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Tickets en Toamasina

Betsimisaraka’s capital, or the capital of the East, is situated at the mouth of Pangalanes channel. Tamatave is called Toamasina in Malagasy language. It has an important oil refinery to supply the capital. We visit the main thoroughfare of the city which is the Boulevard Joffre, all commercial activities are here.

We continue until Bd Ratsimilaho especially between Pointe Asti and Pointe Tanio, where you have a great view of the district, the big Market Bazar be and Bazar kely and finally the avenue of Independence facing the port. We visit the zoo of Ivoloina which is a natural habitat of 282 hectares where a dozen varieties were discovered. This Park is also home to hundreds of radiated tortoises and other species include spider tortoises, boas from the tree, frog tomato, tenrecs, vasa parrots and chameleon panther.

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City tour of Tamatave, and then continuation till Mahavelona or Foulpointe village. It is a resort charming place situated at 60 km from Tamatave. It is composed by Beautiful beach protected by a coral reef and an ancient monument “Fort Manda”. This fort is an architectural design with its special materials construction used, a mixture of coral powder and stones bound with egg white, the wall are pierced by numerous guns.

This circular building was home to the late nineteenth century the royal garrison responsible for ensuring this strategic port. Built at the initiative of King Radama 1st in powdered coral and stone related with white egg, it recalls the traditional construction of Rova highlands.

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Behind its coral beaches there is an almost continuous line of lagoons from Foulpointe to Farafangana. They are linked by man-made channels to form an inland waterway called the Pangalanes Canal.This channel has 700 Km from Tamatave in the north to Farafangana at the south. It was principal means of transportation of the local people before it becomes a touristict attaction.

Short cruise down the channel, where we visit along fishing villages and discover the flora and fauna of the region. It is beautiful experience to see along the way the local fisherman with their traditional dugout or the fruit sellers with their goods. Tropical fruit tasting at your arrival.

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