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Gustav Adolfs Torg

Join us In an exciting walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town. The guide will take you to Stortorget (Main Square), and tell you about the Stockholm blood bath of 1520. start at the north part of Gustav Adolfs torg. From there the walk continues on to the legend of S:t George and the Dragon. After this we will stroll through the courtyards and lanes of the city’s oldest section, sights which many visitors normally miss.

Discover some of the different neighborhoods of Stockholm, all unique in personality with their own special charms on this private tour. Also visit the famous Vasa Museum and see the boat that sailed for 20 minutes before sinking to the bottom of the sea!


* Visit various different contrasting neighborhoods
* Explore the famous Vasa Museum
* Let you private guide lead the way and fascinate you with stories

Welcome to the beautiful city of Stockholm, made up of 14 islands, 57 bridges and a whole lot of character. Experience the perfect mixture of modernity with tranquility that feels like a breath of fresh air.

Start in the neighborhood of So¨dermalm, a creative and trendy area where you’ll find vintage stores, eclectic stores and boutique Swedish fashion. Keep an eye open for the immaculate looking Stockholm hipsters who meet here in the swish cafes.

The next neighborhood we discover is Gamla Stan, also known as the old town. This is one of the best preserved medieval city centers in Europe and is actually where Stockholm was founded in 1252. The whole area is like a real life museum, full of cobbled streets and ancient architecture. Look out for the notorious Royal Palace. From here, we’ll make our way to Norrmalm, the city centre full of Stockholm department stores and the more affordable highstreet shops. During spring time note how the Kungsträdgården is full of magical pink cherry blossom.

Pass through the post residential area of Östermalm, which strangely has the highest amount of nightclubs. Meander through the Östermalmshallen market hall, contemplating all the colourful, fresh food.

And of course, our final stop is Djurgården often described as a relaxing oasis that has been owned by Royalty since the 15th Century. Here we’ll visit The Vasa Ship museum, the most visited museum in Scandinavia. Learn about the tragic event that took place in 1628 but is now visible for you to see 98% intact.

desde 35,31 €

Are you an active person? Do you want to see more of the city than you could see on foot? Would you like to get off the beaten track and see residential Stockholm? Then meet Stockholm Our Way in front of the City Hall and follow us along some of the 760 km of bike lanes along Stockholm.

During our three hour adventure we’ll drive through the islands of Kungsholmen, Långholmen, Södermalm, as well as along the Old Town, enjoying beautiful sights such as the City Hall, one of the homes and factories of Alfred Nobel, the former city prison and the Royal Palace.

This tour offers fantastic photo stops as well as the opportunity to learn more about Stockholm and its different islands in an environmentally friendly way.


The complete sightseeing tour if you're looking to see Stockholm from the water! Step on board and let you guide to the most famous parts of the city. You’ll travel under fifteen bridges and pass through two locks connecting the Baltic Sea with Lake Mälaren.

You will pass many of the city’s sights as you slide by the different parts of Stockholm. Outside the window you will see the inner city, the Old Town, the islands Södermalm, Lilla and Stora Essingen, the new area Hammarby Sjöstad and the green areas of Djurgården. This boat tour is a perfect sightseeing trip when visiting Stockholm. Get a feel for the islands making Stockholm such a beauty on water. A truly beautiful and memorable tour!

Stortorget 2, 103 16 Stockholm

Are you ready to pillage and plunder? If you are looking for a fun and unique walking tour in Stockholm, you can’t miss The Viking Walk covering all you need to know about Sweden, from the Ice Age to IKEA.

Set amongst the atmospheric surroundings of the Old Town, this 90 minute walk invites you to pillage and plunder your way through Sweden’s culture and history, complete with a Viking guide. Stopping by such famous landmarks as the Royal Palace, Swedish Parliament and Lake Mälaren, we also explore the hidden spots off the tourist track. This walk is great for those who want a fun, memorable experience of Stockholm, great photo opportunities and an overall introduction to Swedish culture, history, and of course the Vikings!

This tour should not be combined with Old Town & Riddarholmen, Stockholm Must Sees or Stockholm Syndrome as a visit to the Old Town is included in all tours.

Sergels torg,111 57

There is a lot more to Stockholm than medieval history, water and bridges. Today the city is marketed not only for being the capital of Sweden - but as the capital of Scandinavia as well.

It’s a bold statement. We are not saying it is true; rather, we consider what lends strength to making such a declaration in our city’s honor and the thinking behind it.

Walking through the main city center we will stumble across sights that will give us the opportunity to, in a very lighthearted way, touch upon subjects to do with everything from the mix of people that live here, to business, innovation, shopping, culture and design, nightlife to the environment.

