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Half day Jaigarh Fort and Amber Fort with Jeep ride. Standing tall over a small hillock overlooking the Pink city, Amber is a classic romantic Rajasthani Fort-Palace. The rugged, time-ravaged walls of this Fort look awesome from the outside, but the interior is a virtual paradise.

Miniatures painted on the walls depict hunting and war scenes, apart from festivals. Precious stones and mirrors are embedded into the plaster. The imposing Jaigarh Fort built by Jai Singh in 1726 commands a fine view of the plains. The fort has a small museum, the largest wheeled canon in the world and three huge water tanks.

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Sanganer is well known for the handmade paper industry and the Jain temples. The prints manufactured at Sanganer are also extremely popular and are unique in design. Floral, bold and block prints with bright patterns on a white background are the typical USPs of this settlement.

At present, there are about 10 paper industries in Sanganer and countless Jain temples. One of the most prominent Jain temples here is the 'Shri Digambar Jain Temple' that resembles the Dilwara Temple structure at Mount Abu. The sky-high structure, complete with an ornate inner chamber, 'shikhars' (spires), intricate designs and a Parshwanath shrine protected by 7 serpent hoods, are the highlights of this temple.

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You begin with Introduction by allowing them (elephant) to catch your smell. Make them feel comfortable by stroking and talking to them while looking into their eyes followed by feeding and learning about the completely natural paint that is used to paint the thick elephant skin. Also learn washing/riding elephant back.

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Samode is a very small village that is known for its forts and havelis. This place is located close to the green Aravali hills. If you want to explore the best of this place then you can do it through camel ride. Depart for Camel Safari on individual gaily-decorated camels or camel carts or 4x4s through the scenic countryside, open fields and village hamlets.

Experience the earthy nature of life in the desert - observe men in their imposing turbans, women in their colourful skirts and stoles, playful children scampering along. Past rocky hillocks with imposing forts, tall dry elephant grass and sudden startled calls of a peacock or a partridge.

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The Le Passage Travel Foundation, also called Shaping Lives, was launched on 08 Dec 2010 in Delhi. It is the CSR face of Le Passage To India created with the intent to form the bridge between our foreign travel partners, tourist clients and others with a will and inclination to give something back to Society and our carefully scrutinized and selected NGOs on our various travel routes.

The currently empanelled NGOs deal with marginalized, normal and special, children, as well as animal care, and are in constant need of financial and volunteer support.

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Authorised by the Government of India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation, with the full support from the Rajasthan Department of Tourism, it is bringing a new and exciting dimension to Tourism in both Rajasthan and India. The Hot-Air Ballooning experience and service is world class.

The team consists of highly experienced commercial pilots from the UK, Europe and USA, along with extensively trained operational staff and technical crew. Our balloons have been sourced from the UK and Europe and globally recognized standards of safety and international operating systems and procedures have been implemented from the outset. The pilot gives First Flight certificates to all passengers as a memento of their amazing Balloon Safari experience.

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Join the tour at Choti Chaupar to proceed on this spiritual journey to experience the religious life of locals, interact with residents over a cup of tea to hear interesting stories and discover some of the lesser known architectural wonders of the pink city of Jaipur. This happens to be an exciting walking tour of Jaipur providing an opportunity to explore the living traditions of the walled city.

One could experience the religious life of local communities by visiting lively temples and witness Hindu prayer ceremony. This walk has been carefully designed to offer a rewarding and enriching experience for our guests.

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Join the tour beginning from the Hawa Mahal (Palace of winds) for an absorbing evening walking Tour through the maze of Jaipur's vibrant local Markets .Sample the regions culinary delights from some of the city’s most popular street food vendors and witness the rich local art and crafts traditions.

The Royal family of Jaipur has been patronizing various craftsmen and artisans and the people of Jaipur have still continued to practice those traditions making it a favorable destination to witness India’s art & craft produced by using the traditional methods. This happens to be one of the fascinating walk in Jaipur.

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This tour beginning from Chaura Raasta (Road) in front of Golcha Cinema Hall (Movie theatre) and takes you to local artisans who you can observe in their small workshops, visit a private collection of renowned painters and enjoy a cup of tea in a historic Haveli belonging to a local antique collector; beautifully decorated with rich tapestries, carpets and rare artefacts this palace is truly one of its kind.

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Sankotra family was associated with the royal family of Jaipur. Their Haveli was built in 17th Century when the Jaipur Town was founded and was given to Sankotra Family in 1724 vikram samvat. It has its own specialties live being very close to Sanganeri Gate the main entrance to Johari Bazar,City Place etc. It is a popularly known as “Kanch Ka Darwaja” become of beautifully glass work inside and it is one of the oldest Haveli of Jaipur City.

