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Take a boat ride to the idyllic beach. Anchor the boat by the coastline; try your luck in fun fishing where hand lines and baits are provided. If you are lucky enough, just give your “catch of the day” to the boatman as he will prepare it together with your BBQ lunch, to be served on the beach. You may spend your time exploring the sandy beach or go for a swim; otherwise find an ideal spot to sunbath or just relax on the beach. Monkeys, sea eagles and the harmless giant lizard can be spotted along the coastline.

Trishaw, a three wheeler light local transport, is the best way to see and explore the city of George Town at a much slower pace, with full view of the sights as it moves along. Wind through the narrow streets where famous heritage landmarks of Penang are found.

Start from Fort Cornwallis, passing by the Clock Tower and then proceed to the waterfront jetties. From there go through the bustling Little India, the commercial & banking area, the St. George’s church, old Chinese Temples and narrow streets dotted with boutique hotels and cafes. The ride will end at The Blue Mansion.

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Pulau Payar (Payar Island) has been gazetted as a Marine Park to protect this wonderful location. It is an underwater haven for your diving and snorkelling pleasure and ideal for underwater activities in this region. Take the scheduled ferry from Penang to Pulau Payar, West Malaysia’s only Marine Park and discover the beautiful marine life and corals. Enjoy activities like snorkelling, coral viewing and scuba diving. Feast your eyes on a varied collection of aquatic creatures, colourful fishes and exotic corals.

For the certified diving enthusiast, diving gear are available for hire.

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch served on the platform, amidst tropical tranquillity.

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The perfect introduction to Sarawak’s historic capital, this tour includes Kuching’s Chinatown, the Cat Statue (Kuching means “Cat” in Malay), the colorful Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple, the Civic Centre Viewing Platform and the world famous Sarawak Museum. Across river, visit the unique Cat Museum, passing the magnificent State Mosque and the Astana, the former residence of the White Rajahs.

Return via the golden-domed City Mosque and proceed on foot through Old Kuching, visiting the colorful Central Markets with spice dealers and textile shops. Pass by the heritage buildings of the White Rajah era, the Pavilion, the Square Tower, the Court House, the Charles Brooke Monument and the Post Office. Note: Cat Museum is closed on Mondays.

desde 20,23 €

The Baba Nyonya Museum is also known as the Chung Keng Kooi Mansion. This was formally a private home belonging to a Chinese Kapitan who was the head of the Hai San secret society. Be amazed at how well this house has been restored. The antique furniture and woodwork is simply awesome. The Protestant Cemetery on the landward side of The Mansion deserves to be explored at leisure. Shaded by frangipani trees, it is the final resting place of Penang's European pioneers such a Francis Light and several early Governors. Penang's latest offering - ''The Chocolate Boutique'' brings you more than 80 different types of high quality chocolate from Beryl's. The mansion is divided into various chocolate rooms with different themes including Tiramasu, Fruits, Health, Sweetheart, Coffee, Panned Chocolate and Malaysia Collection. Stop at the Botanical Gardens for a stroll. The Botanical Gardens which is also known as the Waterfall Gardens was set up by the British in 1884. See native and hybrid orchids, cactus plant collection, varied collection of ferns, bamboo plants flowering trees and shrubs. The host, the long tail macaque adds some excitement to the visit.

Penang is considered the culinary capital of Malaysia and nowhere is the diversity of dishes and range of flavours more evident than in its beautiful capital, George Town. You don’t walk its streets – you devour them. Every corner you turn is a new gastronomic adventure, with hawkers selling delicious street food.

Start your day with some authentic Malaysian recipe Roti Canai and Teh Tarik, a local breakfast many Penangites love. Take a slow drive along the Street of Harmony, which is bordered by religious landmarks such as Kapitan Keling Mosque (the first Indian-Muslim mosque in Penang) with its domes and minarets; the Sri Mahamariaman Temple devoted to a popular Hindu Goddess; Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) Temple, built in 1800; St. George's Church, oldest Anglican Church (1818) in the Region. Witness the making of Wooden Clogs, commonly known in Penang as “Kak Kiak” in Hokkien, is a traditional footware used daily in the olden days.

Next, we will go to taste a variety of the famous traditional Nyonya ‘kuih’ (cakes / savoury or sweet snacks). Go for a hunt at the famous Street Art, as well as enjoy a traditional snack of peanuts candy wrapped with the freshly made poh piah skin. Taste the Penang Cendol, a famous Penang dessert that promises to brighten and refresh your day from the first sip. End of tour by learning the steps of making Penang famous tambun biscuits (Tao Sar Pheah).

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Sungai Lembing is situated about an hour's drive from Kuantan. The town was once famous for its tin mining activity and the most talked about in being the largest underground tin mine in the world. Today one can still witness the remnants of this wonderful era. Visit the old market square; see the Chinese clan houses.
Pop into a home bakery that is still using wood-fired ovens to make buns, coconut biscuits, cakes and “coffee-croutons”. Explore this quaint town to see how the locals are still using the high hanging bridges to cross the Lembing River during the rainy season. Visit the Sungai Lembing mining Museum which houses the equipment used, tin samples and display of the network of tunnels spreading over 785 kilometres underground.

desde 52,87 €

Explore Penang Island, the fun way, on a double-decked tour bus. The Hop-On-Hop-Off Penang tour covers two exciting routes, the City Route and Beach Route. Each route is carefully planned to give visitors the best sights and top landmarks through the most popular areas in and out of George Town. Both routes combined, there are more than 50 attractions where visitors can hop-on or hop-off at any of the 33 designated stops. Each bus is uniquely designed with half-open top, which is a favorite for visitors to get a better view of the island better.

