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Al-Areen Wild Life Park (Sanctuary): This unique experiment in conservation was established in 1975 - inspired by H.E Crown Prince lifelong interest in wildlife and falconry. The idea was to create an environment that would protect and allow the reproduction of endangered species. The park has now become the leading conservation organization in the Middle East. It's an exciting drive through in a coaster viewing the animal collections from various parts of the world and seasonal flowers in the garden. Jabel Al Dukhan: This is the highest place in Bahrain and is another fascinating spot to be seen and to take pictures from.

First Oil Well Museum: The discovery of oil which has changed the face of Bahrain and later the entire Gulf region forever is acknowledged in the oil museum. This is a small building which is setup on the site of the historic first oil well, founded in 1932. The Museum exhibits photographs of the early oil pioneers. It has some fascinating displays, including drilling equipment, documents, old photographs and a working model of oil rig. The museum is a fine reminder of the extent to which Bahrain evolved in its march into the modern world.

Tree of life: It is located couple of kilometers from the Jabel Dukhan . Standing alone in the otherwise barren desert its source of taking water remains mystery. Stone Age flints have been found in the area and the flourishing acacia tree is a welcome refuge from the sun and provides a popular picnic spot.

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The tour will start with the visit to the Bahrain Fort, 16th Century Portuguese Fort and the largest archaeological site in Bahrain. The tour will continue to Barbar Temple, this archeological site is actually three temples, one succeeding the other on the same site date back to third and second millennium BC. Now proceed to another interesting site which is the Saar Ancient Settlement. The settlement is the only one in Bahrain to have been excavated extensively and visitors are afforded a unique glimpse of daily life in Bahrain 4,000 years ago.

A brief drive from here to visit the Saar Burial Complex or the honeycomb burial complex. Our last visit of the day will be the Burial Mounds, notably scattered along large stretches of Sheikh Khalifa Highway, near the Hamad Town roundabout, these archaeological mounds are of great historical importance, going back to the Dilmun civilization in the third millennium BC. Tour will head back to the hotel.

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Bahrain Fort: Thought to be once the centre of power for the ancient Dilmun civilisation, Qal'at al Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) has UNESCO World Heritage status. The Bahrain Fort occupies a strategic military position where the navigation movement could be watched. Excavations have revealed ancient soldier's barracks, horse stables, an ammunition depot, a secret passageway, ceramic utensils and Islamic and Chinese currency coins.

Bahrain Fort Museum: Open to the public since 2008, the site museum display area consists of five exhibition halls organised around a massive Tell Wall. With 500 artefacts showcased, the long settlement history of the site is evoked to the unique backdrop of the wall, which recreates the different archaeological layers uncovered at the site.

Royal Camel Farm: The Camel Farm owned by His Highness the late Shaikh Mohammed Bin Salman Al Khalifa, uncle of the current ruler. There are more than 500 camels at this farm and you can see the baby here, if they are not taken out for feeding.

King Fahad Causeway: opened in 1986, this remarkable 25km feat of engineering links Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most expensive bridges in the world. The causeway traverses Umm Nasan Island, which is a sanctuary for wildlife, and at halfway point there is a facility area, including one tower restaurant, which you can visit even if you don't travel the whole distance to Saudi Arabia.

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Beit al Quran means house of Quran’s. It is one of the island’s most attractive pieces of architecture and is the home to an immensely fair and valuable collection of Islamic manuscripts collected from all around the Islamic world including North Africa, Iran, India and china along with number of rare Islamic artefacts like jewellery, gold ornamental glasses and utensils. The interesting collection of calligraphy prints and books dating back to 7th and 8th centuries are unique.

Al fateh grand mosque has its architectural beauty. It has the world's largest fiber glass dome and the entire mosque is tastefully designed. Its interior truly reflects the Islamic beauty. The mosque can accommodate more than 7,000 Muslims to offer prayer. Non-Muslims visitors are most welcome and it is mandatory to wear decent clothes and cover head (for women) and remove shoes before entering the mosque.

