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In this tour you will enjoy the Thermal springs and their healing characteristics just one hour away from Bogota.

Go by private shuttle to our springs that are well known around the world for their relaxation and healing properties for several illnesses. You can enjoy a day with their benefits, get to know these mineral waters that are born in the depth of the soil, witness their purity since they are not polluted, and they have no bacteria.

Observe the natural riches of these crystal clear waters, enjoy the complete scenery in the best facilities, green zones with beautiful gardens, ecologic paths and sport fields, all available for you to have a real relaxation experience in the nature and at the end of the day you will feel renewed.

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If you are in Medellin and would like to add some adventure time, visit us with friends and family for a safe and totally entertained afternoon just minutes away from El Poblado. Our layout is guaranteed to offer the most fascinating moments with various atmospheres and levels depending on your expertise.

Amaze yourself with one of the greenest natural reserves near the Medellin Valley, not only the views to get there, but also the lush landscapes of these treasorous water creeks will create a once in a lifetime experience. As you leave the Medellin mountains and enter this lush reserve you will be enchanted with stunning panoramic views of the valley and the nature wildlife. Enjoy crystal crisp water creeks amidst pleasant sites such as Chorros de Las Campanas and Salto del Angel, where soothing sceneries blend smoothly into the tranquil atmosphere.

Visit this phenomenal reserve and enjoy its spectacular views and pleasant surroundings from above. Your professional guide will meet with you at your accommodation, and then embark on a personalized tour by air conditioned transportation heading southeast Antioquia for a pleasant experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Upon arrival to Envigado suburbs, just a few minutes after pick up, you can make yourself comfortable and stretch legs, walk around for a photo and/or use bathrooms since there are no shops after this point so we recommend bringing cash since not all shops take credit cards. Moving right along towards la Miel, you are free to enjoy soothing waters at Chorros de Las Campanas, where magical music sounds can be shared as water flows this exotic ecosystem.

Finally, at Salto del Angel, you are to discover amazing views of the whole reserve and also explore native wildlife. It has already been a pleasure introducing you to the most fascinating sceneries and our team definitely looks forward to welcoming your family and friends in the near future so feel free to ask your guide for info and special deals as you are headed back. After approximately 4 hours of a fantastic journey through this self-sustainable site, your private driver/guide takes you back to your hotel or any other location you feel like.

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In the beautiful beaches of Bello Horizonte you can enjoy the better experience on the air and the water: FLYBOARD! After a brief instructions in about 15 minutes you will start to Fly! In the next 5 minutes you will learn to stand up on the water and then it's just enjoy this wonderful experience. In the 30 minutes of practice included you can fly up to 4 meters high and do the dolphin trick.

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Day 1: Accommodation 5 night in 4 Star Hotel in Medellín. Check-In 3pm. Day 2: Visit the warmful Medellín and discover the most interesting places such as El Poblado, the Pueblito Paisa, and the Antioquia Museum where you will appreciate the largest collection of Fernando Botero masterpieces. (4 hours). Day 3: Enjoy the metrocable, a massive transportation system that connects the town center with the surrounding neighborhoods. You will also visit the Explora Park, a thematic park in which you will discover the biggest underground aquarium of Latin America and participate to a wide range of attractions and experiences. (4 hours). Day 4: Visiting of Santafe de Antioquia, one of the Heritage Villages of Colombia, a colonial village with paving streets and houses with balconies. (8 hours). Day 5: Transfer to Armenia city (5 hours). Accommodation 3 night in 4 Star Hotel in Armenia. Check-In 3pm. Day 6: Visiting the National Park of Coffee, this park is promoting some cultural, recreational and ecological activities and aims to drive the ecotourism in the region. (10 hours). Day 7: Visiting to the Thematic Park of Agriculture PANACA, where you will find an attractive place between the city and the field where you will find plantations, agriculture process. You will discover 8 stations and exhibitions designed to learn and have fun. (10 hours). Day 8: Visiting of Cocora Valley, you will observe wax palms, the colombian´s national tree. (10 hours). Day 9: Breakfast and Check-Out 1pm.

Explora Medellín con este tour y descubre el Parque de Berrio, Pueblito Paisa en el Cerro Nutibara y el Parque de Los Pies Descalzos. Visitaremos la Donación Botero del Museo de Antioquía, que destaca los trabajos del escultor Fernando Botero, así como una sala que alberga obras de los siglos XIX y XX.

El Museo de Antioquía fue uno de los primeros de Sudamérica en tener una sala de arte. Durante los primeros 60 años la colección estaba compuesta principalmente por objetos representativos de importantes momentos en la historia de Antioquía y Colombia. El proyecto de arte del museo comenzó con la etapa de mediados del siglo XX, con la ayuda de la Sociedad de Mejoras Públicas de Medellín.

En 1975 la institución recibió de Fernando Botero el cuadro Exvoto. Esta donación marcó el camino de una estrecha relación. El artista realizó nuevas donaciones en 1975, 1984 y a finales de los 90, cuando estableció la nueva sede y construyó la Plaza de las Esculturas, más conocida como Plaza Botero.

El Parque de los Pies Descalzos es un espacio público creado por Empresas Públicas de Medellín en el corazón de la ciudad, en la zona administrativa. El propósito de este espacio es que la gente se quite los zapatos y se relaje en pleno centro de la ciudad, para entrar en contacto con la naturaleza a través de espacios como el bosque de los enamorados (hecho de bambú), el jardín Zen y el parque de arena, entre otros.

