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Escápate del bullicio de las grandes ciudades y relájate rodeado de la belleza natural del este de Taiwán. Nuestro tour incluye vistas del océano en la East Coast Scenic Area y un maravilloso paisaje natural en el valle East Rift. Explora el parque nacional Taroko, que fue seleccionado como uno de los 10 mejores lugares del mundo.

Día 1: Taipéi – Hualien – East Coast National Scenic Area – Taitung
Emprenderemos nuestro viaje hacia la costa este en tren y nos dirigiremos hacía el último lugar puro de Taiwán. Al llegar, nuestro conductor de bus te dará la bienvenida. La primera parada es Shitiping, una plataforma de abrasión marina con arrecifes de coral y cuevas que se extiende a lo largo de un kilómetro por la costa. Descubre Sanxiantai, literalmente terraza de los tres inmortales, que está compuesta por varias islas y arrecife de coral. Su atracción más importante es el puente con forma de dragón que conecta la isla con el continente. Aprende sobre las tradiciones, arquitectura, arte y música de los Amis, un pueblo aborigen de Taiwán, en el centro folclórico Amis.
Alojamiento: Hotel Sheraton Taitung o similar (Hotel 5*)

Día 2: Taitung – East Rift Valley – Hualien
Explora el East Rift Valley, que se extiende desde Hualien hasta Taitung. Maravíllate con la obra de la naturaleza mientras observas los diferentes tipos de accidentes geográficos creados por los ríos Hualien, Xiuguluan y Beinan a su paso por el valle. La primera parada es Luye Gaotai, una zona montañosa situada a 350 metros de altura. Sus favorecedoras condiciones geográficas hacen que este lugar sea la localización perfecta para el cultivo de té y el vuelo en parapente.
Visita el parque ecológico del Humedal de Mataian, situado a los pies de la montaña Masi. Es el humedal natural más grande de Hualien y también fue el suelo natal de los Amis.
Alojamiento: Promisedland Resort & Lagoon o similar (Hotel 5*)

Día 3: Hualien – Cañón de Taroko - Jiaoxi
Visita el conocido parque natural de Taroko, seleccionado como uno de los 10 mejores lugares del mundo. Conoce la grandeza de la obra maestra de la naturaleza y el mayor logro de ingeniería de la humanidad. El parque nacional fue conocido por sus elevados acantilados y sus valles de mármol macizo tallados por un río. Descubre la carretera Central Cross-Island, un estrecho y sinuoso camino de montaña que encontró su hueco entre las rocas. El camino esculpe el cañón y abre su paso para conectar la parte oeste de la isla con la parte este. A la vuelta, párate en el acantilado Ching Shui para admirar el increíble paisaje de la costa.
Tómate un descanso bien merecido después del intenso día de senderismo y relájate con un tratamiento natural en las aguas termales del hotel.
Alojamiento: Hotel Royal Chiaohsi o similar (Hotel 5*)

Día 4: Jiaoxi – Taipéi
Conoce más acerca de la artesanía tradicional, el folclore, el teatro de títeres y las delicias del antiguo Taiwán en el Centro Nacional de Artes Tradicionales.
Explora el Jardín de Orquídeas King Car Yuanshan y maravíllate con la elegancia de esta planta. Taiwán es conocido por sus cultivos de orquídeas y cada año, desde 2004, se celebra el Festival Internacional de Orquídeas.
La ultima parada es la destilería King Car Kavalan, la primera destilería de güisqui en Taiwán, donde tendrás la oportunidad de catar diferentes variedades de güisqui.

Think you can’t see Taipei in a day? Then think again! Get ready for a crash course on everything Taipei! From the famous architectural feats of Taipei 101 and its surrounding busy city center to the ancient, elaborately designed temples and old streets of Taipei.


