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Un viaje a Agra colonial

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The tour begins from Amar Niwas – a heritage property spread over six acres with built-up area of approx. One acre is one among those beautiful Bungalows which was built for the British officers who were posted at Agra. This bungalow was bought by Major Amar Singh soon after independence, who was in the Royal British Army and fought the World War II, for the British Army at Uganda in Africa.

After briefing about the British Rule and the Colonial face of Agra with High Tea along with the family of Late Major Amar Singh the guests are been taken on Tonga’s/Rickshaws/Golf carts to various colonial buildings within the cantonment which is said to be the Colonial paradise. The main buildings which are been visited or drive-past in this ride are The Bungalows of Cantonment, St. George’s Cathedral, Havelock memorial Church, Post Office, St. Mary’s Church.

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick up at hotel city center.
Start/opening time: For the option with dinner, pick up at 5
Duration: Between two and three hours.
Languages: English.
Others: Please check for exact pick-up timings and operational status prior to departing for the venue.