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Full day dedicated to 2 royal hills Ambohimanga and Ilafy.Being a former summer residence of the reigning sovereign of Imerina, Ambohimanga palace contains many buildings and memorabilia dating back to royalty period. It helps to understand how and where build the relations of the kings-queen and people hundred years ago.

We have special lunch near the palace where an historian will continue to tell more stories about. Continuation till the site of Ilafy the capital of the kingdom of Andrianjafy. Ilafy is also the site of the first arms manufacture in Madagascar, established by Jean Laborde in 1833. Drive across the typical countryside of the highland where the rice field and the red chatted roof abounds.

desde 61 €

City tour of Tamatave, and then continuation till Mahavelona or Foulpointe village. It is a resort charming place situated at 60 km from Tamatave. It is composed by Beautiful beach protected by a coral reef and an ancient monument “Fort Manda”. This fort is an architectural design with its special materials construction used, a mixture of coral powder and stones bound with egg white, the wall are pierced by numerous guns.

This circular building was home to the late nineteenth century the royal garrison responsible for ensuring this strategic port. Built at the initiative of King Radama 1st in powdered coral and stone related with white egg, it recalls the traditional construction of Rova highlands.

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The Three bays are a series of beautiful turquoise bays, lined with long white beaches that bear fascinating names such as the Pigeons’ Bay, the Dunes ‘Bay, the Sakalava Bay. Take your time on each beach especially “Dunes ‘Bay” and admire it.

Enjoy the opportunity that you have to Breath the winds and big waves of the Indian Ocean that make this place one of the best surfing spots in Madagascar. This military zone offers you its flora such as the famous “endemic baobab “of the region and it gives you magnificent view of the emerald sea. Then go on to the Cap Mine where a fantastic view of the Bay of Diego awaits you.

desde 54 €

A short drive away from Tana the capital while appreciating the sight to behold in and of itself to reach the Lemur's park. The hustle and bustle out of the city and then into the tranquility of the Madagascar country side with mountainous terrain of lush green hills and valleys and red mud.

You will discover nine species of lemurs in freedom in a 5-hectare botanical park planted with 6,000 tree. As lemur is the symbol of endemic fauna of the island, this park is the easiest place to find. Lunch on site and continue till Antongona hill which is the site of two historic royal wooden houses and the walled village of Amborano, established in the 17th century. This place is turned into museum to know more about Merina culture and dynasty.

desde 59 €

This national park is incredible...the area surrounding the park is a desert wasteland of poor environmental practices, which makes the park itself almost completely unexpected. It is lush and green and teaming with all kinds of flora and fauna.Discover the many waterfalls such as the Antomboka, the Antatakarana and the sacred waterfalls and the Mahasarika lake. The visit inside this paradise for birdwatchers gives an opportunity to find in tropical forest a lot of birds such as Malagasy kingfisher Alcedo vintsioides, Madagascar blue pigeon Alectroenas madagascariensis, Madagascar paradise flycatcher Tersiphone mutata or Souimanga sunbird Nectarinia souimanga etc. You can find too reptiles little famous Gekos and lemurs as well.

desde 81 €

This excursion is a sightseeing and Zoo experience. This tour is a discovery of the local population scenery (colorful public market of vegetable place, memorials buildings, traditional distilleries of essential oils..) and for the zoo 6 species of lemurs (Macaco, Fulvus, catta and more) and others animals (boars, crocodile, turltes, guinea fowl and more).After lunch at Hellville, continuation till Mont Passot, the highest pick of the Island. The tour ends with the vist of the famous sand of Andilana Beach.

desde 95 €

Based on the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism, Florette Domain invites you to an exploration studded with multiple interests. Forest, plantations, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, bamboo ... many circuits "discovery" will satisfy many serious walkers or walkers simple.

During the visit, opportunity to learn the flora and fauna of Madagascar (some endemic varieties of Nosy Be), and participate to pick up and the gathering flowers and fruits.Listening to the stories of the guides on the legends and mysteries of the island of Nosy Be along the visit makes the beauty of the experience .

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This tour will lead you to the first destination touristic of Madagascar: Nosy Tanikely marine park and Nosy Komba. A small dream island which is also a natural reserve, Nosy Komba is a postcard beach with crystal water and the forest just behind.

You can snorkel around and there are some nice fish like dolphins, shark whales. Highlights include a puffer fish and 3 turtles species. Beautiful beaches and a lovely climb up to the lighthouse to see the lemurs is well worth it. As for Nosy Komba, it is famous for the black lemur which live with the population in a lush vegatation. The embroideries nappins a worth a vist as well at the main village of Ambarovato.

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Morondava is the capital of Menabe region where Sakalava tribes lives since the first settlement. After time the other tribes came to mix up with the local population and from it result the current cosmopolitan population of the south- West part of Madagascar. But this region is known for these majestic baobab and and Tsingy Geologic formation and for the seafood exploitation.

Doing the city tour, will let you kwon the local market commonly called "Bazar, the spiriluna factory hold by the local association where we will learn more about the stage of the fabrication of this very precious substance for nutrition. Canoeing the mangrove and lay on the beach are interesting too such experience in this area.

In the afternoon, we will visit the baobab amoureux (lovers) to listen to the legends and history. We will end our visit at the Alley of Baobab to admire the sunset. The baobab amoureux: Lovers Baobab .Here two magnificent baobabs (Adansonia za) have twisted together, two such a giant twisted. This is very a unusual sight where faith and legends abounds.

The Avenue or Alley of the Baobabs is a prominent group of baobab trees lining the dirt road between Morondava and Belon'i Tsiribihina. Its striking landscape draws travelers from around the world, making it one of the most visited locations in the region.

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Nosy Iranja is the best place if you want to see a beautiful, quiet, see turtles lay eggs every day or come running to the sea from birth, walk through the forest (which is actually a very nice garden) and arrive at a deserted beach. If you want to go fishing, go around the island of Iranja Kely and Iranja Be joined by a white sandbar.

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