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Tickets en San Cristóbal y Nieves

For the ultimate in sailing experience, indulge yourself in this all-inclusive, refreshing catamaran cruise.

Down at the Port Zante, a beautiful sleek catamaran awaits. Sail along the scenic south-eastern coastline of St. Kitts as you enjoy open bar service. A collage of sun, sea, music and gentle Caribbean breezes invite you to be their guests for the day, as the natural beauty and lush vegetation of the Island avail themselves to you!

Swimming and snorkeling abound, and a sumptuous lunch awaits you.

desde 110,96 €

Bird Rock Beach Hotel, Bird Rock

You can enjoy the dolphins even if swimming isn´t your thing because there is a platform where every one stands-on while dolphins aproach. There, our friendly dolphins give you a handshake, a kiss and a hug. Dolphins are known for their playful nature, something that is really portrayed by them at Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts. Our dolphins are always excited to share their skills and companion, they love people, dolphins are very friendly. You will also have a chance to pet them and swim with them in the place the dolphins call home.

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ATV tours are ideal for couples and families with teenage children; in fact anyone looking for thrills and adventure. You will be picked up and transported to Wingfield estate, located in Old Road Town on the west side of the island. You will be given an orientation of the All-Terrain Vehicle and equipment.

The tour follow trails that take you through sugar cane fields, old plantation ruins, ancient trees, lush foliage and skirts along the fringes of the rain forest of our island that only few tourists get to enjoy. Our experienced guides will satisfy your appetite from start to finish.

We'll whisk through our winding lush Sugar Cane paths, around our majestic mountain range, and unto our centuries-old sugar estate ruins.

desde 75,37 €

Bird Rock Beach Hotel

The Royal Swim with Dolphins program is described as the most dynamic activity at St. Kitts. The Dolphin Royal Swim is the perfect combination between action and nature. What makes the Royal Swim different than any other swim with dolphin program is the famous foot push, where two dolphins will lift you out of the water. Awesome! The interactive dolphin program also includes the dorsal tow, where two dolphins will pull you across the crystal water as you hold on to their dorsal fins. Our friendly dolphins will greet you, give you a handshake, hugs and kisses and show you all the exciting games they love to play in St. Kitts. Discover the unique experiences of swimming with dolphins.

desde 112,3 €

Your air conditioned van or Open air Safari will pick you up at your hotel, Basseterre St. Kitts and journey through the streets of Basseterre which boast the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the Caribbean. Having stepped back in time at Brimstone Hill, take the excursion back to tropical reality as we meander through the beautiful landscape of the island.

Your tour will then proceed back to the capital city and then by an 18 hole golf course and stately homes on the slopes of the majestic hills in the background. Your tour will conclude with a stop at the top of Timothy Hill for a breathtaking view of the Frigate Bay affluent area. You will be captivated by the scenery of long stretches of golden sandy beaches, foaming crests of the Atlantic waves to the North and the tranquil Caribbean Sea to the south. Then the tour will journey to South Friar’s Beach.

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The narrow gauge St. Kitts Railway offers guests one of the most beautiful train rides in the Caribbean! Built between 1912 and 1926 to deliver sugar cane from the fields, the railway now provides a fascinating way to see the entire nation from the comfort of luxurious railcars.

While heading north along the coastline, the train rolls across tall steel bridges spanning deep canyons, and winds through small villages and farms. The high volcanic cone of Mt. Liamuiga rises above the railway, skirted by light green fields of cane and, higher up, by dark green rainforests.

desde 110,96 €

Come out to Wingfield Estate for Sky Safari's most exciting eco adventure! Our new cable line System is an exhilarating cable line expedition through St. Kitts Rainforest. This is a 2.5 hour tour that gives a full exploration of all five lines. You will begin your journey on line 1 where you will be given a detailed orientation of our complete system.

After your successful completion of our 'training program' you will embark on a short off road drive where you will then fly our next three lines, The Boss, Mango Tango & Brimstone Blast, over 250feet above the rainforest floor. A short walk down hill will take you to River Rocker, where you can end the tour with a race on our dual line system (2 lines parallel to one another) and fly over a natural river running pool.

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Spend half day experiencing the exquisite beauty of the tropical Kittitian rainforest with our experienced tour guides. Our Air Conditioned van or Open air Safari will pick you up at your hotel or port and transport you in approximately 20 minutes to Romney Gardens. You will be able to stop in for a beautiful Garden photo and a view of nature at its finest. Proceed onto the Caribelle Studios and off into the jungle.
Walk along a pleasant trail free from the sun and mosquitoes, shadowed by the branches of the trees. Enjoy the flora and fauna and the birds, a virtual paradise for your eyes. Swing on a vine through the forest. Walk next to a small waterfall and listen to the sounds of nature. Step away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life and escape to a virtual Garden of Eden with us. The sounds of nature have a calming effect on the soul. It will rejuvenate and refresh you as you journey on your choice of either a one (1) mile or 2.5 miles hike through the rainforest trails, guided by your informative Five Star Tour Guide. Finish your hike with cool refreshments.

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Bird Rock Beach Hotel, Bird Rock

You can enjoy swimming with dolphins and interact with them in the Caribbean (not a pool or an aquarium) only at St. Kitts as they kiss you, snuggle with you, do aerial acrobatics for you, and finish off with an exhilarating Boogie Push, where the dolphin will push you across the water surface while you ride a boogie board. Awesome! In addition, the Swim Adventure program includes the Belly Ride, where you will hold on to the dolphin’s fins as he rides backwards across the water. Watch all their neat tricks and games sharing their love and charisma with you. Our professional trainers also tell you all the information you need to know about these incredible marine mammals.

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To have a 360 degree experience of St. Kitts - the Caribbean's crown jewel - is to partake of paradise from a natural, cultural, historical and contemporary standpoint. In the heart of Basseterre you will see the former slave market (originally known as Pall Mall Square and now known as Independence Square) surrounded by some of the best preserved British and French colonial architecture in the entire Caribbean.

Smiling Kenny will also explain to you the significance of the Berkeley Memorial and point out the St. Kitts National Museum, mere minutes away. Following that, a trip to the home of the local batik handicraft facility is in order. Moving ever onward, you will drive through Middle Island - home of the first Anglican church on St. Kitts and the burial site of English explorer and settler Sir Thomas Warner, before passing by Brimstone Hill - the Gibraltar of the West Indies and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A stop at the Gibbons Hill lookout affords you the rare chance to witness the furious dance that takes place when the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. Finally, on either South Friar's or Cockleshell beach.

desde 75,37 €

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