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Torna Street 4-2C, Barracks of Jacob`s, Old Riga

Latvian beer and snack degustation – 4 beers, 4 snacks and national dish – grey peas in a nice and authentic Latvian style restaurant in Old town.

This tasting is a journey through Latvia and it`s four regions. Latvia is a small country but Latvians are very proud, and there`s a reason! How do you think – who made the first pizza in the world? Latvians in region Kurzeme! Who made the strongest beer? Latvians in region Latgale!

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During the voyage we guarantee an unforgettable view on the Old city and its’ towers, Riga castle, Riga passenger terminal, TV Tower in Zak¸usala and other pla- ces that cannot be left without notice. River boat ”Vecri¯ga” is able to host up to 150 guests.

If you wish you can catch the sun and the wind, and have a delicious cocktails on the open upper deck of the boat which is decorated in a tropical style or you can relax in our bar which is located in the lower deck of the boat. In this deck you will also find a modern style passenger saloon with panoramic window.

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A beautiful cultural walking tour around the Old Town of Riga including visits to The Cathedral of St Stanislaus and St Ladislaus, Gediminas’ Tower and Trakai Castle. The perfect tour to understand the history of such a characteristic place


* Learn and experience the fascinating history of this city
* Go up the Gediminas’ Tower and see the panoramic views
* Explore Trakai Castle and its picturesque surroundings

Start this walking tour around the Old Town, filled with medieval era buildings and narrow cobbled streets. Stroll down Rozena Street, the narrowest street in Riga, where you can spread your arms and touch both sides. Roam carelessly around this charming Town embracing the everyday life of the locals.

Next, we’ll visit The Cathedral of Vilnius, dedicated to saints Stanislaus and Ladislaus found just off of Cathedral Square. This church captures the soul and beauty of Catholicism, with over 40 works of art from the 16th to 19th Century amongst these are breathtaking frescoes and paintings.

Climb the Gediminas Tower, the symbol of the city built on the Tower Hill and boasts impressive views over the whole city and the River Neris Valley. Look out over the landscape from a whole new perspective. Afterwards, we’ll have a quick pause for your lunch break, for you to enjoy lunch as you please.

Enjoy a scenic drive out to Trakai Castle, the capital of medieval Lithuania. Step out into this surreal miniature, wooden town and breathe in the peaceful aura around this stunning location. Explore the Trakai Castle and Museum itself, marvel over artefacts from the 17th and 18th Century whilst touring a 15th Century Castle.

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Radio street 1

River cruise offers you a voyage with our historical canal boats „AMBER RI¯GA”, „AURORA” and „ANNABELLA” During the one hour long „Riga scenery voyage” we can inspect the popular tourism objects from a different angle. The route while traveling along the canal meats Kronvalds Park, Bastejkalns, Freedom Monument, Latvian National Opera, Shopping centre “Stockmann”, Riga International Coach Terminal and Riga Central Market. When entering the river Daugava you will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery of TV Tower in Zak¸usala, Riga castle, Riga Cathedral and other towers of the Old city. During the voyage you will also see Andrejosta and Riga passenger terminal.

desde 12 €

Tour begins from hotel reception in direction to Old Town with private guide and then walking tour at the Old Riga, which was first referred to in chronicles in 1201, excursion starts by passing pedestrian Kalku Street with Livu Square and it’s medieval buildings, Small and Great Guild Houses, Dome Cathedral (entrance), Stock exchange building, Blackheads House (photo stop only), St. Peter’s Church, then passing Latvian National Opera House, city canal, tour ends at Freedom Monument and back to hotel.

desde 31,25 €

Jurmala is a seaside resort situated just 20 km from Riga. The natural curative features of this place were already well known more than 150 years ago. Nowadays golden beaches, blue sea, fresh air and the unique beauty of pine forests attract tourists from all over the world. You can see wooden country houses of the beginning of the 20th century alongside with modern cottages there.

Our Jurmala Sightseeing is a tour full of contrasts: you’ll see the beautiful beach and walk the crowded pedestrian streets full with bars and cafes, stunning beaches as well as some amazing architecture and beautiful nature.

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Old Town, Ratslaukums 6, Riga

Riga is proud of its magnificent heritage of Art Nouveau architecture. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list by virtue of the outstanding quality and quantity of Art Nouveau buildings, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world. The most significant expression of Art Nouveau architecture in Riga is marked by a wide variety of individual styles.

