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Tickets en Kota Kinabalu and Sabah

Start your tour with a scenic drive through Kota Kinabalu City. The city, formerly known as ''Singgahmata'' or ''the Place where the Eye Lingers'', has risen from the destruction of the last world war to become a vibrant and modern city that still retains its traditional charms.

See many places of interests in the city centre such as Menara Tun Mustapha (formerly Sabah Foundation Building) - this circular tower of steel and glass standing at 30 storeys high is instantly recognisable as a Sabah landmark. It has a central core with steel brackets supporting each floor. When completed in 1977, it was one of the three buildings in the world based on this design concept.

Other places of interest include University Malaysia Sabah, Sabah State and City Mosque and the Sabah Museum for the historical and cultural aspects of the indigenous people. Enjoy a brief stop along Signal Hill which provides an awesome bird's eye view of the city skyline and nearby islands before stopping at a handicraft market to pick up some souvenirs.

Entrance fee at Sabah Museum included.

Pick up/Meeting point:hotel lobby at 9.00am or 2.00pm
Duration: 3 hours
Start or opening time:09.30am and 2.30pm
End or closing time:12.00pm and 5.30pm
Others: Dress standards are conservative throughout Asia, especially outside major cities. To respect this and for your own comfort, we strongly recommend modest clothing. This means clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Loose, lightweight, long clothing is both respectful and cool in the predominantly hot Asian climate.

desde 18,61 €

Your tour begins at dusk with a bargain hunt at the colourful night market, where trinkets and souvenirs galore await. Then watch the city nightlife unfold before you, in all its glittering splendour, from a vantage view point at Signal Hill's observation deck. Next, enjoy a sumptuous dinner at a local restaurant. On a final note, spend the rest of the evening at your own leisure painting the town red at any of the city's popular night spots.

desde 38,56 €

Transfer from hotel to Beaufort, a 2-hour overland journey to the Southern part of Sabah. Arrive at Garama River Lodge, a few kilometers away from the busy highway and enjoy the serene beauty of the mangrove swamps forest. This tour weaves through Sabah’s countryside, scenic secluded beaches, villages, paddy fields, plantations and mangrove forest.

Arriving at our destination, enjoy light refreshment with local cakes while mingling and learning about the local community. By 1600hrs, commence our cruise down river in search of wildlife, mainly the Proboscis Monkey. Catch glimpses of the macaque, the rare silver langur and occasionally birds of prey like the Crested Serpent Eagle and White Bellied Sea-eagle. Dinner will be served by the river bank. After dinner, catch a glimpse of fireflies decorating the mangrove trees.

Return back to Kota Kinabalu in the late evening.

Meeting/ Pick up point: Clients' hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Start or opening time: 1.00pm.
End or closing time: 9.30pm.
Languages: English speaking driver.

desde 56,66 €

The North Borneo Railway is the oldest running steam train in Borneo. The nostalgic romance of an old steam train brings back the memories of a bygone era. Passing through villages and coastal towns, paddy fields, rainforests and plantations of rubber and coffee, a ride on the North Borneo Railway is truly a journey of rediscovery into the heart of Borneo.

This ride offers passengers an opportunity to experience the era of British North Borneo while transporting passengers along the lifeline of Sabah. Refurbished to recreate the nostalgic romance of people travelling by steam train in the days of the Chartered Company and the British Colonial Office, both the exterior and interior provide an environment that would have been typical when stepping onto a train in the 1900s. The exterior utilises the traditional deep green and cream of the original North Borneo Railway, with carved brass logos showcasing the original design of a tiger holding a rail wheel, standing on the royal crown. The interior highlights the natural woods of Sabah and, unless the train is fully booked, passengers are offered free seating on one of the five colonial-style passenger train carriages.

The train will depart Tanjung Aru station at 10.00am to Papar, and arrive back at Tanjung Aru station at about 1.45pm. Along the way, the train will stop at the following stations: 45-minute stop at Kinarut - see the Chinese temple and 45-minute stop at Papar Town - visit local wet market and shops.

