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We’re taking you out of the city and into the depths of the real Rajasthan! You’ll head to a nearby enchanting Shahpura village to experience the blend of serenity and chaos that defines true local Indian life. Learn about local agriculture and traditional customs, get a henna tattoo, sips some masala, and taste the delectable flavours of real Rajasthani cuisine. Highlights: Experience India like a local, away from the tourist sites and in a rural community Visit a traditional Shahpura village and get the chance to meet and talk with locals Learn about local farming practices and unique traditional customs Taste homemade Masala tea and oh-so-tasty Rajasthani cuisine Get a henna tattoo and colourful lakh bangles custom-made for you.

The scarlet Tikka, the rainbow-coloured turban, the vibrant shades of Jaipur… prepare to be swept off your feet and out of the city! You simply cannot say you’ve been to India without spending a day in an authentic Indian community — and that’s what we’re giving you! This Jaipur tour takes you beyond the city limits, to explore the vibrant villages of Rajasthan, with their clay-plastered walls, thatched roofs, old leafy peepal trees, and native customs and ceremonies. We’ll arrive at Shahpura haveli and proceed to the gigantic farms where you’ll learn all about the crops that are being cultivated, the age-old irrigation methods being practiced, and much more. The haveli is built in the vicinity of Shahpura village, a colourful Rajasthani village with hand-painted walls and aangans (courtyards), and a handicraft market. Your guide will teach you the tricks of bargaining in the local market and familiarise you with the region’s culture and legends. Next up, settle in under a tree for a cup of Indian Masala tea as you watch women performing mehendi rachai (henna tattooing). You’ll learn about the intricate designs and the rural significance of henna — and, if you like, maybe even get one yourself. You’ll finish your tour off with a traditional Rajasthani lunch — but be warned, the aromatic spices and herbs might just spoil your taste buds forever.

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Pasea por la vibrante ciudad antigua de Delhi y sus coloridas calles, conoce la lucha por la independencia de la India y explora los templos hindúes en este pequeño viaje. Explora callejones, asómbrate ante la magnífica mezquita Jama Masjid y piérdete ante la multitud de Chandni Chowk. La ciudad antigua es una ciudad dentro de una ciudad, una urbe medieval amurallada en el corazón de la metrópolis moderna.

Iniciaremos el tour con un paseo por el metro en la Vieja Delhi, donde iniciaremos la experiencia con una taza picante de chai. Te sumergirás en este laberinto de callejones, mercados, bazares, templos y mezquitas, asaltados y seducido por mil colores y aromas. Te detendrás para probar algunas de las típicas comidas callejeras y te dejarás deslumbrar por la increíble variedad de mercancías para la venta. Visitaremos los sitios vinculados a la Primera Guerra de Independencia india de 1857, brutalmente reprimida por los británicos.

Visitaremos los templos locales dedicados a los diferentes dioses hindúes, donde nuestro guía local nos dará una idea de la religión del hinduismo, uno de los momentos más espirituales.

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Elephanta caves are situated on the famous Elephanta Island. They are dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. These ancient Shiva cavesback to 5th century BC. It's a 2 hour ferry ride through the Arabian Sea (two and fro) from the gateway of India. It would be an enchanting and a divine experience to see and understand the different forms of Lord Shiva!

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You’ll tick off an ancient civilization on this tour. It kicks off with a train ride to the pretty village of Hampi, where you can expect lots of greenery, streams and free-roaming monkeys. When you arrive, you’ll make your way to the ancient city of Vijayanager. Once a wealthy Hindu kingdom, this is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, when you see the ruins here, you’ll understand why. It’s crammed with crumbling temples and palaces, all of which date back to the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries. One of the must-sees is the Vitthala Temple. It was dedicated to Hindu goddess, Vishnu, and its pillars make the sound of different musical instruments if you tap them. What’s more, it boasts an impressive stone chariot drawn by a pair of elephants – originally the wheels of the chariot revolved. Another of the site’s showpieces is the Virupaksha Temple. It boasts a 50-metre tower that’s still used for worship today. You’ll have plenty of

"Atithi Devo Bhava" is an ancient Sanskrit saying which quite simply means "A guest is like as a God". It has become a part of the "Code of Conduct" for Indian society. It is a very pleasant relationship between the Host and the Guest.

