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During this Full Day Combo Tour, you will visit the main highlights of El Salvador: The Volcanoes, Lake and Mayan Sites of the country. First, visit the volcanoes and lakes of El Salvador. Cataloged as the “2nd 8th Wonder of the World for 2013?: the “Lake and Volcano Complex” in El Salvador is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country as its bring together one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and a group of the most amazing volcanoes of El Salvador: The Izalco Volcano, The Santa Ana Volcano and Cerro Verde Volcano. Visit the Natural Protected Area of Cerro Verde and take a refreshing sightseeing tour through the eco trails of the park (45 minutes approximately).

Cerro Verde is an inactive volcano located at an altitude of 2035 meters and length of 500 hectares of nature, it has a cloud forest in and around the crater with a temperature of between 12 and 18 degrees centigrade. From here you will enjoy panoramic views of Izalco Volcano better know as the “Lighthouse of the Pacific” because the boats were oriented with the red glow of the lava to reach the Acajutla port. The Santa Ana Volcano or “Ilamatepec Volcano” being the biggest volcano of the area, and the beauty of the nature in the surroundings of this National Park. It is a place where you will be surrounded by the wilderness or “dwarf forest”, where you can find pasture and some low-lying bushes, giant agaves, among others. The landscape is unique in Mesoamerica and it definitely worth the visit. Next, you will have a panoramic view of the volcanic lake “Coatepeque”, cataloged amongst the most beautiful of the world.

During the afternoon, discover this fascinating civilization through the visit of the “Joya de Cerén”: the famous archaeological site known as “The Pompeii of the Americas” and declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993 for its valuable contribution to daily life of the ancestors of the Mayan World. Then continue the tour and visit the ruins of “San Andrés”, a very important ceremonial and political center that has several structures used by the governors of that civilization. In this important sire there are remains of an Indigo Mill that was buried by the eruption of El Playon in 1658.

Definitely a whole different experience! What are you waiting for?

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The Flowers Route is one of the most popular tourist destinations and named for its abundance of flowers on the picturesque road. Colorful villages, coffee, natural beauty, crafts, cuisine, festivals, mild weather. Visit the colonial style towns with beautiful mountainous vegetation: Juayúa, Nahuizalco where you can enjoy a guided tour by the community, Apaneca and Ataco, two of greatest coffee making towns.

Observe the elaboration of handicrafts of the zone and make shopping in the local stores. At Nahuizalco you will take a guided walk through the local community that will know the city and the lifestyle of the locals. Juayúa has a pleasant and temperate climate because of its location of 1,025 meters above sea level. In winter it is common to note that descend from the hill Apaneca mist toward the outskirts of town, while in summer the temperatures are warm and pleasant.

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Aeropuerto Internacional de El Salvador

Then you cannot miss this tour! Come and learn how this civilization lived by visiting the “Pompeii of the Americas”: the archaeological site known as “Joya de Ceren”, which was buried by volcanic ash that allowed the preservation of personal property, plants and seeds. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993 for its valuable contribution to the daily lives of the ancestors of El Salvador. Ten structures were excavated, including houses, warehouses, workshops, kitchens, one sauna or Temazcal and a religious structure.

Later, visit the archaeological site of “San Andrés”, a very important political and ceremonial center that has many structures made for the governors of that civilization. After the tour, transfer back to the airport on time to catch your next flight.

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What are you waiting to take this half day tour and visit the main streets and avenues of the great San Salvador, the main residential areas of the capital, the "El Salvador del Mundo" (Savior of the World Square) and Plaza Masferrer. San Salvador is the most populated city in El Salvador and it is the country´s political, cultural, educational and finanacial center.

Also, visit the Historic Center of San Salvador with his beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace, beautiful National Theater French Renaissance style declared a national monument in 1979, the streets of the historic center and the church El Rosario. Finally visit craft shops of San Salvador´s handicraft market and visit the Antiguo Cuscatlan municipal market. This tour is a fascinating journey through the history and culture of El Salvador.

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Monsignor Romero, a voice that remains in the present probably the most recognized figure in El Salvador, Monsignor Romero became famous for his preaching in defense of human rights and was killed in the exercise of his pastoral ministry. Discover the fascinating historical legacy of his life in El Salvador and witness the experiences that made him a religious figure, not only for the Salvadorians, but also for many worldwide believers.

