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Postojna Caves are the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world. Predjama Castle is situated close to the caves and it is one of the most spectacular medieval castles and the biggest cave castle in the world.

We will start the excursion from hotel in Bled. The road to Postojna takes about 1 hour of ride. First we will visit the Postojna caves. The visit takes about 90 minutes. Some free time for souvenirs or drinks, than we will proceed with the transfer to the Predjama castle (about 10 min) and with the visit of it. After the visit of the castle we will take the road back to the hotel in Bled.

Explore the mysterious Karst underground in Postojna Cave, the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world. Visit the biggest cave castle in the world Predjama Castle, one of the most spectacular medieval castles.

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Lipica Stud Farm is an experience you should not miss. The unique estate of Lipica has more than 350 Lipizzaner (horses) and 435 years of tradition. Postojna Caves are the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world.

The tour starts from hotel in Portorož. The road to Lipica takes about 40 minutes. We will visit the Lipica stud farm and its beautiful typical white horses. After it we will precede the tour to Postojna. After about only 30 min of the road we will be in front of Postojna caves and the visit of them will start. The visit takes about 90 minutes. Some free time for souvenirs or drinks. After it we will return back to the hotel in Portorož.

Visit the home of white Lipizzaner horses admired all around the world – Lipica Stud Farm. Explore the mysterious Karst underground in Postojna Cave, the second largest underground cave system in the world. Unique for its cave train which isn't to be found nowhere in the world.

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What would you need more than some adrenaline activities immerse in the extremely beauty nature? Bovec is the most famous centre of adrenaline activities as rafting on emerald river Soca. The adventure of rafting on the Soca river will be an unforgettable experience. You should try it.

The adrenaline adventure will start from hotel in Bled. We will take the road via the highest mountain pass in Slovenia – Vršic to the Trenta Valley. When arriving in Bovec we will start with the about 2-3 hours experience of rafting where you will start your unforgettable adventure with rafting on Soca river. The green valley of Soca river is a very well know attraction for visitors all around the world. The road will take you through the highest mountain pass in Slovenia - Vrsic, and then through Trenta Valley. The immense beauty of nature and emerald river will leave you speachless. Some free time for lunch. The excursion ends with the transfer back to hotel in Bled.

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Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and a very nice small metropolis. It is green and nice to live. Its historical city center, the river Ljubljanica, the castle, the open market… are only the major attractions to explore.

Get to know Ljubljana the capital city of Slovenia. Take a walk around the historical city centre, and explore all its major attractions. Continue with a visit to Ljubljana Castle and treat yourself to beautiful views of the city from the castle’s ramparts. Comfortable walking shoes and clothing are recommended and you should bring your camera!

The walking city tour starts from the square in front of Town Hall. The guide will present you all the major attraction of the city and its historical center. We will take even the funicular to reach the Ljubljana castle and enjoy its magnificent view. After about 3 hours of visit we will return back on starting place.

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With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings and magnificent lake with an island, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts of the world. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year. Bled attracts a variety of guests from all over the world, enchanting them to return again and again.

The excursion starts from hotel in Ljubljana. After about 1 hour of ride will reach the beautiful city of Bled. The visit starts with the visit of the Bled castle and its panoramic view. After it we will proceed with the Pletna boat ride to the lake island and some free time for lunch and shopping or just trying a typical cake called “kremšnita”. Return back to hotel in Ljubljana and end of excursion.

Enjoy the beautiful Alpine lake, symbol of Slovenian tourism. Healing climate and immerse beauties are attracting visitors to return to romantic Bled. Pletna will take you to the island. From the castle hill you will enjoy amazing panoramic views of the lake and surrounding

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Drive towards the charming Lake Bled and take a traditional boat called “pletna” to the island in middle of the lake with the small Church of the Assumption. Learn about the island’s legends and do not forget to make a wish and ring the famous bell inside the church.

Then proceed to the 11th century Bled Castle and enjoy the finest view on the lake and the backdrop of the majestic Julian Alps. On the way to Postojna, stop at Radovljica, a truly lovely historic town where one can buy traditional gingerbread hearts.

Just over an hour’s drive later, discover the mysterious Predjama Castle, known for its many stories and legends. The castle is also holds a Guinness World Record as the largest cave castle in the world.

The next stop is nearby Postojna Cave, Slovenia's number one attraction. The visit of the underground marvels with an exciting train ride will conclude the perfect day in Slovenia.

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The heritage of beekeeping in Slovenia has a rich and long tradition. The Laško beekeepers will be happy to show you their apiaries and tell you about the life of bees and their products. The Laško Municipality has been awarded the title of a “bee-friendly municipality”.

The tour includes guidance, a viewing of the apiary, the garden of honey-bearing plants and a tasting of honey products.

Visitors have the opportunity to see the apiary, learn about the development and life of bees, see a honey harvest and sample and buy various types of honey and beeswax products. Beekeeping presentations include the four species of bees with the most important role in Slovenian culture.

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Jesenice Train Station

The steam train will start its journey from the railway station Je- senice at 8:53 and pass the Alpine jewels of Bled and Bohinjska Bistrica on its way towards the final destination in the town Kanal in the valley of the river Soca. The train continues its way to the final train station in Nova Gorica. For railway enthusiasts this two-hours-long train ride along the Bohinj railway will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

The view of Lake Bled, crossing and passing numerous gorges, riding through many tunnels, the longest of which measures 6.327 in (3.93 miles), will absolutely not leave you indifferent. Make sure your cameras are at hand! On the train we will be accompanied by tour guides and staff who will provide a merry atmosphere and give information about the train, the Bohinj railway itself and the regions we will be driving through. There will also be a restaurant car where drinks and small snacks will be served.

