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Start the tour by visiting the Charminar - rectangular, four-arched Monumental Gate described as the "The Arch of Triumph of the East" followed by walk around the Laad Bazaar famous for bridal accessories, laquer Bangles, Hyderabadi Attar (perfume), Maindi and Antiques. Continue to Chowmahalla Palace (replica of shah of Iran’s palace in Tehran).

Visit the Mecca Mosque – one of the Oldest and largest mosque in India. End your tour by visiting the Salar Jung Museum which along-with a collection of art objects by Nawab Salar Jung III, also houses magnificent exhibits of European and Indian paintings and statuary. Of special interest is the Jade Room containing priceless objects, which belonged to ancient Indian rulers like Aurangazeb, Tipu Sultan, Shah Jahan and the Asaf Jahs of Hyderabad. Later drive past the High Court and State Assembly buildings.

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Visit in the morning, when the weather is perfect to climb 360 steps oneway. Originally, 12th Cen Kakatiya Fort of Hindu rulers is 12 km from city. Clap while you nap at the entrance. Facinating views from Baradari (400 ft) plains and royal necropolis. The outer wall is 8 km with 87 semicircular bastions and 8 gates. In 1687 it fell to the marching Aurangazeb by means of treachery, latter used a prison by Nizams. Fabled treasure like Koh-i-noor is looted. Huge blocks of cut stone butting onto natural outcrops of granite, with several buildings for living, treasury, harems, mosques, baghs, baths and barracks. Royal Necropolis is located north west of the fort, out through Banjara Gate. Mostly from QUTUB Shahi period, large tombs have their own mosques. Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah and Kulsum Begum Tombs are worth visiting.

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The 13th century Golconda Fort built by the Kakatiya kings is considered one of India’s most outstanding citadels. Known for its magnificent acoustics, the structural grandeur of the palaces and ingenious water supply system, the visit to the fort transports to that eventful age of the Qutub Shahi dynasty that speaks volumes of their glorious achievements.

One is perplexed to see the meticulous details of the architecture and the fading gardens, which once had sprawling lawns and playing fountains. Switching hands from Kakatiya Kings to Bahmani dynasty and later to the Qutub Shahi dynasty and finally was besieged by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, who finally gained control of it. Golconda is all this and more with a spectacular interplay of audio and visual effects, the saga of Golconda unfolds over centuries of splendor.

The show livens up the glorious past and it is an experience worth watching. The unique Sound & Light Show takes you right back in time narrating the glorious past of Golconda Fort which is full of life, glory and grandeur effectively with matchless Sound and Light effects.

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Ramoji Film City (RFC) is the world’s largest integrated film studio complex at over 2,000 acres (8.1 sq. km) of land. It is also a popular tourism and recreation centre, containing both natural and artificial attractions including an amusement park.

It is situated near Hayathnagar and Peddamberpet on Hyderabad - Vijayawada, NH9 highway, about 25 km South-East of Hyderabad. Be prepared to experience the spectacular locations, rides, games, shows, exciting attractions, enthralling entertainments and unlimited fun here.

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Full day excursion to Nagarjunaconda. Further upstream the Krishna River from Hyderabad is Nagarjunakonda associated with the famous Buddhist scholar of 2nd century, Nagarjuna.

It was an important Buddhist monastic institution and has stupas with handsome sculptures showing scenes from the life of the Buddha. The Archaeologists have salvaged the precious ruins from this ancient site, atop a hill and set them up in a Vihara style museum.

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Full day excursion to Bidar, situated in the extreme northeast corner of the Andhra Pradesh State was the capital of the Bahmani kingdom from 1428 and later of the Barid Shahi dynasty. It is a pleasant town with a splendid old 15th century fort containing the Ranjeen Mahal, Chini Mahal and Turkish Mahal Palaces. The impressive Khwaja Mahmud Gawan Madrasa and the Tombs of the Bahmani and -Barid Kings are also worth seeing.

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Around 40 kms to the south east of Hyderabad is Pochampally known for silk and cotton weaving. Recently opened local art form of IKKAT weaving museum is worth visit. The skilful designers of Pochampally transfer onto the warp and weft before being woven together.

In addition to weaving, one could see a single house with 101 doors! Even though it sounds incredible the 80-year old dwelling here is proof of existence. Lord Markandeya, presiding deity and God of the weaving community is the protector if this village.

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Descubre la auténtica Hyderabad con esta fascinante excursión de media jornada a la ‘ciudad de las perlas’. Visita los principales puntos de interés, incluido el imponente Charminar, símbolo por excelencia de la ciudad, la majestuosa mezquita de la Meca y el museo Salar Jung además de conocer edificios de gran importancia como el Tribunal Superior de Andhra Pradesh y los edificios de la Asamblea del Estado. Esta excursión lo tiene todo: cultura, historia, arte y arquitectura.

Tu visita comienza en el Charminar, una puerta monumental de planta rectangular y cuatro arcos triunfales, construida en el año 1591 por orden del sultán Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah para conmemorar la erradicación de una plaga que asoló la ciudad. La palabra 'Charminar' significa ''cuatro torres'', por sus cuatro majestuosos minaretes ricamente decorados que se elevan cincuenta y seis metros por encima de las calles.

No muy lejos del Charminar se encuentra la espectacular Makkah Masjid, una de las mezquitas más grandes de la India, cuya sala central tiene capacidad para diez mil fieles. Su elaborada arquitectura es simplemente impresionante: las tres fachadas arcadas fueron talladas a partir de un solo bloque de granito, cuya extracción de la cantera tardó cinco años.

Después visitaremos el museo Salar Jung, que exhibe la gran colección de Nawab Salar Jung III, además de una estupenda variedad de pinturas y esculturas europeas e indias. Es especialmente interesante la fabulosa colección de coranes en la sala de jade que además contiene un sinfín de objetos de valor incalculable, que pertenecieron a antiguos gobernantes como Aurangazeb, el sultán Tipu, Shah Jahan y los Asaf Jah de Hyderabad. Más tarde pasaremos por el Tribunal Superior Andhra Pradesh High y los edificios de la Asamblea del Estado, dos magníficos ejemplos de la arquitectura del renacimiento indo-sarraceno.


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