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Aroma River Spa is Bintan’s only floating spa on a mangrove river, located along the pristine Trikora east coast. Offering traditional Indonesian massages amidst a beautiful mangrove setting, this eco-spa houses its treatment rooms in discretely-built attap and bamboo huts, providing guests a relaxing experience in a unique and truly natural environment. After the spa treatment, guests are treated to a boat tour along the mangrove river, where they can look out for monkeys, lizards and turtles. (Boat tour is subject to availability or depends on tidal condition). Pamper your body at the spa by our professionals. Spa is located on the banks of the river create a genuine atmosphere of nature you can feel.

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The Mangrove Discovery Tours by boat ride takes you down Sebong River, cruise down the river in the cool air and experience the serenity and calmness of the mangrove forests. The 75 minutes eco tour takes you on a back-to-nature encounter with Bintan island’s rich mangrove forests.

As you journey through the quiet waterways of Sebung River, you’d enjoy the sights and serenity around you. Observe the myriad plant and animal life forms that flourish alongside the fleshy green mangrove leaves. Wildlife: The river plays host to a variety of exotic wildlife. Some of the shy wildlife includes the macaque and silver leaf monkeys, monitor lizards and snakes. You’ll hear the calls of the kingfisher and purple heron, and perhaps see a kingfisher in action as it swoops to the water to snare a fish. The riverbed teems with marine life including coral fish, mudskippers, crabs, prawns, mud lobsters, snails, clams and a variety of small fish.

On your discovery tour, when the river meanders south, you’ll catch a glimpse of the orang laut (sea gypsies) and kelongs (over-the-water fishing houses built on stilts) of the river folk. Also look out for the traditional charcoal kiln, and static fishing traps (bubus) that fishermen use.

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Kampong Sri Bintan is one of the tourist village in Bintan. In mid-year between May and August, had to stop by the village of Sri Bintan and meet the Durian also known as the King of Fruits in Asia. This area is planted with many Durian Trees. Desa Sri Bintan included in Telok Sebong regional districts, with a distance of about 30 minutes from the city of Tanjung Pinang enjoy the scenic drive-by via cross-west (Lintas Barat) and be amaze by the waterfall at Gunung Bintan (370 masl).

Desa Sri Bintan does have the natural feel of its own, different from other regions in the island of Bintan, is synonymous with beaches, tropical cool atmosphere at higher altitude. Where there are many plantations of fruits and vegetables including pineapple, Duku, rambutan, rubber plantations, durian and local grown vegetables.

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Tanjung Pinang the newly-created province of Riau Islands in Indonesia. It is a trading, shipping, shopping and tourism seafood center in the region. The harbour also offers visitor an authentic experience of the local trading port.

Be infused with the cultural visit to Guan Yin temple and a 300 year old Banyan Tree Temple! Be with the locals for a day and try out the Indonesian cuisines Bintan has to offer. After lunch, shop till you drop at the local wet market and shopping mall! Enjoy a 90 mins relaxing massage by the professionals. Fill up your tummy again with a scrumptious seafood dinner at the Kelong.

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Tanjung Uban located in the north-west coast of Bintan island is the second largest tour after Tanjung Pinang. Renowned for its quaint and rustic atmosphere, Tanjung Uban offers a window for visitors to sample a truly authentic Indonesian experience. The tour begins with a visit to local farm where you may sample the tropical fruits and vegetables. Tanjung Uban is the second largest town after Tanjung Pinang. Renowned for its quaint and rustic atmosphere, Tanjung Uban offers a window for visitors to sample a truly authentic Indonesian experience.

Drive through the town center of Tanjung Uban, and see the fast-growing cottage industry businesses like motorcycle repairs, kubah (mosque dome) factories and brick-making factories. The scenic drive brings you through the coastal fishing village, where you will see ‘Bugis’ homes built on stilts, and kelongs staking their positions at sea.

Amid swaying coconut trees in the warm tropical breeze, enjoy a refreshing coconut at the local beach. Feeling Refreshed? Head down to the town area and have a quick shopping frenzy. Second to last, enjoy the sea breeze at the kelong together with freshest catch of the day seafood lunch. End your experience, with a smoothing 90mins Indonesian traditional massage.

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