Tiffin lunch will be served on board during the journey back as soon as the train departs Papar town. A Tiffin Lunch is a colonial style lunch served in a stackable metal container, very commonly used by the Indian community.

Note: Tour includes “Tiffin Lunch” with coffee or tea, additional beverages such as beers, soft drinks and wines are sold on board (beverages on own account).

Pick up/Meeting point: Hotel lobby at 9.15am
Duration:5 hrs
Start or opening time:10.00am
End or closing time: 2.15pm
Others: Dress standards are conservative throughout Asia, especially outside major cities. This means clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Loose, lightweight, long clothing is both respectful and cool in the predominantly hot Asian climate.

desde 96,59 €

A ride that traverses through the Crocker Range with panoramic views of the surrounding hills. The journey will bring you at least 2 hours’ drive with an air-conditioned vehicle to reach Kinabalu Park. En route, you will be passing through the local villages, handicraft shop and fruits orchard just next by the main road.

Upon arrival at the park join a guided nature walk along one of the various trails of the park to learn and discover the Flora. You'll also have some opportunity to visit the Park's exhibit Centre to see the gallery.

desde 47,85 €

This tour combines Kinabalu Park with a visit to the Hot Sulphur baths. The journey brings you across mountainous Crocker Range with panoramic view of the countryside and soaring hills. Whilst en route to Kinabalu Park, you can catch the magnificent sight of Mount Kinabalu, South East Asia’s highest peak. The Park is a World Heritage Site with incredible mega bio-diversity of flora and fauna, a heaven for nature enthusiasts.

On arrival, enjoy a guided nature trek along one of the many trails in the park before proceeding to Poring Hot Springs which offers visitors the opportunity for an invigorating dip into its hot sulphur springs. For a closer look at nature, take the 41m high canopy walk which offers a spectacular view of the Borneo Rainforest flora and fauna.

desde 50,53 €

An exhilarating experience designed for newcomers to this exciting sport. Travel north of Kota Kinabalu that takes you to Kiulu River, passing by quaint villages, scenic countryside and the rural town of Tamparuli. With headwaters from Mt. Kinabalu, the river provides a Grade II to III experience, perfect for newcomers to the sport.

Deep pools punctuate the river rapids which gives you ample opportunities to indulge in body rafting or swimming. The river journey takes approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours, depending on the river stage and is topped by a refreshing lunch before returning to the city.

desde 51,66 €

Take a 45-minute journey to Kionsom, Inanam. Enjoy the scenic drive through the countryside, passing by chili and local fruits farms as well as the odd paddy fields; see the huge Bambangan trees (a type of mango) which can be found in rural parts of Sabah. The orchid farm has species ranging from wild to exotic and rare orchid species.

Wild orchids are collected mostly from the different parts of Sabah. Commercial orchid cultivation at the farm covers four acres of hybrid orchids. Most of the seedlings are imported from Thailand and West Malaysia. The hybrids consist of Dendrobium, Mokara, Aranda, Oncidium and others. From these beautiful orchids, fresh flowers are cut daily and supplied to local florists.

Apart from orchid, there are also cactus, tropical and fruit trees as well as other flowering plants. After the tour, take a short break with local coffee/tea and light snack.

desde 40,78 €

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is located along the Penampang-Papar old road, about 15km from Kota Kinabalu city. The park consists of two components: zoological and botanical. The main objective of the park is to become a family-oriented park and the emphasis is put on the Children’s Zoo.
Among the inhabitants of the zoo are the Borneo Pygmy elephants, proboscis monkey, Malayan tiger, as well as some different species of deer. The botanical component, on the other hand; offers visitors the opportunity to go jungle trekking along the botanical trail. The paved trail is about 1.4 km long. However, for leisurely strolls, visitors are only advised to walk halfway along the trail.

