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Sucre en la época de la Colonia: Templos, conventos, plazas y primeras calles de la ciudad. Entre las mencionadas visitaremos la Plaza Pedro Anzures, Mirador y Museo de la Recoleta, donde se podra apreciar una vista panoramica hermosa de la ciudad; Iglesia de San Lázaro, Santa Clara donde se caracterizan por sus coros y Museo de Arte Indígena (ASUR), en el cual podremos apreciar los tejidos de las diferentes culturas de la region.

The city of Sucre, located on the edge of the Andes, near Potosi, was founded in 1538 as the city of La Plata and soon became the capital of the Pool Hearing. In 1992 UNESCO declared the city a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The long isolation of the city helped its preservation and pleasant character: The buildings of the city center are painted in its original white colonial.

Sucre is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Bolivia and South America. Visiting charming streets town one cringes by aura beauty expressed neoclassical facades magnificent colonial and its welcoming people churches. Sucre also known as the "White City". Its historical center maintains the colonial architecture of past centuries.

We start our trip at 7 km from the city is the Castle of the Princes of the Glorieta, Walking his Large gardens, then we will go to the mysterious Cemetery and finally arrive to Bolivar Park where we will take a nice walk by the surroundings.

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