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Enjoy a panoramic tour of Armenia, admiring its beautiful parks. Visit the Museo de Oro Quimbaya, then transfer by Bolivar Avenue to the historic city center, where we walk down the street tour visiting 14 craft workshops and ending with a coffee tasting at Cafe Quindio.

Quimbaya Gold Museum: The museum also exhibits its archaeological collection with art museology, preceded by a rigorous script that includes the results of the latest scientific research, with the aim of integrating beauty, knowledge and respect, and put prehispanic legacy service that the region is proud to own and realizes occupations going back 10,000 years into the past. The Museum is constantly working on the pedagogical renewal of their activities, not only with students, but with users and other visitors, as it seeks to establish itself as a suitable meeting place open to beauty, learning and diversity between public culture and art.

The Museum has received the following awards: National Award for Architecture Biennale 1986-1987; Medal for Artistic Merit and Cultural Quindio 1988 Labor Award for Best Reading Promotion Fundalectura 1996 and declaration as a Cultural Office, within the set of nine Architect Rogelio Zalmonah 2006.

Constitution Square, a few hundred meters from the Plaza de Bolivar in Eastern sense, is the Plaza de la Constitution. It is a meeting place for lawyers so named because it was built as a tribute to the Constitution of 1886 in its centenary.

Quindianidad Square, in a westerly direction, a distance of about five hundred meters from the Plaza de Bolivar, is the Plaza de la Quindianidad, recently built in the old city market. In its eastern side is planted the headquarters of the Municipal Government, known as CAM, Municipal Administrative Center.

Leaving the city of stay, we came to the people of Montenegro where the National Coffee Park, a center for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of coffee in Colombia. In this theme park highlights places like: A traditional coffee, national coffee museum, the garden of fables, the gazebo, the suspension bridge and peasant house. Lunch by the passenger (not included). At the agreed time at your hotel or Villa.

National Coffee Park: at the entrance there is a viewpoint of 22 meters high, welcomes you to this theme park with coffee flavor, from where there are park and Quindio. In each of the places visitors can see replicas of six graves of culture Quimbaya, Quindio peasant houses, threshers, grinders, toasters and other machines that were restored and explaining its function. The park has a multitude of orchids, heliconias and ferns. The park not escape the myths and legends of Colombian peasants: the Mohan, La Llorona, the Patasola, the Madremonte, the Goblin and many more are gathered in the forest. They are characters who carry their history and the name of the region where they generated their belief.

There are attractions for all ages, is the bit, the biggest rollercoaster in Latin America, for children this rides area, Lake Fables dedicated to Rafael Pombo, his most beautiful stories. In the second part of the park can find the cable car and 25 new attractions that are joined in the fun, architecture, gastronomy, history and cultural history of coffee in this magical place you can see the 1928 replica of the Plaza de Bolivar in Armenia, or the facades of 15 houses Quindio thus rescued the architectural heritage of the colonization of Antioquia.

Panaca is an agricultural theme park that has an area of 43 hectares where are crops, agricultural procedures and more than 4,500 domestic animals coexist. Children and adults can interact with animals and learn whilst having fun visiting its 10 sections and 5 exhibits.

A group of friendly guides will accompany you through this tour, providing all necessary information.
PANACA has become one of the best educational options in farming culture. You may feed the animals in the best conditions of safety for you and for those beings who give us so much.
Adventure tourism also has its place in PANACA, feel the adrenaline of touring the park more than 30 feet high whilst enjoying the unique sensation of flying.
A large number of shows and sections will make your way through PANACA unforgettable and you will want to return soon to enjoy the exhibits that are renewed annually.

This relaxing tour of the Rio de La Vieja, runs through calm waters by rural areas, surrounded by ancient trees that sit by the river bank. This route is approximately 18 kilometers downhill.
This is where nature lovers can have direct contact with the water, as the region offers great nature tourism and adventure, rafting down the river.
The rafts (champalas, as they were called Indians) refer to the traditional means of transport used by the Indians who inhabited this area, Quimbayas, before the Conquest. They carried food and people.
Legend has it that many years ago there was a beautiful Indian queen Guacamarintia to which the Indians offered gold items: bracelets, necklaces, ribbons.
One day, Spanish men took away the belongings and threw the woman's body to the river waters. Painfully Indians went to the neighbouring tribes and built rafts to browse for Guacamarintia. After several days, they found her body full of wrinkles in Piedras de Moler. So the river was named ''the river of our old'', better known as the Old River.
The tour includes rafting in small bamboo boats, hiking to waterfalls, guidance in Spanish