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The Three bays are a series of beautiful turquoise bays, lined with long white beaches that bear fascinating names such as the Pigeons’ Bay, the Dunes ‘Bay, the Sakalava Bay. Take your time on each beach especially “Dunes ‘Bay” and admire it.

Enjoy the opportunity that you have to Breath the winds and big waves of the Indian Ocean that make this place one of the best surfing spots in Madagascar. This military zone offers you its flora such as the famous “endemic baobab “of the region and it gives you magnificent view of the emerald sea. Then go on to the Cap Mine where a fantastic view of the Bay of Diego awaits you.

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This national park is incredible...the area surrounding the park is a desert wasteland of poor environmental practices, which makes the park itself almost completely unexpected. It is lush and green and teaming with all kinds of flora and fauna.Discover the many waterfalls such as the Antomboka, the Antatakarana and the sacred waterfalls and the Mahasarika lake. The visit inside this paradise for birdwatchers gives an opportunity to find in tropical forest a lot of birds such as Malagasy kingfisher Alcedo vintsioides, Madagascar blue pigeon Alectroenas madagascariensis, Madagascar paradise flycatcher Tersiphone mutata or Souimanga sunbird Nectarinia souimanga etc. You can find too reptiles little famous Gekos and lemurs as well.

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The site is composed of beautiful eroded hills which worth the visit of this outstanding rock shapes with typical sensitive plants. Situated near the village of Irodo, it is about 50 Km from Diego-Suarez. When you walk through the Tsingy Rouge (Red Tsingy), you feel as if you're on another planet. The limestone looks unreal and it is such a unique place to visit. You should try to catch the sunset there so you can see the colours change from minute to minute.

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The Emerald Sea (Mer d'Emeraude) is located north of the passage to Diego Suarez Bay, one of the most beautiful and largest natural bays in the world. Emerald Sea is an enclosed bay and about 20 kilometers in boundary. You’ll take direction to Ramena where the sailing boat is waiting for you for crossing one hour before getting to the island.

You will have an enjoyable time in this lagoon of emerald sea which is not deeper and transparent. This allows you to swim and dream in the natural aquarium where different colorful fishes with different size. The magnificence of its landscapes, the richness of its seabed and the exceptional colors of its waters make it one of the most visited destinations in Northern Madagascar, for relaxation, discovery and practice of aquatic activities. Possiblitity to do kitesurf or windsurf on the sport at your charge.

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The park is wonderful and makes you feel you were in the middle of the jungle (about 108 Km from the city of Diego-Suarez. It is a spectacularly eroded limestone fortress of sharp ridges, patches of dense tropical jungle, deciduous forest, deep caves and canyons (actually it is the biggest underground network of Africa) and rushing rivers.

With an annual rainfall of almost 2000 mm, the underlying rocks undergo a heavy erosion producing an amazing karst topography, being its most known result the fantastically eroded limestone spires, known as “tsingy”. Walking on the Tsingy is also a great and amazing experience. This reserve contains one of the highest density of primates of any forest in the world 4 species of lemurs, reptiles, bats and sometimes crocodiles.

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If you visit the city of Antsiranana (Diego-suarez), take the time to linger and discover the decaying colonial architecture on the "rue Colbert "(where the old covered market is and the former Hotel de la Marine for seafarers are notable examples). Not to miss too the vibrant market and the wealth of crafts workshops will find Diego atmospheric and enjoyable.

To walk near the old military quarter, north of Place Foch, which occupies a peninsula and overlooks the port is interesting to learn more about the different nationalities who has settled this regions. In sum it is a particular pleasure to walk around Diego with the unexpected variety of stunning views over the second largest bay in the world with its sugarloaf.

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