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Tickets en Indore

Start your tour by visiting The Rajwada or the Old Palace belonging to Holkar dynasty and a blend of French, Mughal and Maratha architecture. The palace is characterised by three stone made lower stories, wooden upper stories, well-laid garden with fountains and an artificial waterfall.

Aftrwards proceed to Lalbagh palace, construction of which was carried out in three stages. This palace was used for holding important functions and celebrations. The gardens all around and the overall make of the palace reflects the taste, grandeur and lifestyle of the Holkar rulers. Conclude the tour by visiting the Kanch Mandir or the temple made of mirrors. It is a wonderful Jain temple with plain exteriors and intricate mirror work done on interiors.

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Mandu or the city of joy in the local language is situated at a distance of 99 kilometres from Indore, it is a must visit excursion point from Indore. Mandu has a number of sites to visit like the palaces, tombs, temples, and a fort that was the monsoon retreat of the Mughal emperors here. Moreover, Monuments of interest are Champa Baoli, the huge 15th-century Jami Masjid, the beautiful Jahaz Mahal (ship palace), the Hindola Mahal or swing palace, the romantic Baz Bahadur/’s Palace, Roopmati/’s Pavilion and the Hoshang Shah’s Tomb.

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