Haveli is still official residence of the Sankotra Family since 8 generations. The guests here are informed about the past and present about the Sankotra family and all welcome to participate in cooking or discussion with the family.

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City Palace Ticket Counter.

Take in the grandeur of the City Palace and see why Jantar Mantar became a World Heritage Site Beat the traffic through the narrow streets of Jaipur on a thrilling tuk-tuk ride Taste a local delicacy made from a caramelised leaf and a classic, ambrosial lassi Get your Bollywood on with a film viewing in a beautiful local movie theatre Discover your karma and kal in the stars with an astrological reading over a traditional Mughlai-Rajputana dinner.

Start your evening in the Pink City with a taste of luxury. With a collection of royal Rajasthani costumes, majestic courtyards, lush gardens, and a remarkable museum, the City Palace is a unique monument we just couldn’t let you miss! From there, we’ll head to Jantar Mantar to discover the math and astronomy behind this incredible UNESCO World Heritage site. From luxury to local, there’s no better way to experience the crazy traffic of India than on a tuk-tuk. This Jaipur tour will have you riding the city’s famous routes while your local guide recalls the stories and legends of the Pink City.

We’ll have our ever-enthusiastic tuk-tuk driver drop us off at the Raj Mandir, a beautifully designed and intricately decorated theatre often referred to as the Pride of Asia. Before taking in a Bollywood film, we’ll treat you to a chilled lassi and a local delicacy called meetha paan, caramelised betel leaf with betelnut and aniseed. Tummy satisfied and thirst quenched, we’ll escape into the world of Bollywood song and dance, a truly local experience you’ll never forget. Still entranced and humming our favourite Bollywood numbers, we’ll head to one of Jaipur’s best restaurants to meet a local astrologer who’ll foretell the cosmic dance of your stars over a traditional Mughlai-Rajputana feast.

You’ll have the chance to ask your questions of karma and kal (past and future) and learn the vitality of this ancient science before heading off into the night with stars in your eyes! In addition to the above itinerary, a visit to Amber Fort can be arranged. If you wish to add this to your tour, please contact the Jaipur local office.

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Entrance Gate, Crown Plaza Mall, Jaipur.

No doubt you’ve heard: Rajasthan is famous for two things — its food and its royalty. On this Jaipur tour, we’re putting the focus on the food (the name of the starting point is about as royal as we get). Meeting up at the entrance gate of the Crown Plaza Mall, we’ll work up an appetite by diving head-first into a local tradition – Carrom. Also known as Karrom, this strike-and-pocket table game, believed to have been a favourite of the Maharajas and Ranis of Rajasthan, is an Indian family tradition, and thus the perfect intro into local family life. With a rani in the centre, pawns all around, and peculiar rules and techniques to guide your play, Carrom is a thoroughly fun game to learn and play.

Post-Carrom, with excitement levels at a high, we’ll head off to the local Jaipur market to hunt for fresh meat and vegetables, based on what we’ll be cooking that evening. Your local guide will give you the lowdown on how to navigate the vegetable bazaar and help you engage in conversations with the vendors and colourful Rajasthani people. We’ll walk through Jaipur, back to your host’s family home, where years of home cooking and masala secrets are waiting for you. This region’s age-old culinary prowess involves a unique blend of rich, colourful spices, ancient herbs, mouthwatering curries, and a variety of other delectable (read: legendary) dishes. You’ll learn spicy secrets and tasty tips for mastering truly traditional (and rather scrumptious, as the locals would say!) dishes. Be sure to take notes of recipes and techniques and take them safely back home – these notes are one of the best souvenirs in Jaipur, so guard them like gold!

Spend the rest of the evening enjoying your Rajasthani home-cooked meal with the family members of your host, learning local stories and experiencing first-hand the closeness of the Indian family culture. Ask questions, listen up, and immerse yourself in the ultimate Indian cultural experience. Savour the spices and the sweets — we’re sure the taste of Rajasthan will spoil your tastebuds forever (so we expect to see you back here in another few months, right?!). With a special homemade to-go packet of masala, as well as full tummies and hearts (and safely guarded cooking notes and recipes!) we’ll depart our host’s home. Your local guide will drop you off back at your local Jaipur hotel, or assist you in finding transportation onwards to your next evening activity.

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Museum Rd, Kailash Puri, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur

Your cycle-rickshaw adventure starts at Albert Hall, the oldest museum in the city and an awe-inspiring model of Indo-Saracenic architecture. We’ll then lead you out into the crowded alleys of Jaipur to see more of the city’s most famous sites.

