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Senderismo en Treskavica Tour Privado

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Starting from Sarajevo and driving to the destination we will pass the beautiful surroundings and learn the history of Sarajevo watching its beauty and hearing from guide about interesting stories that this city speaks. You will also hear and lean about the 1986 Olympic Games and the Olympic mountains of Sarajevo: Bjelasnica, Trebevic, Igman anad Jahorina.

Treskavica has the tallest mountain peak in Bosnia, reaching 6950 feet in height. This is an exciting mountain full of lakes and springs and on this tour you will learn about mysterious lakes and many strange and interesting things about this mountain.

When we come to our destination the fun part begins: the tour starts in a forest and takes us just under striking Oblik peak. We will visit Zmijsko Lake and then continue up to the peak itself for amazing views on Sarajevo from far away. Trail continues to Black and Great lakes. If the weather and time allow, we can even swim in the cold waters.

The unique thing about mount Treskavica is its natural diversity. It is combined of barren land in some parts and abundant vegetation in other parts. One side of Treskavica is on the Bosnian part of the country, and the other side ascends to Herzegovina. The name of Treskavica derives from the Bosnian word for shaking. Treskavica is located in a zone of strong seismic movements, so regular but small earthquakes are very common, thus its name “Treskavica”.

This mountain is also unique for the abundance of water. There are over 300 sources of water, including 10 lakes, and 365 springs such as the Ljuta, Željeznica, Bistrica, Bijela, and the springs of the river Rakitnica. The Bosnian Mountain Treskavica was once home to shepherds and cattle; flocks of sheep, oxen and farm horses. Today this is not the case anymore.

The conditions of the mountain Treskavica are ideal for various mountain sports and activities such as climbing, hiking, paragliding, mountain cycling and much more and we can adjust this tour to your wishes and needs. The Tour to mount Treskavica is enriching for the mind, body, and soul. You will have a day full of fresh mountain air, amazing sightseeing and exploration of the wonders of nature and other fun activities of your choice.

Meeting/pick-up point: At the hotel.
Duration: 8 hours.
Pick-up time: At 8am.
End/closing time: At 4pm.
Languages: English.
Others: Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are recommended, day pack, 1 litre of water, rain gear, sun hat and camera. Swimming attire optional.