The Tour of Monsignor Romero at the city of San Salvador has been specially created to show the main sites of important relevant information that will allow you to discover his life. In this tour you will visit important sites such as the Chapel of Divine Providence, the Metropolitan Cathedral, “Monsignor Romero” historic center at UCA University, the permanent exhibition room of Monseñor Romero at the MUNA (Antropological Museum of San Salvador), amongst others.
Explore the history of El Salvador through the eyes of this famours personage. What are you waiting to discover his wonderful story?

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The Suchitoto day tour is a beautiful visit to the enchanting city of Suchitoto, also known as the “Place of Flower Bird” for its name in Nahuatl. Suchitoto offers an essence of ancient city with colonial architecture that seems like the time has stopped. Visit its beautiful cobbled streets, art galleries, crafts and home of one of the main attractions of the city for its structure and historical importance: the Santa Lucia Church built in 1853.

The founding of Suchitoto is attributed to the Pipiles, who settled in the present Salvadoran territory of Cuscatlán halfway through the 11 th century and were one of the most veteran indigenous tribes that fought against the Spanish conquistadors in the beginning of the 17 th century. The city is known as the “Cradle of History and Culture” for all the wealth it contains. Later, if you feel like, you can also visit Suchitlán Lake, the largest artificial lake surface water in the country. Its natural scenic beauty makes it an ideal destination to enjoy a artisan boat ride with one of the local boaters. During the boat ride you will be able to visit the different islands that surround the lake, home of migratory birds and native animals

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Visit the imposing San Salvador volcano, the crater known as Boqueron (approx 25 km from San Salvador) with a height of 1893 meters above sea level providing a unique high altitude tropical climate and an impressive scenic beauty. The crater measures 1.5 km. in diameter and it has 560 meters in depth. Enjoy a refreshing eco walk through the natural trails of the national park.

Later, admire the Black Sea (approx. 35 km), a field covered by lava, now volcanic rock, driven by the Boqueron Volcano. Then, move to the “Pompeii of America”, the archaeological site Joya de Ceren, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1.993. The archaeological site of Joya de Ceren was covered by the Loma Caldera volcano explosion. This explosion allowed to keep the remains of pre-Hispanic civilization for hundreds of years which makes this destination an archaeological relic. What are you waiting for? Come and discover one of the most interesting civilizations in human history.

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Aeropuerto Internacional de El Salvador

Take this “Stop Over Tour” and visit the main streets and avenues of San Salvador City, the main residential areas of the capital, the “Salvador del Mundo” square, Masferrer Square as well as the historic city center of San Salvador with its beautiful metropolitan Cathedral, characteristic national Palace, beautiful national Theatre with French Renaissance style built in 1979 and the El Rosario church. Later, visit the Museum of Anthropology David J. Guzman, better known as MUNA or the Art Museum MARTE. Finally, visit the local handicraft stores and support the local artisans who produce them. This tour will take just a few hours, enough time to give you a general idea of ??San Salvador and you will still have enough time to return to the airport on schedule to catch your next flight.

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Aeropuerto Internacional de El Salvador

Come and enjoy this “Stop Over Tour” visiting the main streets and avenues of San Salvador, the main residential areas of the capital, the “Salvador del Mundo Square” and the “Masferrer Square” as well as the San Salvador Historic Downtown with its beautiful Metropolitan Cathedral, characteristic National Palace, the beautiful National Theatre of French Renaissance style built in 1979, the streets of the historic center and El Rosario Church. Then, visit the imposing volcano of San Salvador, better known as “El Boqueron” at 25kms from San Salvador City Center. Enjoy a refreshing walk through the trails surrounded by pine trees and ornamental flowers. From the viewpoints you will be able to observe the Crater with its particular “Volcancito” in the middle. Free time to take lunch. After the tour, transfer back to the airport in time to catch your next flight.

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Discover this civilization while visiting the archaeological sites of Joya de Cerén, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993, also called the Pompeii of America, for its valuable contribution to the knowledge of present civilization, then visit the Ruins of San Andrés, a very important political and religious centre with diverse structures for the use of the governors during that period.

Later visit the city of Santa Ana, one of the most important cities in El Salvador, where you will be able to take a panoramic tour, visiting its beautiful gothic cathedral, theatre and national palace. Last but not least, visit the Ruins of Tazumal (the largest pyramid in El Salvador) a sophisticated and important Mayan settlement and Casa Blanca with its indigo demostration. Absolutely a complete Mayan experience!

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