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On the Dubrovnik tour, we will travel through a number of interesting Bosnian villages, towns, and cities. Our first stop will be Konjic, a small town located in Northern Herzegovina, on the river Neretva. Konjic is one of the oldest settlements of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is known for the rich forest and mountain scenery, with an abundance of water. Our guide will tell you stories about Konjic, such as the mystery of late Yyugoslav president Tito’s bunker, then the story of the “monument to human stupidity:”

Traveling onward, we will pass through Herzegovina and we will see the Neretva canyons. The next stop is the city of Mostar, the heart of Herzegovina, nestled in the valley of the river Neretva. After Mostar, we will go to Pocitelj. The oldest town in Herzegovina which has maintained its original medieval style. Pocitelj is built on a hill above Mostar, the houses are made of rock. This provides a real experience of traveling back in time to the medieval ages. We will take a walk around Pocitelj to see some of the most popular monuments and structures.

After driving for 2 hours from Pocitelj, we will arrive to our main destination, the city of Dubrovnik, in Croatia. This is an old city, dating back to the 1200’s. Dubrovnik is a town with the most extravagant architecture. You can see structures from many different ages and styles, such as the baroque, gothic, roman, renaissance, venetian, and Austro-Hungarian. The original main part of the city of Dubrovnik is surrounded by the famous Dubrovnik city walls which were built in the 16th century. We will walk around the city through the track within the walls. From there you will be able to see the ocean, the old red rooftop homes, the fortress, and other fascinating sites.

During our walk around the Dubrovnik city walls, our guide will tell you about the rich history of Dubrovnik, and how it was an independent republic during the 15th and 16th centuries. You will learn about the city’s downfalls and victories, and how it was besieged by the serbian and montenegrin army and destroyed in the 1991 war in Bosnia and in Croatia, only to pick itself up and restore its former glory. We will then ascend down to the center of the city, the famous Stradun where no cars are allowed. On Stradun, you will experience the heart of the city of Dubrovnik, walking and exploring around.

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Whole day excursion to Foca (former caravanserai on trade route to Dubrovnik ) where we can see the remains of the old centre. We continue via a wild landscape of gorges and torrents to Visegrad to cross on foot Sinans 16 th Century Bridge over Rivere Drina. Lunch in the local restaurant. Also the art gallery and a recreation of a schoolroom from Adriatic day.

Višegrad is a town and municipality in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina resting on the Drina River and in the Republika Srpska entity. The town includes the Ottoman-era Mehmed Paša Sokolovic Bridge, an UNESCO world heritage site which was popularized by Nobel prize winning author Ivo Andric in his novel The Bridge on the Drina. During the Bosnian War the town was one of the scenes of ethnic cleansing and massacres carried out by Bosnian Serb forces against Bosniak civilians, and it saw a drastic decline in its previously majority Bosniak population. Andricgrad, a future tourist site dedicated to Andric, is under construction near the bridge. Višegrad is located on the river Drina, on the road from Goražde and Ustipraca towards Užice, Serbia.

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Experience the Sarajevo city from the air, in an aeroplane, with a friend, a loved one or in a small group. Meet the capital city of a heart shaped county Bosnia and Herzegovina in a new way! Enjoy the view of the Sarajevo city landscape with your favorite co-flyers. Give life to an unforgettable experience with your friends and loved ones by flying together over the city of Sarajevo and the surrounding areas.

You will experience Sarajevo in a completely different dimension. The panoramic view of Sarajevo from a plane is a unique experience because it shows the variety of nature and structures of the capital of Bosnia which is located in a valley of the surrounding mountains. Looking down at the Sarajevo from a bird’s eye view you will find yourself breath-taken by the fascinating surroundings.

You will see the descending valley of Sarajevo, the hills and the mountains, forests and parks, rivers, rocky canyons and climbing rocks, and large city structures all blend in together, almost magically! The aeroplane panoramic flight of Sarajevo makes for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift. Some have even proposed to their beloved future wives during the Sarajevo Panoramic Flight.

Surprise someone you care about with a gift you will both share and keep in your memories for the rest of your lives. Experience adventure, inspiration, panorama, and Sarajevo as an ultimate thrill for all human senses. Flying in a group in an aeroplane, on a Panoramic Flight of Sarajevo, is safe and secure. The professional licensed pilot will always ensure that the weather conditions are suitable for flying and that the passengers are given all of the necessary equipment for the flight.

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Srebrenica is a town which suffered the most during the homeland war in Bosnia. Today, Srebrenica is the host of a memorial with the names of 8000 innocent war victims killed during the aggressor siege.

Srebrenica has become known for the unfortunate events which went on during the Bosnia war. Within 3 days, the biggest genocide massacre since World War II, took place in Srebrenica making it go down in history. On this tour, you will visit the Srebrenica Potocari Memorial Complex. This memorial was established in 2001, and it was officially opened to the public by former US president Mr. Bill Clinton.

