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This tour will give you the opportunity to interact and learn about some of the wildlife that can be found in Aruba. You will visit the Ostrich Farm, Philip’s Animal Sanctuary and the Donkey Sanctuary. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the animal sanctuaries.

First you will visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm. The Aruba Ostrich Farm welcomes you to come and meet its 80- count flock of the largest living species in the world. Visitors are encouraged to partake in a guided tour of the farm, inhabited by both ostriches and their flightless Australian relatives, emus. The tour provides the opportunity to learn about the natural behavior and survival instincts of these amazing creatures through detailed information as well as personal encounters with the birds.

Next you will get the opportunity to mingle with some real locals at the Donkey Sanctuary. Founded in 1997 as a non-profit and completely volunteer run organization, our mission is simple. Save the Donkeys! Although not originally native to the small island of Aruba, they have existed here for 500 years having been the primary mode of transportation until cars began to be introduced on the island in increasing numbers. At that point, many Arubans no longer had the need for their formerly beloved donkey, and sadly in the 1970’s, a dangerous and rapidly spreading illness nearly caused their extinction leaving behind a population of only 20 wild donkeys.

Lastly you will visit Philip's Animal Garden. After years of saving and adopting abused and abandoned animals, Philip Merryweather has turned his love for exotic animals into a world-class shelter and rehabilitation center. Philip’s Animal Garden is offering up interactive and educational tours, where you can enjoy an up close and personal experience with over 50 species of exotic animals from around the world. Visitors are invited to see, touch and even feed some of the garden’s exotic inhabitants.

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Aruba might be a small island, but it packs in a lot. On this half-day tour you’ll see it all – from lighthouses and rock formations to gold rush country and tropical rainforest. First on the to-see list is the north-west corner of the island. Here, the sky-scraping California Lighthouse and the Chapel of Alto Vista offer 360-degree panoramas over sea, sand dunes and Wild West-style cacti. Further south, you’ll come across a weird and wonderful rock formation called Casibari. Follow the paths up the mammoth rocks for first-class views. The canyon-side Bushiribana Gold Mill is the next stop. Back in the 19th century, gold was an all-important resource – so much so, that the island was named ‘oro ruba’, or ‘red gold’. The morning is finished off with a couple of natural beauties. Baby Bridge is a sea-worn arch cut from coral limestone, while the nearby Butterfly Farm lines up a swathe of tropical rainforest filled with luminous butterflies

A new snorkeling adventure with an open air bus. Visiting the hidden secret Mangel Halto for a snorkeling stop, afterwards moving towards the famous Baby Beach for another snorkeling stop.

Visit two of the most loved beaches cherished by Aruba's visitors. This excursion will take you to Arashi Beach and Palm Beach to relax in paradise-like surroundings. Arashi is known as one of the best beaches in Aruba for snorkeling. Located on the Northern tip of the island, it has some wonderful views of the coastline with an excellent beach area for swimming with the option to relax and tan for those who may not want to snorkel. For those who do, this is a great opportunity to discover Aruba's underwater life with some of the best snorkeling on the island! Next you will head to Palm Beach, perhaps the most famous and popular beach in Aruba with a host of beach bars, water sports and a variety of other optional activities.

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Enjoy this half-day in a private tour that still leaves time for other activities or beach time during the day.

Guests will enjoy the unique tales of Aruba as told by our professional guides. You'll get to enjoy and learn all about some of Aruba's hidden treasures with visits to places like the famous California Lighthouse, the Casibari Rock Formations, the Alto Vista Chapel, Natural Bridgeand Aruba's colorful Butterfly Farm.

Once the trip is over, enjoy the convenience of being dropped at your hotel or downtown for shopping and dining.

Points of interest/ itinerary:
Stop at Natural Bridge, pass by Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, stop at Alto Vista Chapel, stop at California Lighthouse, pass by Arashi Beach, stop at Butterfly Farm.

You’re in for a bumpy ride on this bike tour – it explores the rugged, lunar landscape of northern Aruba, led by an expert mountain biker who’ll guide you each step of the way. Highlights of the trip include the California Lighthouse, with its sea and dune views, and Natural Bridge, a sea-worn arch that you can walk right across. The tour fetches up on Arashi Beach. This place is a favourite with locals, so expect fewer loungers and hotels and more in the way of footprint-free sands.

De Palm Pier

Vive una experiencia sin precedentes en esta hermosa isla. Navega por la costa y lánzate al agua para descubrir los paisajes subacuáticos de ensueño que atesora el mar Caribe.