Bahrain international museum offers a comprehensive view of Bahrain and houses a wonderful collection of exhibits from contemporary Bahraini paintings, sculptures and ceramics to scenes depicting life in the Dilmun civilization more than 5,000 years ago. The most attractive part of the museum “the walls” where a replica of an ancient burial mound dating to 2,800 BC is placed. The mound is taken from original place and reinstalled in the museum.

The Bahrain World Trade Center (also called Bahrain WTC or BWTC) is a 240 m (787 ft) high twin tower complex located in Manama, Bahrain. The towers were built in 2008. It is the first skyscraper in the world to integrate wind turbines into its design.

King Fahad causeway is approximately 25 KM long, build at the cost of $1 billion connecting Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. It is one of the world's longest bridges over the sea and between two countries. The drive through this causeway is pleasure and visit to the tower restaurant near the Saudi Arabian.

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Starting point Bab al Bahrain or hotel. A pleasant drive through government road viewing the latest construction of modern buildings to exhibition road where the night life is always at its peak with lots of activities and international restaurants.

We will reach govt guest house, old palace, and then drive through adliya, juffair, corniche road, reaching the causeway linking Manama to muharraq. Drive to Arad fort then to airport road to reach the restaurant where delicious oriental cuisine welcomes you. After the dinner will drive via the new bridge to go to the Bahrain financial harbor viewing beautiful illuminated buildings and pass through pearl roundabout representing GCC brotherhood and return to bab-al-Bahrain or hotel.

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Bahrain Fort (also known as the Portuguese Fort)
This structure is one of the most fascinating examples of forts in Bahrain. The first section is dating back to 2800 BC and it is surrounded by legends and interesting tales. Many excavations have uncovered treasures from the different eras they first lived through. The Museum is worth visiting at the north east tower of the fort.

Burial Mounds:
172,000 burial mounds belonging to the Bronze Age from about 3,000 BC making it the site of the world’s largest prehistoric cemetery. Al Jasrah House:
It is the house where the former Amir of Bahrain shaikh Isa Bin Salman Al-Khalifa the Amir was born. The house was built in 1907 and was vacant since the thirties. Al Jasra house was renovated in1986 and has been open to the public since then. It indeed represents the traditional Bahraini House. Al Jasrah Handicraft centre:
It is located close to Aljasra house and is worth visiting as it offers varieties of homemade handicraft. Camel Farm: You will enjoy visit to camel farm located at Janabiya. Have your camera ready to pose with the camels, as they are very friendly creatures.

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Bait Shaikh Isa : It was residence of Shaikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa from 1869 to 1932. This house in Muharraq gives glimpse of royal life in the 19th century and is the fine example of Bahraini Architecture.

Shaikh Ebrahim Centre : Shaikh Ebrahim an intellectual and man of letters had his majlis in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries. The interior has an open auditorium, small majlis for meetings, office and a library which has books mostly in Arabic, on history literature and architecture.

Abdullah Al Zayed House : This house has the arched doorway with decorative carved design and old style stained glass fanlight panes.

Mohammed Bin Faris House : This house once belonged to the famous Bahraini oud player and songwriter, Mohammed Bin Faris and now it is a museum in honor of the late musician.

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Manama Souq in Bahrain is a very busy and vibrant marketplace with a number of traditional as well as modern browsing zones. The marketplace or souq is situated in the central part or the down town of the city of Manama, close to Bab Al Bahrain. The souq extends from Bab al Bahrain road on the eastern corner; Al Khalifa Road is extended on the north side of the Manama Souq.

The Lulu Road is stretched towards the west and south. Abdulla Road is extended to the east City Center: Bahrain City Centre is the first and biggest mixed-use development in Bahrain offering the best shopping, leisure and entertainment experience to its customers under one roof. Strategically located on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Highway in the heart of Manama, Bahrain City Centre has introduced a world-class retail ambience and hundreds of other 'firsts' to the Kingdom including 150 of its over 350 internationally reputed brands making their debut in the country.

The Centre’s stunning entertainment offer includes the region’s first indoor/outdoor temperature controlled 15,000 square metre Wahooo! Waterpark, Bahrain’s biggest cinema complex Cineco 20, and a family entertainment centre for children and young adults, Magic Planet. For food and beverage options, over 50 food court outlets have been lined up to offer the most popular as well as exotic choices from all over the world.

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