desde 25,83 €

Nestled besides the Penampang River are the many traditional buildings that make up the Monsopiad Cultural village, a living museum located about half an hour away from Kota Kinabalu city centre. The traditional village is a historical site in the heartland of the Kadazandusun people, built to commemorate the life and time of the legendary Kadazan and head-hunter warrior – Monsopiad. The descendants of Monsopiad built the village on the very land where Monsopiad lived and roamed some 3 centuries ago to remember their forefather, and to give you an extraordinary insight into their ancient and rich culture.
Our narrator will take you a step into the past on why head hunting was necessary and the reason behind it. Monsopiad's Main House is dedicated to the life and times of Monsopiad and his descendants. Other interesting exhibits include the massive monolith which invokes a dozen legends, the traditional restaurant and of course the House of Skulls, where the 'trophies' of Monsopiad hang from the rafters. Cultural dance, handicraft making are few of the activities conducted during the tour. You will have the opportunity to try one of their dances and photo-taking with the dance group.

Just a few kilometres away from the busy highway but a noticeably big different! Enjoy the serene beauty of the mangrove swamps forest. This tour weaves through Sabah’s countryside, scenic paddy fields, villages and a picturesque sight of Mount Kinabalu from a different perspective.

Arriving at our destination, enjoy light refreshments with local cakes while mingling and learning about the local community. At 5pm, we commence our cruise along The Tempasuk River in search of wildlife, mainly the Proboscis Monkey. You may see some other wildlife species such as water buffaloes, monitor lizards, river otters, birds and others. If weather conditions are good, you will be able to see the spectacular sunset! Dinner will be served by the river bank. After dinner, you will catch a glimpse of fireflies decorating the mangrove trees.

desde 56,66 €

Embárcate en un viaje de 3 horas al norte de Sabah, conduciendo a través de vastas plantaciones de palma de aceite y coco. Párate en las aldeas Gombizou y Sumangkap y asiste al proceso de fabricación de un gong o visita una granja de apicultura.

A continuación, visita a la casa comunal –vivienda arcaica de uso comunitario- en la aldea Bavanggazo, hogar de los Rungus. Se trata de una de las muchas tribus indígenas de Sabah, cuyos integrantes son en su mayoría agricultores y artesanos talentosos que destacan en el tejido de cestería y la elaboración de abalorios.

El almuerzo será servido en la casa comunal Rungus antes de continuar el viaje. Sólo 1,5horas después llegarás a Simpang Mengayau, punto desde el cual el recorrido te llevará hasta la punta de Borneo.

La Punta de Borneo es un espectacular cabo situado en la zona más septentrional de la isla. En Borneo lo llaman Simpang Mengayau que significa “unión persistente”, ya que es aquí donde el mar del Sur de China confluye con los mares de Sulu del este. Disfruta de las impresionantes vistas y visita el faro Pulau Kalampunian, recordatorio de lo traicionera que puede llegar a ser la costa y testigo de naufragios pasados. A la izquierda, verás la playa Kalampunian, una espectacular pincelada de arena blanca y aguas transparentes a orillas del mar de China.

desde 70,36 €

Sé bienvenido en lo más profundo de la jungla y descubre la inmensa hospitalidad de las etnias residentes en Sabah. Este viaje emocional te trasladará al pasado y conocerás cómo vivían las diferentes tribus de Borneo ya que cada casa representa a un grupo tribal diferente. Sumérgete en sus costumbres y aprende a vivir de una forma simple aunque con otro tipo de complicaciones.

Intenta imaginar qué te encontrarás a medida que te aproximas a la primera parada de la ruta a través de densos paisajes tropicales. A medida que paseas por la villa cultural de Mari-Mari, a tan sólo 25 minutos de la gran ciudad, te irás topando con cabañas en las que verás demostraciones de las actividades cotidianas del pasado que han sobrevivido hasta nuestros días. Aquí verás cómo elaboran cerbatanas y aprenderás a hacer fuego con bambú con técnicas prehistóricas para crear chispas sin ayudas modernas como el mechero. También te mostrarán sus tatuajes, cómo los hacen y qué significan.

Disfruta de una suculenta comida –bebidas no incluidas- en el pueblo acompañado por sus habitantes. Al final de esta apasionante jornada a través del tiempo, habrás visto, oído, degustado y experimentado la esencia del auténtico Sabah: un íntimo encuentro con Borneo, el hogar de tres países y docenas de idiomas.

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