* Marvel at the liveliness of the Longshan Temple, one of Taiwan’s most visited
* Visit the Presidential Office Building, the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, the Lin An Tai Historical House and the Yangmingshan National Park
* Pass by The Grand Hotel

From the night markets, street food and soothing hot springs that make Taiwan so famous to the must-see National Palace Museum. For the business, or simply busy, traveler with only a short stay in Taiwan, this is catered for you, and will blow your mind. What’s Taipei famous for? This tour has the answers.

Zhishan MRT Station Exit 2

MyTaiwanTour Cooking School provides an immersive experience in traditional Taiwanese cooking and culture. We feel that both of these are inextricably linked. The sounds, sights, smells and tastes found in the typical Taiwanese market are emblematic of everyday life in Taiwan, and they shape the contours of Taiwanese cuisine. To fully understand and appreciate Taiwanese cuisine it's important to become familiar with the various raw ingredients in their natural state, to observe people relating to them in a market setting, and to study and practice traditional Taiwanese methods of food preparation.

This means doing a little more work than one may used to in Western countries, or even in modern Taiwanese, where it's now relatively easy to find modern supermarkets complete with ready-to-use curry pastes and other ingredients. We believe that the total experience we provide creates greater appreciation of both our people and food.

There are three menus that you can sign up for the cooking class.

MENU Pot sticker (Fried dumplings)
Hot and sour soup
Kungpao chicken

On this Taipei day tour you’ll be introduced to Taiwan’s intriguing tea culture. Start with Shihding Hsu’s Noodles handmade experience and Shihding Old Street. Then you will be visiting one of the most scenic tea plantations in northern Taiwan, located close to Feicui Reservoir, Taipei’s most important source of drinking water.

Seen from a distance the reservoir resembles a famous lake in mainland China and is therefore also known as Thousand Island Lake. The neatly kept rows of tea bushes of the Bagua Tea Plantation will present you with excellent photo ops! Last spot will be Pinglin Tea Museum.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Have a lengthy layover in Taiwan? Don’t want to spend your time at the airport? We've got you covered! Go on our layover day tour for travelers having to make a long stop in Taiwan. We take you to two places of interest in the greater Taipei area, one with truly amazing rock formations, the other known for delicious snack foods and stunning sunsets.
Your day adventure begins with an hour-long drive from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, during which a friendly and informative tour guide will give you a short introduction to Taiwan and the places you will be visiting.
Then we stop at Yeliu Geopark on the north coast, famous for its sea-eroded landscapes and strangely-shaped rock formations. Have fun photographing amazing features and learn about the tales and myths that surround this fascinating place. Among the strange and wonderful rock formations you’ll find are honeycomb, ginger, and mushroom rocks, and, the most famous of all, the ""Queen's Head,"" said to resemble the head of the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti.
The next stop is the lovely port town of Tamsui, to the north of Taipei City. There you will be visiting Fort San Domingo, a small sturdy fort built by the Spanish in 1629, which contains a wealth of Taiwanese history and also boasts spectacular views of the Tamsui River. Then walk along the lively old street of Tamsui and follow the riverfront where you can sample a wide variety of snacks and also play some interesting games. The old streets and the heritage sites of Tamusi give you a great starting point to get an idea of what Taiwan‘s rich culture is about.
Then it will be time to get back to the airport and on your flight to your final destination you might reminisce about your day in Taiwan and perhaps you will be thinking of coming back one day to explore to see more of beautiful Taiwan.
- Visit Yeliu Geopark, well-known for sea-eroded terrain with strange rock formations, such as the ""Queen’s Head""
- Take in the enchanting scenery of the north coast
- Visit the beautiful Fort San Domingoin Tamsui
- Explore the historical architecture, sample traditional foods, and enjoy a memorable sunset (time permitting) at Tamsui’s riverfront

Wulai is a famous mountain village in northern Taiwan. Residents are most aboriginal people. The place is famous for hot springs, trail train, waterfalls.

Neidong National Forest Recreation Area
This area is surrounded by waterfalls, streams and forests. Neidong Creek is narrow, and rapidly flowing water cuts the valley into a steep ravine. The result is a three-tier waterfall with an abundance of silk-like water flowing adjacent to the forest.

