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Tickets en Nosy Be

This excursion is a sightseeing and Zoo experience. This tour is a discovery of the local population scenery (colorful public market of vegetable place, memorials buildings, traditional distilleries of essential oils..) and for the zoo 6 species of lemurs (Macaco, Fulvus, catta and more) and others animals (boars, crocodile, turltes, guinea fowl and more).After lunch at Hellville, continuation till Mont Passot, the highest pick of the Island. The tour ends with the vist of the famous sand of Andilana Beach.

desde 95 €

This tour will lead you to the first destination touristic of Madagascar: Nosy Tanikely marine park and Nosy Komba. A small dream island which is also a natural reserve, Nosy Komba is a postcard beach with crystal water and the forest just behind.

You can snorkel around and there are some nice fish like dolphins, shark whales. Highlights include a puffer fish and 3 turtles species. Beautiful beaches and a lovely climb up to the lighthouse to see the lemurs is well worth it. As for Nosy Komba, it is famous for the black lemur which live with the population in a lush vegatation. The embroideries nappins a worth a vist as well at the main village of Ambarovato.

desde 57 €

Nosy Iranja is the best place if you want to see a beautiful, quiet, see turtles lay eggs every day or come running to the sea from birth, walk through the forest (which is actually a very nice garden) and arrive at a deserted beach. If you want to go fishing, go around the island of Iranja Kely and Iranja Be joined by a white sandbar.

desde 68 €

Based on the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism, Florette Domain invites you to an exploration studded with multiple interests. Forest, plantations, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, bamboo ... many circuits "discovery" will satisfy many serious walkers or walkers simple.

During the visit, opportunity to learn the flora and fauna of Madagascar (some endemic varieties of Nosy Be), and participate to pick up and the gathering flowers and fruits.Listening to the stories of the guides on the legends and mysteries of the island of Nosy Be along the visit makes the beauty of the experience .

desde 68 €

This trip is devoted to the flora and fauna of the island of Nosy Be. Car transfer to the fisherman’s village of Ambatozavavy, we continue the tour by canoe for 45 minutes of a journey. During the cross which you will see lush landscapes compounds mangrove tree and traveler’s tree (Ravinala) and wild forest open your eyes while enjoying the pleasure. Inside the forest, flora and fauna rich in species opens your eyes that guides our specialists will be happy to make you enjoy such as the virtues of our medicines for flora and endemic our fauna through the encounter with the lemurs maccaco , snakes, boa , chameleon brookesia and geckos uroplatus.

desde 57 €

Nosy Sakatia is called also the orchid island is still unspoilt piece of paradise only 1km west of Nosy Be, offering excellent snorkeling, diving and moderate hiking. The beach was superb (With access to a great reef out front for snorkeling at low tide where we swam with sea turtles) and the views were spectacular from all locations on the grounds. There were an abundance of flowering & trees on the grounds that added to the wonderful secluded and tropical feel. There is a family of resident lemurs that came to visit guest easily.

desde 43 €

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