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Come seek the green flash! It’s either in the eyes of that special someone or towards the horizon as the sun sets.


* Beautiful Sunset with the famous green flash
* Drinks and finger foods onboard
* Dancing and entertainment

There’s no better way to spend two hours than onboard our spacious 16th Century Replica Square Rigged Galleon, Black Magic (Maji Nwe) enjoying complimentary hors – d’oeuvres and drinks – fruit punch, rum punch, sodas, champagne and rum mixes. Listen to the sounds of local music as well as classic international hits onboard the ship as the sun dips to the west and the evening sets in. Simply enjoy the romance of the setting sun or party like there’s no tomorrow!

desde 55,27 €

Sácale el máximo provecho a tu escapada con nuestro servicio de asistente personal, dirigido a viajeros de todo el mundo y ofrecido por habitantes locales. Disfruta de tus vacaciones mientras viajas sin preocupaciones con la ayuda y el conocimiento de asistentes locales, que harán que tu experiencia sea de lo más placentera y enriquecedora.

Qué incluye nuestro servicio de asistente personal:
- Encuentro a tu llegada (bajo petición)
- Servicio de intérprete
- Información sobre las infraestructuras de la zona y el transporte
- Organización, reserva y compra de tours, entradas, atracciones, eventos, traslados y alquiler de coches
- Asistencia durante la estancia (concertar visitas con médicos…)
- Información sobre la cultura, estilo de vida y tradiciones
- Servicio 24/7

Idiomas: el servicio se ofrece en inglés y español.

Our fabulous SNUBA Adventure Tour at Pigeon Island begins from a gently sloping sandy beach. The waters surrounding Pigeon Island offer a variety of tropical fish and marine life. We also have a variety of seasonal visitors including Turtles, schools of sardines and more…every dive is a new adventure! After a brief (15 minute) pre-dive orientation, that includes many useful snorkeling skills you will begin a ver comfortable and calm guided tour that will take you to a maximum depth of 20 feet. Snuba is diving at your level of comfort. If you want to cruise on the surface or descend to the depth of your choice, it is always up to you. There is no need to surface for air or to tussle with bulky equipment, just gear up and dive in! SNUBA is simply the underwater experience, done right! A tranquil combination of well-being and pleasure, discovering our beautiful marine life, one dip at a time!
Pigeon Island National Landmark is heralded as one of the most important monuments of St. Lucia’s history; it was a key factor in the battles between the French and the British over St. Lucia. The picturesque, 44 acre island reserve was originally surrounded by water but was joined to the mainland by a man-made causeway in 1972. It is also home to a variety of tropical flora, fauna and bird species.
Pigeon Island offers some of the most breathtaking photo opportunities. Bottled water is provided after your SNUBA Dive.

desde 73,28 €

Redouit Gros Islet Rodney Bay St. Lucia

Named for St. Lucia's proud symbol, the Jacquot or Amazona Versicolor parrot, the Jacquot Trail immerses hikers in the wonder of the island's best asset: NATURE. The hike affords wonderful opportunities to learn about St. Lucia's flora and fauna as an experienced Nature Interpreter guides you across ravines and creeks deeper into the mature rainforest. Experience the transformative power of nature. Hike in the heart of the rainforest amidst the mighty chatannier and the fragrant gommier, listen for the call of the parrot, and enjoy the bustling stillness of nature. Begin a gradual ascent into the mature Caribbean Oceanic forest and get up close and personal with the mighty chatannier, an impressive hardwood with expansive buttress root systems or the incredible strangler ficus which grows around the host tree in an interlocking lattice before replacing it entirely.

The hike affords wonderful opportunities to learn about St Lucia’s flora and fauna as experienced Nature Interpreters guide you across ravines and creeks deeper into the mature forest. Spot giant ferns and remarkable epiphytes, and keep your eyes peeled for the trail’s namesake and a host of other birdlife, and learn how the bountiful forest was an integral part of traditional St Lucian life, for food, medicine and materials.

desde 35,59 €

A wonderful opportunity to visit and explore the small but lively capital city of Castries whether you want to go shopping or not. Hunt for handicraft at the local craft market. Visit Caribelle Batik renowned for its colorful and beautiful silk prints and souvenir items. Stop at a local supermarket before going onto Duty Free Pointe Seraphine with an array of boutiques offering an extensive assortment of merchandise.

desde 28,26 €

Sea Trek ® Adventure Helmet Diving Tour is as close as it gets to the sensations of walking in space. Under the supervision of your warm, friendly and certified Sea Trek Guides, you will take a walk on the wet” side which brings you face to face with the marvel of marine life. Our fabulous Sea Trek Adventure Helmet Diving Tour begins from a gently sloping sandy beach.
Guests are equipped with the specially designed Sea Trek helmet which sits comfortably on your shoulders. Trekkers breathe freely underwater from a continuous flow of air pumped into the back of the helmet through a hose attached to a Pod system at the surface. There are no masks, no mouthpieces, no stress and no complications. You can even wear your prescription glasses, as your entire head stays dry throughout your underwater adventure. Sea Trek is specifically for families, children up to ages 8 and up, non-divers. There is no certification necessary and swimming skills are not required. If you can walk and breathe, you can Sea Trek.

desde 82,7 €

Capture the magic of a tropical sunset as you cruise out to sea aboard a beautiful catamaran. Drinks, light hors d’oeuvres, the beauty of the skyline, cool evening breezes , the romance and magnificence of the evening surrounds you. Glimpse the elusive “Green Flash” of the sun slowly sinking beyond the horizon.

desde 71,18 €

You will be picked up at your St Lucia hotel by bus and taken on a guided historical tour along the west coast of St Lucia. Along the way you will see working banana plantations and Marigot Bay - home to mega yachts and a location for many movies. Additionally you will pass the local fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries before coming to Soufriere, home of the Majestic Pitons. In Soufriere you will enjoy the Diamond Botanical Gardens, a drive-in volcano where you can get a guided tour and enjoy the therapeutic mud baths.

Following these sites you will visit the Morne Coubaril Estate, an 18th-century plantation for a fresh local buffet lunch. You will then head down to the Soufriere docks where you will board a spacious catamaran, which will take you to a bay ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Before returning to the Rodney Bay Marina you will get a chance to see Marigot Bay once more, this time from the water! At the end of your tour you will be returned to your hotel or cruise ship.

desde 97,28 €

The island comes alive as you discover it’s captivating beauty by Land and Sea. The best of both worlds. Be dazzled and amazed at the beautiful landscape by coach and the dramatic coastline by boat. See banana plantations, tropical vegetation, two fishing villages, the sulphur springs in the drive in volcano, the breathtaking Diamond Botanical Gardens/waterfall and the towering pitons. Enjoy lunch and a boat cruise along the coast, swim and see fascinating Marigot Bay on the return journey.

desde 117,24 €

Truly discover the island as you wind your way through banana plantations and the island’s rich tropical vegetation. Drive through two traditional fishing villages, along the west coast and onto the highly celebrated town of Soufriere to enjoy breathtaking views of the world renowned majestic twin peaks, the Pitons. Stop at the Sulphur Springs in the Drive In Volcano, the enchanting Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall. Visit the Soufriere Catholic Church and stroll along the town’s waterfront before returning to your hotel for a late lunch at your leisure.

desde 57,57 €

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