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Tickets en Makassar

Discover the extraordinary beauty and unspoilt delights of Bantimurung National Park. Its lush waterfalls, pools and wooded glades provide a home to scores of tropical butterfly species, while ancient and intriguing caves feature well-preserved examples of pre-historic rock art.

Located about an hour’s drive north of Makassar, the Bantimurung National Park boasts a stunning landscape of limestone rock formations – it is in fact the second largest karst area in the world – as well as richly varied and exuberant flora. It contains over 280 caves, of which more than 30 are thought to have been occupied in pre-historic times.

Your tour begins in a steep limestone valley that is replete with exotic tropical vegetation and where the highlight comes in the form of a 15 metre-high waterfall cascading down into an enchanting pool. The valley is particularly renowned for its colourful butterflies, many of which were first catalogued by nineteenth-century naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.

After a scenic picnic lunch we travel on to Leang-Leang, also known as the Pattea Cave, where you will have the chance to see authentic ancient hand prints and pre-historic cave paintings, believed to be more than 5,000 years old.

This outstanding tour provides the ideal introduction to a magical location, enabling you to explore its pristine natural beauty and the flora and fauna for which the area is renowned. The opportunity to witness centuries-old cave art at first hand rounds off an unforgettable experience.

Feel the magical connection that binds man and nature in this tour of the Indonesian countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of the city of Makassar. Experience a canoe paddle along the unforgettable Puteh River and mingle and dine with the local folks of small provincial villages. Discover how there are places on Earth that seem untouched by the passing of time.

The first stop is the hamlet of Ramang-Ramang, where villagers will welcome you with broad smiles of genuine warmth and hospitality. Once acquainted with the locals, hop onto a traditional canoe and paddle off down the Puteh River. As you glide down the stream, admire the impressive karst ‘towers’ and limestone cliffs that flank the river throughout its course.

Bring your canoe to the shores of Berua, where you will be invited to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the town to contemplate the quaint comings and goings of the villagers. Feel the joy of seeing a simpler way of life in action and even get a chance to form a part of it: a local family will invite you to a hearty traditional meal at their very own home.

After this welcoming experience, the final experience part of this adventurous odyssey: a light trek through the breathtaking limestone park. Your tour definitely won’t be lacking excitement.