At the railway station in Kanal we will get off the train and continue our way on buses, accompanied by tour guides we will drive along the river Soca pass the villages Anhovo and Plave to the winegrowing region at the Slovene Italian border Gori3ka Brda. In this picturesque area we will enjoy the views of beautiful small villages, vineyards and fruit gardens.

On our way to Dobrovo, the center of Goriska Brda, we will make a short stop in the village Gonjace and climb up a 23 m (75.5 ft) lookout tower, where the whole region of Goriska Brda will be seen from. With some luck with the weather, the neighboring regions of the Vipava valley, the plateau of Kras, Friuli in Italy, the Italian Dolomites and the Julian Alps will be clearly seen from there. We have been ‘on the road’ for quite a while by then it will be time to stop for lunch, which will be served at one of the local restaurants.

Before our return to the Soca valley we will also visit the largest wine cellar in the region and there you‘ll be able to buy yourselves some of the prominent wines of Goriska Brda. Returning to Nova Gorica, the center of the western part of Slovenia, lying right at the Slovene Italian border, we will board the steam train again and start our railway journey back towards the region of Gorenjska.

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Cankarjeva Street 1

Ljubljana's magical charm grows even stronger in wintertime when the city turns into an enchanting wonderland! Neighbourhoods are full of colourful lights, Christmas markets, the aroma of fragrant mulled wine, and, of course, everyone’s favourite winter delights. Come join us on an adventure that is sure to warm your heart on even the coldest winter night!

Discover Ljubljana, the most beautiful city in the world, in a different light — or in colourful Christmas lights, to be precise! Dive into holiday festivities, warm yourself with delicious mulled wine, and find out why this city is one of Europe's best-kept secrets.

This Ljubljana tour will take you through the charming city streets, full of holiday decorations, Christmas markets, and winter-inspired music. Sip on delicious mulled wine with locals as you visit some trendy places for dessert and snacks, view the colourful lights of Old Town and Castle Hill, and end the evening at a popular local spot.

We’ll zip up our jackets, fling our scarves around our necks, and start this amazing tour in the financial district, among the historic bling of buildings. We’ll walk past by the national parliament and enjoy the lavishly decorated, famous Star Park, nested in one of Ljubljana's biggest squares, Congress Square. We’ll stop and check out some fantastic architectural offerings like the University of Ljubljana building and the Philharmonic. We’ll also get the chance to take a few gorgeous photos of the lit-up castle on the hill. We will continue our walk through small streets and arrive at two of the most charming neighbourhoods of Ljubljana: Krakovo and Trnovo.

Here, we’ll stop in to a couple of local places to sample delicious dishes, like local snacks and cheese platters, and to sip on some world-class Slovenian wines — warmed and spiced up to a comfortable winter-friendly temperature!

Once the hot cup of wine has warmed your hands, we’ll follow along the cobblestoned streets of Ljubljana's Old Town. Then it’s time to grab a quick snack at one of the holiday stands, and admire the must-see sights of Prešeren Square, Triple Bridge, City Hall, Ljubljana Castle, and the Central Marketplace, all while we share stories from days gone by.

We will finish off our tour by conquering one of the tallest buildings in the city, and enjoy the view of the city basking in colourful holiday lights. Finally, we will end the evening with a traditional Slovenian cake, which will get you energised for the unforgettable nightlife in wintery Ljubljana!

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Visit Styria in north-east Slovenia, the land of wine and rich historical heritage. Visit Maribor, former European Capital of Culture, enjoy a stroll through historical town of Slovenske Konjice, discover Žice medieval monastery (once boasting a larger library than Vatican), admire the oldest grape vine in the world and enjoy some excellent organic wines.

Maribor (in German, "Marburg an der Drau") is the second-largest city in Slovenia with about 114,487 inhabitants in 2013. Maribor is also the largest city of the traditional region of Lower Styria and the seat of the City Municipality of Maribor. In 2000, Maribor was given the Alpine Town of the Year award. Association football club NK Maribor is based in the city. The city of Maribor has 11 districts (Slovene: mestne cetrti). The Municipality of Maribor also includes Kamnica, Pekre, Limbuš, Razvanje, Melje, Malecnik-Ruperce and Brestrenica-Gaj. The Drava River separates the districts Center, Koroška Vrata, Melje and Ivan Cankar from the other districts of the city. The various city districts are connected by four traffic bridges, a rail bridge and a pedestrian bridge.Slovenske Konjice is a town and a municipality in northeastern Slovenia. The area was part of the traditional region of Styria.

The municipality is now included in the Savinja Statistical Region It is the administrative and cultural centre of the Dravinja Valley. The municipality borders on the municipalities of Šmarje pri Jelšah and Šentjur to the south, Vojnik to the west, Zrece to the northwest, Oplotnica to the north, Slovenska Bistrica to the east, and Rogaška Slatina to the southeast.

It spreads over 97.8 square kilometres (37.8 sq mi) and has a population of 13,600. About 100 km (62 miles) from Ljubljana, Graz, or Zagreb, it is easily reachable by the A1 motorway (nicknamed Slovenika) and via the small airport near Loce.

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