On our Modern Stockholm walk, we will have the chance to see The Concert Hall - where the Nobel Prizes are handed out, Stureplan - where the exclusive shopping and nightlife of Stockholm are to be found, Norrmalmstorg - where the event that coined the phrase ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ took place and Kungsträdgården - one of many green parks in the city and the focal point for numerous events that take place in the city today. All of that and more will be passed along the way.

desde 18,39 €

Asentada sobre 14 islas y con un total de 57 puentes que conectan las diferentes partes de la ciudad, Estocolmo es también conocida como la Venecia del Norte. Recorre en tres horas los distritos de So¨dermalm, Gamla Stan, Norrmalm, O¨stermalm y Djurga°rde y descubre el carácter propio de cada uno de ellos.


* Excelente panorámica de Estocolmo
* Explora el centro histórico
* Conoce interesantes historias y leyendas

So¨dermalm es una zona bohemia y vibrante de la capital. Admira sus casas de madera del s.XVII y pasea por sus pintorescas callejuelas mientras disfrutas de excelentes vistas de la ciudad. En Gramla Stan, el casco antiguo de Estocolmo, podrás vagar igualmente por las calles mientras tu guía te entretiene con historias y leyendas que harán que la ciudad cobre vida. Contempla el Palacio Real, la residencia oficial del rey. Con 608 estancias es el lugar predilecto para las recepciones oficiales de la monarquía. Muy cerca se encuentra la catedral, el segundo edificio más antiguo de Estocolmo y hogar de la emblemática estatua de madera de San Jorge y el dragón.

Norrmalm, por su parte, es el centro neurálgico, repleto de establecimientos comerciales y con un aire moderno. Desde aquí, puede verse el Ayuntamiento, sede de la cena de gala de los Premios Nobel. Pero sin duda, el barrio más moderno de la ciudad es Ö¨stermalm. Pasea entre edificios señoriales y contempla boquiabierto construcciones de una arquitectura excepcional.

Para disfrutar realmente al aire libre, Djurga°rde es el lugar ideal. Además de una gran isla, es un gran parque que alberga varios museos entre los que destacan el Museo Vasa, el Museo de Skansen y el Museo ABBA.

desde 33,11 €

Stortorget 2

This guide combines for the two most important and popular attractions of Stockholm! An added bonus: you do not queue up at the Vasa Museum ...!

Our walk through the old town will reveal how and why the Nobel Prize was created, where the Swedish royal family actually lives, as we used our waste plied how close the narrowest street in Stockholm is, how many people still live in the old town, how high the acquisition (!), and much more.

From the old town it then continues via ferry to the island of Djurgården. Discover with us Stockholm from the water and find out why Stockholm is called the Venice of the North. Our visit to the Vasa Museum will bring you certainly amazed. The old ship is quite a stunning experience! How can a ship that spent 333 years on the seabed still be so well preserved? How many people died when it went down, especially; why it went down so quickly and who was to blame for it? And as it came into the house, where do we stand? All this and every other question, we will answer you during our tour of the museum. If we are here finally finished with the tour, you are welcome to stay in the museum, to look at the exhibitions and accurately see the film about the Vasa, or simply revel in the atmosphere.


Join on a sightseeing tour through the history of Stockholm. The tour starts at the City Hall and takes you around the second largest island in the city, Kungsholmen. Passing the historical islands of Långholmen and Reimersholme.

Travelling through narrow canals, past leafy shorelines and many interesting buildings, you will learn all about the history of this beautiful city and its development from early industrial to modern times.

Stockholm. 14 islands, two bodies of water. 57 bridges and one original Ice Bar. In the heart of the city is where the world’s first permanent ice bar is located. Made of pure, clear ice from the Torne River in Northern Sweden, the temperature is kept at -5° C year-round. Enjoy your vodka based drink dressed in a warm fur poncho and mittens. In just three hours we will cover the city districts of Södermalm, Gamla Stan, Norrmalm, Östermalm, and Djurgården, each with its own special character. When in Norrmalm we will visit the Ice Bar!

Södermalm. This trendy and bohemian area of the city, offers both small wooden houses from the 1700s and a fantastic view of the city.

Gamla Stan. Or Old Town as we would say in English. Where everything once began. Small alleyways, cobbled streets, this island is home to the Royal Palace.

Norrmalm. Also known as the City Centre. Great shopping opportunities and the focal point of modern Stockholm. In the back drop see the City Hall, venue for the Nobel Prize Banquet.

Östermalm. The city’s most fashionable neighbourhood with stately apartment buildings, fantastic architecture and scenic walkways.

Djurgården. Better known as the outdoor recreation centre for the city locals. The island is also home to many of the city’s museums, the Vasa Museum, the Open Air Museum of Skansen and the latest addition, the ABBA museum.

desde 60,64 €

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