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In the morning, meet with our reps and then transfer to Guliang Kawan Village located in the central of Bali. Prior, stop at a traditional local market where you will purchase the ingredients of today class such as spices, vegetables etc. Next, enjoy a Cooking Class which offers a fascinating introduction to the exotic ingredients and unique culture of Balinese food. Gain a valuable insight into the techniques of preparation and cooking which is used on a daily basis in homes all over the island.

After your lunch which is served on a hut facing to the rice field, you might join in a rural activity that allows you to experience how the farmers work in the rice fields. You will learn how to plant, transplants or harvest rice (depending on season) and in the same time you will have the opportunity to learn more about Subak, the Balinese traditional irrigation system that is an UNESCO recognized method of sustainable farming. Transfer back to your hotel.

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Depart from Semarang City to Wonosobo city. On the way there we will make a stop at Banaran Coffe for Tolet stop and enjoy coffee break. Arrived at Wonosobo City, lunch will be served at Dieng Restaurant.

After lunch continue to Dieng Plateau and be invited to see the enshrinement of Hinduism temple named Candi Arjuna. The main temples compound clustered around the Arjuna temple in the plain surrounded by mountains and hills. Arjuna cluster located in the central area of Dieng plateau, consisting of four temples that lined elongated in north-south direction.

Arjuna temple is located at the north end, then successively to the south is the Srikandi, Puntadewa and Sembadra temple. Right in front of Arjuna temple stands Semar temple. The four temples in this cluster are facing west, except for Semar temple that facing east right in the opposite of Arjuna temple. This temple compound is the most intact compared to the other temple group clustered in the Dieng area.

Continue the exploration by visiting Telaga warna or Color Lake. The lake appears to be a water-filled caldera with several active gas vents below the water's surface, and signs there are sometimes some active vents around the shore. There are usually two lakes, but the smaller one was just a grassy marsh when visited at the end of the dry season. The smaller lake is usually clear, while the larger one will display bands of color from pale yellow to emerald green, depending on the proximity to the vents. Drive back to Semarang city.

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Travel by legendary Land Rover, on tiny country roads and tracks, through terraced rice fields and untouched rainforest to the real heart of Bali. Visit a traditional farmhouse where the picnic basket will be open while you discover the fragrant spices in a tropical garden. Explore an ancient quarry where stones still cut by ancestral methods to build the temples and shrines of the island.

Admire a hot mineral spring where Balinese have bathed for centuries. Relax in a bamboo restaurant build by local crafts-men surrounded by the rainforest with its magic sounds. Enjoy the Balinese lunch prepared with ingredients from the island, some straight out of the rainforest and accompanied by red or white wine. Taste the Bali Mountain Coffee, the Cognac though, remains French.

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Atrévete con esta triple aventura en una excursión cargada de acción. ¡Disfruta de los maravillosos paisajes naturales de Bali subido en una bici, en un elefante y en una balsa! Este paquete exclusivo te ofrece la oportunidad de conocer el auténtico estilo de vida y la cultura balinesa a la vez que te deleitas con unas vistas sensacionales y te lo pasas en grande.

El paquete incluye la aventura en bici, el paseo en elefante y el descenso en balsa por el mágico río Ayung.

Tu aventura comienza con una excursión en bici por los paisajes más impresionantes salpicados de pequeñas aldeas tradicionales. Descubre la auténtica Bali mientras recorres los lugares naturales más exóticos, donde podrás comprobar la amable hospitalidad de sus habitantes. Puedes parar en cualquier momento para admirar las vistas. Nuestros guías profesionales estarán encantados de contarte cualquier cosa que desees saber. La siguiente parte de la aventura es un paseo increíble en elefante. Atraviesa un mundo de belleza incomparable: arrozales, pintorescas aldeas balinesas, templos y mercados locales... ¡todo ello a lomos de un elefante! La última parte de este paquete tiene fama de ser una de las actividades más emocionantes que puedes experimentar en Bali, el descenso por los rápidos de un río. Esta apasionante aventura acuática te llevará a través de profundos valles, increíbles cascadas, exuberantes bosques tropicales e imponentes precipicios. Desde el momento en que desciendas por los primeros rápidos notarás el corazón desbocado y una descarga de adrenalina. En medio de las efervescentes aguas blancas, pasarás por zonas con pendiente y viejos árboles inclinados, y caerás por pequeñas cascadas de aguas cristalinas. Tu instructor te dará las indicaciones necesarias y velará por tu seguridad mientras navegas atravesando torrentes, remolinos, turbulencias y rápidos de una pendiente considerable. Esta fascinante aventura triple es algo que no te puedes perder en tu visita a Bali si lo que buscas es un día cargado de acción mientras descubres lo mejor de la isla.

Wake up early this morning to reach Borobudur for the sunrise leaving your hotel and then explore this massive Buddhist Temple- the largest in the world- and discover the incredible history behind its construction.

Comprised of thousands of volcanic and river stone blocks, the temple was assembled entirely by human labor and took more than 75 years to complete. These days, the UNESCO Heritage site is still visible in its full glory- with magnificent carvings and an unusual, yet surprisingly beautiful bulk structure.

Coffee/tea and a light snack will be provided in a local restaurant. Continue to nearby Buddhist temple, Pawon and Mendut, afterward transfer back to your hotel in Jogjakarta.