- Varias paradas para explorar la riqueza submarina
- Déjate hechizar por las cristalinas aguas del mar Caribe
- Incluye almuerzo, equipo de esnórquel y barra libre

Conoce Aruba desde una perspectiva diferente y desata tu pasión por esta isla paradisíaca. A bordo del espacioso y cómodo catamarán Palm Pleasure recorrerás la costa mientras admiras el paisaje y la rica vida marina de la isla.

Durante la excursión harás diferentes paradas para apreciar de cerca la diversidad marina: el barco Antilla, el arrecife en Arashi y la bahía Catalina. Escucha las recomendaciones de tu guía, ponte las gafas de esnórquel y prepárate para explorar el increíble mundo submarino que descansa bajo las cristalinas aguas del Caribe.

Este día inolvidable de buceo y navegación incluye un delicioso almuerzo bufet, el equipo de esnórquel y barra libre.

Inglés, español y holandés

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If you are looking to get away from the white, sandy beaches for a bit and explore the rugged Aruban outback, take a private tour with one of our open-air Land Rovers for a heart-racing adventure. Said to be Aruba’s roller coaster, this is the most thrilling and yet safest way to get to the island’s secluded treasure, the Natural Pool, which offers beautiful snorkeling.

Your adrenaline will pump as our First Response certified tour guide takes you on a wild ride through the rolling hills of the countryside. With twists and turns at every corner you’ll be glad to have an experienced driver who also knows where to stop for photo oportunities.

Highlights include the California Lighthouse, named after the U. S. ship that sunk two years before its construction, Alto Vista Chapel - the first Roman Catholic Church in the island, built in 1750 and reconstructed in 1953, Gold Mill Ruins and the Baby Natural Bridge and Ruins.

This is one off-road adventure you will not experience elsewhere, as the trip includes historical, cultural, and intriguing facts about Aruba projected over the PA system. An assortment of goodies and refreshments are provided along the way.

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Balashi Z/N, Oranjestad

Escapa de las comodidades tropicales de Aruba para disfrutar el lujo tropical aún mayor de De Palm Island con este paquete todo incluido. Este pequeño trozo de paraíso está a solo un paseo de cinco minutos en ferry desde la Aruba continental. Únete a nosotros al otro lado del mar y siéntate y degusta un cóctel o dos mientras disfrutas de los rayos vigorizantes del sol del Caribe.

De Palm Island es el lugar ideal para pasar medio día relajándose, buceando y divirtiéndose. La isla es el único destino todo incluido de Aruba a un precio asequible. Busques diversión y aventura, o escapar del ajetreo y el bullicio de la zona ocupada del hotel para disfrutar del relax y el cuidado del cuerpo, esta isla tiene algo para todos.

Después del paseo en ferry sobre el agua cristalina del Port de Palma, llegarás a la isla, donde puedes disfrutar de tu estancia con todo incluido. Esto es lo que se incluye: buffet libre (con comida local y del Caribe) y aperitivos a la parrilla, más barra libre (refrescos, cervezas premium y cócteles). También se incluyen el uso de playas y sombrillas, actividades de snorkel, equipo de snorkel y rutas guiadas de snorkel, paseos gratuitos en barcas de banano, y el uso del parque acuático Blue Parrott. También te invitamos a participar en las clases gratuitas diarias de salsa y de actividades como voley playa y tenis de mesa.

De Palm Island defies the desert island stereotypes. The sand here isn’t footprint-free. Instead, it’s topped with a waterpark, a buffet restaurant, and a tropical bar. The beach here shares custody of your time with the reef that lies a few feet from the shore. Snorkelling sessions in this coral introduce you to blue parrot fish. These metre-long marine creatures look like fully-inflated helium balloons. The set-up on this island is all inclusive, and the food in the buffet restaurant is all-you-can eat. The spread includes Caribbean specials as well as fast-food like hot dogs and burgers. There are ways to upgrade your time on De Palm Island, too. During a sea trek, you can walk along the ocean floor like you’d walk down the high street. In a snuba session, meanwhile, you can breathe underwater without scuba tanks on your back.

Exciting, Amazing and Personal! These three words describe Aruba’s best horseback riding adventure. Gracefully located right on the coast, the ranch offers exciting beach & ocean riding tours through some of the most amazing scenery of Aruba. We focus on small groups in order to provide the best service to all its guests. “We provide horseback adventure, not just trail rides!” You will have the chance to visit these spots: Gold Mill Ruins, Budui Beach, Wariruri Beac, Baby Natural Bridge, White-Sand Dunes, “Rancho Beach”, Indian Trail, Hidden Valley, Hidden Lagoon.

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