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The tour Starts with visit to National Philatelic Museum which has rare collection of stamps, first day covers & special cancellations. The museum also has a counter for sale of stamps from all over the world.

Continue to National Science Centre which has on display various scientific instruments to acting children’s interest in science. Continue to Shankar's International Dolls Museum having a collection of about 6,000 dolls from over 85 countries and a third of the collection has been gathered from different parts of India. Each doll is resplendently dressed in costumes that represent the country or the region they come from.

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The sightseeing tour to Western Group of Temples include visit to the Kandariya Mahadeo Temple - dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the largest and most typical of the Khajuraho temples. Late r visit the Chaunsat Yogini Jain Temple-dedicated to the 64 "Yoginis" or attendants of Goddess Kali. This temple stands apart from the rest. Also see the Chitragupta or Bharatji Temple with a lovely sculpture of Lord Vishnu in his 11-headed form.

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Udaipur, a splash of colour in Rajasthan that is brighter when tinged with the tones of local lore and legends. Visit the City Palace, built in 1725, which hours the Dilkhush Mahal, Sheesh Mahal - studded with glittering Belgium Mirrors, Moti Mahal and the Palace of Lord Krishna all of which are ornately decorated.

Later visit the Jagdish Temple. This temple built in 1651 is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the preserver in gardens of the maids-of-honour, with beautiful lawns, gardens and fountains. Later drive around the Fatehsagar Lake.

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St. Mark’s Cathedral Church, Bangalore

Learn the stories of Bangalore’s past that have inspired its modern future Taste the exotic flavours of Southern India with its most celebrated dishes Breathe the fresh morning air as you explore the park that gave the Garden City its name Admire the beautiful Neo-Dravidian architecture of Vidhana Soudha Stroll past Bangalore’s most historic monuments, including the life-size statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Queen Victoria, and the gigantic red sandstone high courts.

Despite being the modern, cosmopolitan capital of India, a vibrant traditional heart still beats inside Bangalore. This tour will reveal the ancient glory of the city and help you understand it like a true-blue Bangalorean. Discovering the unique stories of the past, you will see how they continue to inspire Bangalore today. We begin our Bangalore tour at the heart of Indian culture — its food! We’ll drop by a South-Indian restaurant to sample two of Bangalore’s most celebrated dishes: dosai (rice and lentil pancake) and idly vada (a steamed rice cake). Get ready to burn off those calories as we continue our walk towards St. Mark’s Cathedral, consecrated by the Bishop of Calcutta in the 1800s and rebuilt in the early 90s. The architecture hints at India’s colonial roots, with a huge dome atop a semicircular chancel.

Continuing on in our Bangalore walking tour, we’ll pass the statues of Mahatma Gandhi and Queen Victoria to reach the Government Museum. With two floors and 18 galleries, you’ll get your history fix exploring an amazing collection of ancient coins, art, and 5,000-year-old relics from the Indus Valley civilisation. With Bangalore already touching our hearts, we’ll proceed to the famed park that gave Bangalore the nickname of the “Garden City.” The park has been renamed a number of times, but it remains Cubbon Park to the locals. Moving on, we’ll pass the gigantic High Court of Bangalore, various secretariat buildings, and finally the Vidhana Soudha. This Neo-Dravidian-style building is the seat of state legislature and a delight to the eyes. Having soaked in the history and heritage of the Garden City, you’ll feel like a certified Bangalorean ready to feast on some great restaurant recommendations by your local guide.

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Kalaripayattu the martial art form of Kerala is regarded as the oldest and more scientific in the world. Training in combat is given at the kalari (training school).The principles of kalari education stipulate that training in martial art begins with an oil massage of the body which goes on until the body is agile and supple. Feats like chattom (jumping), ottam (running), marichil (somersault) etc. are then taught, followed by the lessons the use of weapons such as daggers, swords, spears, maces, the bow and arrow and so on. Kalaripayattu training aims at the ultimate co-ordination of the mind and body. The traditional training in a kalari includes specialization in indigenous medical practice too.

Kalaris are also centers of religious worship. The general guidelines to be followed in kalaripayattu demand that once the course is complete, a person should undergo oil massage and engage in the practice of the feats at-least once a year to help him keep in shape. The duration of the Kalari show is 45 minute to 1 hour and 6 to 7 warriors participate in the Demonstration.

