meal at the world-renowned Hard Rock Café, where juicy burgers and sticky ribs are served among instruments and costumes from the rock and roll era. When you’ve let your dinner go down, you’ll take to the dancefloor and make the most of a two-hour open bar.

A visit to Philae Temple at night to attend the Sound and Light Show is a magical experience. The floodlit buildings are silhouetted against the volcanic rocks and water surrounding them, creating a magical environment.Enjoy the spectacular lights of the multimedia presentations which vividly reveals the form and majesty of this ancient site and walk through the dramatically lit temple as its history is narrated.After the show your driver/guide will meet you at the gates of the complex to escort you back to your hotel.

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Up for a magical history tour? Then this great value trip takes you by road to Luxor for the most enthralling history lesson ever. The temples, tombs and monuments here date back a whopping 4,000 years or so, when ancient Thebes, Egypt’s Pharaoh capital, was in its prime. You’ll kick off at the spine-tingling Valley of Kings, the last resting place of the Pharaohs. Here, the limestone hills house 62 maze-like tombs, each built to see their revered inhabitants safely into the afterlife. While you’re here, you’ll also see the humungous twin statues of the Colossi of Memnon, built to guard the necropolis, and the stunning Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This three-tiered mortuary sits beneath a 300-foot rock and is fronted by incredible colonnades. Then after a tasty lunch, get your cameras ready for Karnak. Just outside the city, this jaw-dropping temple is crammed full of skyscraping pillars, chapels and statues. After collecting your jaw from the floor, it’s time to reboard your coach for your journey back. Oh, and if you fancy doing things style, how about a VIP package? This includes your own chauffeured car, driver and personal guide in Luxor.

Port Ghalib is a waterfront premier integrated resort community situated on 18 kilometers of virgin shoreline. Located in the rising city of Marsa Allam, Port Ghalib is an investment that is already redefining the exotic coast of the Red Sea Riviera.
The dazzling 8 million square meter master plan planned to contain a plethora of investment opportunities ranging from luxury beach front villas, elite golf estates, and superior Marina apartments to internationally renowned hospitals, schools, spas, water parks and international luxury hotel chains. With a variety of high-impact and low-impact land, water, and desert activities, Port Ghalib truly is a World of its Own.
We Pick up the guest from hotel to marina at port ghaleb around 10 km from madinat coraya after that the guest ride the boat to Sail from Port Ghalip Marina till 1st Snorkeling Stop around 40 minutes after that sailing to the second Snorkeling stop the guest has his Lunch on board (food variety Options are available).After that sail back to marina and Transfer back to hotel.

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This trip takes you into lesser-explored territory along the West Bank at Luxor. You’ll start by visiting the Valley of the Queens, where the wives and family members of the famous pharaohs and highly-ranked nobles were entombed thousands of years ago. Around 80 lavishly-decorated tombs are hidden in the Y-shaped valley, including the resting place of the famous Queen Nefertiti. Its brightly-coloured reliefs have earned this tomb the nickname of the ‘Sistine Chapel of Ancient Egypt’. You’ll have some time to navigate the narrow tunnels of some of the tombs. Later, you’ll move on to Deir el-Medina – once a village that housed the tombs’ builders. Some of the workers built their own mausoleums, and also decorated them in a spectacular fashion.

Jacques Cousteau called the Red Sea a ‘corridor of marvels’ and this four-day package gives you lots of time to discover its wonders. Available to certified divers only, it’s your ticket to eight guided dives - two on each day - all hosted by our dive partners, Ocean College. On the first, you’ll head by boat to the reefs around Naama Bay. Then on the remaining days, you’ll set sail for the Tiran Straits or Ras Mohammed National Park - two of the world’s premier diving areas. While the Tiran is known for its glorious coral plateaus, Ras Mohammed goes overboard with marine life. Its translucent waters are crammed with fairytale rock formations and vast coral gardens teeming with wrasse, glassfish, jacks and snapper. Keep a lookout for eagle rays, turtles and hammerhead sharks, too. With an instructor showing you all the best sights on each trip, you’re guaranteed the time of your diving life.