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City tour of Tamatave, and then continuation till Mahavelona or Foulpointe village. It is a resort charming place situated at 60 km from Tamatave. It is composed by Beautiful beach protected by a coral reef and an ancient monument “Fort Manda”. This fort is an architectural design with its special materials construction used, a mixture of coral powder and stones bound with egg white, the wall are pierced by numerous guns.

This circular building was home to the late nineteenth century the royal garrison responsible for ensuring this strategic port. Built at the initiative of King Radama 1st in powdered coral and stone related with white egg, it recalls the traditional construction of Rova highlands.

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Marofandilia Forest is composed of spiny dry forest and inland dunes. This area is home to endemic critters like the Verreaux’s sifaka, the red-tailed sportive lemur and smaller pale fork-marked lemur, as well as nearly 200 plant species and precious woods.

The wildlife here is simply unbeatable with Brown Lemurs, Grey Mouse Lemur,and the smal lemur microcèbus because they are endemic to this area. You can find also many species of birds like Iguanas, Crested Couas and much more. On the way back we can stop at the lovers and alley of Baobab. The baobab amoureux: lovers Baobab.Here two magnificent baobabs (Adansonia za) have twisted together, two such a giant twisted.

The Avenue or Alley of the Baobabs is a prominent group of baobab trees lining the dirt road between Morondava and Belon'i Tsiribihina. Its striking landscape draws travelers from around the world, making it one of the most visited locations in the region.

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Behind its coral beaches there is an almost continuous line of lagoons from Foulpointe to Farafangana. They are linked by man-made channels to form an inland waterway called the Pangalanes Canal.This channel has 700 Km from Tamatave in the north to Farafangana at the south. It was principal means of transportation of the local people before it becomes a touristict attaction.

Short cruise down the channel, where we visit along fishing villages and discover the flora and fauna of the region. It is beautiful experience to see along the way the local fisherman with their traditional dugout or the fruit sellers with their goods. Tropical fruit tasting at your arrival.

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Kirindy is a privately managed forest in one of Madagascar's most threatened ecosystems. Its dry deciduous forests is famous for the giant jumping rat and home of the “fosa”Malagasy long tail Feline. Seven species of lemur can be found at like: the Verreaux's sifakas, grey mouse, the common brown.

Endemic reptiles are present too in this magnificent forest like 40 bird, 50 reptile and 15 amphibian species and many bats. The flora is equally unusual, a number of unique species are found at Kirindy.On the way back we can visit the alley of baobab and lover’s baobabs. The baobab amoureux: Lovers Baobab. Here two magnificent baobabs (Adansonia za) have twisted together, two such a giant twisted.

This is very a unusual sight where faith and legends abounds. The Avenue or Alley of the Baobabs is a prominent group of baobab trees lining the dirt road between Morondava and Belon'i Tsiribihina. Its striking landscape draws travelers from around the world, making it one of the most visited locations in the region.

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The Emerald Sea (Mer d'Emeraude) is located north of the passage to Diego Suarez Bay, one of the most beautiful and largest natural bays in the world. Emerald Sea is an enclosed bay and about 20 kilometers in boundary. You’ll take direction to Ramena where the sailing boat is waiting for you for crossing one hour before getting to the island.

You will have an enjoyable time in this lagoon of emerald sea which is not deeper and transparent. This allows you to swim and dream in the natural aquarium where different colorful fishes with different size. The magnificence of its landscapes, the richness of its seabed and the exceptional colors of its waters make it one of the most visited destinations in Northern Madagascar, for relaxation, discovery and practice of aquatic activities. Possiblitity to do kitesurf or windsurf on the sport at your charge.

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Betsimisaraka’s capital, or the capital of the East, is situated at the mouth of Pangalanes channel. Tamatave is called Toamasina in Malagasy language. It has an important oil refinery to supply the capital. We visit the main thoroughfare of the city which is the Boulevard Joffre, all commercial activities are here.

We continue until Bd Ratsimilaho especially between Pointe Asti and Pointe Tanio, where you have a great view of the district, the big Market Bazar be and Bazar kely and finally the avenue of Independence facing the port. We visit the zoo of Ivoloina which is a natural habitat of 282 hectares where a dozen varieties were discovered. This Park is also home to hundreds of radiated tortoises and other species include spider tortoises, boas from the tree, frog tomato, tenrecs, vasa parrots and chameleon panther.

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This excursion is a sightseeing and Zoo experience. This tour is a discovery of the local population scenery (colorful public market of vegetable place, memorials buildings, traditional distilleries of essential oils..) and for the zoo 6 species of lemurs (Macaco, Fulvus, catta and more) and others animals (boars, crocodile, turltes, guinea fowl and more).After lunch at Hellville, continuation till Mont Passot, the highest pick of the Island. The tour ends with the vist of the famous sand of Andilana Beach.

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Tsimbazaza Zoo (known locally as Parc Botanique et Zoologique de Tsimbazaza or PBZT) is a zoo and botanical garden in southern Antananarivo. It is the only zoo of its kind in Madagascar.There is a lot of greenery and nature (all kind of plant that exist in the Island) as well as the animals ( many species of lemurs, crodiles, reptiles and birds).It is a great way to get introduced to Madagascar (Biodiversity, culture, and history).

Lunch at the restaurant near the park. Continuation to visit the old city in upper town (“La Haute ville”) where is the Queen's palace, the ancient Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony palace, ancient Justice palace, cathedrals and the residential area ancient noblemen families worth a visit.

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Full day dedicated to 2 royal hills Ambohimanga and Ilafy.Being a former summer residence of the reigning sovereign of Imerina, Ambohimanga palace contains many buildings and memorabilia dating back to royalty period. It helps to understand how and where build the relations of the kings-queen and people hundred years ago.

We have special lunch near the palace where an historian will continue to tell more stories about. Continuation till the site of Ilafy the capital of the kingdom of Andrianjafy. Ilafy is also the site of the first arms manufacture in Madagascar, established by Jean Laborde in 1833. Drive across the typical countryside of the highland where the rice field and the red chatted roof abounds.

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This trip is devoted to the flora and fauna of the island of Nosy Be. Car transfer to the fisherman’s village of Ambatozavavy, we continue the tour by canoe for 45 minutes of a journey. During the cross which you will see lush landscapes compounds mangrove tree and traveler’s tree (Ravinala) and wild forest open your eyes while enjoying the pleasure. Inside the forest, flora and fauna rich in species opens your eyes that guides our specialists will be happy to make you enjoy such as the virtues of our medicines for flora and endemic our fauna through the encounter with the lemurs maccaco , snakes, boa , chameleon brookesia and geckos uroplatus.

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