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Discover the tradition of brewing industry in Laško, where the beer has been brewed since 1825, and raise a toast with Laško beer.

The tour includes a visit of the Laško Museum, a viewing of the brewing procedures at the Laško Brewery and a beer tasting with savoury pastries in a selected pub. The tour lasts two and a half hours.The Laško Museum is situated in the old town centre. The permanent exhibition entitled Laško – A Trip through Time shows how the town has developed from prehistoric times until the modern day. The exhibition Brewery Industry and Spa Tourism presents the long tradition of brewing industry and the healing water springs in Laško and Rimske Toplice. Also worth seeing is the Geology of the Laško Surroundings exhibition as well as the various temporary painting, photography and other exhibitions.

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Venice – the city of canals is the most romantic and one of the most famous city in the world. You will never forget the visit of its squares, canals, bridges and palaces. It will remain in your mind forever.

The tour starts from hotel in Bled. The road takes more than 3 hours until we will reach this amazing city. Then we will start the walking city tour visiting all the most important attractions as St. Mark’s square, Rialto Bridge, Doge’s palace. Some free time for lunch, shopping and individual visits will be given after the about 2 hour’s tour. Late afternoon we will return back to hotel in Bled.

Discover the enchanted "City of canals". Strolling through the labyrinth of canals enjoy this explore the romantic corners of Queen of Adriatic. Visit famous St Mark's square with its impressive basilica of St Mark, spectacular astrological clock, bell tower Campanile and of course the Doge's palace. Pass the Bridge of Sights and enjoy your free time in the city. Wander around the magical streets of Venice and feel the special vibe of this world's famous city.

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Sheltered by the mighty Alps is the magical Lake Bled with Slovenia's only natural island. Board a traditional boat called “pletna” and enjoy the romantic ride!

Arriving to the island, you will have the possibility to climb the bell tower for a beautiful panorama and, of course, do not forget to make a wish and ring the bell in the church.

The 11th century Bled Castle, perched high upon a cliff, features an interesting museum, a wine cellar, an old printing press, a fine restaurant and offers breathtaking views of the lake and the majestic Julian Alps to the west.

On the way back we will stop at Radovljica, a picture-postcard old town famous for its Museum of Apiculture and traditional gingerbread products.

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Goriška Brda called even Slovenian Tuscany is known of its cultivated landscapes, typical architectures of villages and castles to numerous ethnological attractions, customs, habits and a distinctive dialect. Its villages are mostly surrounded by the greenery of vineyards and orchards with roads, track and paths winding among them. Here on this green piece of the earth, the best world famous wines are produced.

The excursion starts from hotel in Ljubljana. The road to Brda takes about 90 min of ride. First we will stop in medieval village Šmartno. After the visit of it and short free time we will precede the ride to two most known local wineries. We will stop in each of it tasting the best and high quality local wines. We will return with a good taste in our mouths to the hotel in Ljubljana. End of excursion.

Visit home of the most pristine wines in Slovenia. Endless vineyards and small village on the top of hills are the most distinctive views. Walk through Šmartno village and taste the best world famous wines of the region known for their high quality.

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The castle and the well preserved old town centre as well as the spa and the brewery give the town its characteristic appearance. Discover the sights of the town that developed on the banks of the Savinja River.

The tour includes a guided town tour, a visit of the Laško Museum and optionally the Tabor Castle.

The Laško Museum is situated in the old town centre. The permanent exhibition entitled Laško – A Trip through Time shows how the town has developed from prehistoric times until the modern day. The exhibition Brewery Industry and Spa Tourism presents the long tradition of brewing industry and the healing water springs in Laško and Rimske Toplice. Also worth seeing is the Geology of the Laško Surroundings exhibition as well as the various temporary painting, photography and other exhibitions.

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From Ljubljana to Maribor, the second biggest town in Slovenia proud to have the oldest wine in the world and with a character much different from the capital! After visiting the main square, castle and Lent, we will head on to Jeruzalem, picturesque village known for its scenery landscape and one of the most beautiful wine roads in Europe.

Jeruzalem Wine Road that is famous for numerous kinds of excellent wines will finally take us to Ptuj, one of the most beautiful towns in Slovenia. Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia with very rich history and many monuments to prove it. Arrive back to Ljubljana in evening times.

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With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings and magnificent lake with an island, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts of the world. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year. Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and a very nice small metropolis. It is green and nice to live. Its historical city center, the river Ljubljanica, the castle, the open market… are only the major attractions to explore.

The excursion starts from hotel in Portorož. After about 2 hours of ride will reach the beautiful city of Bled. The visit starts with the visit of the Bled castle and its panoramic view. After it we will proceed with the Pletna boat ride to the lake island and some free time for lunch and shopping or just trying a typical cake called “kremšnita”. We will precede the tour with the transfer back to Ljubljana. Here the guide will present you all the major attraction of the city and its historical center. We will take even the funicular to reach the Ljubljana castle and enjoy its magnificent view. After about 3 hours of visit we will return back to hotel in Portorož and end of excursion.

