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2 Swietego Jana Street

This tour is amazing chance to sample many traditional Polish dishes together at locations, mainly visited by locals. Do not miss out! Polish citizens claimed that our cuisine is our 2nd best brand label to promote Poland abroad. (first was JPII) Almost 13 % of our export is food, and despite recent political situation is still growing. This tour is a chance not only to understand that phenomena, but also to taste it. Furthermore the sorts of food we consume, and the ways we prepare and eat them can tell you many things about the history of our country and us Poles. Take a chance to soak up the history of Polish food and eating habits. Learn about the traditions known from our grandparents and great-grandparents. We will take you back to the roots of Polish cuisine, which, like Polish history, are very diverse and complex.

On the Hop-on Hop-off bus, you will see the most important sights in Krakow. Buses leave at a fixed route including stops located in the attractive tourist spots. You can hop on and hop off at any of the bus stops. The audio system is about attractions located at the next stop. The ticket includes also Gondola cruise on Vistula River (only specific periods and time), Jewish Museum Galicja and Glass & Ceramics Centre tickets as well as many discounts to the restaurants, pubs, museums, etc.

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Take a day tour to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and fall in love with Prague.
Join an exciting day tour to Prague, a fairy tale city of magical beauty sitting at the very heart of Europe. It has its charm at any time of the year and is definitely one of those unique cities that truly live up to their hype.
Prague is a mixture of modern shops and ancient architecture, Gothic spires and Baroque facades. During a guided walking tour you will see the city's main attractions which make Prague the most beautiful city in Central Europe. The most obvious landmark will be the majestic Prague Castle with its truly magnificent St Vitus Cathedral or the tiny fairy-tale like Golden Lane.
On the one hand, there are countless captivating churches including the Loreto or the Church of St Nicholas. Furthermore, you can try to hunt down the treasures hidden in the Jewish Quarter, walk across the renowned Charles Bridge or feel the true buzz of the city life in Wenceslas Square and its Old Town counterpart. Experience the mystic atmosphere of countless cobbled streets, marvel at magnificent architecture or take a walk along the banks of the Vltava River and you will see that Prague is truly magical.
Includes transport, 3-hour guided walking tour of Prague, refreshments. You may choose between a detailed guided walking tour of Prague's Old Town or Mala Strana with the Castle and Cathedral on the left bank of the Vltava River. Remember to take your ID/passport.

Let us take you for an extraordinary firemen night patrol! We will combine sightseeing with visiting the best Warsaw bars and pubs. Our tour will give you the unique experience of the city we fell in love with! Our vehicle will be a Communist fire fighting van “?uk”, retired from a fire brigade just a few months ago.

We will start our patrol by checking on the tallest skyscraper in Warsaw – the Palace of Culture and Science. You will have the chance to learn the basics about our history and to realize in front of which part of Uncle Stalin's body you stand. After the first reconnaissance we will have to extinguish the fire in ourselves – so we will take you to a cool pub in order to taste delicious Polish beer from a local microbrewery. Our second action will take us to the Communist city – with huge squares and wide streets. We will show you the difference between the pre-war belle epoque Warsaw and the crazy communist ideas from 1950s. It's worth comparing, trust us. Having undergone communist indoctrination, you will need a shot of Polish vodka with a herring as an appetizer! In order to fulfil this tradition we will take you to the best round-the-clock shot bar in the city, mix with the locals and most probably drink a toast with strangers. But don't you dare feeling too relaxed! Remember that we're on duty and there's one more district that awaits our inspection – Praga, the forgotten one. A district famous for alternative culture and notorious for petty thiefs. The only one which was not touched by Nazi devastation of 1944. We will show you forgotten streets and courtyards to let you imagine and understand the living conditions of the past. Finally, the 3-hour fire patrol will take us to the coolest and most alternative pub in Warsaw! Being already off-duty you will have another shot of Polish vodka or liqueur (we recommend a sweet one this time) which will help you rest a bit. After the last stop we will drive you safely back to your hotel.

Meeting/ Pick up point: If the client wants to be picked up at the hotel must call 24 h before to confirm pick up time, otherwise de departure point is at the Tourist Information Point Discover Warsaw, 3 Pankiewicza Street.
Duration: 3 hours approx.
Start or opening time: at 7.30 pm.