We Begin with a brief introduction of the Guest with the Host family to make them feel comfortable in this new environment. Once the guests are settled, we serve them soft drinks followed by hot snacks.

The healthy interaction continues while savoring the different Indian delicacies. For the guests, live cooking demonstration is organized for Indian dishes and guests are also encouraged to join in/participate for hands-on cooking to try out themselves while being taught. This indeed becomes a very exciting experience for the guests. For all the demo dishes the recipes are provided to the guests. This is followed with Dinner which results in a scrumptious meal.

The interaction continues over a hot cup of Indian Masala Tea or Coffee. To sum it up, it make us feel very proud when the guests say good bye and express their happiness and satisfaction for being a part of this programme of “Visit to an Indian family”.

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Visit an Indian family at Amar Niwas (venue) which offers an opportunity to the Guest to know and feel the real India. The Culture, Food and above all the Indian hospitality is truly an experience for the discerning traveller. The visit for Dinner is recommended as the guest gets to spend more time with the family and also gets a chance to look into kitchen as well.

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Join the tour at Choti Chaupar to proceed on this spiritual journey to experience the religious life of locals, interact with residents over a cup of tea to hear interesting stories and discover some of the lesser known architectural wonders of the pink city of Jaipur. This happens to be an exciting walking tour of Jaipur providing an opportunity to explore the living traditions of the walled city.

One could experience the religious life of local communities by visiting lively temples and witness Hindu prayer ceremony. This walk has been carefully designed to offer a rewarding and enriching experience for our guests.

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Explore the historic church, colonial building constructed in different styles of architecture combining a mix usage of local and imported material. The old waadas which include Nana Waada and Vishram Bag Waada takes oneself back in the past. There is a small NGO within the complex which offers some interesting useful things which attracts the visitors. Afterwards proceed to Trishubdya Ganpati Temple which is a very beautiful ancient rock carved 17th Century temple with elaborate carvings. End your tour by visiting 12th Century Nageshwar Temple known for its wooden carvings and ancient architecture.

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Arignar Anna Zoological Park (abbreviated AAZP), also known as the Vandalur Zoo, is a zoological garden located in Vandalur, a suburb in the southwestern part of Chennai is one of the largest in South Asia with a total area of 1300 acres, about 31 kms from the Chennai. The Zoological Park is the pride of the State and has attained excellence in the Conservation Breeding Programme for endangered species and creating awareness about the conservation of natural resources. The zoo houses around 170 species of mammals, birds and reptiles and 2,553 species of flora and fauna.

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Cruza la Puerta de la India, Visita un templo jain, conoce de primera mano la ''verdadera'' tradición de Bombay, pasea por los ajetreados mercados y mucho más con esta excursión de medio día por Bombay. Verás partes de la ciudad que muy pocos Visitantes llegan a conocer y podrás hacerte una idea de cómo es el día a día de los millones de residentes de esta bulliciosa metrópoli.

La Puerta de la India es el símbolo por excelencia de la ciudad, que puede ser vista por todos aquellos que llegan por mar. Este gran arco de basalto amarillo de veintiséis metros de alto se construyó frente al mar para conmemorar la Visita del rey Jorge V en 1911. Posee además otro significado simbólico, ya que las últimas tropas de la colonia británica marcharon a través de ella para abandonar la India. Conduciremos por delante de la Afghan Church (la iglesia afgana), la Secretaría de gobierno de Maharashtra y bordearemos la costa por el Marine Drive, conocido popularmente como 'Queen's Necklace', el collar de la reina.

Tendrás ocasión de Visitar un hermoso templo jain y los Hanging Gardens, los impresionantes jardines colgantes, desde donde disfrutarás de unas vistas espectaculares de toda la ciudad, Chowpatty, Kamala Nehru Park, el Museo del Príncipe de Gales y Mani Bhavan, donde se alojaba Gandhi durante sus Visitas a Bombay. Contempla la pintoresca mezquita Haji Ali, situada en una isla a quinientos metros de la costa y conectada a tierra firme por una carretera.

Haremos una parada en el Dhobi Ghat, donde frotan, sacuden, tiñen y tienden la colada de Bombay. Observa el tren local cargado de pasajeros ''tendidos como la ropa''. Continúa por las coloridas callejuelas del mercado y la fuente Flora en el corazón de la ciudad.

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