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Vienna is one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Its rich history, music, art and architectures makes it unique and different of all others cities in the world. We will drive along the Vienna Ring visiting the city’s most magnificent buildings and will take a walk through the city center. Some free time for individual visits, shopping or just for the testing of the famous original Sacher cake is obligatory. Even the visit of the magnificent Schoenbrunn Palace will fascinated you.

The tour will start in the early morning from your hotel in Bled. The road takes more than 4,5 hours. Arriving in Vienna we will drive along the Vienna Ring and after it we will proceed with sightseeing city tour by walking through the city center. After about 2 hours some free time will be given. In the afternoon, we will visit the important and magnificent Schonbrunn Palace. In the late afternoon the road back to hotel in Bled will be taken.

Explore the Capital of the Danube Waltzer and visit Ringstrasse, circular road surrounding the Innere Stadt district of Vienna, Hofburg with Spanish riding school, Parliament, City Hall, Palace Urania and Karl's cathedral, famous Graben street to the St. Stephan's Cathedral and Schonbrunn palace.

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Just 45 minutes from Ljubljana lies the magical lake Bled. There you can ascend the old castle perched on top of a steep cliff above the glacial Lake Bled. Castle terraces offer spectacular views of the lake and its tiny island in the middle. After you can take a boat ride with “Pletna”, a traditional boat made by locals and reach the only true island in Slovenia, ring a ‘fortune bell’ and enjoy in beauty reflection of the mountains on the lake, sun, peace and fresh air or continue to breath-taking beauty of Bled’s Vintgar gorge, where wooden path leads along rushing river Radovna through the picturesque gorge, which measure 1600m and ends with 26-metre waterfall Sum.

From Bled you will head south to discover the mysteries of Slovenian karst in Postojna cave. Guided tour will consist of a ride by electrical train and followed by a walk through beautiful passages and chambers with spectacular drop stones, pillars, limestone curtains and other unforgettable forms.

Continue to idyllic village of Predjama where you will be amazed by our fairy tale medieval Predjama castle with dramatic setting in the gaping mouth of a cavern halfway up a hillside. Learn about the legend of Erasmus “Slovenian Robin Hood” and return back to Ljubljana.

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The programme includes the Brewery Industry exhibition at the Laško Museum, a viewing of the brewing procedures at the Laško Brewery and a tasting of the Laško beer and other Laško Brewery products with salted pastries. Like many large companies Laško Brewery offers tours to show the process of beer brewing, the production of alcohol-free beverages and the Oda spring water bottling process.

Laško Brewery has always been up-to-date with new technologies and development of beverage industry. Its capacities and technological equipment place Laško Brewery at the very top of the European brewing industry. This results in the modernization of the brewery and our stimulating and technologically advanced working environment. Laško beer has been brewed with love and pride since 1825.

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Celje is the third-largest town in Slovenia. It is a regional center of the traditional Slovenian region of Styria and the administrative seat of the City Municipality of Celje (in Slovene, Mestna obcina Celje). The town of Celje is located below Upper Celje Castle (407 m or 1,335 ft) at the confluence of the Savinja, Hudinja, Ložnica, and Voglajna rivers in the lower Savinja Valley, and at the crossing of the roads connecting Ljubljana, Maribor, Velenje, and the Central Sava Valley. It lies 238 m (781 ft) above mean sea level (MSL). The Celje region is frequently shaken by minor earthquakes.

Ptuj is a town in northeastern Slovenia. Traditionally the area was part of the Styria region. Ptuj is the center place of a ten-day-long carnival in the spring, an ancient Slavic pagan rite of spring and fertility, called Kurentovanje or Korantovanje.

Kurent is believed to be the name of an ancient god of hedonism - the Slavic counterpart of the Greek Priapos, although there are no written records. Kurenti or Koranti (singular, Kurent or Korant) are figures dressed in sheep skin who go about the town wearing masks, a long red tongue, cow bells, and multi-colored ribbons on the head. The Kurenti from Ptuj and the adjoining villages also wear feathers, while those from the Haloze and Lancova vas wear horns. Organized in groups, Kurents go through town, from house to house, making noise with their bells and wooden sticks, to symbolically scare off evil spirits and the winter.

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The trip takes us to the main road Lasko - Ptuj. On the way stop in Štatenberk:
near Makole for views of the castle "Štatenberk". Castle began to build Counts Attems more year in 1696 and finished it nekdo about 1740 years. On the floor by the Knight's Hall of the 5 well-preserved room with beautiful frescoes which form part of the museum. Besides these rooms there is still room for a civil wedding. Around the castle is a nice park wild chestnut, ca 10 minutes still comfortable melancholic through the forest towards the pond to three (small pond). The castle is interesting in appearance, its architecture and frescoes. In Slovenia, the castle is treated as one of the most beautiful baroque.