The walk will lead you through Old Riga to the Art Nouveau district in the quiet centre of Riga which features the creations of the most controversial Art Nouveau architect Mikhail Eisenstein and where each building is worth seeing.

You will have a walk along the famous Albert Street, where Art Nouveau buildings range from richly decorated to modest, from Decorative Art Nouveau to National Romanticism. The buildings are highly decorative yet deeply functional.

Decorated with various symbols and mythological characters, each building tells us a different story. Scary lion and screaming men masks side by side with contemplative women’s faces, mysterious sphinxes, delicately carved flowers, birds and animals- it is easy to get lost in such an abundance of images. Don’t worry-our guides will help you interpret the symbolic content of the decorations and tell you a lot of myths and legends.

The 2-hour tour includes the tasting of our magical elixir Riga Black Balsam believed to have the power to cure all diseases.

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Ratslaukums 6

Our guides will show you some of the most important landmarks associated with the Jewish history. During this tour you will learn about the Jewish history in Latvia from 17th century until the present day.

We will visit Peitav Shul – the only working synagogue in Riga. Built in 1905 in Art Nouveau style, it was the only synagogue which survived the Nazi occupation, as it was located in the Old Town and there was a risk of damaging nearby buildings. Nowadays it is the center of Latvian Jewish community.

Other synagogues were burnt down, one of them being the Great Choral synagogue. It was located in the area we are visiting, that became the Riga Ghetto during World War II. Now you can see several memorial signs there commemorating the victims of the holocaust as well as families who helped Jewish people to survive. We will also see the memorial itself - wall supported by columns with the names of 270 people who risked their lives and saved more than 400 Jews.

Žanis Lipke alone saved more than 50 Jews by making an underground bunker in his yard – a hiding place for people smuggled out of the Jewish ghetto.

The Old Jewish Cemetery - Odd as it might sound to modern ears, Jews were not allowed to bury their dead in Riga until 1725 and even then it was on the very outskirts of Riga – today known as the Moscow Suburbs. The Old Jewish Cemetery was part of the Jewish ghetto during Nazi occupation.

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Ratslaukums 6

The tour covers several tourist attractions- Wooden Riga, Art Nouveau in Riga, Renovated historical buildings on both banks of the River Daugava, as well as the Monuments of Soviet architecture.

The tour starts in the very heart of Old Riga - the Town Hall Square. The car drives along the embankment of the River Daugava, providing a wonderful panoramic view of the city which received the European Heritage Label in 2007. You will have the opportunity to admire the beautifully renovated 19th century wooden manors on Kalnciema Street, have a glimpse at Agenskalns Market, one of the oldest covered markets in Riga.

You will be driving past Tornakalns train station, the starting point of the deportations of several thousands of people to Siberia GULAG labour camps. The tour proceeds through the center of Riga to the Art Nouveau district. Enjoy a walk along Albert Street - a real open-air architectural museum, where the most explicit collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe is located! It features the creations of the most controversial Art Nouveau architect Mikhail Eisenstein, and each building is worth admiration.

The tour will take you further to the Circle of Boulevards with a lot of beautiful majestic historicist houses built in the 19th century. You will see the Academy of Arts, the University building, National Opera and Central train station, drive past the Central Market - the dream of traders and customers, the Soviet-style Academy of Sciences and the famous Red Warehouses.

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Ratslaukums, 6

Walk along the narrow streets of the Medieval Old Town with our knowledgeable guides. The tour starts from the Town Hall Square- the central square of the city from 13th to 19th century. You will find out why Riga is called the capital of the decorated Christmas tree, where the key of Riga is being kept and much more.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the architectural pearls from different centuries – from the oldest stone building in Riga dating back to 13th century to our Castle of Light – the National Library which was opened in 2014.

Pay a visit to the biggest churches in the Old Town- St. Peter’s, the Dome Cathedral and St. Jacob’s and find out why their spires are decorated with roosters instead of crosses. There are many gems hidden in these streets and with the help of our guides you can discover the secrets of Riga. The tour also includes a question +answer session with the guide.

Esta actividad es para un mínimo de 2 personas

desde 30 €

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