During your tour around the Potocari memorial, our guide will tell you all about the history of Srebrenica and the events that happened during the harsh war times. Srebrenica has become a UN protected zone due to these events and to the unresolved genocide status of the town. Although the everyday life of Srebrenica has regained its natural flow and returned to normal, many of the women and children who survived the massacres and lost their loved ones are still not able to find peace due to the fact that they still haven’t found the remains of their loved ones. A number of mass graves have been excavated, but a number still remains lost.

Beside the tragic past of Srebrenica and Potocari, this location has in the past also been very popular for the beautiful natural landscapes, typical for Bosnia. A plethora of wildlife and greenery, dense forests with pine trees, the thermal springs and cozy villages with country homes, are all a must see on your tour to Srebrenica. On this tour you will also see and learn about the “July 11th Musala”, the Turbeh, the Wall of Memories, and the Museum of Genocide.

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A horrific past sits side-by-side with a welcoming future on this Sarajevo tour that takes you deep into the dark days and back out into the light of today. See the sites that mark some of the city's biggest tragedies but have since become places to celebrate life, as you listen to stories of the siege, from those who lived to tell the tale.

This Sarajevo walking tour tells the story of the most difficult times to have befallen the city of Sarajevo, but alongside tales of the will, courage, and determination of the local people to survive what was once hell on Earth.

Your Sarajevo tour will start at the most beautiful building in the city: the City Hall/National Library, which had originally burned down during the siege of Sarajevo but was rebuilt and re-opened in 2014 — a sign of the rejuvenation seen throughout the city. From there, we'll head to a local historic brewery, founded in 1864 and with a sad story behind the brews, as it was one of the few sources of drinking water for Sarajevans during the war. We'll then visit the gallery that's home to the exhibit Siege'92-'95, honoring the longest siege in modern history. You'll learn about the darkest parts of Sarajevo's past before heading to the street of Green Berets (resistance organisers), which is now the centre of the city's nightlife.

Next up on your Sarajevo tour, we'll head to the local marketplace, which was the site of a horrific massacre in 1994. Yet today, it's a place to get fresh produce and local goods, and while we're there, we'll stop into the beautiful Market Hall, where we'll try local delicacies such as smoked beef and cheese. We'll then continue to the Central Bank, where the famous Sarajevo Haggadah (an ancient manuscript containing the traditional text of Passover Haggadah) was kept safe during the siege. From there, it's on to the Great Park of Sarajevo, where you'll see the monument to the murdered children of Sarajevo, and then on to the presidencey building and Olympic Hall. We'll keep walking along the Miljacka River and see the contemporary bridge that's named Festina lente, meaning “make haste slowly“.

Next up, your Sarajevo tour will proceed to the Central Post Office, which burned down in 1992 but has since been rebuilt, before finally reaching the National Theatre, the main stage for two of the biggest cultural events in Sarajevo: the Theatre Festival and the Sarajevo Film Festival (founded during the siege as cultural resistance to the madness of war).

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On this tour we will visit Travnik and Jajce, the two Bosnian gems which represent the fascinating heritage and history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Travnik, the Viziers town and Jajce, a King’s town.

Driving from Sarajevo our first stop is Travnik which was one the capital town of governors’, also known as the Ottoman Vizier Town. We will see the colorful mosque of Sultan Sulejman which is specific for the amount of color interlaced into its decoration. We’ll pass on to the vizier tombs, known as the Ottoman Turbe and a picturesque cemetery. Also we will visit the monastery of St Luke and the Church of St Mary. Then we’ll walk up the hill to see the Travnik Fortress and beyond the fortress you will see an uphill trail which leads up to the famous mount Vlašic.

Next stop will be Jajce. Known as the King's town, just like Travnik, located in a valley and watched over by a fascinating roman Fortress. Differently to Travnik, the Jajce fortress stands in the middle of the town and everything else is built around the hill where the fortress is located. Jajce is a town built in the 14th century, during those times it was the capital of the Independent Kingdom of Bosnia. It was protected by a large city gate which we will also visit. After, we move on to the most famous site of Jajce, which is the river Pliva waterfall which is located below the old town and this is the place where the river Pliva flows into the river Vrbas.

In this location, we will have a break with lunch and refreshments. You will enjoy the relaxing sounds and scents of these natural surroundings.

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With its long and warm summers, and short and mild winters, this small town is considered to be one of the coastal towns which have the greatest number of sunny days in the year. Morning ride will take us through interesting suburbs of Sarajevo and areas of central Bosnia until we pass Ivan Mountain and enter Herzegovina region. The first stop of the day is a short visit to Mostar town with focus at Mostar’s old bridge, old bazaar and old town. After Mostar, we will visit Blagaj, home to Buna river spring – the most beautiful, powerful and clean river spring where we will have a traditional lunch.