It is planned a short stop. The resort is located along the border with Austria. Obelezja talk that in the area of 15 to 18 century. Wholesale plague. Interesting that Maria's church from 1440 years and especially Gothic rosette (window) which is constructed from a single piece of stone. As such, unique in Europe. Another attraction is the statue of Mary is from 1470 years.

Ptuj: (Latin Poetovio)
the oldest town in Slovenia. First mentioned in 69 years. Poets was the seat of the VII Roman legions Caesar Augustus and XIII Gemina Legion. In the 3rd St. Poetovio becomes the largest Roman settlement in the area of Slovenia with approx 10 thousand inhabitants and the environment over 30 thousand. At that time the city was bigger than London (Londinium) and Vienna. During Caesar Hadrian was built a stone bridge over the river Drava. Imedju 568-590 years to the area come Slavs. 1250 years Ptuj gets city status. In the 13th century, built the city walls, the castle still other important buildings (Dominican and Franciscan monastery, Maligrad ...)

An attractive wine cellar Ptuj also belongs among the oldest cellars in the area of Slovenia.

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The castle and the well preserved old town centre as well as the spa and the brewery give the town its characteristic appearance. Discover the sights of the town that developed on the banks of the Savinja River.

The tour includes a guided town tour, a visit of the Laško Museum and optionally the Tabor Castle.

The Laško Museum is situated in the old town centre. The permanent exhibition entitled Laško – A Trip through Time shows how the town has developed from prehistoric times until the modern day. The exhibition Brewery Industry and Spa Tourism presents the long tradition of brewing industry and the healing water springs in Laško and Rimske Toplice. Also worth seeing is the Geology of the Laško Surroundings exhibition as well as the various temporary painting, photography and other exhibitions.

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Lipica Stud Farm is an experience you should not miss. The unique estate of Lipica has more than 350 Lipizzaner (horses) and 435 years of tradition. Postojna Caves are the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world.

The tour starts from hotel in Portorož. The road to Lipica takes about 40 minutes. We will visit the Lipica stud farm and its beautiful typical white horses. After it we will precede the tour to Postojna. After about only 30 min of the road we will be in front of Postojna caves and the visit of them will start. The visit takes about 90 minutes. Some free time for souvenirs or drinks. After it we will return back to the hotel in Portorož.

Visit the home of white Lipizzaner horses admired all around the world – Lipica Stud Farm. Explore the mysterious Karst underground in Postojna Cave, the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world.

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Bled and Bohinj are two magnificent alpine resorts located on the sunny side of the Alps. Both are known because of their typical lakes. Bohinj with the biggest lake in Slovenia and Bled with the lake with the island – the symbol of Slovenian tourism. The peaceful lakes and booming waterfalls, deep gorges and silent pools, timid animals and luxurious alpine flowers, impressive creations of nature and majestic natural phenomena. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year.

The excursion starts from hotel in Ljubljana. After about 1 hour of ride will reach the beautiful city of Bled. The visit starts with the visit of the Bled castle and its panoramic view. After it we will proceed with the Pletna boat ride to the lake island and some free time for lunch and shopping or just trying a typical cake called “kremšnita”. We will proceed with the ride (about 30 min) to Bohinj and visit the Savica waterfall, 20 to 25 minutes of moderate walk on stone steps is needed to reach the waterfall. Return back and stop by the Bohinj lake. Free time for a drink or just to take an amazing alpine view. Return back to hotel in Ljubljana and end of excursion.

Visit two Alpine lakes Bled and Bohinj. The romantic lake Bled is a unique jewel of the Alpine world with its island and castle above the hill. Bohinj lake is the biggest natural lake in Slovenia and the Triglav National Park with Savica waterfall is one of the alpine jewel.

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Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and a very nice small metropolis. It is green and nice to live. Its historical city center, the river Ljubljanica, the castle, the open market… are only the major attractions to explore.

Get to know Ljubljana the capital city of Slovenia. Take a walk around the historical city centre, and explore all its major attractions. Continue with a visit to Ljubljana Castle and treat yourself to beautiful views of the city from the castle’s ramparts. Comfortable walking shoes and clothing are recommended and you should bring your camera!

The walking city tour starts from the square in front of Town Hall. The guide will present you all the major attraction of the city and its historical center. We will take even the funicular to reach the Ljubljana castle and enjoy its magnificent view. After about 3 hours of visit we will return back on starting place.

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Postojna Caves are the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world. Predjama Castle is situated close to the caves and it is one of the most spectacular medieval castles and the biggest cave castle in the world.

We will start the excursion from hotel in Portorož. The road to Postojna takes about 50 min of ride. First we will visit the Postojna caves. The visit takes about 90 minutes. Some free time for souvenirs or drinks, than we will proceed with the transfer to the Predjama castle (about 10 min) and with the visit of it. After the visit of the castle we will take the road back to the hotel in Portorož.

Explore the mysterious Karst underground in Postojna Cave, the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world. Visit the biggest cave castle in the world Predjama Castle, one of the most spectacular medieval castles.

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