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Tickets en Kuantan and Pahang

Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang, is located on the east coast and facing the South China Sea. It is fast developing into a modern commercial centre, yet retaining its unique age-old charms. It offer visitors with a chance to experience the laid -back lifestyle that is rich in traditional & cultural activities.
Cherating Village was a quiet traditional fishing village. Today, it has bloom into an exciting mix of traditional and modern resorts. Visit the Pandanus Weaving Centre where you are able to admire products made from local grass craft, artfully woven into hats, handbags and table mats. Proceed to a Batik workshop to see the traditional art of fabric making by using wax and dyes. Proceed to Beserah, a quaint little fishing village where traditional boats are still being used. Witness the process of preparing salted fish, a local delicacy that Beserah is well-known for. Take a short drive to "Pantai Batu Hitam" (Black Rock Beach) where there are big black stones found along the beach believed to come from volcano erosion (there is no volcano in Malaysia though).
Later, photo stop at Tanjung Api fishing jetty to capture the rustic lifestyle of the local fishing village. Heads towards Teluk Cempadak Beach, along the way enjoy a scenic drive passing by the residential suburbs with a chance to see the residence of The Regent of Pahang and the Chief Minister. Free and leisure time at Teluk Cempadak, there are many local stalls selling various handicraft and local foods. You may take a walk on the beach or even enjoy a drink at the nearby Hyatt Regency Hotel (drink not included).

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Lake Chini is Malaysia’s second biggest natural freshwater lake, located in the state of Pahang. Located approximately 100km from Kuantan town, Lake Chini lies majestically among 12,000 acres of lush tropical wilderness. Lake Chini consists of 13 interconnecting water bodies, each with its own characteristics. With its well known myths, the Lake has attracted many visitors from various destinations. It is believed that it was once the site of an ancient Khmer city with a mythical dragon guarding it.
Enjoy a boat ride through a narrow river canopied by huge tropical rainforest trees. Thousands of white and pink water lilies blook from August through September, transforming the lake into a floating multi-coloured garden. On the fringe of the lake, there is a large concentration of aborigines from the Jakun tribe. Visit an Aboriginal Settlement and observe how a blowpipe which is their main hunting weapon, is used.

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Panching Caves, also known as Gua Charah, is situated northwest of Kuantan. The cave is a Thai-Buddhist Cave Temple, housing a 9 meter long reclining Buddha and other deities’ statues.
A natural opening in the roof of the cave allows sunlight to penetrate, illuminating the Buddha statue at certain times. Outside the cave, as you continue hiking up, some concrete steps lead further up the mountain where there are some shallow, open-sided caves, with the topmost largest one offering a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside through the treetops . From here, we will proceed to the Pandan Waterfall, where you can take a refreshing dip in the natural pool.

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Sungai Lembing is situated about an hour's drive from Kuantan. The town was once famous for its tin mining activity and the most talked about in being the largest underground tin mine in the world. Today one can still witness the remnants of this wonderful era. Visit the old market square; see the Chinese clan houses.
Pop into a home bakery that is still using wood-fired ovens to make buns, coconut biscuits, cakes and “coffee-croutons”. Explore this quaint town to see how the locals are still using the high hanging bridges to cross the Lembing River during the rainy season. Visit the Sungai Lembing mining Museum which houses the equipment used, tin samples and display of the network of tunnels spreading over 785 kilometres underground.

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