After 2 hours of driving we will arrive to our destination - Neum, the only BH seaside city which is situated on the southern part of the Adriatic coast. Ever since the ancient times, the area of Neum was well known as an important crossroad of different roads which led from the seaside to the mainland. Bathing season in Neum lasts from June to September. Thanks to the policy of moderate Neum pricing, a large number of guests choose this town as vacation destination during the season as well as in off-season time.

Of course Neum is not considered only for its beautiful beaches, sea and comfortable accommodation that make the vacations great. A rich gastronomical offer of Neum’s specialties in a great number of restaurants and taverns, terraces with “live” music, promenades, sport terrains, and other fun choices, will make our sojourn ampler and more pleasant. While in Neum we will take a boat tour and explore the whole Neum bay while having a lunch. After that you will have some free time for your own activities and we are going back to Sarajevo.

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This tour includes visits to city of Mostar, Blagaj and at the end discovering waterfall of Kravice. All of this represents the wild and captivating nature of beautiful Herzegovina. The sunniest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the heart of Herzegovina, Mostar is located in the valley of river Neretva, and it has an abundance of historical stories. You will see the old part of Mostar with cobblestone streets, medieval structures and traditional Ottoman monuments and buildings. The river Neretva divides the town of Mostar and provides a fascinating view of the architectural and cultural view of the town. But two sides are joined by the Old Bridge of Mostar which was completely destroyed during the homeland war, but it was rebuilt and returned to its former glory.

We will visit the village of Blagaj which is located on the spring of the river Buna. There you will see the beautiful historical Tekka - national monument, once a monastery built by the Dervish society during the Ottoman Empire in 1520. The architecture makes for a rich combination of the Ottoman and Mediterranean styles, a true architectural wonder for the eyes and spiritual peace. Our final destination is Kravice waterfall - It is a sparkling waterfall which cascades into a beautiful emerald colored lake within a small valley from the river Trebižat.

During the tour, we will take you through the falls which are 25 meters high and across a wooden bridge. At the bottom of the waterfall lays the pool-like emerald lake which is not very deep and the bottom can be touched in most places. This makes is very safe for bathing in even for non-swimmers. Kravice is a perfect destination for families and children. You can relax and enjoy the uncontaminated nature accompanied by nature’s pleasing sounds of birds and running water.

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Mostar (Cyrillic: ??????, Serbo-Croatian pronunciation:is a city and municipality in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Inhabited by 113,169 people, it is the most important city in the Herzegovina region, its cultural capital, and the center of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation. Mostar is situated on the Neretva River and is the fifth-largest city in the country. Mostar was named after the bridge keepers (mostari) who in the medieval times guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over the Neretva. The Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century, is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most recognizable landmarks, and is considered one of the most exemplary pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkans.

The city is the birthplace of many famous people, including Aleksa Šantic, Alois Podhajsky, Džemal Bijedic, Osman Ðikic, Avdo Humo, Vladimir Corovic, Svetozar Corovic, Elisabeth Radó, Senad Lulic, Predrag Matvejevic, Himzo Polovina, Zlatko Ugljen, and Grga Martic. Mostar is also widely celebrated in popular lore, featured frequently as the setting for books, movies, and television programs. Dani Matice Hrvatske is one of city's significant cultural events and it is commonly sponsored by the Croatian Government and the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mostar Summer is another umbrella event which includes Šantic Poetry Evenings, Mostar Summer Festival and Festival of Bosnia and Herzegovina choirs/ensembles. The city is a home of music festival called Melodije Mostara (Mostar Melodies) which has been held annually since 1995. Theatre festivals include Mostarska Liska (organized by the National Theatre Mostar) and The Mostar Spring (organized by the Matica hrvatska Mostar).

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The Medjugorje tour is ideal for catholic pilgrims and those wanting to connect with their faith. It is visited by millions of people from all around the world during the year.

The Medjugorje tour departs from Sarajevo, driving through a variety of beautiful locations of Herzegovina. We will pass through the tunnel of Bradina near the Jablanicko lake. This lake was formed artificially many years ago from the river Neretva. It starts below the town of Konjic and covers a wide valley. We will make a short visit to Blagaj, home to Buna river spring – the most beautiful, powerful and clean river spring where we will have a traditional lunch. After 1h of driving we will arrive to our destination. Medjugorje is visited by millions of catholic pilgrims during the year. It is believed that the Virgin Mary has been appearing to the Medjugorje visionaries since 1981.

We will take you to the apparition hill which is specific for the spiritual peace which it provides. If lucky you might even see one of the visionaries having an apparition or sharing a message from Mother of God. One of the visionaries has an apparition on the 25th of every month during the year. Medjugorje is a unique religious experience for all catholics and the ideal destination to grow one’s faith and find inner peace with God.

Returning from Medjugorje we will also visit city Mostar. There you will see the most famous locations of this beautiful city on the river Neretva. You’ll visit the Old bridge known for famous cliff diving events. You will hear the history and story of the rise and fall of the old bridge, and maybe you might even see a diver jumping into the cold river of Neretva 20 meters below.

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