8 Szczepanski Square

Un hermosa mezcla de historia trágica y naturaleza fascinante. Con este tour combinado por Auschwitz y las Minas de Sal de Wieliczka repasarás uno de los capítulos más oscuros de la historia en una jornada que se presenta emotiva y que concluye con una visita a una deslumbrante ciudad subterránea de sal.

- Una lección histórica que no puede ser olvidada
- Incluye visita a Auschwitz I y Auschwitz II
- Visita las Minas de Sal de Wieliczka, declaradas Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO
- Impresionantes cámaras subterráneas, lagos y esculturas hechas de sal
- Un viaje cultural e histórico con un guía experimentado

Empieza el día con este emotivo tour por Auschwitz, un lugar verdaderamente atroz en la historia de la humanidad. Este recorrido por los campos te mostrará las fortalezas y debilidades de la condición humana.

Nadie conoce el número exacto de hombres, mujeres y niños inocentes que fueron asesinados Auschwitz, pero todo indica que se superó la barrera del millón. La ruta incluye una visita a Auschwitz I, el centro administrativo del campo de concentración, y a Auschwitz II, diseñado y construido con fines puramente de exterminio. Atraviesa la puerta en la que se lee la falaz inscripción: “Arbeit macht frei” (El trabajo te hace libre) y empieza a examinar el complejo. El guía te proporcionará detalles sobre los orígenes del campo, su historia y la vida cotidiana de los presos.

Más tarde, visitarás las maravillosas Minas de Sal de Wieliczka, una de las atracciones más preciadas y fascinantes de Polonia. Declaradas Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO, las Minas de Sal de Wielickzka se extienden en nueve niveles que alcanzan una profundidad de hasta 327 metros bajo tierra. Explora un laberinto de casi 2.400 cámaras conectadas entre sí a través de diversas rutas cuya longitud alcanza la friolera de 245km. Los diversos pasadizos subterráneos te conducen a través de numerosos recovecos, galerías y cámaras en las que se conservan vestigios de la antigua actividad minera, además de ejemplos de arte sagrado y composiciones temáticas ligadas a la historia minera y a sus leyendas. Admira la imponente capilla St King y déjate sorprender por todos y cada uno de sus detalles: desde los candelabros hasta el mismísimo altar, hechos enteramente de sal.


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Discover Krakow – the Magical City and visit the sombre memorial at Auschwitz Birkenau. A day-long tour begins in Warsaw. Our driver will pick you up at your hotel and transfer to Main Railway Station in Warsaw. After a train ride, you will be collected from the Krakow Main Railway Station and transfer to Auschwitz Birkenau. Auschwitz is one of the best-known concentration camps in the world; it is a place of genocide where approximately 1.5 million people were killed during WWII.

The tour includes a visit to Auschwitz I - the administrative centre of Auschwitz death camp and Auschwitz II, designed and constructed as an extermination facility. The programme of the visit comprises the introduction to the origins of the camp, its history and the everyday life of its prisoners.?After the Auschwitz Birkenau Tour we assure you transfer back to Krakow. Discovering Cracow and its mysteries with a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide can be a wonderful adventure. T

he tour route is set individually, sample walk around the Old Town encompasses the Barbican, St. Mary's Basilica, the Main Square, the Cloth Hall, the buildings of the Jagiellonian University and the Wawel Hill with the Royal Castle and the Cathedral.?After the walking tour you will be driven to the central station and back to Warsaw whereupon you will be collected and taken straight to the hotel.

Explora los principales atractivos de Varsovia con un recorrido en un autobús turístico de dos plantas. Sube y baja libremente en cualquiera de las numerosas paradas y descubre una ciudad única en Europa que combina a la perfección tradición y modernidad.

- Billete de 1, 2 o 3 días
- Numerosas paradas y audioguía en múltiples idiomas
- Vistas panorámicas de la ciudad

Déjate cautivar por la historia y la vibrante atmósfera de Varsovia a bordo de un autobús turístico de dos plantas con techo descubierto. Completa una ruta panorámica diseñada para que puedas descubrir a tu ritmo los monumentos históricos y las construcciones más modernas. Además, con una audioguía disponible en diez idiomas y un canal específico para niños, ¡no te hará falta nada más!

