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Sucre en la época de la Colonia: Templos, conventos, plazas y primeras calles de la ciudad. Entre las mencionadas visitaremos la Plaza Pedro Anzures, Mirador y Museo de la Recoleta, donde se podra apreciar una vista panoramica hermosa de la ciudad; Iglesia de San Lázaro, Santa Clara donde se caracterizan por sus coros y Museo de Arte Indígena (ASUR), en el cual podremos apreciar los tejidos de las diferentes culturas de la region.

This visit will get us back to the past, it will be an encounter with the history of the Andean world and its traditions; Tiwanaku (around 3.000 BC), is considered one of the most ancient civilizations of South America and is located only 1 ½ hours from La Paz on paved road.

On the way we stop at Laja, a small village on the Altiplano, where La Paz was originally founded in year 1.548. In the archaeological area we visit the museum, temple of Kalasasaya, Sub ternary temple, their carved stone tenon-heads embedded in walls and of course the legendary Sun Gate.

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The city of Sucre, located on the edge of the Andes, near Potosi, was founded in 1538 as the city of La Plata and soon became the capital of the Pool Hearing. In 1992 UNESCO declared the city a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The long isolation of the city helped its preservation and pleasant character: The buildings of the city center are painted in its original white colonial.

Sucre is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Bolivia and South America. Visiting charming streets town one cringes by aura beauty expressed neoclassical facades magnificent colonial and its welcoming people churches. Sucre also known as the "White City". Its historical center maintains the colonial architecture of past centuries.

We start our trip at 7 km from the city is the Castle of the Princes of the Glorieta, Walking his Large gardens, then we will go to the mysterious Cemetery and finally arrive to Bolivar Park where we will take a nice walk by the surroundings.

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Begin touring the city center, past the Prado, Hotel Los Portales, The Mormon Temple and El Jardin Botanico. Then climb to majestuso Cristo de la Concordia, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city and go down in Funicular to address the Lower Valley. Pass by Tiquipaya, visit The Hotel Regina and Contribution to go to the oldest church in Cochabamba where the Lord is Good Voyage. Visit a property of Active Tourism and Rural, where we can appreciate a beautiful view of Cordillerano environment, tasting sweet and organic jams among others.

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Descubre Samaipata y relájate contemplando el paisaje montañoso mientras escuchas la lengua quechua y sientes el agradable aire fresco típico de este clima. Antes de llegar a Samaipata nos detendremos a visitar Cuevas, donde podrás dar agradables paseos por los arroyos y admirar las cascadas de agua cristalina. No podrás resistir la tentación de nadar en las piscinas naturales. A continuación continuaremos nuestro camino hacia el Fuerte de Samaipata, a 6 kilómetros de la localidad, en la ladera oriental de los Andes bolivianos. Este es el yacimiento arqueológico más importante en la parte oriental de Bolivia y ha sido declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad.

A pesar de su nombre se trata en realidad de un centro religioso construido por los chanés. Se encuentra junto a las ruinas de una ciudad construida por los incas durante su expansión hacia el sureste. En su momento los valles fueron invadidos por guerreros guaraníes, que destruyeron Samaipata y dominaron la región hasta la llegada de los españoles. En el templo también podemos encontrar ejemplos de arquitectura mozárabe, dejada como legado por los españoles. Esta confluencia de culturas hace que este yacimiento arqueológico sea único.

Por la tarde podrás disfrutar de un tour panorámico de la ciudad, de camino a los hoteles de Santa Cruz.


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Plaza Murillo, Socabaya, La Paz

Discover the incredible city of La Paz with a local. Learn all about the unique history behind San Pedro Prison, one of La Paz’s most famous landmarks. Wander through the fascinating Witches Market, learning all about Bolivian myths, legends, and voodoo. Take in the outstanding view over La Paz from a scenic viewpoint above the city. Visit local La Paz food markets and learn about Bolivian cuisine. This La Paz tour hits all the right marks – captivating, scenic, and a little bit spooky. Journey through La Paz with a local to discover all the stories that make up this magical Bolivian city, from the inmates of San Pedro Prison, to the mysterious tales of The Witches Market, and the locals that live and work in highest capital city on Earth. <

