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Start your tour by visiting Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum which showcases nearly 20,000 various artifacts in 03 floors followed by Shaniwar Wada. It is an ancient fort palace built by the Peshva rulers. Proceed to Pataleshwar Caves/temple dating back to 8th Century and is known for single massive bassalt rock carved intoa lord Shiva temple.

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Explore the historic church, colonial building constructed in different styles of architecture combining a mix usage of local and imported material. The old waadas which include Nana Waada and Vishram Bag Waada takes oneself back in the past. There is a small NGO within the complex which offers some interesting useful things which attracts the visitors. Afterwards proceed to Trishubdya Ganpati Temple which is a very beautiful ancient rock carved 17th Century temple with elaborate carvings. End your tour by visiting 12th Century Nageshwar Temple known for its wooden carvings and ancient architecture.

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Karla and Bhaja Caves are located near Lonavala. The Bhaja caves are regarded to be from the times of Hinayana phase of Buddhism, which is of 2nd to 1st century BC. These caves are also mainly Viharas and Chaityas. Karla Cave is the largest Hinayana Buddhist chaitya (temple) in India built during Satavahana's rule. Karla is the best example of rock-cut architecture, which is believed to carve out from a living rock. Some of its 2000 year-old wooden beams are still alive. It takes nearly 20 minutes to climb up the steep way of the Karla caves. There is a 45 meter long Chaitya, possibly the finest of its kind in the country.

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