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Tickets en Medjugorje

A whole day trip in this Karst region in the south of our country, you have the possibility to experience, in a relatively small area, various natural beauties created in distant past.

Pocitelj – Artistic colony, town museum from the 16th century.

Mogorjelo – Valuable heritage from ancient times. An archaeological site was discovered there and excavations were carried out 1from 1899 to 1903.

The Kravice Waterfall – a magnificent natural phenomenon and most beautiful cascades in Herzegovina 26 m high and about 120 m wide.

The museum of the Franciscan monastery – Humac; together with its rich archaeological collection, keeps the oldest document of this region – the Humac Tablet from 1185.

Discover and experience the phenomenon of Medugorje, one of the best-known pilgrims’ destinations in the Catholic world attracting millions of visitors.

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