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Have a personalized shopping experience that no other destination manager in the world offers. Shop in as many stores as you like with a wide variety of goodies, gifts, fashion and souvenirs. All you need are a little cash and a love for good bargains. Personal escorts are available for the shopping experiences covering the entire city of Port of Spain and its environs.

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This adventure takes to Arima where we see some of the decedents of our first peoples. We then drive into the northern range with its wide array of birds, flora and fauna. You then have the opportunity to visit with Dora as she takes you through the steps of making your own coffee and sharing a taste of the delightful brew. We continue our drive for a stop for lunch in a cedar cabin with a gracious host couple in Neil and Germaine.

We then take a short hike to the breathtaking Marianne waterfall. Here we’ll enjoy a dip in the cool refreshing mountain stream or just relax with nature. We’ll continue our tour to and along the North Coast of the island to Maracas Bay, the most popular beach on the island. Here we’ll have a dip in the sea and a taste of our world famous Richard’s Bake and Shark as an evening snack. We’ll then complete the circle by making our way back to Port.

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We pick you up at 11.00am and take you to Buccoo, a popular Fishing Village on the Caribbean coast. There you have the opportunity to shop for local souvenirs, handmade batik and tie-dye clothes, beach wraps, etc. From there we will drive to Lowlands to visit the Tobago Art Gallery where you will find an amazing selection of original paintings as well as prints from local artistes. Our last stop is at the Gulf City Shopping Mall, the largest Mall on the island with a variety of stores as well as a food court. You will return to the hotel just in time to spend the afternoon on the beach.

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We begin with an excursion through the new city, downtown Port of Spain. Trinidad boast of having everything anyone else has in the world, twin and leaning towers, a myriad of races and much more. We’ll then see the seat of our Parliament, the Red House, and find out about the secret of its colour. The Queen’s Park Savannah and its turn of the 20th century colonial homes, in the Magnificent seven are next.

We’ll discover some of the secrets of the Savannah including the fact that the Graf Zeppelin and other aircrafts made it there landing strip in the early 1900s. We then make our way through the old city with visits to the old slave settlements of Free Town, now known as Belmont. In this area, we’ll see the original homes of Kwame Ture (Stockley Carmichael) the architect of the Black Power movement around the world and Maycock, the first Free Slave to own land in the area. We’ll also get the history of Observatory Street and the first line of Longitude established in the western hemisphere. We will also indulge in a bit of Steel Pan and Carnival history.

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Travel south to Temple in the Sea and hear the story of a simple man defeating the colonial power of the day. Then, visit The Wild Fowl Trust, a bird sanctuary on the compound of the country’s largest oil refinery.Drive through our second city, San Fernando to lunch at the largest shopping mall in the south, The Gulf City Shopping Complex. Next, visit A Pottery Factory to shop for trinkets.

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We travel south for our first stop at the San Fernando Hill, called Anaparima by the Native Indians, this was both a religious and pilgrimage site for the natives, attracting visits from as far as South and Central America. A local lunch stop is then made at the Gulf City shopping mall for 1-½ hours, where you can also shop or browse. We then continue south for a stop at Pepper corner to sample hot sauces and other preserved delicacies. Our main stop is the ‘Wonder of the World’, the Pitch Lake, the largest asphalt lake of its kind. Here we will hear the history and myths of the lake and can also have a quick dip in the therapeutic sulfur ponds.

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After your pick-up from the hotel we will drive along the Windward Road to Roxborough, the biggest village on the Atlantic Coast. This is where you will find the famous “Tobago Cacao Plantation”. Once Cacao was the major crop in Tobago, today this is the only Plantation in operation producing Cacao beans for one of the best chocolates in the world. Here you have the unique opportunity to watch how Cacao is being grown, the beans fermented and dried before being shipped to France, all in a beautiful location with magnificent views.

After this interesting approx. one hour tour of the plantation we head to the neighboring Argyle Waterfall, the biggest on the island. It’s an approximately 20 mins walk through an old Estate until we reach the first pool. There you can enjoy a refreshing bath in the crystal clear water or if you are adventurous you might want to climb to one of the higher pools before enjoying a bath in one of them.

Discover Tobago’s most beautiful sights. We will show you both, the Caribbean and Atlantic coasts withTobago’s scenic beaches and bays, old Forts and the most beautiful lookouts. We visit the picturesque fishing village of Charlotteville in the north-east of the island. The tour includes a typical local lunch at the famous Jemma’s Sea View Kitchen in Speyside. Other highlights will be a visit of the sleepy fishing village Castara, Englishman's Bay and Charlotteville.

At the end of the tour we stop at the historic site of Fort King George in Scarborough, the capital of Tobago, enjoying spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic coast. You will have many opportunites for beautiful photos in addition to doing some Souvenir shopping.

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A scenic drive along the Windward Road, overlooking the wilder Atlantic coast, enjoying breathtaking views. From the lookout at Speyside, we can see Goat Island and Little Tobago. We continue our journey to Batteaux Bay, home of the picturesque Blue Waters Inn. Here we board a glass bottom boat to the bird sanctuary of “Little Tobago” and to see the breeding grounds of migratory and other marine birds.

Back on board, we cruise over to the wonderful underwater world of “Angel Reef”, where snorkeling is an option (Mask+ Snorkel included). This is followed by a tasty lunch at a local restaurant in Speyside, before a leisurely drive to Arnos Vale where you have the unique opportunity to watch various species of hummingbirds as well as other tropical birds at the "Adventure Farm", a bird- and nature lovers paradise.

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Our tour starts with a scenic drive to the Argyle Waterfall. The river and falls are part of the oldest protected Rain Forest Reserve in the Western Hemisphere. This waterfall is Tobago’s highest tumbling at 54 meters in a series of stepped cascades. Enjoy a short hike through the lush vegetation, an easy trail with a bit of wild life as well as an incredible diversity of local trees, like cacao, mango, cedar, poui and many more.

You can take a dip in the refreshing pools. In the late afternoon we will continue our trip to Arnos Vale for a visit of the Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve, a bird lover’s paradise. Up to 50 different species of birds visit the farm daily and you may see up to 5 different types of Hummingbirds close-up (a Hummingbird Haven). Spend some time admiring nature at its best before returning your hotel.

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