Wulai aboriginal Tribe Tour
The aboriginal culture center across Wulai Waterfall is a remodeled museum of aboriginal folk art. It introduces the aboriginal culture, customs and habits of Atayal Tribe and demonstrates the historical artifacts.

The famous Wulai Waterfall is about 80 meters high. It is magnificent like a white silk cloth coming down from the sky.

Bitan green lake - night view
Bitan is one of the eight famous attractions in Taiwan for people to relax and enjoy their vacation. The lake's steep cliffs and aquamarine water make it one of Xindian's scenic spots.

El distrito norte de Sanxia es famoso por el templo de Qingshui Zushi (Ancestro Divino), conocido por la laboriosa y lenta dedicación a las artes clásicas y que se manifiesta en su moderna labor de reconstrucción. La ciudad en sí es un tesoro de mística oriental, con una deliciosa muestra de arquitectura oriental.

Ubicado donde fértiles llanuras se encuentran con estribaciones montañosas y bendecida con un práctico sistema de transporte por río, Sanxia era una base histórica de producción de alcanfor, el cultivo de té, y especialmente el teñido de telas. Pero lo mejor es sin duda el templo de Zushi Qingshui, con su combinación única de religión, arte, y tallas exquisitas.

Yingge es una bulliciosa ciudad conocida por la industria de la cerámica: uno de sus monumentos más populares es una antigua chimenea cuadrada de combustión de carbón. El lugar central del comercio es la avenida Jianshanpu, donde no solo se pueden apreciar las obras de cerámica y porcelana, sino también disfrutar de los espectáculos callejeros y el café servido en la calle. Hay más de 100 tiendas en la calle. Incluso el puesto de helados tiene tazas y tazones a la elección de los clientes. Además de comprar los productos de cerámica y porcelana, también puedes aprender a hacer tus propias obras maestras de cerámica.

desde 36,65 €

If you’re lucky enough to have visited Taiwan, then wherever you go, it stays with you, for all of Taiwan is a moveable feast. Be astounded at the variety of dishes and snacks at Old Street. Appreciate the world’s most popular drink in one of the world’s supreme tea-growing regions. Enjoy the beautifully lush landscapes of the Bagua tea plantations and the fertile backdrop of Qiandao Lake located in the upper reaches of the Jade Reservoir. And be swept away in a gondola through the mountains of Maokong.

In front of Yuanshan MRT Station, Exit 1

Want to really experience Taipei like a local? This unique Taipei city tour will take you through the main streets and back streets of Taipei, with a local taxi driver as your guide. Sit up beside the driver and learn about a typical day while also observing local Taiwanese people and culture. Chat with passengers and the driver, learn more about Taipei, and even make new friends! Locals are, after all, the best tour guides. Get advice on sites to see, places to eat, and experiences to have, and learn about Taipei, all from those who know best: Taipei’s own people!

Unlike a typical car-based tour, this Taipei city tour will take you right into the heart of the community. Local residents can still hail your taxi and ride along with you, enabling you to interact with them and see Taipei from different perspectives. You’ll see streets not mentioned in guidebooks and have a true city adventure, filled with characters as well as sites on a tour that’s never the same thing twice.

For those taking the morning tour, there will be a lunch stop where you can buy local street food before continuing on your Taipei drive.

desde 123,61 €

Join us for a magical tour to the little, culturally rich town of Pingxi. We’ll travel along the historic old rail line from Jingtong to Pingxi. Guests will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way as the train winds through rivers, wooded gorges, and more. Built nearly 100 years ago, this little chugger continues to attract visitors for its richness and charm.

But this tour is not just for idly watching from afar, we’ll also traverse the lush and hilly landscape of the Crags of Pingxi. These trails offer spectacularly rich views of the surrounding hills and forests. While in Pingxi, there is something that cannot be missed.

Pingxi owes some of its fame to the annual Sky Lantern Festival, where thousands of visitors release their wishes written on lanterns into the sky. Don’t miss out on this magical and lovely tradition.

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