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Our first stop on this unforgettable tour will be Harrisons Cave where you will travel through the winding tunnels in trams and make your way into the specially lighted caverns, view the majestic stalactites and stalagmites which have been growing from the floors and ceilings for many centuries.

Cascading through the caves, the crystal blue waters from magnificent pools and waterfalls, Harrison's cave is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime. Then make your way up the Island's green hills down on to our spectacular East Coast. After enjoying these breathtaking sights and stops you will enjoy a quick lunch. Then we are off to the Wild life Reserve for a glimpse of those mischievous Barbados green tail monkeys.

For the second part of your day we will spend the afternoon at Paynes Bay. Your time at Paynes Bay includes: a boat trip to swim with the turtles, a beach lounger and umbrella, a complementary drink and use of their washrooms and freshwater shower.

Meeting Point: Departure South Coast Hotels 8-8:30am, Cruise Ship Port 8:45am, West Coast 9-9:30am. Duration: 6-7 hours.

Other information: Please be sure to wear your swimsuits and bring a beach towel for this excursion; towel and swimwear, voucher and a photo ID. We only accept collapsible wheelchairs with people who are at least able to get in and out of vehicles on their own or with limited help. We do not accept scooters.

The Shallow Draught, Bridgetown

Experience the award winning Atlantis submarine tour which is one of the most highly recommended attractions in Barbados for adults and children (Min height 3 feet.). On the hour we invite you to board our transfer vessel the Ocean Quest, which will take you to the submarine.

Sit back and enjoy the brief boat ride to the Atlantis dive site along the scenic coastline, as the professional crew welcomes you and gives a safety briefing. The vessels tie up alongside each other and you make the easy transfer from the Ocean Quest to the Atlantis Submarine. After securing the hatches and being seated in the air-conditioned comfort of a real submarine, the call is made to: “Dive! Dive! Dive!” You are now fully submerged in the aquamarine Caribbean Sea with large viewports all around, as curious exotic fish peek in at you and sea fans sway.

This unique “must-do” undersea voyage, can take you to a shipwreck and to depths of 150 feet, which in the past has been reserved only for scuba divers. A knowledgeable co-pilot narrates the 40 minute underwater adventure and will help you to identify the amazing sights on the other side of your window. Before returning to the surface, you explore the large expanses of sea floor as if it is your playground.

Create amazing unforgettable memories as you are piloted among an array of colorful coral formations, and tropical marine life. On surfacing, you are transferred back onboard the Ocean Quest for the return to Shallow Draught. A beverage is provided on the return journey.

Atlantis Submarines Night Dive Description
Are you looking for something unique to do after sunset? Experience another side of Barbados’ night life in a very different manner. There is only one other place in the world that Atlantis Submarine Night Tours can be experienced, making it truly unique. After a 15 boat ride out to the dive site and a brief transfer to the submarine, the hatched are secured and the dive begins. Only natural daylight is initially used but as it gets dark during the dive, the lights are switched on, revealing a very different perspective of the coral reef. This allows you to experience the best of both worlds - day and night. Predators and reef fish are a bit fewer in number than during the day but this is a more romantic and awe-inspiring experience than the day tour. The night dive is concluded by a brief cocktail reception where there is an opportunity to meet the submarine crew.

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Enjoy a touch of splendour while visiting Harrisons Cave. Then over the hills and through the valleys we go on to the unforgettable East Coast for a fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Our last stop is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve where you will find those mischievous Barbados monkeys at play.

Meeting point: Departure South Coast Hotels 8-8:30am, Cruise Sip Port 8:45am, West Coast 9-9:30am. Duration: 4-5 hours.

Other information: voucher and a photo ID, Standard clothing. Men and women must both be fully clothed. We only accept collapsible wheelchairs with people who are at least able to get in and out of vehicles on their own or with limited help. We do not accept scooters.