Your La Paz adventure will start in the very heart of this incredible city, at Plaza Murillo. There couldn’t be a more perfect backdrop for your introduction to Bolivia’s war, wealth, and nature, than the impressive architecture that surrounds you in this square. We’ll not only kick off your tour with plenty of insights, we’ll also make a stop here to try a traditional, tasty mid-morning Bolivian snack (because fun facts should always be accompanied by food, right?!). As we move away from Plaza Murillo on this La Paz tour, we’ll head towards San Pedro Prison, an infamous La Paz landmark that is best seen from a local’s perspective. Your guide will give you the lowdown on what makes this prison so famous, and what makes it one of the most fascinating local stories in town. We’ll stroll past the prison walls (don’t worry, it’s completely safe!) and then head towards several local markets, places where Bolivian culture really comes alive. Lean about the staple foods of Bolivia, such as the endless different types of Andean potatoes, produce that is worked into the local cuisine in all kinds of interesting ways. As we continue to tour La Paz, we’ll also head towards a local fruit market to taste freshly-picked organic fruit, sourced from every corner of Bolivia. Taste mouth-watering, flavourful fruit from the Bolivian Amazon rainforest, and try to guess their names! Next up, we’ll hop into some public transport and journey up into the outer heights of La Paz.

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Plaza Murillo, Socabaya, La Paz

Be pleasantly surprised by Bolivia’s delicious food scene. Try a wide range of food from markets, local restaurants and even fresh produce from nearby Lake Titicaca. Learn all about the humble produce Bolivians turn into greatness in their traditional dishes. Visit a Bolivian Chocolate Factory and discover and kinds of chocolate flavours. Take in a panoramic view of La Paz as the sun goes down. Neighbouring Peru might be the popular kid when it comes to South American cuisine, but this La Paz food tour is out to put Bolivia in the spotlight. Taste fresh organic fruits, fish dishes right from Lake Titicaca, tasty snacks you’ve never heard of, and even make a stop at a Bolivian Chocolate Factory. Ready, set, EAT!

Be sure to come to this tour with an appetite – you’ll need it! We’ll begin our La Paz food tour at Plaza Murillo, where you’ll meet your guide and head off to a local restaurant to dive right into some Bolivian cuisine. Here we’ll try some traditional potato soup, a very common dish that has been warming the Bolivian people for years. We’ll have a chat about the food and flavours of Bolivia, giving you an introduction to this often overlooked cuisine. From here, we’ll continue on food to Camacho Market for a sweet bite – some fresh fruit salad. Here you can select from all kinds of colourful, organic fruits to create your own combination of sweet and tangy treats. But don’t fill up too much! We’ll be heading to a Bolivian chocolate factory on our next stop, where we’ll sample all kinds of different types of chocolate from Bolivia, and learn about its production. As we continue to tour La Paz, we’ll jump on some public transport and head towards a restaurant that serves fresh fish from nearby Lake Titicaca, as well as famous potato stew. To put it simply, you can’t get more Bolivian than that! Next, we’ll walk off some of those calories by making our way back to downtown, passing through a few marketplaces along the way. For those of you who aren’t already stuffed, there will be plenty of opportunity to nibble on some local snacks and drinks such as api, a pork dish called chicarron, and puffed cereal like pasankalla.

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El paseo se inicia visitando la Plaza Colon, Paseo del Prado, Palacio Portales, varias Iglesias, vista cercana del Cristo, que se encuentra en la colina de San Pedro (Es el mas alto del mundo), barrios residenciales y varios lugares de interes turistico de la ciudad, como plazas, fuentes y la colina de las Heroinas de la Coronilla.

Begin touring the city center, past the Prado, Hotel Los Portales, The Mormon Temple and El Jardin Botanico. Then climb the majestic Cristo de la Concordia, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city and go down in funicular to address the Lower Valley. Pass by Tiquipaya, visit The Hotel Regina and Aporte to go to the oldest church in Cochabamba where the Lord is Good Voyage. Visit a property of Active and Rural Tourism, where we can appreciate a beautiful view of Cordillerano environment, tasting sweet and organic jams among others. Lunch at a typical restaurant and our last visit will be the cultural center of Simon I Patiño.

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We pick up from your hotel to take you to Biocentro Guembe, including admission to the park surrounded by exotic plants, lush forests and native animals of the region. A place where you will find a beautiful variety of flora and fauna, natural areas, nature trails, pools, ponds and recreational activities for all ages. Güembe Biocentro & Resort is located in the Urubó, fifteen minutes from Equipetrol in car. With over 10 years of history serving the national and international tourists, it has enough experience to be a product suitable to the demands of tourists worldwide.

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