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In the morning you will be met by your professional local guide at your accommodation who will then take you to your first stop, Guliang Kawan Village, located in the centre of Bali. A warm welcome from the villagers awaits you as you enjoy a simple Balinese breakfast served with coffee or tea. Next, you will enjoy a rural activity that allows you to stroll through the village streets to discover the daily life of the Balinese people. Here you will see how they dedicate themselves to their god, you will also be shown the art of making the beautiful Balinese Canang Sari.

This is the daily Balinese Hindu offering, the symbol of thankfulness to the God. Then, continue to see how the elderly Balinese people make palm wine, locally known as Tuak. You will have the chance to taste this common alcoholic drink. Proceed to a blacksmith’s house and see how they produce Balinese traditional tools before continuing to the next house where you will see a Balinese man making a traditional hat that is commonly used by the farmer.

Experience how the farmers work in the rice fields. You will learn how to plant, transplant or harvest rice (depending on the season). At the same time you will have the opportunity to learn more about Subak, the Balinese traditional irrigation system that is a UNESCO acknowledged way of sustainable farming. A delicious lunch will be served on a hut facing the rice fields. Proceeding to Penglipuran, a traditional village that preserves their traditional Balinese architectural housing to today. This same type of typical Balinese entrance stands in a row on the left and right side of the village. You will be transferred back to your hotel at the end of the tour.

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In the morning your private tour guide and vehicle will pick you up from your hotel lobby and then transferred to Abiansemal, to be an exact Bongkasa village where your bicycle is ready to take you to explore the peaceful surroundings. A safety briefing will conduct by your professional cycling guide, describe the route and demonstrate how to use the bike's gear and brakes.

Set off on your 2 hours cycling adventure through untouched rice terraces and villages dotted with traditional houses and temples. Stop to meet friendly locals, take photos of scenic spots and learn about the local culture. Reaching the finish point, the vehicles are standing by to take you to Puri Taman Sari, a traditional Balinese compound owned by a member of the royal family of Mengwi.

Mengwi a long time ago was a very important kingdom in Bali compete tightly with the neighbor Kingdom, Badung. Here you will enjoy your traditional Balinese lunch inside a Balinese compound. Afterwards you will be transferred back to your hotel.

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Bali is originally known as top surf destination, but now Bali is a top diving destination. There are great diving possibilities around the islands, from shallow and sheltered reefs. Most of the diving in Bali takes place on the North East and Northern coasts. Bali's advantage is its diversity of both site topography and marine life. Bali lies at the base of what is known as the coral triangle, regarded by marine biologists as the most diverse and rich diving environments in the world. In this region there are over 3000 species of fish and hundreds of unique species found nowhere else in the world. In comparison, the Great Barrier Reef has around 1500 species.

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In the morning meet with your local guide and then directly transfer to Beringharjo Traditional Market, to discover the daily routine of the local people. This market is the biggest and noisiest market that dates back to the 18th century. It is an excellent place to buy batiks, sarongs, keris, antiques and other souvenirs.

Then continue to the Sultan’s Palace, also known as ‘Kraton’. This building, built between 1756 –1790, is a fine example of traditional Javanese sultanate architecture. As you walk through the various rooms and chambers, you will learn more about this aspect of Javanese heritage and culture. At the Keraton exit point, a pedicab or known as Becak wait for you for your short transfer to Taman Sari or Water palace. This palace was built by the first Sultan of Jogjakarta especially dedicated for his harem as a bathing pool.

Next, exploring the art and handicrafts of Jogjakarta. Visit Indonesia's most popular craft, a traditional Batik factory. Here you will have a chance to create your own batik, start from scratch, making a design, applying wax and then continue mixing your own dye. Afterward, return to your hotel in Yogyakarta.

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Disfruta de un día inolvidable por el mar con este increíble viaje en barco por los alrededores de Bali. El crucero Bali Hai Cruise a la isla de Nusa Lembongan te ofrece un día entero lleno de diversión sobre y bajo el agua. Este lujoso catamarán Bali Hai zarpará desde el puerto de Benoa y navegará por las aguas cristalinas hasta la tranquila bahía de Lembongan.

En esta excursión tendrás la oportunidad de observar las exóticas criaturas marinas de Nusa Lembongan y los coloridos arrecifes desde la comodidad de nuestro observador medio sumergible, buceando en sus espectaculares costas ¡o incluso haciendo submarinismo! Nuestro equipo experto forma parte de la Asociación Profesional de Instructores de Buceo (PADI, por sus siglas en inglés), y te enseñarán todo lo que necesitas saber si es tu primera vez. Disfruta del sol y de un momento de relax mientras te tomas un cóctel o eliges cualquiera de las otras muchas actividades: subir las veces que quieras en un divertido barco de plátano, una excursión cultural por la isla o el emocionante tobogán de treinta y cinco metros de largo. Y cuando necesites recuperar fuerzas, deléitate con un delicioso bufet servido en un local con aire acondicionado.

Esta es una oportunidad única para contemplar el maravilloso mundo submarino de Bali, nadar en sus aguas paradisíacas, divertirte en familia con cualquiera de sus actividades y hacer miles de fotos inolvidables para guardar un bonito recuerdo de tus vacaciones. Este fascinante crucero es algo que no te puedes perder si deseas pasar el día de forma divertida y ver de cerca los extraordinarios paisajes de la isla que guardarás para siempre en la memoria.

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A las 9:15 horas.
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Entre las 15:15 y las 16:30 horas.


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