We are very lucky in Barbados in that deep water is within a mile of the beach. This allows us to be fishing just ten minutes after leaving the dock. We typically troll along the fifty fathom ledge and here we catch Wahoo, Sailfish, Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Barracuda and a few other species.

We fish off the south-east and the west coast usually. The west coast is sheltered from the prevailing east trade winds and so it’s very calm and perfect for those with poor sea legs. We do venture further offshore when in search of Marlin, although it’s possible to catch them on the fifty fathom line occasionally.

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For all of those who just want a quick tour to Barbados ?1 attraction this is the tour for you. Our Harrisons Cave tour is a short 3 hour tour that takes you into the center of the Island where you will tour the very magnificent Harrisons Cave. This tour can be done by the young and old as the cave is toured on trams. Following the cave tour we will return you to the Cruise Ship port or your Hotel.

Dockside show featuring Pirates of the Caribbean followed by a Pirate Cruise with dinner and open bar, music for dancing. It includes round trip transfers, cocktail eats from some of the Caribbean islands, such as Jerk Pork from Jamaica, Bol Jol from St. Vincent, Pelouri Balls from Trinidad, Fish cakes and Breadfruit chips from Barbados along with a BBQ Steak or grilled Tuna or Baked Chicken buffet dinner and unlimited drinks. The Show is fabulous with fire eating, limbo dancing, stilt walkers, an interactive show with theme dancing, beautiful costumes, the notorious comical Bajan characters Town Cryer and Mother Sally.

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You’ll get into the chilled-out vibes in no time after swimming with the Caribbean’s laidback giants –hawksbill and leatherback turtles. Your transport for the day will be a sleek catamaran, with a fully-stocked open bar for post-snorkelling refreshments. After cruising out to an inshore reef, you’ll drop anchor and it’ll be time to don your mask and snorkel. You can jump in and swim eyeball to eyeball with 100lb turtles – the biggest in the turtle family. Snorkel in the calm, clear waters with the majestic creatures gliding around you, and take in the colourful coral below. Later, they’ll be some time to stretch out on deck and soak in the warm sunshine. And, you’ll be treated to lunch as you sail.

Atlantis Submarines is 65 ft. submarine that can dive to a depth of 120 ft. and carries 48 people. This exciting excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people - divers and non-divers alike. You board a transfer boat that carries you out to the sub - about a 10 minute ride. Then you board the submarine, and dive below the surface of the water where you will explore the colourful coral reefs, bountiful sea life - and maybe even see a sea turtle or manta ray swim by. Your underwater journey last about 40 minutes -then it's back up to the sruface to re-board the launch for the ride back to the dock.

Deja a un lado todas tus preocupaciones mientras navegas a lo largo de la hermosa costa y experimentas la emoción de nadar con tortugas en las cristalinas aguas de Barbados.


* Un crucero de lujo con todas las comodidades a bordo
* Nada con tortugas en mar abierto
* Ponte las aletas y la máscara de buceo para explorar un colorido arrecife de coral

Recibe la bienvenida de una tripulación profesional al lujoso catamarán Tiami y disfruta de una emocionante aventura en el mar. Durante la travesía no te faltará de nada: tendrás a tu disposición bebidas gratis, se te servirá un almuerzo tipo bufet cuidadosamente preparado por un chef y recibirás el equipamiento necesario para practicar esnórquel.

La excursión incluye tres paradas para que puedas conectar con tu lado más aventurero. Echaremos el ancla en un colorido arrecife de coral, donde podrás explorar la fauna y flora submarinas. También tendrás la oportunidad de experimentar en otro bello rincón natural qué se siente al nadar con tortugas y relajarte en una maravillosa playa de arenas blancas.

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Traditional Friday night Fish Fry in an historic island village with local craft vendors, Caribbean music, dancing and delicious typical Barbadian cuisine. At an Oistins Fish Fry in Barbados, you can choose from a variety of bajan seasoned fish and have it fried or grilled as you take in the local entertainment and music. There’s also lots of local rum and beer to be enjoyed at the bars while you dance the night away.

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