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Enjoy the ultimate & challenging adventure as you zip through 18 platforms, along 9 lines. Scramble up the Floating Stairs past Eagle’s Claw, zip from tree to tree, leap onto Tarantula’s nest, then rappel downwards.

The island comes alive as you discover it’s captivating beauty by Land and Sea. The best of both worlds. Be dazzled and amazed at the beautiful landscape by coach and the dramatic coastline by boat. See banana plantations, tropical vegetation, two fishing villages, the sulphur springs in the drive in volcano, the breathtaking Diamond Botanical Gardens/waterfall and the towering pitons. Enjoy lunch and a boat cruise along the coast, swim and see fascinating Marigot Bay on the return journey.

desde 117,24 €

Chassin, Babonneau st lucia

Get hitched up to a series of cables and zip from platform to platform in the tree canopy. Swing like Tarzan or Jane and if your adrenaline isn’t flowing then - rappel to the forest floor. The Adrena-line zip line tour is not for the faint of heart. The exciting tour starts innocuously enough with a short walk through a peaceful part of the tropical rainforest, but that’s as pastoral as it gets. You get hitched up to a series of cables and zip from platform to platform high up in the tree canopy. Go out on a limb and take the leap and swing like Tarzan.

If your adrenaline isn’t flowing then, a brisk hike to the next set of platforms will juice things up a bit before your guides hook you onto the line with descenders so you can rappel safely or with a thrill to base camp. All riggings are on a triple redundancy system so you never have to scrape your knee. The Castries Waterworks reserve at the La Sourciere Mountain is home to Rain Forest Sky Rides, St Lucia’s premiere eco-adventure company, just half an hour’s drive from port Castries and the island’s major hotels.

desde 67 €

Surrender to this extraordinary & educational adventure…. A whale watching and dolphin spotting experience!! . Look out for these beautiful mammals as they emerge from the sea. Experience a spectacular show put on by the dolphins or listen for their incredible songs on the hydrophone equipped boat. Spot Sperm Whales, Dwarf sperm Whales, Pilot Whales, Hump Back Whales, Spinner, Spotted ,Bottle nose and Fraser Dolphins.

desde 57,57 €

Enjoy an exhilarating climb to the summit of majestic Gros Piton, one part of the renowned “Pitons”, icons of the island. A coach ride along the scenic west coast takes you to the base of Gros Piton. A knowledgeable guide accompanies you as you ascend the rugged trail which winds around the mountain with panoramic vistas and the fine artwork of Mother Nature in every direction. The stupendous view from the summit is beyond comparison.

desde 129,8 €

Drive to the Northern end of the Island and upon arrival at International Pony Club you'll be given a briefing and issued a protective helmet. Then, you'll be assigned a horse according to your skill and size.
Your tour will head East on a gentle pace for about the first 20 minutes through a residential area then on through the dry forest trail until you reach a beautiful secluded beach called Cas En Bas, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Those wishing to swim with their horse are assisted by the guides or swim alone.
Riding along the beach is everyone's dream and your guides will help you take photos at each picturesque spot. Enjoy 2 Hours of beach time and a delicious BBQ lunch and refreshments on the beach before heading back to the stables with fond memories.

desde 94,21 €

Enjoy this private and customizable fishing tour on a fully rigged and boat! We will head out along the 3,000-foot drop off, which is no about 2 miles offshore. Once at the fishing grounds it will time to start your fishing adventure!

We strictly practice the tag and release of all Billfish though we do keep some non-billfish. In St. Lucia you can find a range of species such as Wahoo, Sail Fish, King Fish, Dorado, Blue Marlin, etc. This is a fully private and customizable tour so if you want to try something unique like snorkeling or swimming in addition to fishing this is easy to do!

Munch on complimentary snacks or sip on a beverage and hopefully catch a lot of fish!

desde 615,02 €

An exciting combination of three adventures all in one, the Tram+ Canopy Zip Line +Hike. An awesome ride soaring up above the forest canopy aboard an aerial gondola (tram), then a brief walk through the lush green forest and an exhilarating glide along 9 zip lines high above the forest canopy. An incredible and unforgettable experience for thrill seekers.

Savoring Gourmet chocolates made by your very own hands is a captivating and uplifting experience which cannot be duplicated. A British Cocoa Grower and chocolatier par excellence has established “Hotel Chocolat” right here on St.Lucia on historic Rabot Estate. Join this exciting excursion which will thrill and delight you as you travel to the beautiful town of Soufriere home of the majestic pitons and Hotel Chocolat. Learn the technique of mixing and pouring as you make your very own chocolate souvenir to take home to your friends and family. Enjoy lunch at your leisure while you marvel at the sheer beauty and majesty of the Piton which overlook this location.

desde 154,93 €

Santa Lucía es hogar de numerosas especies endémicas y de algunas de las aves más interesantes de la región. Disfruta de un tour por la reserva forestal Castries Waterworks y observa el comportamiento de muchas de ellas.


* Contempla hasta 5 especies de aves endémicas
* Guía-intérprete experto en naturaleza
* Caminata en la reserva forestal Castries Waterworks

La caminata con observación de aves está diseñada para todo el mundo, tanto expertos como aficionados puntuales, y comienza justo después del amanecer para garantizar mejores avistamientos. Un guía-intérprete experto en naturaleza te acompañará a través del bosque señalándote el vuelo de las aves, así que ¡mantén tus ojos bien abiertos!

Admira los movimientos de la amazona versicolor, un símbolo nacional de Santa Lucía que hace de este bosque su hogar. En el aire, sin embargo, no hay nada más magnífico que el turpial de Santa Lucía, con manchas naranjas y amarillas que contrastan con su plumaje negro. Además, podrás observar tres variedades de colibrí, plataneros y grallinas. Todos ellos animan el dosel arbóreo.

La caminata es moderada, con un ascenso progresivo y hay puntos de descanso en el camino.

desde 47,11 €

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