The Guajira peninsula is located in the northeast side of Colombia, its landscape consists of mostly desert where elements like sea water, sand, carbon, cactus and salt converge. This is also the home of the Wayuu community, an indigenous tribe considered to be descendants of the earth and the rain. All these things make this a unique destination with cultural and natural wealth, with the magic of the Caribbean region.

DAY 1:
The trip starts at 08:00 am from the city of Riohacha, which will be our starting point towards Cabo de la Vela. During the trip, we will pass through Uribia indigenous capital of Colombia, where we will later head towards Manaure, the largest salt complex in Colombia. In this magical place we will make a tour with an explanation of the salt extraction process. Later we continue our journey through the desert towards Cabo de la Vela where we will have lunch and enjoy a magical afternoon with beautiful landscapes of the desert and the sea and where you will visit Playa Arcoíris, Pilón de Azúcar and the lighthouse. Before sunset, we will head for a Ranchería, typical hotel of the region, where we will dine and spend the night in hammocks.

DAY 2:
This day will have an early start with a nutritious breakfast before leaving around 08:00am. We begin our trip through the desert, and after a couple of hours, we will arrive in the wind farm, where you can take beautiful pictures before exploring this magnificent trail bordering Bahía Honda and Bahía Hondita. We then arrive at punta gallinas, where we will have a delicious lunch. In the afternoon you will witness beautiful landscapes and sunsets. Before nightfall, we will head for a Ranchería, typical hotel of the region, where we will dine and spend the night in hammocks.

DAY 3:
You will have an early traditional breakfast before leaving towards the Dunas de Taroa (dunes), offering a unique appearance of fine sand. You will later visit the Punta Gallinas lighthouse, in the northern tip of South America, and before the end of the day, you will visit Punta Agujas where you will enjoy the warm waters and the sunset, before returning to the shelter at night.

DAY 4:
After breakfast in the morning, you will return to Riohacha

La duración mínima de esta actividad es de 4 días

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Planea por las alturas junto a los cóndores de los Andes y pasa por encima del colorido paisaje de la Sabana de Bogotá y el majestuoso embalse de Tominé.

Siéntete afortunado de poder gozar de las increíbles vistas del ondulante paisaje, solo disponibles desde los cielos. Prepárate para aguantar la respiración en el momento en el que saltes colina abajo con tu parapente, que se deslizará por el aire aprovechando las corrientes de aire caliente.

Vive una sensación única de libertad y ligereza en un vuelo de 20 minutos antes de aterrizar y seguir explorando la zona a pie.

Inglés y español

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Heading to one of the most fascinating sceneries just outside the city such as El Retiro, you can share amazing views of the outskirts and appreciate amazing mansions as the journey takes you to a more rural section with exotic tropical forest known to be one of the first massive liberations of slaves in America by Mss. Javiera Londoño in 1,757. Upon arrival to this first stop you may walk around to take photos and use bathrooms. There are cafeterias and restaurants and we suggest bringing cash since not all shops take credit cards.

Tour goes on to El Peñol, a village that was relocated during the past century in order to create this spectacular human made lake called Guatapé. This quick stop will show you a replica of the old Peñol village before its relocation. The massive lake becomes more visible as you get closer to El Peñol rock, a gigantic volcanic eruption considered one of the world´s top ten wildest stairways, and the views are quite worth it!

Finally, at Guatapé (Zocalo village), is the ideal place to enjoy lunch while sharing outstanding views of the lake. At the end of the day, tour heads back to Medellin passing along beautiful towns around the region. Perfect way to contemplate amazing sceneries of Antioquia and take a closer look to local customs and traditions. Stops can be made at your discretion to take photos, get souvenirs, or try local snacks, etc.

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Tour heads to Medellin´s outskirts in order to enjoy the most fascinating views from the air. Once at the paragliding peak, each customer is given instructions and protective gear in order to start an exciting and safe 30 minutes fly in company of a professional certified instructor.

On a natural ambiance that combines the darkest green of the country side and the concrete jungle left behind, you can visualize how far the city has expanded to the point of reaching outskirts such as San Felix peak where this activity takes place. North of Medellin, this platform has well been recognized and widely used among professionals thus providing outstanding layout and a highly skilled and certified staff.

Upon arrival to the peak of the mountain, customer is free to walk around to take photos and/or use restrooms while all gear and instruction is provided by our certified instructors. Cafeterias and restaurants are found along the way thus we recommend bringing cash for extra purchases since not all shops take debit/credit cards. After flight, you are returned to hotel or any other destination required.

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Once your private guide has picked you up at your hotel, tour heads to the popular Plaza Botero in downtown Medellin where you can see in detail one by one all of the twenty three statues donated by Botero to the community. These donations has well earned him a privileged setting inside of the Antioquia Museum, where your private guide will next walk you through Botero´s latest creation named Circo among other well recognized artists both national and international.

Upon arrival to this first stop, customer is free to walk around to take photos and/or use restrooms. Cafeterias and restaurants are found along the way thus we recommend bringing cash for extra purchases since not all shops take debit/credit cards. Following this first stop tour heads to the Museum of Modern Art where contemporary artists display new collections every month. Finally, the enchanting visit to the majestic Castillo Museum sitting at the heart of the financial district, will offer a clear idea of the brave entrepreneurial spirit Paisas like Mr. Diego Echavarría once had.

He founded the first textile company named Coltejer, with headquarters in downtown at one of the tallest buildings ever in the city (36 floors). You are free to pick the order to visit such places in case you feel like spending more time at one place instead of other. After tour you are returned to hotel or any other destination required.

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