Enjoy the beautiful Alpine lake, symbol of Slovenian tourism. Healing climate and immerse beauties are attracting visitors to return to romantic Bled. Pletna will take you to the island. From the castle hill you will enjoy amazing panoramic views of the lake and surrounding. And after it we will see Ljubljana the capital city of Slovenia. Take a walk around the historical city center, and explore all its major attractions. Continue with a visit to Ljubljana Castle and treat yourself to beautiful views of the city from the castle’s ramparts.

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Discover the beauty of Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, considered one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in this part of Europe. Plitvice Lakes National Park has been protected since 1979 as an area of an outstanding beauty with 16 emerald-turquoise lakes that are connected to each other by a fabulous system of waterfalls. These beautiful waters are surrounded by natural green forests and amazing landscapes that will take your breath away. The tour includes a detailed visit to the park with the local professional guide who will lead you through the forest trails of the park while you listen to his commentary.

The excursion starts from hotel in Bled. The road will take more than 3,5 hours across the Slovenia and a part of Croatia landscape. Arriving in Plitvice the guided tour with a local guide will start and take you in this green world of lakes and waterfalls. Even some free time will be given to enjoy the beauty of nature or just to relax, take some drink or lunch. In the late afternoon we will return back to Bled hotel.

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Škocjanske Jame is a cave system in Slovenia. Due to its exceptional significance, Škocjan Caves was entered on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites in 1986. International scientific circles have thus acknowledged the importance of the caves as one of the natural treasures of planet Earth. Ranking among the most important caves in the world, Škocjan Caves represents the most significant underground phenomena in both the Karst region and Slovenia.

Following independence from SFR Yugoslavia in 1991, Slovenia committed itself to actively protecting the Škocjan Caves area and established the Škocjan Caves Regional Park, Slovenia and its Managing Authority, the Škocjan Caves Park Public Service Agency. The Stud Farm Lipica is committed to ensuring care, treatment, accommodation and breeding of all categories of Lipizzaners in accordance with the highest ethical, ethological and technological standards not only due to the role and importance of the stud farm in modern breeding of Lipizzaner worldwide, but above all due to the Lipizzaners themselves.

The Stud Farm Lipica breeds the Lipizzaner in a traditional tested way. Stallions placed in stables in individual enclosed stalls are trained regularly. Broodmares are placed in a joint stable, breeding is free.

Immediately after foaling mares with foals are placed in enclosed stalls for 10 to 14 days thus ensuring them the necessary peace and satisfactory control over the health state of the mother and the foal in the post-natal period. After this period mares with foals return to the joint stable. Breeding is combined, on pastures and in the stable. In the pasture season the entire herd of broodmares is on pastures during the day, whereas in winter, they are moved to arranged places for running when the conditions do not enable pasturing.

The weaning of all foals is carried out at the end of October. Colts and fillies are bred in joint stables; the breeding is combined – on pastures and in the stable until they reach the age of three years and a half. In the period of being introduced into work and testing new capabilities which lasts one year the animals are placed in individual enclosed stalls.

For animals entered in the Studbook of the Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association (ZRLS) no breeding conditions are defined in the Breeding Program directly, however, the following is recommended: that animals are bred in stables ensuring breeding of animals in accordance with ethological standards; that in the pasturing season animals can pasture the whole day on pastures of appropriate size.

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The trip takes us to the main road Lasko - Ptuj. On the way stop in Štatenberk:
near Makole for views of the castle "Štatenberk". Castle began to build Counts Attems more year in 1696 and finished it nekdo about 1740 years. On the floor by the Knight's Hall of the 5 well-preserved room with beautiful frescoes which form part of the museum. Besides these rooms there is still room for a civil wedding. Around the castle is a nice park wild chestnut, ca 10 minutes still comfortable melancholic through the forest towards the pond to three (small pond). The castle is interesting in appearance, its architecture and frescoes. In Slovenia, the castle is treated as one of the most beautiful baroque.

It is planned a short stop. The resort is located along the border with Austria. Obelezja talk that in the area of 15 to 18 century. Wholesale plague. Interesting that Maria's church from 1440 years and especially Gothic rosette (window) which is constructed from a single piece of stone. As such, unique in Europe. Another attraction is the statue of Mary is from 1470 years.

Ptuj: (Latin Poetovio)
the oldest town in Slovenia. First mentioned in 69 years. Poets was the seat of the VII Roman legions Caesar Augustus and XIII Gemina Legion. In the 3rd St. Poetovio becomes the largest Roman settlement in the area of Slovenia with approx 10 thousand inhabitants and the environment over 30 thousand. At that time the city was bigger than London (Londinium) and Vienna. During Caesar Hadrian was built a stone bridge over the river Drava. Imedju 568-590 years to the area come Slavs. 1250 years Ptuj gets city status. In the 13th century, built the city walls, the castle still other important buildings (Dominican and Franciscan monastery, Maligrad ...)

An attractive wine cellar Ptuj also belongs among the oldest cellars in the area of Slovenia.

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