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Haz una parada en Eslovenia para ver con tus propios ojos uno de los lugares más fotografiados de Europa; el lago Bled.

- Visita el Castillo de Bled, situado en la única isla de Eslovenia
- Tómate tu tiempo para disfrutar de la impresionante belleza natural del lago de Bled
- Disfruta de un paseo en barco por las aguas verde esmeralda del lago

El lago Bled de Eslovenia es un lugar verdaderamente impresionante. Situado en un bosque de pinos con el telón de fondo de la montaña, no es de extrañar que sea conocido como “La Perla de los Alpes”. En un primer vistazo tus ojos no darán crédito y tendrás la sensación de haber entrado en una escena de ''The Sound of Music''. Contempla bosques encantados, casas de juguete y una iglesia de cuento de hadas y aprecia el encanto de esta espectacular parte del mundo.

La única isla de Eslovenia está rodeada de montañas cubiertas de nieve y aguas cristalinas. Para que puedas tener mejores vistas, visitaremos el Castillo de Bled desde donde podrás ver a través del agua. Más tarde, súbete a una góndola de motor para desplazarte hasta la pequeña iglesia de la isla. Según cuenta la leyenda, si pides un deseo mientras suena la campana de la iglesia, éste se hará realidad.

Hora de inicio o apertura
Entre las 8:00 y las 9:00 horas.

Hora final o cierre
Entre las 20:00 y las 21:00 horas.


desde 69 €

A private tour full of history and culture! Sarajevo, the city that lives its history! Come explore with us and be fascinated at what you discover!


* Witness postwar Sarajevo and learn its heroic past!
* Be amazed at the breathtaking views!
* Admire the beautifully multicultural and metropolitan city!
* Sarajevo is the most influential city in the whole of Bosnia & Herzegovina!

Sarajevo is the image of history, culture and tradition. Step into another world and explore this surreal yet fascinating town. Be amazed at the unbelievable stories and facts that our enthusiastic tour guide will tell you! This city has been undergoing post-war restoration and you will be able to first hand witness the buildings with bullet marks and tale-tell signs of the city that is the longest time under siege in the history of modern warfare (nearly four years!)

Sarajevo is often referred to as the “Jerusalem of Europe” due to its multiculturalism and diverse religious communities. Such a beautifully co-existing city and until the 20th Century it was the only city in Europe to have a Synagogue, Mosque and Catholic and Orthodox churches all within the same area. This is truly a wonderful experience and an unforgettable one at that!

desde 666,68 €

Ul. Vrata od Pila, 20000, Dubrovnik

Walk through the cobbled streets accompanied by a professional guide, discovering the merits of Dubrovnik’s past and present! The view of the sunlit Old Town of Dubrovnik is a great opportunity for an unforgettable photo in your album! Take a walk along its cobbled streets in company of a professional guide whilst discovering treasures of Dubrovnik’s past and present.

Put your hands on its ancient walls and let the distant presence of people who had lived there centuries ago come close and touch you. A half day tour that will leave you mesmerised by architectural treasures, artistic intensity and cultural opulence – a day that will most certainly become one of your favorite holiday experiences ever.

For millions of years, the water has carved its way through travertine rocks making deep lakes and waterfalls. It is the most known Croatian national park which is in the UNESCO Register of World Natural Heritage since 1979. You can enjoy the long walk through the park and forest and get on board electric boats and enjoy the indescribable blue-green color of the lakes. This exceptional beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, rich plant, animal life and pure mountain colors attract many nature lovers from all over the world. This may be an unforgettable experience for you! The Plitvice Lakes have formed in a depression between the Mala Kapela Mountain in the west and the Plješevica Mountain in the east amidst the Dinaric Alps.

The national park is located at the national route D1 Zagreb–Split between Slunj and Korenica in the vicinity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Other larger municipalities within the surrounding area are Ogulin, Rakovica, Otocac, Gospic and Bihac in Bosnia.With regard to plant and animal diversity, the area of the Plitvice Lakes belongs to the most significant areas of Croatia. On the one hand, this is due to climatic conditions and on the other hand due to the location of this area, since the lakes are far away from polluted and noisy cities or industrial plants. For reasons of the poor industrial development of this region and early introduced protection measures, a nearly untouched landscape has been preserved. In the partially primeval beech and fir forests various rare species, such as the brown bear, have survived. At the Plitvice Lakes, all species continue to exist that have already existed before the coming of man. This is a rare case worldwide.

desde 56 €

Ban Jelacic Square

Take a walk with us and discover art, architecture, history and everyday life of Croatia's capital city Zagreb! We start with the oldest part of the Upper Town – Kaptol, visiting the neogothic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and learning about the founding of the city.

Passing through the Dolac farmer's market, where you can buy seasonal fruits or vegetables, traditional toys and clothes, we continue to the lively and colourful Tkalciceva street. Crossing Krvavi most street (The Bloody Bridge) come to Radiceva street – an old street full of new bars and cool shops of Croatian fashion and accessories designers, traditional and contemporary souvenirs.