The Hop-On-Hop-Off Penang tour gives the flexibility to choose where and when you travel while visiting Georgetown, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. The Service runs daily on a 20-30 minutes service schedule between 9am and 8pm. Each bussç is designed uniquely with half-open top with the capacity of 60 sitting passengers whereby 27 passengers will be experiencing the outdoor feel on top of the bus. The open deck is a favorite for tourist as tourist can feel and view the island better so it going to on first come first serve sitting arrangements.

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Disconnect from stress for a day and take a plunge into an experience that will refresh and renew you, with this Round Island and Hill & Temple tour.

Round Island.
Penang or “Pulau Pinang” which means "Island of Betelnut Palms" - was once a pirates' hideout. It came under British control in 1786. History has it that Captain Francis Light loaded the cannons with silver coins and fired into the thick undergrowth and the locals scrambled to recover them - thus clearing the area for settlement.

Born as a crossroads for traders from Arab to Europe, India to China and nearby islanders, Penang is today a mini Asia in a nutshell! The island still retains its natural charm with quiet sunkissed beaches along the famed Batu Ferringhi strip. Visit a Batik Factory (a local cottage industry) - a stop to learn about the traditional art of fabric making by using wax and dyes.

Then drive through the hills where one will enjoy the lush greenery of tropical rainforest dotted with fruit orchards and spices. Stop at a street stall to be introduced to the many varieties of fruits and spices produced by the local farmers, and also learn how a rubber tree is tapped.

Drive to the valley where clusters of traditional malay villages and paddy fields where one can feel the tranquillity. Head to the centuries old Snake Temple or the Temple of Azure Cloud and discover the pit viper snakes. A brief stop to sample the famous white coffee before going back to hotel.

Hill & Temple Tour.
Visit the Kek Lok Si Temple or Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas - infinitely intriguing from the start. It is one of the largest Chinese temples in Malaysia and the largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia. Among the other features is the Tortoises' Pond of longevity where devotees release the creatures to earn blessings in life and Seven Tier Pagoda that incorporates Chinese, Thai & Burmese architecture. A beautiful bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy overlooks the temple.

Next, take the funicular train up to Penang Hill, where the oldest British hill station in the region was established. A cool hill retreat from the tropical heat, it provides a panoramic view of George Town and mainland Malaysia (on a clear day).

Retrocede en el tiempo con este recorrido de medio día por Kuching que incluye los principales lugares de interés de la ciudad que admirarás tanto desde tierra firme como desde el agua. Además de ser una perfecta carta de presentación de la capital de Sarawak, este tour ofrece un fascinante crucero fluvial en pontón de una hora de duración que te permitirá disfrutar de una perspectiva diferente de la zona.

Retrocede en el tiempo con este recorrido de medio día por Kuching que incluye los principales lugares de interés de la ciudad que admirarás tanto desde tierra firme como desde el agua. Además de ser una perfecta carta de presentación de la capital de Sarawak, este tour ofrece un fascinante crucero fluvial en pontón de una hora de duración que te permitirá disfrutar de una perspectiva diferente de la zona.

El recorrido incluye Chinatown, la emblemática Estatua del Gato (Kuching significa “gato” en malayo), el alegre templo Tua Pek Kong Temple y su pagoda de siete pisos, el Centro Cívico, la plataforma de observación y el prestigioso Museo Sarawak. La travesía fluvial incluye el popular Museo del Gato, pasa frente a la magnífica Mezquita Estatal y Astana, antigua residencia de la dinastía de los Rajás Blancos (pertenecientes a la familia Brooke, que gobernó hereditariamente en Sarawak durante más de un siglo). Regresaremos pasando por la magnífica mezquita de cúpula dorada de la ciudad y seguiremos a pie hasta el casco antiguo, Old Kuching, donde visitaremos los animados mercados centrales con sus puestos de especias y artículos textiles. Contempla el legado de la era de la dinastía de los Rajás Blancos en el Pabellón, la Torre de la Plaza, el Palacio de Justicia, el Monumento Charles Brooke y la Oficina de Correos.

Comparte el río con los taxis acuáticos de vivos colores, denominados tambangs, mientras la embarcación surca las aguas pasando por los últimos pueblos pintorescos, la Mezquita de la Ciudad, Astana, la Fuerte Margherita y la línea costera, finalizando el recorrido en el Jardín de Orquídeas.

Punto de encuentro: Recogida en el hotel.
Duración: Cuatro horas.
Hora de inicio o apertura: A las 9.00 y a las 14.00 horas desde el centro de la ciudad, o a las 8.15 y a las 13.00 horas desde Damai.
Idiomas: Conductor de habla inglesa.

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