The show starts with introduction of Kalarippayattu. Kalari is decorated with traditional oil lamp and flowers. The performers perform the Kalari items accompanying by the traditional musical instruments, such as ‘chendamelam’, ‘panchavadiyam’, edaka and other musical instruments. The visitor gets an opportunity to watch the handling of weapons used in Kalarippayattu. Explanation is given before the start of each performance to help the visitors understand thrilling experience one is going to watch.

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Visit the EA Mall & Spencer Plaza to get the real time experience of Chennai. EA Mall is a venerable mall with world class shopping cµm entertainment facility, seated right in the heart of Chennai city, housing some of the biggest brands from around the globe.

The mall gives a whole new dimension to work, leisure, entertainment and shopping. Spencer Plaza is located on Mount Road (also known as Anna Salai), and is one of the landmarks of Chennai. This shopping mall is the major hangout for people of Chennai. It now comprises 3 phases, Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. Phase III is the most recently opened. The Plaza has a number of stores dealing in goods of many major brands, as well as local brands.

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The walk offers an experience which is unmatched. There are different walks being conducted in Old Delhi and the guest is taken for a walk through the narrow alleys. Most of the tours begin from Jama Masjid (Mosque) or Jain Temple (also known as Lal Mandir).

One of the largest mosques in Asia, the Jama Masjid offers an excellent view of the entire old city. This walk takes you through the narrow lanes of old Delhi with mansions, colorful bazaars, Jain temples & stalls selling street food.

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Visit the Krishna temples of Mathura and Vrindavan and learn more about India’s rich culture and the beliefs of the Hindu religion in this private tour. Mathura is revered as the birthplace of Hindu God Krishna and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year who pay homage at its temples and bathe in the river Yamuna. Also called ‘Brajbhoomi’ or the Land of Eternal Love, Mathura offers a glimpse into the culture of India.

Tales of Krishna’s mischievous antics as a child are still told in Vrindavan, where he is believed to have spent his childhood. ‘Aarti’ (prayer) ceremonies held in the many temples of the town are interesting to see, with money, sweets and flowers being showered upon the deities.A land of rich traditions and culture, the Krishna temples of Mathura and Vrindavan reflect the essence of Hindu religious belief in India. The peal of temple bells and stories about Krishna’s mischievous youth are common in these holy cities.

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This walk takes one along the east bank of the river, which has seen the city as it developed over the last three hundred years or so. It should be kept in mind, however, that in the seventeenth century the river flowed forty to fifty yards east of its present course.

Since about the end of the eighteenth century, the river started shifting its course westwards. Some of the landmarks as seen in the old aquatints, therefore, appear more inland today than they originally were.

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Explora dos mundos, dos eras y dos continentes en un día con esta impresionante excursión de un día de duración por la ciudad de Calcuta. Acércate para ver los símbolos del Raj Británico: el Victoria Memorial y Belvedere House. Después haremos una Visita a dos de los templos hindúes más emblemáticos, muestra de la pervivencia de la cultura bengalí frente al control extranjero, antes de disfrutar de unas vistas espectaculares de la ciudad desde el emblemático puente de Howrah.

El imponente edificio de mármol blanco, Victoria Memorial, fue construido por los británicos en 1921, quienes se inspiraron en el Taj Mahal, si bien es una obra maestra por sí sola. Construido siguiendo el estilo mughal-gótico tan admirado durante el último Raj, ofrece senderos delimitados por árboles y espléndidos parques repletos de estatuas que se ven reflejadas en los estanques. A unos cuantos metros al este se sitúa Saint Paul's Cathedral, un espléndido ejemplo de la arquitectura neogótica.

Continúa hacia la Biblioteca Nacional de la India, situada en la imponente Belvedere House, que en otra época sirvió de residencia del lugarteniente gobernador de Bengala. En la actualidad alberga la mayor colección de libros de todo el país, a lo largo de seis secciones. Después Visitaremos el templo Dakshineswar Kali, situado a orillas del río, y la joya arquitectónica de Belur Math, que combina los elementos de una iglesia, un templo y una mezquita, y encarna el espíritu de la fraternidad religiosa.

Terminaremos la excursión con una parada para hacer fotos desde el puente de Howrah, conocido como la puerta de acceso a Calcuta. Esta exuberante estructura de acero atraviesa el río Hooghly y es uno de los símbolos de Calcuta desde su construcción.

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