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Museum of Ilusions, ILICA 72

There is a new museum in town, the Museum of Illusions. With over 70 exhibits, it has the largest collection of holograms in this part of Europe, which will certainly not only thrill and confuse you, but will provide an opportunity to learn all sorts of things. Keep in mind that whatever you see is not what it appears to be.

The Museum of Illusions offers an intriguing, visual, sensual and educational experience in a fun adventure for all generations. Attractive and entertaining illusions will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science so you will be able to understand why your eyes see things that the brain does not understand.

Imagine defying gravity in a slanted room or the person you came with shrinking or growing before your very eyes, or a real bottomless pit, or serving somebody´s head on a tray and then taking a photo of it all in a boundless room.

There is also a clever playroom with lots of Dilemma games, which will absolutely blow your mind. The gift shop offers 3D lighting, games for all generations as well as souvenirs.

A bewildering and memorable experience you will never forget.

There is no need to imagine the impossible, just visit the Museum of Illusions.

desde 5,3 €

Tkalciceva 13

The Museum of Torture – TORTUREUM offers an insight into its unique collection of various instruments of torture and execution that have been employed since the ancient times to the present day. The Museum vividly depicts the notion of violence throughout history, with over 70 full-scale instruments of torture, which even the thought of chilled people to the bone.

The visitors will be able to see, touch and try exhibits that were used to humiliate, torture, injure or execute the victim, such as the full-scale replica of the 1792 guillotine with the 1889 Berger mechanism or the iron maiden, which is considered as the most brutal medieval instrument of torture.

The specially designed free multimedia guides with original audio and video content allow visitors to learn more about the history of each exhibited instrument of torture. The Museum is also unique for its Dungeon – a miniature cool room in which the visitor can spend a minute of his life in pitch blackness, anticipating the uncertain future…

desde 5,2 €

Ban Jelacic Square

Take a walk with us and discover art, architecture, history and everyday life of Croatia's capital city Zagreb! We start with the oldest part of the Upper Town – Kaptol, visiting the neogothic Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and learning about the founding of the city.

Passing through the Dolac farmer's market, where you can buy seasonal fruits or vegetables, traditional toys and clothes, we continue to the lively and colourful Tkalciceva street. Crossing Krvavi most street (The Bloody Bridge) come to Radiceva street – an old street full of new bars and cool shops of Croatian fashion and accessories designers, traditional and contemporary souvenirs.

The street takes us to Stone Gate, the historical entrance to the city of Gradec, dating back to 13th century and holding a painting of the Virgin Mary that is believed to be miraculous. In that part of town you can visit the oldest pharmacy in town, learn about Croatian history and political system at St Mark's Square, where the seats of our Parliament and Government are, and admire the view of St Mark's Church, its portal and impressive roof.

From there we continue towards St Catherine's Church, passing by the City Hall, Museum of Naive Art, Church of St Cyril and Methodius and the Museum of Broken Relationships. In front of the Tower Lotršcak you can take great panoramic photos of the Lower Town, hear the loud cannon of Gric at noon, take a ride with Europe's shortest funicular or continue walking down Strossmayer's Promenade towards the main square. At the main, Ban Jelacic Square, we finish our amusing and informative 90 minute walk of the oldest parts of Zagreb.

desde 14,17 €

Squer of Ban Jelacic

Take a walk with us and discover art, architecture, history and everyday life of Croatia's capital city, Zagreb! We start at Zagreb's main square, The Ban Jelacic Square, where we introduce you to the founding of the city, its historical and legendary origins. Passing through the Praška Street we come to the lively park called Zrinjevac. In no time you will feel the difference between the crowded main square, and suddenly dive into the green peaceful beauty that is Zrinjevac. Surrounding the park, you will see many beautiful historical buildings, and various museums and galleries.

After the sightseeing tour you might want to visit the Archaeological Museum, which tells you the history of Croatia (and the world) since the prehistoric times. You can also visit the Modern Gallery, a gallery that conserves an abundant collection of Croatia's finest modern art, with possible international guest-exhibitions, or the Strossmayer Old Masters Gallery, where you can see remarkable collections of renaissance and baroque art. Continuing our walk, we come to the Art Pavilion at the beginning of King Tomislav's Square, the square dedicated to Croatia's first king.

At the Square we can admire the building and check which exhibition is on display at the moment. Passing through the park, we come to Zagreb's main railway station, built in the late 19th century. Following the street we come to the Art-Deco-styled Esplanade Hotel, and talk about its history and famous guests.

The next green stop on our route is the Botanical garden, a beautiful green oasis in the centre of the city which holds many domestic and exotic plants. Crossing the street, we find ourselves in front of the Croatian National Archive, a beautiful Art Noveau building, and stop to talk about the father of Croatian literature, Marko Marulic, whose statue is situated in front of the entrance.

The tour takes us further, towards the Croatian National Theatre and the building of University of Zagreb, where you will get familiar with the works of Croatia's most renowned sculptor, the late Ivan Meštrovic. Our entertaining and educational tour is concluded by visiting a museum of your choice, and there is a lot to choose from: the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Etnographic, the Archaelogical Museum, the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters, or the aforementioned Modern Gallery.

desde 24,42 €

Square of Ban Jelacic

Discover the enchanting green region of Zagorje and get to know its exciting history, beautiful castles, as well as small wooden houses, religious sites, delicious specialities and traditional craftsmanship!

After meeting at the arranged meeting point, we travel from Zagreb via Zagreb’s west gate to Gornja Stubica. The ride takes about an hour. In Gornja Stubica we visit the Peasants' Revolt Museum to see the permanent collection that displays the life of peasants and aristocracy in the times of feudalism, from the 16th until the mid-19th century.

The museum is situated in a baroque castle that used to belong to the Oršicfamily. From the castle we take a walk through the park and come in front of the impressive sculpture of Matija Gubec, the leader of the peasants' revolt in 1573. The statue, designed by the famous Croatian sculptor Antun Augustincic, honours those historical events. We continue the tour by visiting the 500 years old linden tree that is believed to be the place where the revolt was plotted and while we're there, we can see the traditional architecture of the wooden houses in this region. We take a break by tasting the local specialties (traditional meals and drinks) in one of the local restaurants.

After the reastaurant, we travel for about 30 minutes to Marija Bistrica, to the famous Marian Shrine, the most popular pilgrimage site of NW Croatia since the 17th century. There we visit the church of Saint Mary of Bistrica, see the statue of the Virgin Mary, which is believed to be miraculous, and walk around the Stations of the Cross. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the sights and also get acquainted with the more recent history of Croatia.

Marija Bistrica is also a great destination to learn about the traditional manufacture of wooden toys and gingerbread souvenir cookies, which were both added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. After trying some traditional sweet gingerbread, we leave the picturesque Zagorje and return to Zagreb.

desde 92,13 €