Along the way, you’ll get a history lesson and hear goose-bumpy stories, old legends, and lost myths that shape life in Jaipur. Your Jaipur tour will lead you to Bapu Bazaar, the centre of Meenakari jewellery, which is a local specialty of Rajasthan. Dive in to the array of colourful trinkets, curios, bandhani, and block-printed textiles, then rest up over a cup of Indian masala tea that will revive your senses.

From there, you’ll proceed to Hawa Mahal, a five-storied marvel made of pink sandstone and uniquely carved with 953 windows. The windows, known as jharokhas, were built to provide the royal queens and princesses with a view of everyday life happening beyond the palace walls. Keep your camera handy for pictures of this Jaipur landmark. We’ll then finish off our Jaipur adventure, but before we do, we’ll give you a shot at cycling the Rickshaw yourself! How do you think you would do cycling through the city streets? I

n addition to the above itinerary, a visit to Amber Fort can be arranged, either in the morning or evening as per your convenience. If you wish to add this to your tour, please contact the Jaipur local office.

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We’re taking you out of the city and into the depths of the real Rajasthan! You’ll head to a nearby enchanting Shahpura village to experience the blend of serenity and chaos that defines true local Indian life. Learn about local agriculture and traditional customs, get a henna tattoo, sips some masala, and taste the delectable flavours of real Rajasthani cuisine. Highlights: Experience India like a local, away from the tourist sites and in a rural community Visit a traditional Shahpura village and get the chance to meet and talk with locals Learn about local farming practices and unique traditional customs Taste homemade Masala tea and oh-so-tasty Rajasthani cuisine Get a henna tattoo and colourful lakh bangles custom-made for you.

The scarlet Tikka, the rainbow-coloured turban, the vibrant shades of Jaipur… prepare to be swept off your feet and out of the city! You simply cannot say you’ve been to India without spending a day in an authentic Indian community — and that’s what we’re giving you! This Jaipur tour takes you beyond the city limits, to explore the vibrant villages of Rajasthan, with their clay-plastered walls, thatched roofs, old leafy peepal trees, and native customs and ceremonies. We’ll arrive at Shahpura haveli and proceed to the gigantic farms where you’ll learn all about the crops that are being cultivated, the age-old irrigation methods being practiced, and much more. The haveli is built in the vicinity of Shahpura village, a colourful Rajasthani village with hand-painted walls and aangans (courtyards), and a handicraft market. Your guide will teach you the tricks of bargaining in the local market and familiarise you with the region’s culture and legends. Next up, settle in under a tree for a cup of Indian Masala tea as you watch women performing mehendi rachai (henna tattooing). You’ll learn about the intricate designs and the rural significance of henna — and, if you like, maybe even get one yourself. You’ll finish your tour off with a traditional Rajasthani lunch — but be warned, the aromatic spices and herbs might just spoil your taste buds forever.

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Viaja atrás en el tiempo, a un universo espiritual, con esta intrigante excursión al asombroso Fuerte Amber y la ciudad ''ideal hindú'' de Jaipur. Visita el espectacular Palacio de Jaipur (City Palace Museum), contempla el emblemático Hawa Mahal y maravíllate ante el observatorio astronómico de Jantar Mantar. Esta excursión de día completo es la presentación perfecta del patrimonio y la cultura de Rayastán.

A solo once kilómetros de Jaipur se encuentra Amer, la antigua ciudadela de los rajás de Jaipur. Esta pequeña ciudad-museo sigue, a día de hoy, custodiada por el Fuerte Amber, uno de los ejemplos más representativos de la arquitectura rajput, construido en tiempos del rajá Man Singh hace más de cuatro siglos. Para su construcción se utilizó mármol y arenisca roja, lo que le da ese distintivo color rosa oscuro. Pasea por el palacio y admira sus grandiosas estructuras: la Sala de Audiencias Públicas, la Sala de Audiencias Privadas y las habitaciones privadas de las reinas, cuyas ventanas están cubiertas con celosías para que pudiesen observar desde la intimidad el desarrollo de los asuntos reales. También podrás ver el Templo de la Victoria, con su famosa Sala de los Espejos

Continúa hasta Jaipur para visitar el City Palace Museum, antigua residencia real. Observa la Armería, que alberga una impresionante colección de pistolas, trabucos, fusiles de chispa, espadas, rifles y dagas. Conduce hasta Hawa Mahal, el monumento más célebre de Jaipur. Su fachada de arenisca a modo de pantalla permitía a las mujeres de palacio ver las procesiones reales en el exterior sin ser vistas. Por último, acércate hasta el Jantar Mantar, el observatorio de piedra más grande del mundo.

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