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After being picked up from hotel or villa, the first stop is the Sunday Morning Well. This landmark symbolizes the spot where the Emancipation Proclamation was read in 1834. The next stop is the J.R. O’Neal Botanical Garden, named after a native BVI Islander. Next, proceed to the Historical wall, located at Fahie Hill.

Explore an outdoor gallery, accessible to everyone, drawn by local artists, summarizing the cultural history of the BVI, as early as the 1930’s. Next stop is the Sage Mountain trail. Next, tour the Callwood Rum Distillery, located in Cane Garden Bay. This site features the original structure of a Sugar Cane distillery. Visitors to this rustic site can purchase samples of rum. Then it’s on to the historical village Carrot Bay Village, where the elder folk tell tales of the history of the BVI. The final stop is Shell museum, also located in Carrot Bay. The museum has shells on display as well as boats and local crafts. After that stop, the driver will return to the vehicule , giving you an opportunity to enjoying the gorgeous views of the island of Tortola.

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Passengers will be met at the cruise pier, hotel, or villa by Royal Concierge Services taxi service. On the drive to boat, you will take in the scenic views, of the island of Tortola. The taxi driver will take you to the dive boat, where you will experience the breath taking underwater trails, tropical fishes, and enjoy the view of the Wreck of the Rhone.

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Passengers will be met by Royal Concierge Services representative, and will be escorted to their transportation service. They will enjoy natures little secret on this 3 ½ hour shore excursion! After being picked up your tour begins with a scenic ride through Road Town, the capitol of the BVI.

Next as you will be taken to Dolphin Discovery. There you’ll witness the dolphins swimming and playing in the crystal-clear waters! Passengers will learn about the history of Tortola as their taxi driver, stops at the various historical sites on the island. Next stop will be Soper’s Hole, where you can purchase various items, at various shops. Then you will stop for lunch (own expense) at one of the local eateries on island. After lunch the tour will continue to Callwood Rum Distillery for rum tasting. After enjoying the distillery, you can the scenic drive back.

desde 565,28 €

Guests will be met at hotel or villa, they will be escorted to the taxi service and enjoy a scenic ride to The Moorings, or pier in Virgin Gorda where they will set sail aboard a catamaran. This catamaran day sail/ shore excursion offers a relaxing way to enjoy the BVI natural beauty and spectacular attractions. Travelers can visit some of the neighboring islands, and have lunch featuring local cuisines, prepared for their enjoyment (owned expenses). Passengers will have enough time to relax, swim, and snorkel.

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This tour is suitable for almost everyone! These broad, long boards – similar to surfboards, just bigger and more stable – are easy to stand on and fun to paddle around. SUP tours, blue-water coastal runs, or lessons from our qualified instructors in the art of SUP wave-riding. Smooth Water SUP - Here in the BVI we have many sheltered coves with smooth seas that are perfect for those who want to learn the basics and explore quietly through our beautiful natural surroundings.

From your high-up standing or kneeling position on a SUP, you can see so much more. You can sneak up on sting rays without disturbing them, marvel at the movement of baby barracudas, pup sharks, turtles and the huge array of other sea life that use our inshore waters and mangroves as nurseries.

All you need is basic swimming competence, sunscreen and a hat! And don’t forget, apart from ‘safety first’, there are no rules: so if you get tired or feel like it, you can always kneel, sit or even lie down on your board and still have a ton of fun. Blue Water SUP - If you have previous experience using SUPs, our certified instructors can take you on a magical downwind coastal tour from one bay to another over blue water, stunning reefs, and along the dramatic sea cliffs of Tortola.

Surf SUP - If you’re experienced flat water Super and you want to go a little more extreme, our certified, surf-savvy instructors can teach you to ride a SUP like a surfboard in the breaking waves. Here in the BVI we have fantastic surf breaks, perfect for paddling into and riding. Our instruction is comprehensive, focused on wave riding skills, water safety, line-up awareness and etiquette.

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You will be met by Royal Concierge meet and greet service, who will escort you to the dock, where you will begin your deep seas fishing excursion. The boat will travel in the deep BVI waters, giving you access to fish species (wahoo, mahi, tuna, and swordfish, which only live in the open waters. Various techniques will be used fish nets, baits in the water, and hooks. This adventure can be provided full day or half day, with a captain and refreshments. World-class sport fishing at its best, the boat is professionally equipped from fishing rods to experienced crew, passengers are guaranteed an awesome fishing day. Fish often caught range from Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and various billfish including the famed Atlantic Blue Marlin.

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Hotel Prospect Reef P.O. Box 104 Road Town

Get ready for a day full of wonders and adventures that will start with a 45 minute scenic ferry ride across the stunning Caribbean Sea from Red Hook St. Thomas towards West End Tortola making a stop in Cruz Bay. Dolphin Discovery is located in a natural environment at Tortola, one of the largest isle of the British Virgin Islands. The Dolphin Royal Swim program, the gem of our programs is best defined by two words: action and speed, because it is the most dynamic of our dolphin interactions.

Feel the strength and love of these marine animals as they push you by your feet soles until you fly out of the water surface in the famous foot push, the Dorsal Tow occurs when you hold on to the dolphin fins and go for a sweet ride. Also he kisses you, hugs you, play and dance with you. After your dolphin program, we will continue our day by taking our safari taxi to Sky World, home of one of the most beautiful spots in all of the Caribbean. Next, passengers docking in Tortola will stop at Cane Garden Bay for a beach break, where lunch is available at customer´s cost. The Island tour will continue to Carrot Bay and Long Bay enjoying the northern face of the island with a photo stop at the famous Bomba Shanck.

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Hotel Prospect Reef P.O. Box 104 Road Town

The Dolphin Discovery Swim program in Tortola has been especially designed for kids of all ages and those hungry-for-knowledge individuals that want a unique dolphin interactive program while learning an assortment of interesting facts. Our certified trainers will share with you their love for the dolphins and their knowledge.

Hear it from the experts! The Dolphin Discovery Swim program also includes a kiss, a hug, a handshake, a song and dancing, and of course all the tricks our dolphins have learned. Our dolphins will always welcome you in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea that surround the beautiful British Island of Tortola. You will return home with a cherishing memory that will last forever.

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Hiking offers one of the most stunning ways to experience the BVI. Our steep, high hillsides offer some of the most breathtaking views in the world and our chain of numerous small islands offer a chance for unique whole-island hikes. In every case your trek will end with a cooling swim in the crystal-clear waters of an unbeatable beach.

Rainforest Walks - For a gentle, shady 1 1/2hr walk we can guide you along the wonderful trails of Sage Mountain National Park, the highest mountaintop in the Virgin Islands. The unique micro rainforest climate the trees are tall and the views of the island chain are spectacular. Learn about the plants, their medicinal and other properties that local people have used for centuries and the unique history of the islands as you walk on well-maintained and easy-access paths. Afterwards, we’ll take you to one of the beaches you’ve seen from the mountaintop for a chance to swim or simply take in a refreshing drink and enjoy the view from sea-level.

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Best defined by two words; action and speed, The Royal Swim program is unique because it includes our famous Foot push; when two dolphins push you by your feet soles as you hold the Superman position and being amazed at the dolphin’s power and strength, they raise you up the water surface.
In addition, the interactive program includes the Dorsal Tow, where you hold on to their dorsal fins while they rapidly swim across the water, towing you along for an exciting ride.

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