Hermosos cafés, casas de estilo renacentista y barroco, restos de las murallas medievales, pintorescas plazas… Admira todo esto y mucho más en el casco antiguo de la capital, declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. Esta parte de la ciudad, reconstruida con esmero tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial, es el hogar de numerosas atracciones turísticas, como el Palacio de la Cultura y la Ciencia. Si tienes especial interés por la historia, no debes perderte el Museo del Levantamiento de Varsovia o el Museo Nacional, mientras que si eres una amante de la naturaleza, Varsovia te ofrece hermosos jardines y espacios verdes como el Parque Krasinski. Planifica tu propia ruta y muévete libremente por la ciudad. Y si eliges la opción de 3 días, ahora puedes disfrutar también de un tour a pie gratuito por las calles de Varsovia acompañado de un guía de habla inglesa.

Ruta: 60 minutos.
Tour a pie: 120 minutos.
Validez del billete: 1, 2 o 3 días, en función de la opción seleccionada.

Inglés, español, alemán, italiano, francés, chino, japonés, ruso, polaco, hebreo. Comentarios para niños en polaco.
Tour a pie gratuito en inglés.

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Meet up with a local, English-speaking guide to delve into the Jewish heart of Krakow on this interesting Urban Adventure. Begin by hopping on a local tram to ride to the historic district of Kazimierz. This area is known as the epicentre of Jewish culture in Krakow, so there’s no better place to uncover Jewish heritage and customs than here! Walk through the old Jewish Quarter and soak up the history that lives on here.

Continue on to visit an orthodox synagogue before walking to one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Poland. Here, learn about Jewish funerary traditions, visit famous graves and find out about the symbolism of certain tombstones. Next, walk to the New Square, which houses a cultural centre and pre-war kosher slaughterhouse. Take the chance to sample a traditional Polish snack called ‘zapiekanka’, which is sold from street carts nearly 24 hours a day. Why not learn some Polish language from your guide and order the snack yourself?

After finishing your tasty treat, continue on to see the place where many of the scenes from the award-winning movie ‘Schindler’s List’ were filmed by Steven Spielberg years ago. Next, continue the adventure by walking to another, more modern synagogue. Reformed Judaism is more liberal, so you will notice the difference between the design and style of this synagogue as compared to the orthodox one visited earlier on in the tour. Continue the walk by visiting a significant bridge and monument, commemorating the many lives that were lost during WWII. The journey ends at Oskar Schindler’s factory, the place where more than 1,000 Jewish lives were saved decades ago. Choose to independently visit the interesting museum here, head back to the city centre or stop for a coffee at a local café to toast the end of this adventure.

No te pierdas un tour panorámico por una de las ciudades más grandes y antiguas de Polonia.

- Conoce el patrimonio histórico-artístico de Poznán
- Pasea por los monumentos, plazas y jardines del casco antiguo
- Viaja hasta Ostrów Tumski, la isla de la catedral

Después de recogerte en tu hotel, nos dirigiremos al corazón de Poznán, una ciudad conocida por su actividad empresarial, cultural y científica. Sede de la antigua capital del estado y residencia de numerosos reyes de Polonia, Poznán posee un importante conjunto histórico que podrás descubrir con este tour.

Pasea por la Plaza de Mickiewicz y admira hermosas edificaciones como el Collegium Maius, el Teatro de la Ópera, la Universidad de Mickiewicz y el magnífico Castillo Imperial, que data del siglo XX.

El recorrido continúa con una ruta en coche por el pintoresco distrito de Srodka. Seguidamente, harás una visita a la catedral gótica situada en la isla de Ostrów Tumski, escenario del bautismo de Polonia en el año 966. Pasando el puente de Chrobry, nos adentraremos en el maravilloso casco antiguo, famoso por su Ayuntamiento renacentista, que sobresale en la Plaza del Mercado. Paseando por las pintorescas calles descubrirás asimismo la impresionante iglesia barroca y la iglesia de los Franciscanos, en la que se puede ver una maqueta en miniatura del antiguo Poznán. Finalmente llegarás a la Plaza de la Libertad, rodeada de edificios históricos del siglo XIX: el Museo Nacional, la Biblioteca Raczynski, el Hotel Bazar y la Arcadia.

desde 158 €