The street takes us to Stone Gate, the historical entrance to the city of Gradec, dating back to 13th century and holding a painting of the Virgin Mary that is believed to be miraculous. In that part of town you can visit the oldest pharmacy in town, learn about Croatian history and political system at St Mark's Square, where the seats of our Parliament and Government are, and admire the view of St Mark's Church, its portal and impressive roof.

From there we continue towards St Catherine's Church, passing by the City Hall, Museum of Naive Art, Church of St Cyril and Methodius and the Museum of Broken Relationships. In front of the Tower Lotršcak you can take great panoramic photos of the Lower Town, hear the loud cannon of Gric at noon, take a ride with Europe's shortest funicular or continue walking down Strossmayer's Promenade towards the main square. At the main, Ban Jelacic Square, we finish our amusing and informative 90 minute walk of the oldest parts of Zagreb.

desde 14,17 €

Oriéntate en Dubrovnik y descubre las pintorescas calles empedradas que se extienden a través de la ciudad.


* La introducción perfecta a Dubrovnik
* Contempla los principales puntos de interés del casco antiguo
* Aprende todo acerca de la historia y cultura de la ciudad con un guía profesional

Tómate tu tiempo para conocer esta hermosa ciudad con un guía profesional y aprende todo sobre su historia y cultura. Dubrovnik es una ciudad que alberga historia en cada rincón y con este tour obtendrás una completa introducción al poder admirar sus principales monumentos y arquitectura.

Siéntete hipnotizado por los tesoros arquitectónicos, la intensidad artística y la opulencia cultural de Dubrovnik. Es una ciudad que vive y respira historia y cuyo pasado es tangible. Contempla los monumentos de la ciudad que conforman este Patrimonio de la Humanidad, como la Fortaleza de Bokar, el Palacio Sponza del siglo XVI o la Iglesia de San Blas, una ornamentada catedral barroca situada en el centro de la ciudad. Aprovecha la oportunidad para tocar con tus propias manos las antiguas murallas que ocupan 1.24 millas alrededor de la ciudad y siente la lejana presencia de las personas que vivieron aquí durante siglos.

desde 15 €

Kralja Petra Krešimira IV 3

A short cultural tour in the historic core of Split that includes a visit to different galleries and studios of local artists. Enjoy this short cultural tour that covers several art galleries of recognized Croatian artists, each of them very unique and special in their work.

Your professional local guide will lead the way, introducing you to the life and work of artists whose ateliers you’ll visit during the tour. The tour ends on the terrace of the famous Hotel Park where you’ll be welcomed with traditional Dalmatian brandies known as “rakija” and fresh fruits. Relax here and enjoy the easy life of Dalmatia. This tour ends in Hotel Park.

Departure from Zadar in the late afternoon hours. Drive through the hinterland of Zadar towards the Rural Estate. Tour of the vineyards and wine cellars where the guide will introduce you to the types of wines that are made here.

After a short tour you'll get the chance to taste and experience of our hinterland through wine tasting and delicious dinner with authentic Croatian dishes prepared by our hosts. Return to Zadar in the evening hours.

desde 52 €

Luka Gruz

Our experienced crew will pick you up in our fabulous electric tuk tuk vehicle and our first stop will be the portside market in Gruz harbour where the farmers sell locally produced flowers, fruits and pastries to your absolute delight. Onward we continue across Dubrovnik’s bridge for a wonderful view of the harbour and nearby islands. Then, up the Srdj mountain, we go where the stunning view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and crystal clear sea will take your breath away. Srd is a mountain just behind the walled city of Dubrovnik, in.

Its height is 412 metres, the top of which is adorned with "Fort Imperial", built in 1806-1816 during the Napoleonic Wars. We then travel back down to the Old City where we park our tuk tuk and take you on stroll throughout narrow streets and along the ramparts of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 'Pearl of the Adriatic', situated on the Dalmatian coast, became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onwards. Although severely damaged by an earthquake in 1667, Dubrovnik managed to preserve its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, monasteries, palaces and fountains. Damaged again in the 1990s by armed conflict, it is now the focus of a major restoration programme . Touch the ancient stones, listen to legends and learn about Dubrovnik’s rich history while you take home a lifetime lasting memory.

Luka Gruz

Get picked up in our fabulous electric tuk tuk as we start at the portside market in Gruz harbour. Gruz harbour is the main maritime entrance to Dubrovnik, a busy port for yachts, ferries and cruise ships.

One of the harbor’s most popular attractions is the daily fruit, vegetable and fish market. It’s situated on the harbor side, near the ferry terminal. Try some of the region’s specialties, including locally made goat cheese, olive oil and wine, and buy fresh local produce such as figs, tomatoes, oranges and cabbage.

See how the local villagers and fisherman work and live. We will continue our tour across Dubrovnik’s bridge from where you can enjoy the view of the harbour and many beautiful nearby islands. We save best for last – Srdj Mountain. Its height is 412 metres, the top of which is adorned with "Fort Imperial", built in 1806-1816. Hold Dubrovnik in the palm of your hands and be amazed by the breath-taking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the numerous islands. Experience local Dubrovnik with guides born and raised in Dubrovnik.

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